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The Twilight in the sequel will be the one from the human world.
that better be the real Human Twilight and not the Pony her.
  • Jossed by the press release. It states "The Rainbooms call on Princess Twilight to return to their world to help them perform a musical counter-spell so that they can win a battle that now determines the fate of the entire school."

The movie will focus on Human!Twilight
She will be worried about not living up to the friendship skills of "the other Twilight".
  • Jossed for the most part: Twilight is still the pony version for the bulk of the film. On the other hand, the stinger teases human Twilight.

The movie will focus on Rainbow Dash
Going from the name of the movie (and of all the characters, who would have been most likely to suggest starting up a rockband?), perhaps this movie centers around Dash instead. Perhaps Hasbro is looking at making an ongoing series of Equestria Girls movies, with each one having a different main character as the star.
  • Jossed: She's the leader of the band (with an ego just slightly smaller than that of Trixie) but she's not the highlighted character compared to Twilight or Sunset.

Human Twilight will have to earn her wings in a way.
The trailer shows images of Twilight, both with and without wings. These scenes appear to be around the same moment.
  • Jossed.

The Twilight Sparkle joining the Humane Five is the native Twilight
Unless thirty moons is actually a really, really short time, that's the simple option.
  • Perhaps it's a term roughly analogous to a week.
  • Jossed. Pony!Twilight finds a way to power the mirror with magitech based on the 30 second Shout teaser.

If it is Native!Twilight, she's going to reject Flash Sentry/Brad.
Because that would be extremely satisfying for a lot of people.
  • ...I don't think Hasbro would do it because of that, or that the writers would be able to do that either. They're probably not going to have a Relationship Upgrade at least.
  • Jossed.

AU Twilight is the main villain and is using the Sonic Rainbooms to gain power equal to Princess Twilight Sparkle.
I am suspicous of AU Twilight's goals since unlike Princess Twilight Sparkle she didn't go throught the events that led to Princess Twilight Sparkle making friends with rest of the Mane 6. She may have learned of Princess Twilight Sparkle's actions, learned of the AU Mane 6's regaining of their powers through musical talents and decided to exploit them to gain powers similar to Princess Twilight Sparkle. She likely is secretly allied with The Dazzlings of which two of the members look suspiciously similar to herself. In all likelyhood she and her accomplices going to escape into Equestria after losing in their world and become the villains of Season 5's 2 part opener.
  • Jossed.

Rainbow Dash will be the one who cross the mirror
Assuming that there could be 6 EG movies, each one focused on each pony, this time it's Dash's turn to cross the inter-universe mirror and meet for herself what happens at the other side, she will also become the leader of the band that will battle, currently having the title as reference.
  • Jossed.

Twilight doesn't use the mirror to re-enter the human world
It is possible that there is another way to get to the human world. Plus, it is never really established how long "30 moons" is. Maybe now that Equestrian magic is in the human world, they will use that somehow to get Sunset back into Equestria to bring Twilight into the human world.
  • In the preview clip with the Dazzlings, they see a blue column of light similar to the one that engulfed Sunset Shimmer during her transformation into a demon followed by the Rainbow of Light. The human mane five may be using the magic they gain from playing their instruments to draw out Sunset's dormant unicorn magic and then combine them to open a portal to bring back Twilight (Alternatively, they do it and it accidentally summons the EQG Twilight instead due to Exact Words).
  • Jossed by the 30 second teaser made by Shout Factory for the "Spooktacular" DVD. Twilight in fact finds a way to power the mirror (or a mirror just like it) to get back to the human world.

While Twilight is in the film, she's not in the band
It's actually Sunset under an illusion since Twilight knows Sunset needs to do this, both for the school and herself. Twilight instead helps by doing research on her end of things and encourages Sunset to put herself out there, using her Princess of Friendship talents to help Sunset realize how much the Rainbooms have come to mean to her.
  • Also the Dazzlings will break the illusion during the climax, requiring Sunset to play as herself to save the school.
  • Jossed; Twilight is in the band, Sunset doesn't join them until the end.

Twilight will pull a Batman Gambit using the original Mane Six
Something will happen to the EQG Mane Six that prevents them performing. To stall for time, Twilight has her Mane Six from Equestria sub in for the EQG Mane Six until she and Sunset can help get things fixed. This eventually leads to both Mane Sixes combining their powers to defeat the Dazzlings.
  • Jossed.

Adagio Dazzle is the human form of the demon that possessed Sunset Shimmer at the Fall Formal in the previous film.

One of the plot points might involve Adagio making friends with Sunset Shimmer, who is helping out with the Humane 6's band. However, Adagio says some weird things to Sunset that she doesn’t understand. Two such examples are "Remember me? We met at the Fall Formal?" and "This isn't really my home, I live in a better place than here". Whenever Adagio says these statements, Sunset will reply to them with statements like “You weren’t at the Fall Formal! I never saw you attend it!” note  and "I suppose you lived in the Crystal City!" note  In the climax of the film, Sunset is shocked at Adagio after she says, "I hate this pathetic little high school. I wish that it and Equestria could be ruled BY ME!", and it cuts to a flashback of demon Sunset saying "Spoiler alert. I was bluffing when I said I was going to destroy the portal! I don't want to rule this pathetic little high school, I want Equestria!" After this, Sunset claims that Adagio's statement about ruling Equestria and the school sounded a bit familiar, and Sunset comes to the conclusion that Adagio turned her into a demon during the Fall Formal, and she might be disguising as a demon (or whatever Hasbro decides to call the creature Sunset became), because when she was in Equestria, she read about how these demons possess ponies (and sometimes people) and transform them into what they look like in order try to carry out their dark wishes and desires for them. This angers Adagio, and she transforms. Lo and behold, she is the demon who possessed Sunset, and due to what Sunset read about demons once, Adagio's demon form looks identical to Sunset's demon form during the Fall Formal. Adagio claims that she just wanted to make friends with Sunset by helping her impress her demon kingdom by taking over Equestria and the human world. Sunset eventually battles her (this may be a musical number), and just as she is about to be defeated in the battle, she gains her pony ears and magic powers that make her strong. Then, she tells Adagio about the true meaning of friendship. This theory may work out because we do not know much about Adagio yet, and Hasbro might be trying to hide something about her...

  • Her and her friends' pony forms have recently been revealed. They appear like regular ponies, but with strange, see through wings, so whatever they are, they aren't earth, unicorn, pegasus, or alicorn. As an extension, maybe Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk (her supposed two friends) are supposed to represent Snips and Snails' demon forms (Sonata is blue like Snips' form, though Aria's pale pink does not look a lot like Snails' form. Then again, Adagio's skin color is not the same as Sunset Shimmer's demon form).
    • This could be becoming true, as the extended synopsis for the film says Sunset finds out the Dazzlings aren't ordinary girls...which might mean they are really demons. However, Sunset knowing that the Dazzlings aren't ordinary may explain something in the WMG below.
    • In the preview clip with the Battle of the Bands song, Sunset said the girls acted strange around her. This can also be connected to the WMG below.
  • Seems to be Jossed, the new clip shows that they were ponies/creatures banished to the human world from Equestria and that they were several blocks away while the Sunset/Twilight fight from the first movie was happening.

