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These are Wild Mass Guesses for Naruto which have been confirmed by the series or by Word of God. If a WMG on one of the open pages is confirmed, please move it here.

Please add new confirmed entries to the bottom of the page.

Tonton is a Summon Beast
Most summon beasts talk, and Tonton's oinking sounds an awful lot like someone saying, "Oink". She's also able to fly, something that no other non-Summon Beast of a species that normally doesn't can do.

Madara lost his fights with the First and Fourth Hokages as a result of losing control of the fox
It's said that the First Hokage is able to control the nine-tailed Fox to an even greater degree than Yamato can, so it's likely that Madara wasn't prepared for this. When the Fox shifted sides, so too did the balance of power between Madara and the First Hokage, and he was unable to fight off the two. In the fight with the Fourth Hokage, he might have been strong enough to take on most of the ninjas, but he had to retreat because he lost his means of destroying the village, similar to how Orochimaru managed to kill the Third Hokage, but with his arms sealed, couldn't destroy the village. It seems more plausible than the
Big Bad having been weak enough to lose to two previous Hokages.
  • Confirmed for the Fourth Hokage; Madara admits he's impressed Minato injured him, and retreats after he no longer has control of the fox, promising to bring it under his control again someday.

Even if Madara, Zetsu and Kisame deign to help out, I just can't see this going well for Hebi.
Seems like it'd have to be a real Ass Pull otherwise.
  • Seriously. I'm looking forward to seeing how Sasuke reacts when he finds out that that secret Weapon of Mass Destruction that he's planning to wipe out Konoha with? Kakashi's got it too. Alternate dimension porthole trumps black fire - especially when considering the Convection Schmonvection trope that this series loves to wave around.
    • Wait, Sasuke's still planning on destroying Konoha? Being Akatsuki members aside, I thought the Power of Teamwork made him change his mind (he's already changed team name from "Snake" to "Hawk"), unless all those flashbacks of him talking to Madara were flashforwards (or plans)
      • He changed the name to reflect the change in purpose, although it's possible he may have second thoughts at some point, especially since he remembers the Team 7 picture during his flashback, and specifically assumes out loud that the Akatsuki haven't captured Naruto, which could indicate that he still doesn't want Naruto to get caught.
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    • So he's gone from "Kill Itachi" to "destroy Konoha" to "kill Danzo" to "destroy Konoha; Danzo's just a bonus!" Goddamnit, in the latest chapter he's officially Pain 2.0. At least he's finally settled on a personality (or has he?).
    • The wild mass guess was pretty much confirmed by the Five Kages arc. Team Hawk got slaughtered, and even Sasuke got his ass handed to him. He'll probably level up for the future, but for now, Take That, Scrappy!!
    • Not to mention that the team has effectively been dissolved with Sasuke tossing all three of them aside with Suigetsu and Jugo captured by the samurais and Karin taken to Konoha.

Haku will return.
  • Or rather a Haku puppet will return because of the Rinnengan.
    • Not quite, Haku is the sixth body in the coffins. Because.
  • Confirmed. It's not the Rinnengan, and it's probably not the sixth body, but Haku IS raised by Kabuto. Congratulations on a really good guess!

Danzo traded with Orochimaru: expertise to assist in injecting Senju DNA (to Danzo) for knowledge of the Impure World Resurrection technique (to Orochimaru).
  • This is also canon. Well, maybe not the second part, but the first part is.

Madara either put a Rinnegan in as his new left eye, or replaced his left eye with a new Sharingan and implanted a Rinnegan into his forehead.
  • Confirmed. The first part, anyway.

The other Jinchuriki who've had their demons sealed by Akatsuki will be returned to life.
This is more plausible with the events of 449, and makes the splash page of them on that one cover less pointless. Also, it'll give Naruto some plausible rivals in power by the end of the Akatsuki arc, other than Bee and the Kages.
  • The Jinchuriki were all revived by Edo Tensei, but from the looks of it, they're just the mindless zombie types.

