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Note that some of these guesses were made before it was specified what the movie is.

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The EG universe is not an actual world - it's a mirror-based dimensional prison for Equestria.
(Found on reddit)Nobody ages in this universe — Starswirl banished the Sirens there hundreds of years ago, Sunset ran away there at least three years ago, (Since she won the crowning election three years in a row), yet when Twilight arrives they're all teenagers the same age. Nobody's gone anywhere, nobody's graduated — they're all stuck in the same high school town forever.
  • It could be Narnia-esque? Time flows super slow in comparison to time spent in Equestria?
    • Possibly —- but Narnia also has its own diverse territories and unique populations, which the EG world doesn't seem to have. Also, if time moved slower or quicker than in Equestria, it would be impossible to keep track of the Moon cycles which dictated when the mirror portal would open/close.
      • What if time only flows while the mirror is open? So you can go there and come back in 3 days and everything seems normal, but from the EQG side the portal is always open and if you miss your window you come back and suddenly it's 3 years later.

      • I like that theory! That would also mean since Twilight modified the portal to always be open, time will start flowing normally in the EG universe — will still be an effective prison?

The only characters unique to the EG world are people who are banished from Equestria. Everyone else is just a reflection of someone who exists in Equestria already.

Whatever change a true Equestrian sets in place, all the reflected EG citizens go along with unquestioningly - even the adults. Sunset Shimmer convinced everyone she was in charge of their school before ever getting Twilight's tiara. When both Twilight and the Sirens started singing their campaigns in the cafeteria, the rest of the school immediately started going along with it - regardless of whether or not magic was involved.

Twilight is a master manipulator, Sunset Shimmer is not
Twilight is a much more grey hero than she appears, and Sunset Shimmer can't pull off social manipulation more complicated than posting embarrassing pics of her enemies. Operating on a Machiavellian psychology, Twilight repaired the relationships of the Mane Five by pointing at Sunset Shimmer as a convenient scapegoat, whom did not send them false messages. They have been friends long enough to have exchanged numbers and e-mail, so they were all actually mean to each other and just wanted a fault-free reason to make up, which Twilight provided.

Then, in addition to the song and dance to generate popularity, she also proactively destroyed Sunset's image on a meta-game theory level by trashing the gym, assuming that Sunset would be a more likely suspect, with the plan to "unite the school in its darkest hour" by volunteering to clean up the villain's mess. She was nearly caught, and is about to tearfully confess her guilt to Vice Principal Luna before Flash, who knows of Snips's and Snails's reputation for constantly gathering blackmail material and easily intimidates it out of them after seeing his crush in trouble, bails her out with an example of photo faking so thoughtlessly done that, if you pay attention, confirms Twilight as the one who trashed the gym: Twilight has access for hours before and after the cafeteria scene, since she wasn't actually attending classes (Sunset, presumably, did not have that same opportunity).

The reason Sunset is acting so cheesy when handing over the evidence of Twilight's guilt is because she was so ecstatic that she had lucked into something much much worse than failing at soccer.

  • Jossed: Sunset is clearly ordering Snips and Snails to do something with a wicked grin on her face, and we see her gather evidence on the team during a comic. Twilight's reactions to Luna's questioning don't imply guilt

This will be a crossover between all generations of My Little Pony, made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise
As Sonic Generations has taught us, the best way to celebrate a milestone like this is to celebrate the franchise's history. The movie will celebrate MLP in all forms, from the adventure-based G1, to the overly sweet Slice of Life of G3, to the mixed approach of G4. It will even add representation from G2, even when its only alternate media was a computer game.
  • G2 also had magazine stories.
  • The ponies will fight a space-time anomaly while Twilight is moved back and forth between the different worlds by the power of Discord. Just like in the series finale of TNG.
  • Sadly this might already be Jossed, not because of a rumored leak but Hasbro did announce that they intend to launch a new My Little Pony IP with the TV Movie, so basically a spin-off. Still, nothing says that Season 4, with 26 episodes, can't handle the Milestone Celebration.

It won't appeal to bronies. At all.
In the sense that it'll either mangle nearly everything that bronies fell in love with in the first place or it'll be executed so badly. It might not even be handled by the same studio who does My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It'll probably be comparable to the G3 cartoons in a sense.
  • Now that you've come up with this theory, let's hope the universe does everything it can to keep it from happening.
  • Assuming that it's Top Draw Animation's 66-minute "DVD" work for DHX Media, it's still handled by the same studio.
  • Looking at the general response from bronies to the recent posters, it seems like its heading in this direction. Few bronies find it appealing.
  • Honestly, I see this happening... remember that Bronies are a Periphery Demographic. Bronies technically are not supposed to BE there, let alone have many things Pandering to the Fanbase. But then again, seeing as the comic series seems to be pandering more to the Brony demographic (Because let's face it, how many kids in the show's intended demographic are going to have access to comics? Most stores out here don't even sell comic books targeted at demographics below eleven outside of the kids section, and most grocery stores, magazine racks, and newsstands don't even carry comics that aren't Archie).
    • Then again, as a group, bronies are so broad that even something like Equestria Girls might be appealing to at least one subset of bronies. The one thing that bronies have in common is that they're mostly adults or at least "too old" to be watching a pony cartoon and they like animation. Friendship Is Magic was designed to be appealing to both children and their parents, the later which are virtually indistinguishable from most bronies.
    • With the first proper trailers beginning to come out, showing that it will have some fantasy elements, and animation and voices by the same cast and crew as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, general opinion among the bronies seems to be slowly warming towards the movie; Emphasis on 'slowly'

  • Jossed. There's a number of shout-outs in the movie (including a couple of Derpy cameos) and the movie is a pretty solid Base Breaker (some liked it, some hated it).
    • Half Jossed - A good number of bronies hated it, some even seeing the shout-outs (especially the Derpy cameos) as an attempt to cover up bad writing.
      • Broken Base at most. You also do know that Pandering to the Base is not always a bad thing. Besides stuff like Trixie, Derpy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders aren't just to pander to the fanbase. They're also meant to show that the human world isn't that different from Equestria.