Sunset Shimmer is able to sense demons, and the Dazzlings can sense anyone who turned into a demon.
  • After her encounter with a demon in the first movie, Sunset gained the ability to sense if humans are demons. This might explain why Sunset thinks the Dazzlings aren't ordinary girls. Since Sunset claimed the Dazzlings acted weird around her, they could have possibly sensed that she was a demon in the past.
    • They can detect Equestria Magic.

Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze are AU Twilight split in two by MU Twilight's visit to the Alternate Universe disrupting the balance.
They both look too much like Twilight for it to be a coincidence... In all likelyhood they seek alongside Adiago Dazzle to invade Equestria out of sheer lust for power. They might suceed...
  • Jossed, they are creatures from Equestria banished to the human world.

In relation to the above Adagio Dazzle is AU Sunset Shimmer and a pawn of AU Twilight AKA Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze.
If the AU Sunset Shimmer was somehow transformed by MU Sunset Shimmer's arrival to the Alternate Universe she would likely do anything to go to a world where there isn't a double posing as her. Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze are secretly the Man Behind the Man to her using her as a means to obtain power(they obviously wouldn't want to have their personalities destroyed or sharing a body due to merging back into AU Twilight).
  • Jossed, they are separate characters that have no relation to Twilight or Sunset.

The way that Adagio and the Dazzlers come though to the human 'verse will be discovered by Sunset, and will be the same means by which they bring pony!Twilight and Spike into the human world again
Adagio and her friends are new to the school (Sunset says she showed them around), so they likely only recently entered this world. Sunset also appears the one most aware that they aren't "right" even of the Mane 5 humans. As such, she'd likely be the one to learn the most about them by sneaking around behind them, and learn of a portal to Equestria (if different from the magic mirror one).
  • Jossed, though Sunset provides enough information for Twilight to figure who they are.

Adagio and the Dazzlers are corrupted/evil versions of the equivalent of G1 Flutter Ponies in G4, humanized via travel to the AU
If they brought back Tirek from G1 for the television show, why not bring another G1 creature? G1 Flutter Ponies looked like the other ponies but with translucent wings, which is how Adagio and her two associates appear on the toy boxes in pony form.
  • Jossed.

The necklaces the Dazzlings are wearing are Elements of Discord.
They spread disharmony through the cafeteria via mist, just like the Elements of Harmony spread harmony through Equestria via rainbow.
  • Jossed, though the necklaces are key to their musical power.

The Dazzlings got their necklaces from the same shop that Trixie got the Alicorn Amulet
That is probably how the movie we'll open. As soon as they get the necklaces they head into the portal to the human world.
  • Jossed.

Adagio Dazzle is the only one of the Dazzlings who's actually a person.
While it might just be her being the lead singer, Adagio is the only one of the three to thus far have unique lines, and both time they sing 'we don't have to be one and the same thing', the other two first split apart like a mask to reveal Adagio, then come OUT of her for the second time. Adagio is the only real Dazzling, the other two are simply extensions of her. Keep in mind they DO have obvious REAL magic, so them having that kind of supernatural ability wouldn't be too much.
  • Jossed. In one of the previews, they're seen talking to each other, and hating each other.

Sonata Dusk is the Token Good Teammate
She appears a bit ditzier than the other two and doesn't seem to get along with Aria. Maybe she'll pull a Heel–Face Turn?
  • If you compare the resumes of the voice artists, you'll note that Kazumi Evans (Adagio Dazzle) is primarily an experienced singer, which makes sense because Adagio is the lead singer of the Dazzlings and so the main need for her VA will be a good set of pipes. But Maryke Hendrike (Sonata Dusk) has a much more varied and extensive resume as an animated voice artist than does Diana Kaarina (Aria Blaze), whose only real prior credit doing cartoon voices is Animated Barbie, which suggests that Sonata and not Aria is going to be carrying the larger chunk of the Dazzlings' character arc.
  • Judging from the leaked screenshots she's just as evil as the rest of them and seems to be more furious than the rest when their plan backfires to the point where her eyes are wide open while snarling.
  • Jossed. Mostly vapid for comic relief but otherwise not a weak link in their power chain.

Sonata will have a Heel–Face Turn.
Let's compare the Dazzlings to the Tremaines from the Cinderella movies. Adagio is Lady Tremaine, Aria is Drizella, and Sonata is Anastasia. During the talent show, Sonata will realize what she's doing is wrong, so she breaks her necklace in protest. And since Sonata is the spark of the Dazzlings, the band will lose their singing ability and they'll end up singing terribly.
  • Does not seem to be the case judging from the leaked screenshots.
  • Jossed. None of the Dazzlings are redeemed by the end.

The Dazzlings will convince Sunset Shimmer to join them.
They seem interested in her based on the trailers, mainly because of her Equestrian roots. They could promise Sunset Shimmer the chance to go back to Equestria, because why would she stay in a world where everybody hates her?
  • Jossed.

"Dazzlings" is not just a band name.
It's the name of their species.
  • Jossed, they're Sirens

The Dazzlings have a tie to Discord and/or the Changelings.
On the one hand, the Dazzlings are Emotion Eaters, and we saw a whole species of them in the finale of season 2. On the other hand, whereas Changelings feed on love, the Dazzlings feed on strife, conflict... in other words, discord. A connection between the Dazzlings and either, or both, of the season two Book-Ends villains, seems logical.
  • Maybe the Dazzlings are changelings who broke away from their culture (or whatever they have) to serve — or worship! — Discord, and learned to feed on the strife and disharmony he promotes as a result?
  • Alternatively, the Dazzlings could have been first; maybe they were servant of Discord who became Emotion Eaters, and whilst these three were banished to the human world, others escaped, remaining in Equestria and eventually became the love-eating changelings we're familiar with.
  • Then again, the Dazzlings being strife-eaters could just be a little gift Discord decided to bestow on three servitors of his and it's mere coincidence that another species also feeds on emotions for power.
  • On the other hand, maybe the changelings are simply more varied than were first thought. Maybe the ones that feed on The Power of Love from the end of the second season are just one variety of changelings, and the Dazzlings represent a much rarer (or perhaps even extinct save for these three) version that instead feeds on The Power of Hate?
  • All Jossed. They are big-bads from Equestria but no relation to these others.

Sonata is a Changeling hybrid.
She's the only Dazzling who has the ability to feed on love and friendship. This will become key in the final battle.
  • Jossed.

Sonata is the only Dazzling who can sing naturally.
Adagio and Aria, on the other hand, can't. That's why Sonata is the band's spark. The necklaces allow the others to sing like her. Of course, this becomes a problem when you realize their singing voices sound the same.
  • Jossed. They all suck at singing without their jewels.

The Dazzlings are Windigos
  • Jossed.

If there is a sequel, Sunset will not make an appearance.
  • Alternatively, she might make a brief one, in which she passes through the passage on her way out of the human world.
    • Jossed, her voice actress has confirmed her appearance.

Demon Sunset will come back...
And the climax will be a kid-friendly version of "Beezlboss (the Final Showdown)".
  • Okay, time for a more serious the preview clip, the Dazzlings can sense Equestrian magic. Maybe they will force Sunset to become a demon again and use her demonic magic to take over Equestria.
  • Partly Jossed. She only appears as a sillhouette in the opening credits.