Naruto is a descendant of the Senju Clan
Naruto's father Minato Namikaze was a descendant of the Senju clan and passed his bloodline to Naruto.This is hinted at Naruto and Sasuke's battle at "The Valley of the End".Madara Uchiha stated here that history will repeat itself, which probably means Naruto who is a Senju and Sasuke who is a Uchiha will one day fight like how Madara and the first Hokage fought.
  • Yes, but through Kushina, as the Uzumakis are distant relatives to the Senju (plus it's possible that Senju-Uzumaki marriages were common to some degree prior to the latter's downfall since Hashirama was married to an Uzumaki) and there's no official information concerning Minato's family life outside his marriage to Kushina and conceiving Naruto.
  • At this point it sort of seems that everyone in the Leaf Village except the Uchiha are descendant from the Senju clan (unless they allowed immigration at some point).
    • People keep saying that (especially on this wiki) but that doesn't seem to be the implication. There were obviously other clans in the Fire Country at the time of Konoha's founding, and they would no doubt have seen the advantage in joining with the Senju and Uchiha. Furthermore, civilians (especially merchants) would see an opportunity for work in the village and I doubt the First Hokage would have prohibited them from moving in. In fact, there would be a distinct advantage to allowing members of civilian families to become shinobi since their only loyalty would be the village, not their clan.
      • Yeah, no matter how many members the Senju had or if they all married into different clans, a little over 80 years is not long enough for them to have intermarried with everyone.
      • Page four of chapter 500. I think that about wraps that up.
      • To be exact, the Senju and Uzumaki clans simply share a common ancestor. Naruto is related to the Senju, but not descended from them.
      • It has to be noted, however, that even though he is not descendant from Senju but rather from their ancestor, it's the relation to said ancestor that is important. He is, just like them, a descendant of the younger son of Sage of the Six Paths.

Naruto has whiskers because he was conceived by a jinchurki
  • Confirmed

Kabuto's Sixth Coffin contains Madara's Body.
Which is why Madara is so shocked to see it. He's technically dead, but because of his Eternal Sharingan, he's still in the world. His Intangibility Jutsu is actually reversed; he has to activate it in order to effect the world, rather than become intangible. This also explains why it's taken him nearly a hundred years to try for revenge. He spent most of that time figuring out how to be something more than a ghost.
  • But that's the exact opposite of how Impure World Resurrection works: it takes the real soul and makes a fake body that looks and works like the person being resurrected out of a living body. The only way it could be Madara's body is if the man in the mask is Madara's body (or used to be, given what he was doing in his lab a couple episodes ago) which is somehow living on and having a will despite not having its soul pass on.
    • Bah, we're basing what we know about how the technique works off of out-dated information from the only other time it showed up. Most of what's known to be 'true' about it has its roots in fanon, not canon. Besides, Naruto changes how things work all the time. I'm sticking with my guess.
      • It is not fanon, "taking the dead person's soul and putting it in the body of a living person which is then made to look like that of the dead person" is exactly how it's described to work in both the manga and the databooks, and the detail that the bodies resurrected by Kabuto are still in the "not fully formed" stage indicates it still works the same way.
  • That's operating under the assumption that Madara's soul is actually alive. As a guess above stated, Tobi could just be trolling and pretending to be Madara. We've never seen Tobi use the Mangekyou (which would be pretty solid proof that he's Madara), so we don't even know if he can, much less what it looks like. We've never seen enough of his face to know anything more than that he's got some nasty bags and the Sharingan. Tobi could be freaking out because Kabuto found out his secret (that he isn't actually Madara) and showed off his knowledge by summoning up the real Madara as blackmail. Could also explain the subtle snark Kabuto's got going on this page over Tobi's name.
  • Confirmed, more specifically going towards the bullet above this one.