It's going to be Darker and Edgier then anything seen in the show before

  • Jossed HARD.

It will take place in between the show's seasons.
  • Confirmed. It takes place in the exact place that it came out during the series' continuity: in between Seasons 3 and 4. Twilight is an Alicorn, and is still getting used to her new wings and title. However, Season 4 itself never references the movie at all (though pony!Flash Sentry does cameo in two episodes, including speaking in the finale).

There will be a completely new villain.
Feel free to list speculations here.
  • Escapees from Tartarus... possibly descendents of previous MLP generations.
  • Typhon, father of all monsters and king of the dragons.
  • Some sort of Man Behind the Man for one or more previous villains.
    • The Nightmare?
  • Krastos the Glue Maker.
  • Confirmed. Sunset Shimmer is the villain, so there is a new villain.

The Movie will be a alternate continuity where they show how the lessons from the show would work in real life.

At some point, Applejack or Rainbow Dash will join a wrestling team.
If they're going to go to high school, they might want to join some extra-curricular activities, and since flying or applebucking is out of the picture, it would be awesome if one of them decided to try out a club that isn't thought of as feminine.

That and I want to see them suplex or piledrive something or someone.

  • Well, nothing happened in-universe like that, but since Rainbow is stated to be "the captain of practically every team at Canterlot High" you can't say she's NOT on the wrestling team. So, you can claim it confirmed or jossed; whatever floats your boat. You can probably claim RD as part of any team you want, from wrestling to cheer; the only team we know she's on is soccer. AJ, however, is probably too preoccupied with the farm to join any teams.

There will be a Viral Marketing and/or an Alternate Reality Game.
OK, so the plot seems to be about the ponies entering a portal to the real world, becoming humanized in the process. That's a solid foundation for a Viral Marketing campaign: weird things are entering our world and we're not sure why. Viral Marketing also seems like a pretty good way to take advantage of the show's online fanbase. You could have, say, a fake monster-sightings site where people report sightings of Discord or Ursas. Or a site for the high school the cast goes to. You could have an informational newsletter detailing the Mane Six's misadventures in high school.

This new "Equestria Girls" spinoff series...
Let the Wild Mass Guessing commence.
  • The plot is set in motion when Trixie, depressed over her lack of progress in her career, turns Equestria into a High School A.U. so that she can relive her glory days.
    • Ironically, pulling something that level of reality-altering magical manipulation should catapult her into the running Princess-hood.
    • Alternatively, Trixie is a wannabe Alpha Bitch. She has the general attitude, but doesn't have the popularity needed for it, as befits her Small Name, Big Ego problems.
    • Or, in light of her Heel–Face Turn, she's a Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • Derpy is the school janitor.
  • Celestia and Luna are teachers. Celestia is the cool teacher that everyone loves, while Luna is jealous of her success. This eventually causes her to become a power-mad Nightmare Moon. "The detention... shall last... until 5, because that's when the school closes."
    • "What, you guys seriously thought I would keep you here forever? Wow. Paranoid much."
    • Alternatively, Nightmare Moon is a fictional character in-universe. Luna tried to pursue an acting career when she was younger, and her most successful role was a B-Movie horror villain named Nightmare Moon.
      • Why this didn't actually happen is a mystery; it would have been so much cooler. However, Luna and Celestia did show off their authority sides in the movie, something that never actually gets shown.
    • As another alternative, Nightmare Moon is the result of Luna having an odd form of Dissociative Identity Disorder. She was pronounced cured some unspecified time ago and has since returned to her old job as vice principal.
    • All of the above has been Jossed by the fourth movie. It was a Noodle Incident at a summer camp, involving a sundial.
  • Discord is the evil principal. Or mayor, if you want to go the route of Buffy.
    • Alternatively, he's the slightly-crazed-but-awesome chemistry teacher. Because Discord + potentially combustible chemicals = chaos. (Albeit on a more mundane level.)
    Discord: Now class. Can anyone tell me what happens when I drop this pound of sodium into this bucket of water?
  • Gilda is from another school, is a bad girl, and is hardcore into tattoos and piercings.
  • Derpy would be a somewhat popular student in a Fandom Nod.
    • And like many popular girls (and Derpy herself), she holds no personality. It fits!
    • Probably Jossed since we never see her with anyone else, but she does get what appears to be a love letter which could constitute as a Fandom Nod.
  • The "High School" would also have Middle and Elementary divisions and the CMC (including Babs) and perhaps Spike are students.
    • Jossed the CMC were aged up to High School freshman, and Spike is a puppy.
  • Applejack's family in this universe would operate a horse farm.
  • Either Shining Armor or Big McIntosh will be the star quarterback.
    • I'd say Shining Armor would be a quarterback, Big mac seems more like a linebacker.
  • Pinkie is a cheerleader. (Hey, she has enough energy for it.)
  • There will be a "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher with King Sombra attached to the back of his head.
  • Lyra is obsessed with My Little Pony or unicorns in general.
  • In a parallel to "Mare in the Moon", Twilight is a New Transfer Student.
    • Twilight becomes princess by becoming the Student Council President.
    • Confirmed! But there was no big deal made of her being new; she was treated like any new student would be (which is ironic, considering what her name is a shout out to). Also, Twilight DID become a princess, just not Student Council President. She was Princess of the Fall Formal.
  • The Mayor is part of the school faculty, if not the principal).
  • Zecora is a transfer student shunned for her different fashion style (and may be black).
  • The Wonderbolts are a star track team (or anything athletic-related at least).
    • The Wondercolts are the school mascot, so, I'm gonna go with "Confirmed" because that makes them the mascot of all the sports teams.
  • Berry Punch will be seen under a hangover and sleeping in classes on occasion.
  • Twinkleshine will be the leader of a "popular girl" posse.
  • The Changelings are foreign exchange students from an aggressive foreign country, modelled after the real life designated aggressive nations like North Korea.