Sunset Shimmer won't make an appearance.
Nor will she be even mentioned, at least not by name. Possibly the same goes for Flash Sentry.
  • Sunset will probably show up since she's in the promotional material/merchandise.
  • Again, jossed because her voice actor has confirmed she's in it. Now jossed even more by the new previews which indicate that not only will she be appearing, but she's going to have a major role.

Trixie's band is going to have their own magical transformations
The boxart shows Trixie in Anthro form, but only the magic of friendship can bring about these magical transformations. So, Trixie's band might very well form a friendship. Possibly they are brought together by a common dislike of the Humane Cast, but then they discover they actually like spending time with each other, allowing them to gain the same kind of magical friendship mutations that the protagonists have.
  • Jossed.

Trixie will pose no challenge whatsoever.
Her character is really just there to prove just how much better the Mane Cast is than her.
  • Very much jossed. She's a sub-antagonist (subservent to the Dazzlings) and actually manages to trap the Rainbooms.

Either Trixie or Sunset Shimmer will join the Dazzlings.
Both will want revenge for what the Humane Five did (Trixie will want revenge for the guitar incident and Sunset will want revenge for the first movie). However, they will be abused by the Dazzlings, and eventually perform a The Dog Bites Back moment and do a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Sunset's case is very jossed
  • Jossed both ways, though Trixie is a core part of the Dazzling's plans and they lure her to do things for them.

Twilight won't go into the human world.
Instead, Sunset Shimmer will be the main character, and will be Reformed, but Rejected. Maybe some people will be hesitant to believe her about the Dazzlings, leading her to be the one to stop them from getting whatever they want.
  • Jossed, although Sunset is a main character and reformed but rejected by most of the school.

Vinyl Scratch will be the organizer/judge of the Battle of the Bands, specifically as she is not affected by the Dazzler's siren song
Look at her headbopping to her own beat during the "Mean Girls" trailer. Probably like the Mane 6 and SS, Vinyl is somehow immune to the song/spell that is causing others to turn on each other, and so she would be the most impartial judge for such a contest.
  • It might just be she's got her headphones on thus can't hear them.
  • Jossed, per the comment above - she's immune due to headphones, but she only helps the Rainbooms with stage equipment to win the final battle.

DJ P0n-3 will be voiced by musician Stef Lang
Before Season 4 began, Daniel Ingram tweeted two hints which did not bear fruit in the season itself: That DJ P0n-3 would get her own song, and that he had been jamming with Stef Lang, who tweeted back a confirmation that it was pony-related. Neither of these things came to pass in Season 4, so surely they'll be somewhere among Rainbow Rocks' 12-song lineup. I've been thinking for months that Lang would then end up as Vinyl's voice actress. When Adagio Dazzle was unveiled, I was thinking that might be where Stef was involved, but then the preview clips were released and Adagio sounds like she's voiced by Kazumi Evans (though that's not confirmed either), so I'm back to the DJ P0n-3 theory. Self-counterpoint: I'm also guessing it's possible that DJ P0n-3 will be unvoiced and that her musical number will just be an instrumental, and that Stef Lang might simply be doing the end credit song, much like Jerrica Santos did "A Friend For Life".
  • Jossed. She's voiceless.

Sunset ends up with Flash or at least have feelings for him
The latest preview clip confirmed that Sunset only dated him for popularity and thus was okay with Rarity talking about Flash having feelings for Twilight. However, before Rarity turns to Sunset, Sunset looks a little downtrodden. At the very least, if she didn't have feelings before, there is possibility of Flash growing on her that she may want to have a legitimate relationship with him.
  • Jossed: It's still Twilight and Flash at the end, even if it is very very long-distance relationship.

Other possible members of Trixie's band:
  • Sunset Shimmer
  • Lightning Dust
  • Gilda.
  • Snips and Snails
  • Suri Polomare
  • Prince Blueblood
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Pepper Ghost and Miss Direction.
  • Jossed: They are two random background humans.

We will see dog versions of other dragons from Equestria, confirming that dragons are the only Equestrian race without human analogs.
  • It would explain why Spike became a dog and why human-Pinkie mentioned human-Twilight having a pet dog that looked like him.
  • Jossed.

Megan will make a cameo.
  • Jossed.

There will be humanized equivalents of all the non-pony species.
We already have the Diamond Dogs and Cranky Doodle. We're probably going to see human griffons, cows, sheep, mules, Ahuizotl, and buffalo hopefully without a crapload of Unfortunate Implications.
  • Jossed. No further non-pony species/based characters are shown; Zecora as a human is part of the toy line but that's all we get.

The key-givers will appear, at least as a cameo
It's called Rainbow Rocks, after all. And the keys did give us the rainbow power. Predictions:
  • Coco Pommel will be a friend of Rarity's who is part of the school's drama department.
  • Spitfire will be Rainbow Dash's soccer coach.
  • Cheese Sandwich will be a popular celebrity who's friends with Pinkie Pie (a nod to Weird Al Yankovic's actual career).
  • Seabreeze will be a foreign boy whom Fluttershy tutors.
  • Silver Shill will be an employee of the Flim Flam Brothers who becomes friends with Applejack.
  • Discord will be a teacher who takes to favoring Twilight and Fluttershy.
  • Jossed. If anything, Discord appears as a stuffed animal prize in one of the teaser videos but otherwise not a character.

Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle will meet.
But it's going to be the EQG versions of Twilight and Sunset, not the Equestrian ones.
  • Confirmed: the Shout Factory 30 second has pony!Twilight back in the human world and joining the rest of the Humane 6 and Sunset.
    • Well it's the Equestrian/pony world Twilight and Sunset as humans, not human world's Twilight and Sunset.

Rock & Roll powered transformations are a normal part of life in the human world.
DJ didn't seem terribly surprised when Rainbow transformed in Guitar Centered, after all.
  • Jossed, in that while they still transform when playing music, they do find it odd - but of course never chase down why.

The film's events will actually have a lasting effect on the series.
Assuming it's the pony Twilight who once again crosses over to the human world, Human!Trixie's behavior here will remind her of how HER Trixie used to behave. Upon returning to the pony world, she'll tell the others there's something important she has to do. We then cut to Pony!Trixie getting a letter from Twilight inviting her back to Ponyville, and season 5's opener will have her arriving at Twilight's palace and joining the mane cast.
  • Oh, I hope so...
    • Jossed

There will be a completely unexpected new villain in the movie that will pose an actual threat to the cast.
Maybe not on Chrysalis-levels of unexpected, but someone we won't know much about before the movie comes out.
  • And the mane six, Trixie, and all the other bands will have to team up to defeat her/him with The Power of Rock. And The Power of Friendship, because Friendship is Magic and all that.
  • Jossed, it's just the Dazzlings.

The climatic song that will save the day will be a heavy metal version of "Equestria Girls" (AKA the Cafeteria Song)
Its what brought the students together in the first place. Change the lyrics to remove the stuff about the crown (use the commercial version, perhaps?), and go full on Power of Rock.
  • Jossed.

Trixie and the Illusions win the Mane Event
But the Rainbooms will still save the day and defeat the Dazzlings.
  • Jossed: Technically they come in second, but the Dazzlings tell them they lose, making them trap the Rainbooms as to perform in the final round.