The Shadow Duplication technique is incomplete
The extreme wimpiness of Naruto's shadow clones is entirely due to the fact he didn't get the remember the stolen scroll's technique correctly. Eventually, once he achieves his long-term leadership goal, he'll rediscover his predecessors' library, and learn the 'real' ultimate technique: Hokage Bunshin no Jutsu
  • Some translations call Kakashi's lightning clone a "Lightning Shadow Clone Jutsu," so it's possible that the "Hokage Bunshin no Jutsu" will create shadow clones made out of fire.
    • Its "Raiton Bushin", also most water style ninjas master "Mizu Bushin(no jutsu)". Naruto got the complete technic (Kage Bushin no jutsu). Its rather that each clones becomes more wimpy than the last. That likely means that something we already know:
      • Kage bushin is effective at a low number, and uses to much chakra to be effective in higher numbers, aka what we se in the series.
      • Mizu Bushin creates cheap clones, really cheap clones. So long there enough water nearby... [[Mooks They are also a lot weaker.]]
      • Raiton bushin no jutsu, i works and is powerful. The catch? Still pops on hit, and uses massive amounts of mana.
      • With this we can speculate that Doton is a solid clone, mediocre cost but solid. And some major disadvantage?
      • Katon might work, but it will last a short time. But likely not doable.
    • I have an inkling there doesn't have to be a clone technique for every element. At the same time, let's not rule out bloodline limits! Haku recreated his own version with the ice mirrors where his real body became multiple bodies through instant reflection. But I don't think Sasuke can mix fire and lightning, sounds improbable.
  • Partially confirmed: It's not that the Shadow Clone technique is incomplete, Naruto simply couldn't use it well in the beginning. By now he fully mastered it, and it has become quite effective.

The multiple versions of the Rasengans in the movies actually make sense!

The Rasengan was incomplete because it lacked an infused affinity. While Naruto eventually succeeded in adding his wind element to the technique and greatly increased its power, the reality is that the normal Rasengan can be infused with any secondary power source. The movies have Naruto do just that, thus explaining why the Rasengan is such a powerful and versatile technique.

  • There's also the Demon Fox Rasengan, which Naruto uses at the end of his fight with Sasuke, which was published in the manga at some point after the first movie came out, which is another case of it having an external power source. It's unclear whether it was planned before the first movie came out, though. The Guts Rasengan in the fifth movie, however, seems to be Naruto merely doing the Rasengan many times.
    • This isn't really a guess (Baring some of the odder versions that don't make sense for other reasons (IE: the Moon Rasengan)). The Rasengan is just Chakra with Shape manipulation. Theoretically Naruto can make one out of any source of Chakra that can be manipulated.

"Madara" is lying about his own identity.
Madara has revealed himself. So... why is he still wearing the mask? The only logical conclusions are either that it's the source of all his powers, which would be inconvenient and rather stupid, or that he's hiding his true identity. For all we know, he could be Izuna, or Shisui, or Obito!
  • Or maybe it's because it makes him "more mysterious" and it's easier to draw.
    • Could be a fashion statement. He knows all about the power of spirals and orange.
      • Maybe he's Naruto from the alternate future, then? Naruto's name can be translated as "vortex", and he obviously likes orange. It would also explain why he wears mask, seeing as his facial markings would make him rather easy to recognise.
    • Or he could just be really disfigured (possibly from the fight at the Valley of the Ends) and just would rather people not see said disfigurement. In other words, he's vain, which is definitely in character for an Uchiha.
    • This theory has been confirmed by recent chapters. The real Madara died a long time ago.
      • Or not so long ago. We know that he survived his fight with the 1st Hokage and lived long enough to know who Nagato was, so it's ambiguous how long he's actually been dead. He may have died relatively recently.
    • This theory is now doubly confirmed, with 'Tobi's' identity being revealed as Obito, or at least his body.

Naruto will team up with the Kyuubi much like Killer Bee with the Hachibi to kill Madara
In a combination of various WMGs above, Naruto will get help from Killer Bee and either combine it with Sage mode and Itachi's gift to completely control the Kyuubi, or come to an agreement with the Kyuubi to defeat Uchiha Madara. Perhaps a combination. They both hate Madara more than anyone. Kyuubi would get controlled on his own. Naruto can't be directly controlled but can be put under a genjutsu with similar results. However, if Naruto learns how to stay sane while letting the Kyuubi's chakra out completely, and be in control of the Kyuubi as well, and the Kyuubi agrees to help him, well, Madara is pretty much doomed. Naruto would keep the technique that controls bijuu away from the Kyuubi, Kyuubi would disrupt any genjutsu placed on Naruto. Something to stop that space/time jutsu dodging and the mother of all Rasen Shurikens should do the rest.
  • sorta confirmed. Naruto and Killer Bee have finally met for training.
    • Confirmed. It seems like they are officially partners now.

