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WMG / Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

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The Evolvers took it a bit easier on the Body Horror and created additionally to the squid-people as a better PR the "Sea God" (an almost divine marvel of genetics, cybernetics and nanotechnology) who would grant people the Ena, create his Scales to watch over the sea people and give people the magic fire. The Evolvers then cooperated with the Continental Union instead of killing each other to keep the Earth habitable and staved off the Ice Age and flood. That's why no-one gives much of a shit about the coming Ice Age: They know the Sea God will take care of it because he got this knowledge right form the horse's mouth: his creators.


In the end, CU and Evolvers didn't got along but didn't go to war with each other either: They just went into space, made a peace treaty and just went in different directions and generally stayed out of each others way except in some dire emergencies where their treaty would oblige them to help.

Lady Ojoushi was the wife of the chief scientist of the "Sea God" project.


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