The Dazzlings spark the conflict in order to win.
With everyone arguing with each other, the other bands will be disqualified due to harsh disputes among bandmates.
  • Jossed, they spark conflict in order to feed off the negative energy and beat other bands by hypnotizing people into doing what they want.

     Twilight and/or human!Twilight, The Mane Six 

The shorts will show how the Mane 5 will find instruments appropriate for each of them - their "Elements of (Musical) Harmony"
Going from Word of God that footage in the shorts is unique and not reused in the film, and that with 2 of the 8 shorts release that we've seen much of the footage, the trend looks four of the shorts will be the other 4 discover an instrument that is good for them - AJ on bass, Rarity on keyboard, Pinkie on drums, and Fluttershy on accompanying percussion. While we can't be sure if some of the other shots from the film preview are actually material from shorts, but the segments with Rarity and the Diamond Dogs, and Fluttershy with the hamsters could easily be the equivalent scenes. Tie this in with Rainbow's instrument itself changing, this suggests there might be a replay of the idea of the Elements of Harmony, and knowing DHX, they'd love to play off that dual-meaning of "Harmony" here.
  • Confirmed, five of the shorts focuses on a member of the Mane 5 using their respective instruments.

The Humane Five's instruments are the physical form of the human Elements of Harmony
  • Let's do some analysis.
    • Fluttershy, the element of Kindness, acts as the Chick by keeping the team together. Subsequently she uses the tambourine which (in a five-man band) keeps the band together.
    • Pinkie Pie, the element of Laughter, is in no way the Big Guy (which the five-man band calls for the drummer to be). But her ordered chaos is arguably the spirit of both her element and her instrument.
    • Rarity, the element of Generosity, is not the Smart Guy (again, five-man band decree). Further, her use of first a grand piano and then a keytar (a good one of which is in the hundreds-of-dollars range) signify a strong degree of elegance and personal preference that conflicts with her element.
    • Twilight, the element of Friendship/Magic, is the Leader. However, she cannot sing that well in her human form (at least not yet) and so Rainbow Dash instead takes on both the role of Lead Singer and the role of Lead Guitarist.
    • If we have Twilight as the Leader then Rainbow Dash, the element of Loyalty, becomes the Lancer. But the Lancer is not the Lead Singer and so we are playing with the Five-Man Band dynamic. On top of this her element of Loyalty doesn't embody well with the ego she has while she perceives herself as the Face of the Band.
      • And since the bass is variable, the net result is that we have 2 which fit their element, 2 which are opposite their element, 1 who fits anywhere, and 1 who doesn't really fit anywhere. I would say this WMG is jossed.

The Humane Six have Pony powers because of the rainbow from "Let the Rainbow Remind You".
Remember when the Mane Six launched the rainbow during the last song of Twilight's Kingdom? We saw it go to all the key givers, including the Breezie's dimension. Whose to say it didn't travel to the human world and somehow brought Equestrian magic there.
  • Everyone at Canterlot high was stated to have magic explicitly because the Sunset sole one of the elements allowing Twilight to bring the Rainbow of Light into this world.

The funhouse in "Perfect Day for Fun" was (entrance notwithstanding) animal-themed (i.e. scares of giant spiders and the like).
It explains how (Rule of Funny and Laser-Guided Karma aside) Fluttershy was ultimately so nonchalant about it when it freaked out Applejack (and Twilight) so much.
  • Nature is so fascinating...

Related to the "Rainbow Dash crosses the mirror" WMG above, there are 6 parallel human worlds
And in each of these worlds, a counterpart to one of the Mane 6 is missing/seperated from the other counterparts. In the first one Canterlot High had no Twilight Sparkle, in this one. Canterlot High will have no Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash will go trough the looking glass and go into a world running parallel to that of the first movie but with Human!Twilight in Human!Dash's place.
  • A recurring theme will result from this. The theme being filling in a void left by the missing member.
  • The Elements of Harmony would play into this as well, with the Human versions of the Mane 6 that Rainbow meets form an Undying Loyalty to their band and/or friendship (that would be tested by the fact that Rainbow must return to Equestria within 3 days)
  • Jossed...


     The Dazzlings 

Adagio Dazzle
Just who will this mysterious person/pony be?
  • The next antagonist
  • The leader of the rival band
    • Both seemingly confirmed due to the trailer.

Adagio Dazzle and the Dazzlings are Sirens.
Sirens, for those who are not aware, are creatures of Ancient Greek Myth. Mostly taking the form of seductive women, they would lure sailors with their hypnotic music and harmonies, causing them to crash and die along the rocky coast of their island home. Now obviously, they can't kill anyone here because A.) Little Girls's Show, and B.) They're nowhere near the ocean that we know of. But perhaps they can use their voices to achieve other means, like, I don't know, turn everyone against each other? Also, we've seen from Music to My Ears just how much an effect music has on the general Canterlot High populace. A bit of a stretch, I know, but there's more:

The synopsis says that Sunset Shimmers has seen them before and that they're "...after something far more sinister than just being named Best Band at Canterlot High." How does she recognize them? We've never seen them before. It's doubtful the Canterlot High students have ever seen them before. Where could she have recognized them? Answer: Equestrian History. It's highly possible that Adagio Dazzle terrorized Equestria a thousand years ago (because let's face it: everything happened a thousand years ago) and Celestia banished them to the human world. Through the very mirror that Sunset herself went through (why they didn't figure out that the portal opens and closes every 30-odd moons in that time is anyone's guess.). And Sunset would know this because Celestia told her about it while she was still her student.

"But", you would correctly point out, "Sirens were bird creatures". And that's very true, especially in early depictions (example: these were the ones that appeared in The Odyssey). But, though Adagio Dazzle is obviously not a Griffon, here is her pony form. And here she is in anthro form. Last time I checked, flight is a key similarity between Birds and Pegasi.

Now I understand the above carries true for Adagio only and not her bandmates. Right now, only time will tell for those two.

  • Update: Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze have those same wings, as seen in this pic.*
  • 2nd Update: The lastest clip seems to point toward them being sirens as they are seen hypnotizing the entire school, except for the main 5 and Sunset Shimmer, with their music.
  • 3rd Update: During the Comic Con the showrunners confirmed that the evil band (the Dazzlings) has a siren theme.
  • 4th Update: They are definitely Sirens(in the Mermaid sense not the Harpy sense).

The Dazzlings are some kind of Emotion Eater
Their necklaces seem to be absorbing the green fog of the Hate Plague they caused.
  • Dazzle's eyes flashed green, maybe they have some connection to the Changelings.
  • Confirmed: They feed on malice and hatred that they generate with their singing.