Alternately, Madara is dead, and Tobi stole his identity.
Have we seen any evidence that Tobi is Madara? Nobody has seen his face yet except Kisame, who also thinks he is/was a Mizukage; but for all we know, Tobi might have been using the same false identity during his time as Mizukage, too. Itachi is convinced that Tobi's Madara, but we don't know how he was persuaded. Minato thought he was Madara, but that might just have been him going "he's so badass, he must be Madara!" Tobi might just be using that name to get attention, and/or disguise his true intentions.
  • Confirmed. Except he did this under Madara's direction.

Sakura will confront and fight Sasuke
And A) drag him back, or B) follow through the Konoha 11 decisions and try to kill him. Either way this would be pure awesome.
  • Regardless of her true intentions, it's likely that Naruto will think she's trying to do B) and hurry to save Sasuke.
  • Well, she tried anyway.

Karin is an Uzumaki.
She has red hair and Orochimaru was interested in her for some reason. Also, she has the ability to fully heal people by having them bite her, no matter how badly they are injured, while seeming to suffer no ill effects beyond having scars for every time she's been bitten. The ability to heal the mortally wounded without suffering any ill effects (and even enjoying it!) sounds like an ability a descendant of the Clan of Longevity would have.
  • Confirmed by Kabuto

Madara's Second Sharingan is proof he's not Madara, but it doesnt matter.
Once upon a time there was an Uchia who wanted to be something special. He wasn't a great ninja or scholar or anything else. He wanted to be. Badly. After all, the Uchiha were supposed to be the best. It wasn't that he failed at everything he tried, but that he was unremarkable. Nothing about him stood out. Over the years this inability to succeed, to be anything but average, slowly drove him mad. In his mind, he was great, he was fantastic, the best. But, while he may not have been successful in the real world, he did have time, and one day he discovered a lost record about the Izanagi, and realized how powerful a technique it could be. He decided that if he wasn't something special, he'd become something special using the Izanagi. But what to wish for? Power? Fame? A Girlfriend? No. He'd make himself into someone else. The greatest Uchiha there ever was. Madara. And so he did. He wished upon his eye that he'd become Madara, with both eyes because this Uchiha wasn't stupid of course, and so he did.And ever since, that Uchiha's been using his Izanagi, bouncing it between eyes, and wishing and dreaming of a world where he's the most important thing. A world that warps itself to his wishes, so that he can play the hero, or the villain, of the story. Unfortunately, he didn't think to wish for better plans, so he's still trying to Use The Demons To Reflect His Eyes Off The Moon Putting Everyone Into An Eternal Genjustu Where They'll All Be Happy Forever and He Can Be King.
  • Confirmed! Madara and Tobi are none other than Obito Uchiha.

Orochimaru will eventually either regain his body, or completely take over Kabuto.
Confirmed as Orochimaru has been revived by Sasuke.

Tobi is...
Obito Uchiha, confirmed in Chapter 599.