  • The now-Confirmed (as of May 2014) spinoff series aside, nearly everything here is Jossed regarding the movie. None of the series' background ponies appear in the EQG-verse at all.
    • Primary & Secondary characters who do appear in both worlds: the Mane Six, the CMC, Spike, Celestia, Luna, Flash Sentry, Big Macintosh, Trixie, Photo Finish, Vinyl Scratch, Derpy. Technically Sunset Shimmer as well.

The show will still retain fantasy elements.

  • Seems to be confirmed by the previews seemingly showing Sunset going One-Winged Angel.
    • Confirmed and Jossed. Twilight's magic doesn't work, but there are elements like Sunset's transformation and Spike as a dog speaking, but in comparison to the regular show, where these aspects are taken for granted, they're somewhat out of place in the context of the human world which is otherwise typically normal.

It will be both a parody of teen sitcoms, and My Little Pony Tales.
  • From 6teen, to Saved by the Bell, this special will parody it brutally!
    • Jossed Hard. For better and for worse, EQG plays the tropes pretty straight.

Applejack will be the group's Badass Driver.
She's had this truck sitting around for a while, now she gets a chance to use it.
  • Jossed. No one is shown to drive, except for Flash, who has an inexplicably Cool Car.

This movie will be like that one scene in The City of Clipsville where the girls imagined that they were ditzy teens who hanged out in the mall.
Only this is real. Isn't that great! :D

Both versions of the Mane 6 seen in promos exist simultaneously.
See here and here. The more humanized Mane 6 are the Human Mane 6, natives of the humanized Alternate Universe and the stars of the Equestria Girls spin-off. The more anthropomorphized Mane 6 are the Pony Mane 6: the stars of Friendship is Magic who have been sent to the human universe. Pony Twilight casts a spell to help her and her friends blend in with humans, not realizing they've just made themselves look really creepy by human standards. The Human Mane 6 will react with horror upon meeting their counterparts.
  • How the heck is that creepy?
    • Partially confirmed but in a more roundabout way. Twilight (and Spike for some reason, who becomes a dog according to the trailer) are the only ones actually from Equestria. The other five girls appear to be analogues from that particular reality.
  • Confirmed to a degree. The Human and Pony Mane 6 (outside of Twilight) are different identities though sharing common personalities. However, the two sides never meet.
    • in addition to this the anthropomorphized Mane 6 are just the human mane 6 (well 5 plus twilight) who have taped into there element

in contrast to the above guess, the second promo form is a powered-up version of the main six
The idea being similar to Ponyo, where the more of the elements they use, the more pony-like they become and thus risk blowing their already rather flimsy cover. Thus we get a clever little tie-in to the ideas of the original. Semi-confirmed. In the climax, the Human Mane 6 gain pony ears, hair that emulates tails, and in the case of Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow, wings. But this only is temporary.

There will be a crossover at some point with Littlest Pet Shop (2012).
Rainbow Dash and Applejack will meet Blythe Baxter and the world will implode as a result.
  • Jossed.

The Changeling Kingdom is in this world is modeled as a real life aggressive nation, the likes of North Korea.
And the Changelings themselves appear in this world as immigrants and/or foreign exchange students.
  • Never shown, ergo jossed.

Decreased age is a side effect of a pony becoming a human.
  • Confirmed and/or Jossed depending on character. As some have noted, for most of the characters, they translated pony age to human age - but as ponies mature faster than humans, then in human age they are mostly upperclassmen at school rather than young adults holding their own jobs. But, we have the CMC pushed up in age to be freshmen (as to be in school), and other characters like Big Mac and Photo Finish pushed down in age to also be in school.
    • Then there's the fact that Celestia and Luna appear to be adults, and impossible 1000-year-old geriatrics/brains in jars.
    • Neither confirmed nor jossed and likely will remain that way for sometime unless a spinoff series is made. Ponies do mature faster than humans which would actually suggest that from a years not maturity standpoint the ages are likely increased not decreased even ignoring that Equestria is clearly still an Agrarian society and it's entirely plausible that teens in that world are treated as full adults, it wasn't that long ago in human(Western) history that the same was true. The CMC may not be aged up, certainly not as much as the above assumes. It's not unheard of for 6th-12th grade to be on a single campus. Rare? Yes but not unheard of or impossible meaning the CMC may be eleven or younger. As for Celestia and Luna it's probably best to leave them out of any equation since it's extremely difficult to get any sort of fix on them but if you want to account for them the easiest answer (for me) is that they are magical in both worlds. Talking Spike, a portal to Equestria and functioning Elements of Harmony suggest that magic is rare not impossible on the other side. It wouldn't shock me at all to learn the two of them are immortals who fake their own deaths/move at regular intervals to keep anybody from catching on.