Speculation on who banished the Dazzlings to the human world.
A recent clip revealed that the Dazzlings were banished to the human world from Equestria. A tweet has revealed that it was not Princess Celestia who banished them. So if it wasn't her, then who...? (Got some ideas from the Equestria Daily thread):
  • Princess Luna - it would be cool to see Luna directly battling evil and doing the banishing for once
  • Princess Cadance - because the Princess of Love would not tolerate someone setting her subjects against each other, and they already have Changeling parallels
  • Star-Swirled the Bearded - although they would have to be pretty old for this to be true
    • Confirmed: We have a winner!
  • Discord - probably while working for Celestia, and he's certainly theoretically powerful enough to open a portal to anywhere anytime he feels like it
  • A Princess/ruler of another section of Equestria we haven't seen yet
  • Zecora - idk if she's capable of such a thing, but she has a toy so we can assume she'll be in the movie somewhere for some reason
  • Trixie - because it would be funny, and most likely done completely by accident.
    • Or it could be dramatically, with the victory legit and them having stolen her memories of the event.
  • Queen Chrysalis - There's only room for one emotion draining singer in Equestria!
  • Non-Equestrians, who borrowed Celestia's mirror to deal with a problematic group.
  • Sunset Shimmer - She could have banished them to the Human world as a mission from Celestia.
  • Human Twilight Sparkle - She could have visited Equestria discovered magic and wanted to bring over a race that needs magic to survive so that she could study magic from within the human world and so kidnapped and banished the Dazzlings who feed off of hatred to her own world. That would mean that Princess Twilight has accidentally helped Human Twilight's evil plan to study and control magic along!

The Dazzlings' victims fates
We know that the Dazzlings are based on Sirens, who are well known to luring sailors to their deaths. Because the last move also involved the students being brainwashed, I's possible their feast at the Battle of the Bands will have some repercussions on the student body. Possibly theories are:
  • The Hate Plague taking over the students completely, reducing them to a feral like state.
  • They become lifeless husks
  • They die and will be revived if the Dazzings are defeated.
  • They will transform into something similar to the polyps.
  • Like in the reflections arc of the comics. their feast would affect the students' pony counterparts, leaving Equestria vulnerable to an invasion (especially if they find out a way to return and managed to enthrall the principals)
  • They turn into Zombies... again.
    • Jossed, they brainwash everyone into adoring them.

The Dazzlings are sisters
The Dazzlings are based on the sirens of Classical Mythology, who were all daughters of the god river god Achelous.

The Sirens' true forms aren't the mermaid/kelpie forms we see the depicted as
No other character has been able to summon up spectral versions of their true forms, and the forms they summon lack the wings their human forms get. More likely, the kelpie looking things are magically created to scare others, and their true forms are just ponies with insect-like wings.
  • Their pony forms depicted on their box art for their dolls might hint at this.
    • However one of the comics (about their origins) depicts them in the form from the movie. So who knows.
The Dazzling's gems were originally a part of their bodies that Star Swirl ripped off
When Twilight tells their legend, the storybook shows the gems embedded in their necks and the astral projections show it as well. Perhaps they were once a part of their body and Star Swirl realized that this was where all their power was coming from, so he took it out of them. The exile was meant to have them be completely powerless in the world he was sending them to, but they were able to steal the gems back before they were thrown into the portal, allowing them to wreak havoc.

Starswirl was the one who gave the Dazzlings their gems
They seem to need to feed on hatred to survive, and they need their gems to do that. Starswirl needed them out of Equestria, but didn't want to condemn them to death by starvation. He allowed them to have their gems, knowing they couldn't cause too much trouble due to the lack of magic in the other world. Then Sunset Shimmer stole Twilight's crown, bringing magic to Canterlot High school. Then Twilight and her friends had to stop the Dazzlings, permanently.
  • Probably not true, since the Dazzlings can clearly eat human food (both Aria and Sonata refer to ingesting actual food- Aria refers to Sonata's punch as being pretty bad, and Sonata has her Taco Tuesday thing); most likely their magic itself was fuelled by the energy, just like Twilight said. Also, the Dazzling's hippocampus forms have the red gemstones on their chests.

The Sirens were at least partially responsible for the conflict of Hearth's Warming Eve.
Has this been proposed already? The timelines might not fit, though, unless this incident was NOT what got them banned. Before anyone points out the whole Windego thing... Windegoes were born from their conflict. Possibly, Windegoes relate to Sirens in some way (how Sirens are born? The ultimate feed power of a Siren?).

The Dazzlings were in fact responsible for every disaster in Equestrian history.
An expansion on the above WMG. First came the Sirens, and they used their songs to spread conflict and disharmony among ponies. Starswirl successfully banished them, but the damage had been done—hatred and division had been spread across ponykind, and most importantly, the Windigoes had arrived, following close behind the Dazzlings (who were perhaps the most powerful of their kind, or just the first). With the Dazzlings and their songs gone, the Windigoes had to find a new source of hatred/food, which resulted in the Great Blizzard. The events of Heart’s Warming Eve happen, and the three pony races pull up roots and settle a new homeland—Equestria. But, in between the Dazzlings’ rampage, the Great Blizzard, and the general confusion of a nation-wide exodus, a great deal of chaos comes about, catching the attention of a certain draconequus…
Discord takes over, and begins to amuse himself by playing his little sadistic games with ponies, all of which backfire spectacularly for his “co-players”. Most important, long-term, is one where he offers the Flutterponies a deal that ends up turning them into the first Changelings. Eventually, Luna and Celestia arrive and defeat him, becoming the new rulers of Equestria. At first, all seems to be going well, but all the chaos and confusion of the time between the Dazzlings’ and Discord’s reigns had left a great deal of divisions and bitterness in ponies’ hearts, not even mentioning the literal magical fallout brought about by assorted evil beings running amok, which eventually resulted in King Sombra’s corruption and Luna’s transformation into Nightmare Moon. At some point during this period and before Luna’s fall, Tirek and Scorpan attack, taking advantage of ponykind’s weak and fractured state.
Thus, the Dazzlings were, directly or indirectly, responsible for every single major disaster in pony history.

Sirens become Windigos when they die.
Windigos have the same feeding pattern, but they cannot cause negative emotions...all they can do is find them and hang around feeding off them. They have become remnants of their former selves with a step-down in power.

The Sirens are the ones to appear in the Odyssey.
It's an odd coincidence for magical creatures who sing called "sirens" to appear in a world with mythology about magical creatures who sing called "sirens". We know they've been here for at least a thousand years. Perhaps it's not a coincidence. The mythology is about them. While we're at it, they could have talked about unicorns, pegasi, chimeras, dragons, etc. resulting in us having myths about their creatures. Though this doesn't explain why the myths weren't all from the same place. They'd have to inspire the Greeks about sirens, teach the Aztecs about ahuizotls, teach about the wendigo in what is now Canada (although with every detail but the name completely wrong) etc.

The Dazzlings' powers only work when they are together.
Even with the gems as Amplifier Artifacts, the lack of magic in the human world make each of them very weak individually. They need to work together to drain any energy or obtain a Mind Control effect. This is why they always sing as a trio and are seen to drain negative energy at the same time. For the final battle, the gems are even seen entering in conjonction with each other. This is also the reason why they're still cooperating despite getting on each others' nerves; they would be powerless by themselves.

There are other Sirens living in Equestria — but none as powerful as the Dazzlings.
The backstory never imply those three are the only members of their species, just the sole ones known to have caused widespread strife. Other sirens exists in the Equestrian seas, and they can charm sailors and cause hostility too, but only on a very smalle scale, making them a minor sailing hazzard. The three that would be known as the Dazzlings, however, were on an entirely different scale thanks to their Amplifier Artifact gems. That's what allowed them to extend their influence to the land and, according to Twilight, they planned to control all of Equestria with it. That would indicate a level of power on par with some major villains like Discord or Tirek, putting the gems into the Artifact of Doom category. Luckily, the lack of magic in the human world drastically reduced this power, reducing the Dazzlings to mere emotion scavengers. Star Swirl the Bearded clearly had counted on their magic to be entirely shut down, but he underestimated the power of the three gems.