Tobi Could Still Be Obito Uchiha
I don't know if it's been mentioned but the whole "Tobi is Obito thing" isn't actually closed yet. In my opinion it's still more then possible, especially when you consider the abilities "Tobi" has so far displayed. Is it just me or does the black hole thing Tobi does strangely similar to Kakashi's mangekyo sharingan ability only, you know, better like an actual uchiha was using it. Not to mention the hole in the mask being the eye Obito didn't lose and anyone with past history in the Hidden Leaf village who happened to be an Uchiha that was also the head of a huge ninja crime ring would be interested and, therefor, privy to what actually happened to the Uchiha clan especially with Itachi and Orochimaru under his belt. Add the fact that we only have his word that he is Madara, he hasn't yet removed the mask and him surviving that rock thing or somehow being revived via some process isn't out of the question and it is certainly possible that Tobi actually IS Obito Uchiha.
  • Except that Madara was already manipulating people before Obito went on that mission, its possible that Madara is an unnamed Uchiha that went rogue a long time ago but makes more sense that it is actually Madara.
  • Jossed. The Fox directly identified Madara as Madara when he extracted him out of Kushina. Sorry, Obito being Tobi is dead.
    • It is now just put up for debate again. It is revealed that in chapter 559, that the REAL Madara Uchiha had been Dead All Along, putting Tobi's identity back into speculation
      • While the masked man's identity is a mystery again, it still can't be Obito behind the mask since this guy was around before Obito died.
      • Not strictly true, unless I'm completely mistaken. The Masked Man first appeared around the time of Kyuubi attack; that takes place after Obito died.
      • Which is between a couple of months to almost a year after Obito died, pretty much rules Obito out even if he did manage to survive, he wouldn't have managed to get a spare Sharingan, upgrade them to Mangekyo and become powerful enough to fight Minato in such a short time.
      • If my math is right, it has to be at least a year, if not more. Obito died just after Kakashi made Jonin at age 13. Kakashi is 26 at the start of the series, so Obito died 13 years before the series began. The Nine-Tales attacked Konoha about twelve years before the series began. So that gives him a year, year and a half at most. And Tobi has never demonstrated any use of the Mangekyo Sharingan, so that's not a requirement. If someone helped out Obito, I think it's possible for him to make that transition within a year, especially in a series like this.
    • Jossed. Tobi's eye is connected to Kakashi's, and their Space Time powers are also connected. Tobi states that he got his eye from the battlefield where Obito died, meaning he looted it from Obito's corpse.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 599.

Madara saved Obito from dying at the Kannabi Bridge.
It would explain how the two of them know each other. Madara likely would have served as The Corrupter and an Evil Mentor to young, recovering Obito.
  • Pretty much confirmed in chapter 601.

Tobi is a fusion of Zetsu and Obito.
We have seen Tobi ooze nasty plant matter and he has pretty much admitted to at least having Obito's other eye. From what we have seen of Zetsu, he has two halves, not unlike Tobi who seems to be quite asymmetrical with his one sharingan. He and Zetsu are the only ones who seem to know what the other is thinking (or where the hell the plot is going lately), with Tobi able to somehow veiw what Zetsu 'records'. What if the other half of Black/White Zetsu fused with Obito's remains and became a twisted version of what he once was. His dreams of being a great Uchiha warrior became so warped that he thought he was the greatest one of all- Madara. His angst over his 'death' (or Rin getting mentally tortured) could drive him to loath war so much that he would want to put an end to strife through the Moon's Eye Plan. This fusion could also cause the aging (i.e. wrinkles, growth). Bonus crazy points for the theory that Zetsu was created/born out of some weird stuff that went down with the First Hokage and/or Madara, and thats another reason why Tobi would go around talking about being Madara.
  • Technically confirmed since Chs. 602-603: Madara used Hashirama's plant clone to restore Obito's body, and two Zetsus (the White Zetsu we know and another "Swirl" Zetsu) serve as his nannies. Swirl Zetsu even became Obito's Powered Armor.

The combination of Uzumaki (or Senju) and Uchiha bloodlines have a better chance of producing Rinnegan
  • Confirmed in a flashback by the elderly Madara Uchiha himself in Ch. 606.

Obito became Tobi because of Rin's death
Assuming Obito does turn out to be Tobi, then it happened because of Rin. Kakashi mentioned that everyone precious to him is already dead. Perhaps news of the death of Rin — the girl that he loved and was prepared to sacrifice himself to save — made Obito snap.

Sakura will get another powerup in Part II
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 631, where it is revealed she has her own version of the Yin Seal just like Tsunade. Unlike her, she does not need to use it to look younger in addition to the SuperStrength it gives her

Naruto's next power-up will be combined Sennin Mode and Awakened Jinchuriki Mode
  • Confirmed, in a way, as of Chapter 645. As shown here. It's not with Awakened Jinchuriki Mode, but Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto also notes that gathering natural energy is faster.

Tobi will have another voice actor once his mask gets broken..

He and the real Madara have the same seiyuu, what gives them the same voice. So, they will handwave it by saying the masks he used to wear changed his voice. He might as well get his original voice actor back.