Possible reason for Twilight to go after that crown
according to this synopsis Twilight's willing to go to an AU!Equestria/Earth to retrieve a crown from the Crystal Empire. List any guesses about the crown or why Twilight has to retrieve it.
  • The minds or souls of Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity are sealed in the crown.note  And Twilight has to retrieve it to bring them back.
  • It's an ancient and important artifact for the Crystal Empire and Twilight was in charge of taking care of it.
  • It is in fact the very Element of magic that Twilight commands, the most powerful of the Elements, with it gone all the other elements are useless and Equestria susceptible to attack. Plus the element itself might hold some power on its own.
    • Confirmed. Sunset Shimmer apears to steal the crown and escape into the human world, with Twilight going after it. Celestia tasks her because without the Element of Magic, the remaining Elements would be unable to protect Equestria.
  • The warranty expired.
  • Because it's pretty.

Sombra was plotting a takeover of the human world.
If you're an Evil Overlord and you've got a magic mirror that leads to another world, you're probably going to want to use it as some point.
  • Expanding on this: Sombra was basically an evil version of Fanon!Lyra: obsessed with humans and how he could use them to his own gain.
  • Jossed.

Alternative to the above
King Sombra has been to the human world. However, he decided to leave for some reason. Maybe the area he connected to was empty of potential slaves and resources, and getting to a place that he could effectively exploit would take too much time and effort in light of already having an enslaved population. Or if turning into a human makes him unable to use magic as a unicorn would, he'd hate the place.
  • Jossed. (The mirror had been in Canterlot until only recently as per the start of the film, so unlikely Sombra had access to it).

Alternative to the alternative above
King Sombra is FROM the human world. The reason there is no magic in the human world is because Sombra made off with the equivalent of the human's element of magic and fled to Equestria. It's why Celestia and Luna were guarding the mirror in the first place. They didn't want any other nasty surprises coming through.

The crown thief is a new character.
  • Confirmed.

The new characters that greatly resemble most of the mane cast will be voiced by different VA's.
Going by the synopsis of Twilight encountering inhabitants of the parallel universe that bare a strong resemblance to her friends seems a bit unnecessary. Why not have the whole mane cast go to the new universe? Because these new characters are also voiced by different VA's. Hasbro is tired of dealing with a recording studio 2000 miles and an international border away, so they decided to record this movie in Hollywood. Thus, LA-based Tara Strong is still voicing Twilight, but none of the other VA's will be involved. That's why only Tara was confirmed.

  • Completely Jossed. All main and minor characters are voiced by the same VA's whether pony or human.

Twilight's transformation sequence into a human will parallel that of Giselle's.
Because that'd actually be pretty cool and be able to prove it has Visual Effects of Awesome as much as its parent.
  • Jossed. Most done Behind the Black. (Though the traveling through the mirror sequence is pretty good special effects.

Everyone's going to be out of character.
The human ponies will all have valley girl accents and do nothing but paint their nails and talk about boys.
  • Going by the recent synopsis, the only one who is visiting the new dimension is Twilight while the other human ponies are apparently separate characters.
    • Though going by current trailers, this guess seems to be jossed for the most part.
  • Jossed for the most point. These are the pony characters as humans.

There will be some Mythology Gags to previous installments of the series.
It's a Milestone Celebration, after all.
  • Megan gets a statue in the human world.
  • The Smooze will be referenced in a Noodle Incident. Apparently someone was playing around in chemistry class...

After the movie, Twilight will return home a changed mare.
And by changed, I mean suffering from PTSD. More so.
  • High school is PTSD-worthy?
    • It's not so much high school itself, but the fact that she's traveling to another dimension. Being native to a Sugar Bowlesque world, where a place like the Everfree Forest is considered weird for having nature manage itself, a world more similar to our world would be much like visiting an Eldritch Location. See also Humans Are Cthulhu and the works of H. P. Lovecraft. There's also the fact that she's spontaneously changing species to something that's very alien to her: Becoming bipedal, gaining hands and feet, fingers and toes. Plus the strange beings inhabiting this dimension bare a very creepy resemblance to her own friends. How is Twilight's mind going to remain unscathed?
    • Yes, high School is PTSD Worthy depending on your experience.
  • Doesn't really matter, since the movie is officially non-canon with the show.
  • Confirmed. At the start, pre-human, Twilight's still coming to grips with her new princess title and one she resents. Her actions in the human world (including becoming Princess of the Fall Formal) help to bolster her spirits and when she returns, she's less reluctant to take up her role.

Cadance is going to get such a tongue-lashing from Lyra.
I mean, Cadance had a portal to a human-ish world and never told her? (Lyra was one of Cadance's bridesmaids, so they're presumably friends.)