Sonata Dusk is secretly the evilest of The Dazzlings.
Or rather, she's not as dumb as she seems. Although she portrays herself as the ditz, Sonata is actually just as competent as Adagio Dazzle. There are several key points in the film, as well as the audio commentary, that can support this.Point one: If she doesn't have her usual smile on, Sonata usually mirrors the others' expressions, or has the most devious expression out of the three during their group shots for their songs. Even off-stage, she manages to have a psychotic smirk when The Dazzlings have their nastier moments. In particular, during Welcome to the Show, she has the most Psychotic Smirk when they show The Dazzlings side-by-side after summoning their true forms.Point two: When The Dazzlings manipulated Trixie into trapping the Rainbooms, Sonata cinches in how the Rainbooms wouldn't be able to perform if they held out or couldn't make to their set. Even VP of Development, Mike Vogel, mentions that "she seems like she's being dumb, but she gives exactly the right thing to say."Point three: Back to Welcome to the Show, it cuts to their astral projections several times during the battle. If you pay attention to Sonata's, her true form has a glare that usually almost on par with the others. Cut to the last shot, it is downright death-glaring to match up with the others. Perhaps she was secretly planning a coup d'etat before their gems were shattered?

Star Swirl sent the Dazzlings into the future.
A common headscratcher about the film is that Star Swirl the Bearded sent the Sirens to the EQG world a thousand years ago, and yet they're still around in the present day. Star Swirl banished them to another dimension, and a common phrase for such travel is "Space-time". So when Star Swirl sent them to the EQG world, it didn't just drop them into our dark ages, but sent them 1000 years into our future. So while it's been over a thousand years in the ponyverse, the Dazzlings could have only been in the EQG world for a few years at most before the events of the movie.
  • Confirmed by the comic Fiendship is Magic #3.
  • It could be that the pendants keep them alive.

Sirens are actually hideously deformed Seaponies.

Shunned by seapony society for their horrific appearance, they had to resort to powerful sorcery to make themselves appear more attractive. However, they eventually went mad with power, and that's why there are no seaponies in Equestria anymore.

The reason why the Dazzlings are so vain and obsessed with being adored is because they are compensating for their past as seapony freaks.

Adagio Dazzle is a throwback to the 80s.
Huge mass of blond curls, lead singer and leader of a trio of musicians, clad in triangle print clothing, intelligent and savvy, and quite sultry in nature (See The Battle of the Bands)? Not to mention, her band is a rival band, with rather hypnotic music, going up against an opponent with rather upbeat tunes. Why, that sounds like a ringer for a certain band in another popular cartoon by Hasbro that was quite musical... To make the connection even clearer, the Stingers even have a song called "Under My Spell" (where the lead singer convinces someone to run away with him), in comparison to the Dazzlings' "Under Our Spell".

The sirens are possessing ponies
The idea might seem preposterous at first, but due to pony depictions of the Dazzlings by Hasbro, when we've already seen their true siren forms, there is a theory that three ponies found the pendants which corrupted them and transformed them into sirens. Why not take it a step further and say the sirens were spirits residing in the stone that possessed the ponies, physically transforming their bodies into the siren forms? And they suddenly lose the ability to sing once the stones are destroyed (which, going by this theory, could have actually been the death of the sirens). True, they did try to sing their previous song, but this could be residual influence of the sirens, much like the corruption of the Alicorn Amulet took some time to wear off Trixie when it was removed, even though its power immediately went away.And furthermore, there are two very likely candidates as to who Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze were possessing. Starlight Glimmer has the same coloring scheme as Aria (and it was never specified how long is between Rainbow Rocks and The Cutie Map), and the unicorn Tropical Dream, appearing in the episode Princess Spike, has the same coloring scheme and hairstyle as Adagio. Both only appeared in Season 5 so it is possible that after being released from the sirens' control, Starlight, Tropical Dream, and whoever Sonata was possessing returned to Equestria, with little to no memory of having been possessed for a thousand years (as Starlight mentioned having studied a spell for years, and knew her way through the caves). This would ironically make Starlight another villain from a thousand years ago, just like Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, Tirek, the Dazzlings, and (in comic canon only) Chrysalis. While this would mean Starlight would have had to become a better singer for In Our Town, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo have also improved since The Show Stoppers.

The Dazzlings aged into dust following their defeat
The Dazzlings are mysteriously absent from the third film, but are referenced, so no Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. They've been human for over a thousand years, presumably kept alive and young forever by the power contained in their pendants. When the pendants were destroyed, they lost their power and their immortality, so maybe their absence is because, probably shortly after they ran off, they aged rapidly and died (much like Adam Monroe from Heroes).

The Dazzlings are somehow related to Don Hedron.
Who else does THAT with their bodies?!

Honestly I'm one of those people that thinks the Dazzlings to be generic Girl Posse crossed with Evil Diva ,but that's just my opinion. However I've noticed that the fandom freaking loves them. And I would find nothing wrong with that since evil can be cool at times ,but I'm talking about the people that apply Draco in Leather Pants to them. And it gets kind of scary considering they have the ability to make people fall for them. So maybe that's why.

The Dazzlings are now living in a motel while working dull jobs
Adagio is now a waitress at a roadside diner, Aria works at a gas station/mini mart, and Sonata works at a car wash. All of this is outside of the general area of the town the school is based in, just far enough for them to be able to walk to in a few days. They've given up their ambitions of fame and conquest and now all just want a proper house with more than two small beds and a chair to sleep on.

     Other Movie-exclusive/Expanded Role Characters 

Trixie will be (one of) the main antagonist(s) of the next movie.
The sequel looks like it will have something to do with the "Rainbow Rocks" toyline, and a Trixie doll has been released in that line. The back of the box hints that there will be a Battle of the Bands type plot, and mentions the other band "working some musical magic to steal the spotlight" which is something she would do.
  • Perhaps she'll have the guitar equivalent to the alicorn amulet.
  • Confirmed in that Trixie and her band are secondary antagonists to the Rainbooms after the Dazzlings.

DJ Pon-3's role in the movie.
Since she appears with the Mane Six on the cover of this book, she most likely has an expanded role in the storyline that involves her helping the Mane Six in some way.
  • Is the host for the competition.
  • Is in Trixie's band but drops out when they try to use underhanded tactics to win and helps the Mane Six
  • Is a separate competitor
  • She will become the unofficial 7th main character.
    • Well, she's occasionally taken Applejack's slot in the merchandising...
  • Somewhat confirmed on being an unofficial main character: she helps the Rainbooms at the end battle, but only to back them up, maybe making her the 8th main after Sunset? The other guesses are jossed.

DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch will remain The Voiceless in the movie itself.
It seems rather peculiar that she seems to be very prominent in the movie, yet she has no lines at all. Even the novelization depicts her as communicating through text messaging.Possible in-universe reasons: She actually is The Speechless (she really is mute) or she has social anxiety that prevents her from talking in public. Music is her preferred way to express herself. This might even be a plot point of sorts.Out-of-universe reasons: She might not be given a speaking role because Hasbro wants to avoid another backlash regarding how another popular fan character is depicted. She isn't given any lines to avoid upsetting anyone who wouldn't like any chosen depiction. Or perhaps her role is much more minor then the trailers are making her out to be.
  • Well I hope she has a voice. If you're going to bring in a fan favorite, you shouldn't have to be dead afraid of how the fandom's going to react.
    • I don't know. Voice actor concerns aside, her being a Cute Mute does kinda work.
  • Confirmed: Not a line from Vinyl.