  • Confirmed.
Gai will open the 8th gate and survive
Due to the line 'Gai finally uses that forbidden technique?!', it is safe to say that Gai will open the 8th gate in order to give Madara a run for his money. Kakashi stated that opening all 8 gates could grant the user power beyond kage-level, which would serve as a temporary equalizer against Madara. Since Kishimoto loves to asspull things to prove that death on either side won't end the cycle of revenge, he'll manage to spare Gai through some convoluted method.
  • Perhaps Gai will somehow be saved from dying through a cunning use of those of Rikudou's ninja tools that are now presumably in Team Gai's possession.
  • I doubt it. Opening the eighth gate destroys the user's heart. Even Karin wouldn't be able to save him. No, I expect that Gai will go out in a blaze of glory with the eighth gate, which will let him use a technique called either the Final Lotus or the Omega Lotus, which is the final move in the Lotus Chain.
    • Lotus part is Jossed; it allows him to use the Evening/Nighttime Elephant, which create air shockwaves that are shaped like an elephant's foot.
  • Confirmed on the survival: Naruto stepped in at the last second to restore Guy's life force. Sorry about boasting, but that cathartic feeling when a WMG I wrote turns out to be true.

Naruto will use a fusion of the Rasenshuriken and a Tailed Beast power
Because come on, a Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken sounds awesome!

Madara was behind Rin's death
A man who happily boasts about destroying the peace between villages out of nothing but spite clearly isn't interested in a world of peace. He only wants power and just said otherwise to manipulate Obito. So it's not unreasonable to think he had Rin killed to further this goal. Once he has the power of the infinite Tsukuyomi he will betray Obito without hesitation.
  • Building from this Obito will be the one to finally take Madara down, using the Death God seal he learned by observing Minato with the Sharingan.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 675!

Madara used Izanagi
Izanagi is basically someone losing their eye in exchange for "removing the bounds between reality and illusion". The main advantage of this has already been shown by Danzo cheating death. This leaves me speculating that this very technique was used by Madara at the end with his battle with the First. This explains why we haven't seen his left eye, the supposed damage that his Sharingan took during the same battle and how he tricked the First, who was an extremely powerful ninja that led his clan against a clan of natural genjutsu users (among other things), and therefore someone who had no doubt a lot of experience with common genjutsu. The biggest issue with this theory is the fact that when he talks about his loss of power he gives the impression that he is too weak to do anything himself, to which I have two hypotheses: 1- That is how he sees himself, considering how important just one Mangekyo Sharingan can be (let alone the Eternal) he may have lost so much power that he sees himself in the manner he describes; 2- It's convenient when people underestimate you, just ask Tobi. Both of which are supported by 0
  • Pretty much Jossed as of Ch. 510: Madara used Izanagi just recently in his fight with Konan using the eye he hides under the mask (which of course is closed forever). He was probably that shifty in his battle with Hashirama.
    • That was Obito using a spare sharingan to use Izanagi.
    • Although he has an endless supply of Sharingan, so he could have used it before.
  • Confirmed in chapter 681, Madara used Izanagi as a time delayed jutsu to revive after the fight with the first Hokage, though it was his right eye.

Madara isn't the real mastermind...
He's just an unwitting man whose being duped by the real final boss...

As we all know, very few things that are mentioned don't get used again. Now, I believe that the actual mastermind is one of the people who showed up for maybe one chapter and haven't been mentioned again.[[supersecretspoiler: Specifically, Kushina.]]

  • Almost certianly true, but I'm going to bet whoever the Real Final Boss is will end up getting instagibbed by a returned Orochimaru who will be the real Real Final Boss.
    • ...You did see the spoilered text, right? And my further above WMG about the parentage of a pair of characters? [[supersecretspoiler: S]]HE might just be The Dragon.
      • I did. Doesn't mean I agree with it though.
  • Confirmed as of 678. The real 'final' (Sasuke as a 'boss') boss is Kaguya, the mother of the Sage of Six Paths, and her son, Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu has been pulling the strings for years in order to facilitate the return of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

One of the above WMG's is true, but Madara will not be the Big Bad.
The Juubi is too powerful for Madara to control, and it will kill him as soon as he releases it, and then go on a rampage. Remember that Pain was confident he could harness the Juubi's power into a weapon that could wipe out an entire country in a single blow, so fighting it would be insanely difficult, unless Naruto found a way to absorb it into himself, or seal it into Kurenai's baby (or depending on the timeline, perhaps his own child).
  • Confirmed - sort of. Madara is not the Big Bad, but he did manage to control the Juubi and become its Jinchuuriki.