In a plot twist...
There already was a Twilight Sparkle living in the Equestria Girls universe. In a situation parallel to the original Twilight's, the Alternate Twilight will have jumped through the mirror on her world simultaneously, emerging in the original universe as a pony. Now instead of being an Ordinary High-School Student (well, ordinary by her universe's standards), she's the student of Princess Celestia, and she has to get accustomed to her new quadrupedal form and friends that remind her of the friends she had in her own universe until the original Twilight sorts things out and both Twilights get each others' lives back.
  • Semi-confirmed. It's hinted that the human Twilight and dog Spike are off in a city somewhere while pony-cum-human Twilight is present. But there's no hint that human Twilight traveled the other way to Equestria.

The crown thief is EG!Twilight
The movie's antagonist (assuming there is one) convinced her that she'll become a popular kid at school and have lots of friends if she did something Crazy Awesome like steal something from an Alternate Universe. "Our" Twilight (hence forth "Twilight Prime") will manipulate events in such a way that EG!Twilight will naturally learn the magic of friendship, and their eventual meeting will mirror New Spock meeting Spock Prime in Star Trek (2009).
Twilight Sparkle: Then why did you send AJ, Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie, and Fluttershy to the school dance with me when you alone could explain the truth?
Twilight Prime: Because you needed each other. I could not deprive you of the spark that would ignite within you. Of a friendship that would define you all. A destiny you cannot yet realize.
  • Jossed. The thief is Sunset Shimmer, Celestia's previous protege.

Transformed Twilight will meet a human boy she falls for...
And they have a whirlwind Interspecies Romance which leads to him going back to Equestria with her and becoming a pony. Hey, that should make it popular with some fans.
  • Everyone else will hate it though.
  • The trailer show a male that seems going to get close to her.
    • Said male character looks and sounds a lot like Shining Armor, though. Even if they aren't literally brother and sister here, they can still have a similar bond.
  • Confirmed. Flash Sentry - who exists both as a pegasus guard pony in the Crystal Empire and the human boy that she falls for, are played at a being a possible flirtatious relationship (Twilight blushes and blushes hard in both worlds). That said, Word of God has stated that Flash will not appear in S4, sorta putting an end to any further flirting.
    • That last sentence is Jossed. Flash Sentry made two cameos in Season 4, both times doing his job as one of Cadance's guards. He even spoke in the Season 4 finale. In Meghan McCarthy's defense, however, he wasn't specifically written into the script; someone high up on the production staff added him in. Twice. BUT, there was no flirting.

The movie will be good
I know, I know, far-fetched even for WMG pages, but hasbro has surprised us before. I can hope, can't I?
  • Tends to be somewhat of a Base Breaker.

The movie will be average.
That is, it isn't going to be the worst idea of all time, nor is it going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Its just going to be... Meh.
  • It seems to be a little more than that

The movie will be bad
It will go against everything Friendship is Magic has stood for, and be a repeat of older generations.
  • Depends on your outlook. Confirmed for some, jossed for others. It sits in the series like a Merriweather Williams episode does, which is to say, Broken Base.

The movie will have mixed receptions
Some will hate its art style and concept while others will praise it for taking risks and expanding the My Little Pony series.
  • Going by current opinions, this looks to be most likely. Many bronies are still skeptical, a few are proclaiming it the end of MLP as they know it, but a noticeable number are becoming genuinely interested and excited for it.
  • Confirmed; people either hate it, dislike it but won't vocalise their disdain like those who hate it do, are just "meh" over it, liked it, or loved it. It's Broken Base and it seems pretty evenly split between the camps.

The movie will be garsharlptoebookapeek
Because True Art Is Incomprehensible.

The Stolen Crown will be used to restore Cadance
The crown is some kind of Artifact of Doom that the thief uses to absorb Cadance's powers and possibly Shining Armor's too. This would explain why Twilight is willing to go to cross dimensions for it and would be a good way to make the new villain a credible threat... yeah I know, wishful thinking but...
  • Jossed. It's the Element of Magic, and needed to complete the set, but otherwise the clock is only set by the timing on the portal.

There will be a shout out to The Last Unicorn.
One or more of the following things will happen.
  • Twilight will freak out in a similar way to Lady Amalthea.
    What have you done to me? I'm a pony! I'm a pony!
  • She'll sing a Suspiciously Similar Song to "Now That I'm a Woman".
  • She will suffer a case of Becoming the Mask and will want to stay as a human to be with her new boyfriend, which will result in a Bittersweet Ending where she has to say goodbye to him.
    • Well, sort of confirmed. She does freak out but not in a shout-out way, and she does choose to stay but not for Flash Sentry specifically, but everyone at Canterlot High. The nicest, simplest and most obvious Shout-Out they could have done, but didn't, was give Twilight and Rarity their cutie marks on their forehead to mark where their horns were when they went all Magical Girl at the end, but they didn't.

The movie will bomb in cinemas
The fact that most movies based on cartoons don't do well, add to the fact of its Broken Base, and that it has nearly zero advertisement and appeal to the actual cash cow audiences (both little girls and the Periphery Demographic).
  • This is a Made-for-TV Movie that's going Direct-to-DVD very soon, and it's not like this movie is getting a huge release. Even if it bombs, it won't leave much of an impact.
    • It's released in only certain cinemas - Hasbro is clearly not trying to make a huge box-office profit off of it. It's a Made-for-TV Movie that's going to go Direct-to-DVD elsewhere in the world - they clearly don't care that much.

  • Jossed. For a limited release, it apparently did quite well. Well enough, in fact, that Hasbro immediately greenlit a sequel slated to come out Fall 2014, also in cinemas.

