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Saten is...
The glasses scientist from the Adam (Eve) Project who may or may not have been experimented on after the destruction of the Adam Project.
  • Confirmed as of episode 22.
    • As of Chapter 109, it looks like he's the same in the manga, only created before the end of the project.

Kasumi is...
A genetic donor to E-N, which may explain why they look so much alike.
  • Confirmed as of episode 23
    • And in Chapter 109, it's revealed that she's both Eve N's sister and a partial body donor.

Setsuna will make a full Heel–Face Turn, while Kuchinashi will stay loyal to Simeon
Of the Bishoujo Squad, Mio is already completely on Blade's side in all but name, and Setsuna may have doubts after learning more about the shady stuff going on Simeon, specially with what Saten and the 666 committee are doing. Kuchinashi on the other hand is completely loyal to Riru and will stay by her side to the end.

Saten is still alive.
Follow me here. He was killed by having his body converted into energy right? Well he may well have some way of keeping his consciousness alive, somehow. Just a thought.

The whole show is intended to be parody and deconstructive hyperbole.
  • Or maybe I'm just giving it more credit than it deserves.

Cruz is a Needless.
And his power is deductive reasoning. It's kinda a no-brainer:

  • He's able to deduce how Needless powers work just by watching them in action, even for seemingly "hax" powers (e.g.: Uten's and Saten's).
  • He can come up with battle plans right away and, given enough time, can supplement them with several backup plans.
  • He was the only one who noticed Mio was acting suspicious when they were visiting Disk's place.
  • He was able to deduce where Kurumi was hiding using very little information and come up with a plan to get to her off the bat.
  • When at St.Rose Academy, he was able to deduce who the serial bomber was after spending one day investigating, while several other people (who are shown to be quite clever in their own ways) were at it for years and were nowhere close to solving the case.

...So yeah. He's probably like Kanna was some years ago — he's using his power subconciously, without realizing he has a power.

  • Agreed. After all, if Eruka is a needless Cruz probably is too. They have the same parents (duh!).
  • On another note, if needless have only 1 ability, I just wonder, if both parents are needless, will the child inherit 1? both? or a mixed trait?
    • The manga gives him a powerful shielding ability.

Cruz and Eruka are the children of the Second
I just got the craziest idea! Since the series till now hasn't revealed much about Cruz's parents, and Eruka is blessed with a Missing Link level Needless, isn't this possible?

Blade (and possibly Arclight) can give Fragments as well as take them.
According to recent chapters, Eve did not originally have the Doppleganger fragment. Blade, who can no longer use it, was able to use it to heal her in his memories. This suggests that at some point, he transfered the fragment to her, possibly to save her life. If this power exists, it's not only possible but likely that the Second used it at some point.

If this is true, it's also possible that Arclight has this ability. It would be interesting to see if some of his forces were created that way (fragments given to loyal followers).

  • Possibly Jossed with chapter 80. He has to transplant his brain (Or at least the part of the brain that allows him to use Doppelganger) into Eve.
    • Though Arclight most likely does have doppelganger.

The transplantation of Blade's brain will create Blade and Eve's current personalities
If they're going to use part of Blade's brain for the transplantation, it will probably affect the other parts of the brain, turning him into the Too Dumb to Live paedophile we all know and love. Likewise, a part of Eve's brain will probably be taken out to for the transplant. The part that they remove will probably cause her to give everyone nicknames while the part that will be placed in will result in her more confrontational personality as Blade was a lot more confrontational before the transplant.
  • Jossed. Blade reveals he's a pervert paedophile thanks to Cruz being naked with socks. Eve didn't have any parts of her brain removed and she apparently acted the way she did before the transplant.

The current Memory arc will end up creating a deranged stable time loop
Assuming what they are doing in the "past", as Saten theorized, can and will affect the present:
  • Cruz and Eve will combine to become the present Eve, getting amnesia due to the mind transplant to Cruz's body but finally getting the Doppelganger fragment from Blade.
  • Saten will die and Blade will end up in critical state. To save Blade, his mind will be transferred into Saten's body, explaining the uncanny resemblance between Saten and adult Blade and adult Blade's attitude being completely different from teen Blade.
    • Jossed

NEEDLESS takes place several years after Scryed.
  • Face it, there's little difference between Needless and Alter Users.

The Head Mistress knows Blade
Thats why the bout use the same catch frace (Sentence! Death!/Expulsion!)

  • Also, they bout like those pointy glasses.

Cruz is not only a Needless, he also posesses a Stigmata
It's clear that something has been up with Cruz ever since Arclight unleashed his PF Zero blast and scattered the group. There is considerable evidence to suggest that Cruz is a Needless, most notably his superhuman endurance:

  • He falls hundreds of feet off a cliff and lands in St. Rose Academy with only a small bump on the head to show for it.
  • In the Memory Arc he takes multiple heavy blows from Mengroze's abominations and is shown to be totally fine afterwards.
  • In the same arc he takes Strom's Vajra Fist attack, meant to be a killing blow against Blade, and suffers no ill effects in the short or long term. The only ones shown to have such endurance are Needless.
  • In the latest arc he climbs up a vertical wall dozens of feet tall with no harness or equipment, before dropping straight down the other side, again, with no ill effects afterwards.

Now, the Stigmata. Mengroze treated someone with a Stigmata in the past, and during the treatment the mark grew so hot it burned an image of itself into Mengroze's hand. When Cruz thinks about the time he himself was treated by Mengroze, we see an image from his POV of Mengroze lifting his hand, stigmata imprint and all, off his body. What if Cruz was the same patient Mengroze treated in the first place?

Of course, this begs the question of why Arca wouldn't know about it, but it would also explain why Blade and co. wanted to keep Cruz out of the city in the latest arc and why Blade is so uncharacteristically upset that he managed to follow them in despite all their precautions.

  • It seems Arca does know about it if you remember her last words to Cruz and as of the latest chapter, the eleven of the twelve stigmata have been revealed and formed a humanoid shape with a missing left arm. Noting Arca's last words and the humanoid, it's not that hard to guess where Cruz's stigmata is located.

Cruz is Gido and Kasumi's child.
Note that Cruz and his sister resemble Eve. Furthermore, both Kasumi's personality and appearance resemble Cruz, especially when she's being consumed by the angel. It's somewhat strange though, as in the past Kasumi had the lower portion of her body removed, but in the present she's whole minus half her brain, which means she's probably not a clone.

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