In order to truly kill Zetsu, the black half has to be killed.
Of all the clones we've seen of Zetsu, they have always been of the white half. This suggests that the black half is the dominant personality, and all the white halves are clones.
  • Confirmed. The Black Half is truly in power, as it is the manifestation of Kaguya's will/her son, and the white Zetsus actually just the trapped souls of those in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Naruto is about to receive the other half of Kurama's power
As of Chapter 618, Sasuke and Orochimaru have resurrected all of the Hokage's that were sealed in the Shinigami. Initially, when Minato sealed Kurama into Naruto, he took half of the biju's chakra with him. Now that he's back, its possible that he'll be able to relinquish it to Naruto.
  • Orochimaru's arms returned to him automatically after the seal was broken despite them being sealed into Hiruzen's stomach, so Kurama's Yin half will probably automatically return to him.
  • Seems to be jossed, since Minato is wielding the yin half. Besides, Kishimoto hates the idea of just handing Naruto power, unless he can come with a reason on the spot why he earned it.
  • Confirmed. Minato, and then Obito, transfer the rest of Yin-Kurama's power to Naruto.
Hashirama and Madara are going to duke it out again.
618's events led to Hashirama's second time brought out by Impure World Resurrection. This means he can be deployed to the battlefield- if Orochimaru so chooses.
  • Confirmed, though kind of in an inverted way. Madara was more than excited to ignore his plot in order to fight Hashirama, while Hashirama was set on stopping the Juubi first.

Sasuke will save the day.
As of 621 Madara remains undefeated and he's up again an attack that can't possibly fail. So it has to by definition fail. Sasuke shows up, saves the day with the newest Sharingan can do whatever it wants technique and then challenges Naruto over the fate of the village.
  • Confirmed, with small differences. Sasuke does not act alone. Naruto & Sasuke (along with the rest of Team 7 and Obito, team up to defeat the Big Bad, and now Sasuke has challenged Naruto over the fate of the world.

Obito will revive Madara with Rinne Tensei, and then Madara will revive Obito with Edo Tensei
The only way I can possibly see Madara losing if he's killed while he's human, and he needs to be alive to be the Jubi's Jinchuriki, so Obito will reach a point where he'll have no choice but to revive Madara who will then revive Obito using Edo Tensei as he knows the seals for it. He'll revive him as he still finds him useful and he needs someone to hold them off while he's activating Tsuki No Mi. Edo Tensei requires a live sacrifice so he'll kill to revive Obito is up for debate.
  • Partially confirmed. Black Zetsu forces Obito to revive Madara, but Madara does not revive Obito.

Madara has a backup plan.
  • No way will he just let Obito do as he pleases with the Juubi.
  • Confirmed. Obito was meant to revive him, but after he strayed, Black Zetsu forced Obto to revive Madara, and Madara sealed the Juubi into himself.

Obito will, with his dying breath, give Kakashi his other Sharingan so that he can make full use of Kamui
Because it would be rather fitting. The first sharingan was a late gift for becoming a Jonin, the second will be an apology and allowing Obito to still 'see' the mess he made be resolved even if he dies.
  • Or, as an alternative, Obito will gouge out the left Rinnegan and have Kakashi blow his right arm that's holding the eye away to the Kamui dimension. Preventing Madara from getting his hands on it and giving it to Kakashi for use simply because he wants to screw over Madara for the last time. Kakashi will get his right arm torn off by Black Zetsu, so he'll use Obito's right arm to fulfill the requirements of Rinnegan use.
  • Confirmed via post-humous chakra transfer, though it's only temporarily. The Sharingan fades away as Obito's spirit does.

Mitsuki was artificially created by Orochimaru with his DNA.
Considering that the idea of Orochimaru doing the deed with anyone is pretty much instant No Yay this is the most likely conclusion. It would make sense considering Orochimaru's fondness for experimentation and Mitsuki giving a yes answer to whether he was his mother of father.

  • Confirmed in Chapter 25 of Boruto

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