The mirror turned Spike into a dog, because the magic couldn't affect him as easily as Twilight.
His thick scales make it difficult for magic to affect him as much. But because his scale are only magic-resistant and not magic-proof it still affected him, but some how got messed up, and only turned him into a dog.
  • That or something happened to the mirror during his mid-transformation, resulting in his dog form.
  • Or, all bipeds in one universe become quadrupeds in the other, and vice-versatile.

Only magical focuses can be used in the humanoid world.
The lack of horns keep the humans from casting magic, but there's a massive magic surge around the crown where humanoid Snips and Snails make their appearance.
  • Jossed, in that the only magic originates from the Element of Magic which is from Equestria.

The universe Twilight visits is the same one where Doug takes place.
This explains the presence of the odd skin and hair colors.

The human versions of the ponies that Twilight knew from Equestria, and then meets in the human world, have human names.

  • Pinkie Pie = Paulina Pettifer (two different individuals)
  • Rainbow Dash = Roxy Dodgers (different)
  • Applejack = Amelia Jems (different)
  • Rarity = Rowellina Beattie (different)
  • Fluttershy = Faith Summers (different)
  • Sunset Shimmer = Susan Shelby (same individual, with alias)
  • unnamed boy = Flash Sentry or Jock Fastflash (presumably only a human, no pony counterpart)
    • Faith Summers, as in Faith Lehane + Buffy Summers? Does she still have Angel?

  • Jossed, oh thank goodness Jossed so hard. All characters share same names on both sides of the portal.
    • Seriously, fans need to stop taking these anonymous 4chan and Reddit "insider" posts at face value. They were wrong on Equestria Girls, they were wrong on Derpy, they were wrong on a significant chunk of Season 4. Need I go on?

This movie will avert the trope Vile Villain, Saccharine Show.
Apparently, the villain is just an alpha bitch. This means that she will not be as threatening as Nightmare Moon or King sombra.
  • Then again, the trailer seems to show her going One-Winged Angel at some point.
  • Likely Jossed. Sunset has her moment but there's a Heel–Face Turn at the end of the all it.

Some of characters will suffer Adaptational Villainy or Adaptational Heroism.
Some of the characters will be more good or more evil than their originals.

The stolen crown's magic is needed to escape the human world.
When Twilight enters the human world, she finds that she can't escape unless she finds the stolen crown. This raises the question: why would the crown thief steal it and then enter the human world? This brings up two possibilities:
  1. The culprit is Sunset Shimmer, a pony from Equestria who stole the crown and entered the human world with the intent to trap Twilight there. Being Princess Celestia's former student, she has the motive. But there are photographs that seem to imply Sunset was there for a while, and the Crystal Empire reappeared only recently. Either this means it's been some time between the season 3 premiere and the events of the film, or...
  2. Sunset is a Red Herring. She's still the villain, wanting to take Twilight's place, but she knows no more about the crown than Twilight, and is about as helpless as she is. The real thief is Jock Fastflash/Flash Sentry (see above), who is also a pony who heard about what happened to Sunset, felt bad for her, and came with the crown to free her by taking her place. This could lead to a potential Love Redeems moment for Sunset.
    • Jossed by the second trailer. Sunset is seen stealing the crown/Element of Magic, and gets past Twilight using the same teleportation trick Twilight used to get past Nightmare Moon.

At the end of the movie, Twilight will split into a pony and a human.
Her usual pony self exits the human world and reunites with her old friends. Her new "human" self chooses to remain with her new friends. This will lead to the poster shot of Pony!Twilight looking into the mirror and seeing Human!Twilight; they'll still be able to visit each other and/or tell each other about their adventures as they please. That is to say, probably never within the span of the show, at least on-screen. It will allow there to be an Equestria Girls TV series to run parallel to Friendship Is Magic without the writers having to contradict or reboot any continuity.
  • Jossed. Though arguably there is a human Twilight around somewhere, and failing that, Sunset is set up to complete the Mane Human 6 by the end of the movie.

The blue-haired boy in the trailer is...
List your guesses here.

  • Human version of Comet Tail.
  • An entirely new character who was never a pony, named Jock Fastflash or Flash Sentry
  • The human version of Shining Armor and not a love interest.
  • One of Sunset Shimmer's minions, but Becoming the Mask.
  • Brad
  • The human world Twilight Sparkle, since it seems she doesn't exist there.
  • The human version of a matching guard pony in Equestria, with one of the names from the second suggestion.
    • This last is the confirmed answer: his name - like the guard pony - is Flash Sentry.

The EG universe has a Masquerade in place.
All of the magic and fantastic creatures from the prime universe exist here, but they're being kept under wraps.

What the other ponies are doing during the movie.
So the remaining members of the Mane Cast and the Princesses are apparently letting Twilight and Spike do this on their own, for some reason. This is just a general guessing area for what they do while Twilight has her adventure.
  • Turns out the mirror can function like a video screen, so they just watch the rest of the movie along with us. Regardless of how good it is, they end up giving it the Mystery Science Theater 3000/RiffTrax treatment.
  • Having a high-stakes poker game.
  • Fighting off another major threat to Equestria that just happened to attack immeadietly after Twilight and Spike left.
  • Fighting crime.
  • Dealing with some characters from the EG verse that crossed over into their world.
  • Hold a writer's workshop over the unfinished novels of Applejack, Dash and Luna.
  • Resurrecting Derpy.
    • Jossed pretty much as they just are waiting around for Twilight's return.