Sunset Shimmer will join the Rainbooms as their rhythm guitarist.
Why else did they give Fluttershy just a tambourine instead of a second guitar?
  • Somewhat confirmed: While in the final battle she's a singer, she reveals in the aftermath that she can also shred, making her more than a suitable replacement for Twilight for the Rainbooms.

Flash Sentry has been Demoted to Extra
1.) Characters like Trixie, Vinyl Scratch and Sunset Shimmer have unique stage outfits but not Flash Sentry. Perhaps they didn’t want to create a new outfit for a character that’s barley in the movie? 2.) Every time he appeared in a teaser, he was just part of the crowd without a single line of dialogue.3.) The people behind the show are aware of his status as The Scrappy.

Due to the large number of plot-important characters, they probably hadn’t enough room in the script to flesh out his character. Therefore they decided to play it safe and turned him into a background character.

  • Just pointing that out that unlike the others, Flash is confirmed to be a musician in the first movie. Opening up the possibility that he might just be wearing his stage cloths as street clothes (or vice versa)
  • At the very least, he shows up in the preview clip with a full line of dialogue so the possibility is still there for him to have a part.
  • Confirmed to a degree: his role is not critical to the plot, but it continues plot elements from the first film, and ends up with some funny gags (eg Trixie running in to stop he and Twilight kissing).

The film is effectively more about the redemption of Sunset, to a point of establishing her as the 6th of the Mane 6 in EQG world and allowing the EQG world to expand without any direct pony aspects
Between the 2nd and 3rd teaser, it is clear Sunset is trying to find her place in CHS after the events of the first film, and there seems to be extra effort to make the viewer sympathize for her more. While pony!Twilight will still be necessary to help end whatever plan Adagio has, Sunset will find herself redeemed not only by the CHS Mane 5 but by the rest of CHS and Twilight, and she will be firmly established as 6th member of that group. As such, this would be a point where the EQG world could develop as its own series without having to build on the pony mythos beyond established characterizations, severing any necessary future tie ins with the pony-based versions.
  • Confirmed.

Sunset Shimmer will gain her own human-pony hybrid transformation during the climax in order to help the Mane Six defeat the Dazzlings.
  • As she has become an outcast in CHS, she will be mistrusted by virtually everyone when she tells them about the odd nature of the Dazzlings. During the 30 second short, she tackled Rainbow Dash, which might end up making her a pariah even to the Humane!Five, leading to Despair Event Horizon. She will have raise her spirits by either Twilight Sparkle or self-reflection that it doesn't matter how the other see her, she's still going to do the right thing, leading to a Big Damn Heroes moment where she helps the Dazzlings win the Battle of the Bands.
    • Bonus points if her hybrid form is a good version of her demon form.
  • Confirmed: she helps take up singing when the Dazzlings fight back, and with the rest of the Rainbooms' backing, gets her own pony transformation (no wings, but ears and longer hair).

DJ P0n-3 being immune to the Hate Plague simply because she's wearing headphones...
Is more than just a Funny Background Event - it's the most important plot point of the entire movie, somehow. Either that or a Running Gag that spans the whole story.
  • Confirmed: This fact (her headphones) is actually mentioned when Spike and Vinyl rescue the Rainbooms.

Demon Sunset will actually appear again in a future EQG movie.
  • Rainbow Rocks didn't have the actual demon Sunset Shimmer appearing (unless if you count her sillhouette cameo in the opening credits). Maybe in one of the future EQG movies, this form may show up again...
    • The form appears again through a Stinger revealing that the demon form exists as a seperate being, just like the reveal of the alternate universe Twilight.
    • The next villian turns Sunset into a demon again.
    • Judging by the Stinger, the next movie might investigate more Equestrian maybe human Twilight will ask Sunset Shimmer to find a spell to turn her into a demon again for research.
    • The demon form appears in a dream Sunset has.
    • Demon Sunset Shimmer helps out human Sunset Shimmer with a problem.
    • It's interesting to note that if Demon Sunset Shimmer re-appeared, it would be quite similar to what happened with Ayumi Sakagami/Cure Echo in the Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage movies: she had a full appearance in the first film, in which she transformed into Cure Echo, a cameo appearance in the opening credits of the second film, and in the third film, she had a full re-appearance and transformed into Cure Echo like she did in the first film.

     Other New Characters 

Other possible bands besides Trixie's and the Mane Six:

  • The CMC
    • They perform as in the same outfits from "The Showstoppers".
  • Snips and Snails, if they're not with Trixie
    • Confirmed. They show up dressed in old-school rap outfits, and rap so bad to offend the whole school (save Pinkie)
  • Octavia + other classical musicians
    • Vinyl and Octavia, classical vs. dubstep rap battle
    • While both Vinyl and Octavia are confirmed, they aren't part of the same group. Octavia seems to be performing by herself, while Vinyl helps the Rainbooms at the end.
  • Lyra and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops
    • Confirmed: They perform a duet.
  • The Diamond Dogs
    • The theatrical trailer shows the trio arguing along with all the other band "sets", so very likely.
  • Flim and Flam.
    • Jossed. They exist in the Human universe, but they're adults who own a slightly sleazy We Sell Anything pawnshop.
  • Diamond Tiara and Sliver Spoon
    • The two are paired up through the film, and are seen in shots with the other bands during the arguing scenes, but we never see them with instruments or perform.
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Derpy Hooves and friends, calling themselves the Muffins.
    • Confirmed, though we're not given the band's names. Derpy plays the saw, while her bandmates (among them what appears to be a humanized Fluffle Puff) play the cowbell and triangle. The band is not named, but their band icon is a muffin with a musical note sticking out of it.
  • Doctor Whooves playing the recorder.
  • The Breezies.
  • Pipsqueak

The plot will actually involve rainbow rocks.
And Maud Pie will make an appearance.
  • Jossed on the WMG, but Confirmed that Maud appears.

The human versions of Twilight, Cadance and Shining Armor will be shown.
Probably out doing something together. And they'll see the Humane Six (including a transformed Pony!Twilight) walking by and wonder, "Who... how is Twilight over there AND right here with us?!"
  • Confirmed on Human Twilight.

Humanized Flim-Flam Bros will be in Applejack's short.
Because someone mentioned they were in the prequel book, and Applejack is the one they interact with the most.
  • And if they are, they'll be doing something that she has to overcome to get her instrument/powers.
  • Confirmed, she has to get her bass back from them in the short.


In the Love Triangle between Pony Twilight, Human Flash, and Pony Sunset, each member ships the other two together.
Twilight ships Flash with Sunset: As much as she has a crush on Flash, Princess Twilight knows her responsibilities are in Equestria. But she heard that Sunset and Flash used to be together before Flash broke up with her, likely because of Sunset's bullying. After the first film, Sunset is reformed, so Twilight can see those two get back together.