There will be a The Wizard of Oz Shout-Out
Pretty boring WMG, but still calling this now. Twilight will get back and make this reference when she sees her friends.

The trailer is just a case of Never Trust a Trailer, and the movie will be darker than it seems.
I'm not saying that it being darker would necessarily make it good, but since when have trailers been entirely truthful about their movies?
  • Alternatively it will subvert a lot of the cliches present in the trailer. Sunset Shimmer will turn out to be a Lovable Alpha Bitch, "Brad" is the real villain, heavy metal will play at the school dance, etc.
  • Jossed. Most high school tropes are played frustratingly straight. Sunset is a pure Alpha Bitch who isn't loveable except to her dozen or so fans. Flash Sentry ("Brad") is just a generic nice guy. Vinyl Scratch was the DJ at the dance (of course) and played electronica.
    • Well, somewhat Confirmed. I doubt anyone was expecting Sunset Satan.

When Twilight returns to Equestria, she will meet "Brad's" pony counterpart while walking around Ponyville.
  • Technically Jossed. She does meet Flash Sentry in Equestria, but he's in the Crystal Empire, and he first appears before she goes to the EQG-verse (though she doesn't realize he is who he is until after she gets back).

Twilight will need help adjusting to her new body's senses.
Smell will be duller, but the color vision will be more vivid; she will now have trichromatic vision rather than the dichromatic that she's known all her life. Remember they're ponies, not pony-shaped humans.
  • But neither are they just talking ponies. In "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", Twilight pulls out a hair string and Pinkie instantly acknowledges that it's pink. So they can't have dichromatic vision.
    • There has never been any indication whatsoever that My Little Ponies don't see the exact same colour spectrum humans do, and plenty of evidence that they do.
  • Confirmed, but not the way the header assumes. Twilight does have issues adjusting to being bipedal and not having Unicorn magic. In her song on the subject, she specifically mentions her now-tiny nose.

The human Mane 6 will gain horns and wings by the movie's end.
When asked about the promo art having wings and horns, and the trailer showing neither on the characters, McCarthy said "it'd all make sense when we wtach the movie." Maybe the crown's magic outburst gives them wings and horns?
  • Meghan McCarthy didn't say that, Michael Vogel's the one who said "when you see it it will ALL make sense. Promise;-)" – also, while the question he was asked did mention horns, the promo art hasn't had those.
  • I think this screenshot confirms it.
  • Confirmed. Twilight recovers the crown and then its magic has all six transform to pony-human hybrids (ears, hair that emulates tails, and wings for the flies, but no horns), each with their own Transformation Sequence. The effect is not permanent, but enough to defeat Sunset and put wacky hijinks at the conclusion of the dance.

Something advertised before the movie at theatrical screenings will be subject to Memetic Mutation.
Similarly to what happened with The Hub running commercials for the Gyro Bowl and GAK.
  • Jossed. In North America, the movie screened without leading promos.note  EQG was Direct-to-DVD (or just aired on TV) everywhere else.

All of the prom crowns are magic crowns stolen from other worlds.
Because why the hell not?
  • The portal to Equestria is on one side of the base of a statue. They show 3 pictures of Sunset Shimmer wearing other crowns. There are 3 other sides to the base of the statue.

The crown wasn't stolen
Twilight only thinks it was stolen; Princess Celestia threw it into the human world as part of a gambit to have Twilight find and bring back her long lost student Sunset Shimmer.
  • Jossed.

The villain was originally going to be the Great and Powerful Trixie
Production art of a human Trixie has been posted to Equestria Daily, but there is no trace of her in the trailer. This might mean that she was replaced by Sunset Shimmer somewhere along the line (possibly due to Trixie’s redemption). That would also explain why Snips and Snails seem to be working for her.
  • Trixie does indeed appear in the movie. She even speaks. But, there is no indication whatsoever that she was ever a Big Bad.

There may be some flirting between him and Twilight, but he'll end up with someone else, maybe even Sunset Shimmer if she becomes nicer in the end.

Twilight and "Brad" eventually will become Star-Crossed Lovers
Because both are from two different and incompatible worlds.
  • Jossed, sort of. Twilight does develop a bit of a crush on Flash Sentry, and she does bring up this very thing when she leaves the EQG-verse to return to Equestria, but she gets over it pretty quickly, and his human version never learns about Equestria at all.

In this universe, Garble and his friends are wolves.
Seems like a reasonable extension of Spike being a dog.
  • So does that make Crackle Moon Moon?
  • Jossed. None make an appearance.

The mirror only works on ponies that don't have alternate reality counterparts.
That might explain why only Twilight goes through.
  • Jossed. Celestia warns about the imbalance of sending any more than Twilight through, there doesn't appear to be any hinderance if there are counterparts or not. (And Twilight's human counterpart is also hinted at).
    • On the other hand, we never learn if there was ever a Sunset Shimmer counterpart. Maybe she's wherever the Twilight counterpart went?

The horse-eared, long-haired, cutie-mark-tattooed versions of the girls are the girls' Magical Girl forms
They become relevant in the climax of the movie (we have seen, after all, that there's a magical glowy column in the trailer, so we know fantasy elements are still in place in this universe) and any subsequent television series will dabble in Magical Girl–related tropes.
  • Confirmed, kind of. When the Mane 6 go into Magical Girl mode, they gain horse ears (Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash get wings) and tail-like hair extensions, but the cutie mark tattoos never happen.