Sunset ships Twilight with Flash: As Sunset states in Rainbow Rocks, "Flash is a great guy, but I never really like him like him; I was just using him to become more popular." She most likely sees Twilight treating Flash with more respect than Sunset did to him.

Flash ships Twilight with Sunset: As much as he has a crush on Twilight, Flash saw how great Twilight and Sunset were in harmony with each other during the Finals of the Battle of the Bands. He might later have heard about the chemistry between the two girls. Being a nice guy, he would want his beloved to be happy.

The movie will be extremely cheesy and self aware.
I mean, just look at the Rainbow Rocks designs. I think the animators know they can't be taken seriously.

"Shake Your Tail" is meant to be a compromise to the non-pony themed members of the audience
We already know about the humanized Diamond Dogs, maybe this "battle of the bands" thing they have going will bring people themed with the different sapient races of Equestria, and in order to be "politically correct", they opt to use something their related animals all have, i.e.: a tail.

The cop in the trailer is related to Flash Sentry
Same skin colour, same hair colour. It's a possibility.
  • Additionally, Equestria!Flash is a royal guard, which in canon is essentially depicted as the Equestrian equivalent to a cop.

There will be a Monkees Shout-Out.

The masquerade is broken, but nobody really cares.
Going by Guitar Centered, anyway.

The Vinyl Scratch scene is a short preceding the actual film, rather than its own scene.
I just think it works better on its own than as part of a larger narrative.
  • Confirmed. Her dubstep video is one of eight promotional shorts.
  • It does show up in the actual movie in a blink-or-you-miss-it kinda way, from the perception of everyone else. You see her walk by behind the Mane Six plus Sunset and Twilight to order her food just like she did in the promo short.

None of the trailer scenes will be in the actual movie.
Based on the currently three shorts, all have scenes shown in the trailer. It's starting to get more and more likely.

It may even lead to...

The movie will shoot down people's original expectations of the movie.
At least some Bronies will be surprised.

The "human world" has a major Weirdness Censor over it.
Which is why nobody else seems weirded out by the transformations.

Trixie and Adaigo Dazzler's bands will be treated very differently
Trixie's band will be a Goldfish Poop Gang, likely with just her, Snips, Snails and maybe one or two others (don't hold your breath for a Legion of Doom of humanized minor antagonists is all I'm sayin'). Dazzler's will be more in line with Vile Villain, Saccharine Show.
  • Partially Jossed; Trixie's band isn't as much of a threat (in that they aren't trying to brainwash everyone) but they are good enough to get to the finals. Also Snips and Snails aren't in it.

There's a Stinger
  • For Equestria Girls 3, in which there is a crisis crossover where the Mane Six and Humane Six meet and join forces.
  • A preview of a new villain, either for Equestria Academy or Season 5.
  • The Mane Six running into the pony versions of Adagio Dazzle and her bandmates.
  • Confirmed about the Stinger, which shows us Human Twilight and her Spike, taking a keen interest in the events of CHS.

Sunset Shimmer will be the Breakout Character of the movie.
Her appearances in the trailers have been really well received, so maybe she will be popular enough to appear in Season 5 somehow.

The Humane six will lose the music contest
Simply because they relied on their magic and antro forms the whole way though the movie and the winners won't be Trixie or the Dazzlers the winners will be some other band who we'll see in the background who won simply because they played better and worked harder. My little pony was already toppled the "winning isn't everything" moral before this time the writers throw in "don't take shortcuts".
  • Confirmed mostly: they lose to the Illusions (due to Sunset's purposeful interference).
    • Also they are only trying to stay in the contest to give Twilight enough time to come up with a counterspell song they can play to everyone to break the Dazzling's hold over them, they don't actually care about winning.

The Battle of the Bands won't have a "winner".
Since it was never supposed to be a competition in the first place, after the Dazzlings are defeated and their plan revealed everyone will decide to go back to the original idea and all the bands will work together to put on a really awesome show.
  • I guess this is sort of true since no band is declared a winner by the end.

Rainbow Rocks will take place during Season 5
The mane six will have already been on quite a few adventures by the time Twilight is summoned back to EQG-verse and some scenes will tease/foreshadow what's to come in the upcoming season.
  • It is at least after S4 - Spike calls Twilight the Princess of Friendship, and one scene in the pony-verse appears in the new crystal library from the S4 finale.

The additional 3 minutes on the theatrical release will be...
  • The home video version is three minutes shorter than the theatrical release. What could the additional 3 minutes be?
    • A recap of the first film
    • An introduction by one of the cast members
    • A brief behind the scenes featurette
    • The "Shake Your Tail" short
    • Commercials for other My Little Pony products
    • A sneak peak of season 5 of My Little Pony
    • A new live action music video

The song that Fluttershy wrote will be a Chekhov's Gun.
  • And if the soundtrack listing (which has since been taken down) is any indication, it'll either be "Shine Like Rainbows" or "Rainbow Rocks".
    • Confirmed in that it's the song they use to beat the Dazzlings, but it's played during "Welcome to the Show" and doesn't have a seperate track.

Shine Like Rainbows is the ending theme.
It doesn't seem to fit anywhere else in the movie from what we know.
  • Confirmed

With just a hint of Retcon, Sunset Shimmer will reveal she stole a special book along with the crown during the events of the first movie; this book is linked to an equivalent book in the pony-verse such that what is written in one appears in the other, as to give a form of communication between the pony and human world.
We can see in the Shout Factory 30 second teaser, that Sunset is holding a brown-covered book; in a separate scene, we see Twilight reading from a similar book (likely with Celestia's cutie mark), appearing to make her set up and use the magic mirror to get back to the human world.
  • Confirmed in the theatrial trailer, at least about how the two books are linked.
  • Partially confirmed, partially Jossed - the book was given to Sunset by Princess Celestia, and served the same purpose that Spike's message flame does for Twilight to get messages between them. Sunset kept the book with her when she went to the human world.

A very minor one, but Pinkie trying to guess how "off" the Dazzlings are in the cafeteria is supposed to resemble Discord.
Complete with bushy lettuce eyebrows and pointy carrot teeth.
  • Bonus points. One of the carrots falls out of her mouth, giving Pinky the asymmetrical look just like Discord.

Sunset Shimmer will appear in season five of FiM, if only for one episode.

1: Since the Crystal Mirror has been modified so that the portal to the human world can be opened at any time, it's highly possible.

2: Sunset might be happy where she is at the end of the movie, but she's still got a lot of stuff to catch up on in Equestria, especially with Princess Celestia.

3: She'd probably want to spend more time with Princess Twilight now that they're friends.

4: Hasbro is still making toys for Sunset Shimmer as a pony, even though it's been a year since the first Equestria Girls movie was released. Rather odd for a character supposedly invented for a human-driven spin-off, don't you think? Especially since we never even see Sunset as a pony in Rainbow Rocks.

The new three shorts show the Rainbooms getting popular
Especially "Friendship Through the Ages", assuming it isn't an Imagine Spot or a non-diegetic scene. Post-Rainbow Rocks, the Rainbooms have caught the attention of some music professionals on the look-out for young talents by winning the musical showcase. Thus they were offered the chance to record a music video with high standards of production, whether in clothes, decors and effects. Not to say they'll necessarily get famous — it might stay a One-Hit Wonder — but that's not something they would let pass, even calling on Princess Twilight to perform with them.

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