Equestria Girls is supposed to be the Spiritual Successor to Jem.
Jem was Hasbro's original line of dolls, but due to copyright reasons, revival of this toyline is impossible. So instead, they decided to have a spin off of their currently most successful girls toyline.
  • Possibly confirmed? There's an upcoming wave of EG dolls with a rock band theme to it. They look very 80's.
    • Confirmed. Rainbow Rocks is the second EQG movie.

There are no horses in the world of Equestria Girls.
Just as there are no humans in Equestria itself. Twilight meeting a real-world horse would be a bit disturbing, after all.
  • Jossed. The second trailer clearly shows a statue of a horse at the high school formal (and an oddly realistic one, at that...). Either horses exist, or the concept of them as mythological creatures does.

The magic that turns dragons into dogs when entering the human world was done deliberately in-universe.
Whoever created the mirror was racist towards dragons and saw them as equal to dogs.
  • Alternatively, it was a Power Limiter. Dragons are really powerful and without magic on the other side, the locals would be completely doomed if a dragon got loose. Please note, this mirror was probably constructed a thousand+ years ago back when modern heavy ordinance didn't exist.
  • There's also the fact that Ponies don't understand or know much of anything about dragons at all. It's not unreasonable that the mirror's creator knew even less about dragons than somepony like Luna, who wouldn't know as much about dragons as her sister because she doesn't know Spike at all. It could have been a lack of foresight on whoever created the mirror; anything else that went through the mirror, like a Zebra, a Saddle Arabian, or a Gryphon, would have been rendered as human because that's how the mirror is coded, for lack of a better word. The mirror simply didn't know what to do with a dragon, not recognising one but feeling immense magical power from him (thus knowing he needed to change forms), so it thought quickly and turned him into a dog because Spike was experiencing strong feelings of loyalty.

It was not made to appeal to the Periphery Demographic. At all.
  • Jossed hard. There are a lot of fandom nods in this.
    • Neither was the show, yet here we are.
    • The appearance of fandom favourites like Vinyl Scratch and Derpy might beg to differ.

My predicion for the plot
The coronation we saw in Magical Mystery Cure was mostly for show and Twilight is going to the Crystal Empire to be coronated again, this time with a magical crown that gives anyone who is coronated with it super alicorn powers or something. Sunset Shimmer, a former student of Celestia’s who screwed up her chance at becoming a princess, steals the crow and takes it back to the human universe where she replaces it with the Princess of the Fall Formal Crown. She then tries to become Princess of the Fall, which, since it is technically a coronation, would give her the alicorn powers. It is now up to Twilight to win instead.

Twilight Sparkle will adopt a human name while she is in the alternate dimension
And it will be "Tara Strong".
  • Jossed. Same names on both sides.

Boots on hooves, bikinis on top!
Okay, we probably won't see any bikinis, but one of the characters will take their shoes off, and reveal that these humans have actual hooves on their feet instead of toes. The design will be a nod to some of the anthropomorphic designs fans have made of the characters.
  • Although no unshoed feet are seen, this WMG is backed up by the usage of the lyric "Stomp your hooves" several times in the second song of the movie by every single student in Canterlot High.
    • The lyric references the school mascot, the Wondercolt, since it's talking about showing school pride as well as Twilight winning the crown. They're also in costume as the Wondercolts.
  • Jossed by Rainbow Rocks where characters are seen without the big boots... And they have regular human feet.

Rudolph F. Zallinger, pony artist?
The famous illustration, The March of Progress, will be parodied. The leftmost animal will be a brightly colored Eohippus, and after a series of intermediate stages, the rightmost figure will be an Equestrian human man.

The events in Equestria Girls will bring about the downfall of Celestia
Twilight and "Brad" will team up and explore other dimensions via other mirrors which they access through the use of the Subtle Tiara, which will eventually lead them into the underworld and result in the death of Princess Celestia

Brad is an in-universe Brony
Equestria Girls will be a stealth love letter by Hasbro to the periphery demographic when it turns out that the "Brad" character is, in fact, a teenage human male obsessed with ponies who by the end of the movie crosses through the mirror and lives happily ever after in Ponyville

The mirror doesn't transform you, it lets you possess your Alternate Self.
Once they step through the mirror, Twilight, Spike and the crown thief are turned into spirits that take control of their alternate's body.
  • Jossed. Pony-turned-human Twilight is not the same as the actual human Twilight (who is said to be in some other city during the movie's events)

The movie will feature the song with the same name
Though the lyrics might be adjusted to fit the setting. Either that or California Girls will be played normally instead of Equestria Girls.
  • That is, if they can get the rights to the actual song.
  • Jossed hard.
    • Well, jossed in THAT song, but there is a song called "Equestria Girls" in the movie (mostly known as "Helping Twilight Get the Crown", but in the credits is the title song)

The blue-haired human boy in the trailer is the yellow guard pony in this screenshot.
It's been guessed before, but this screenshot strongly suggests that this pony will be significant. The hair matches, too. If he becomes Twilight's love interest, then the fact that he lives in the Crystal Empire will prevent him from becoming a Romantic Plot Tumor for Season 4.
  • I think it'd be kind of contrived for a romantic subplot in Equestria Girls to be thwarted by nothing more than a long-distance relationship in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I agree that the yellow guard pony and the possible-love-interest are likely the same character (their similar appearance and prominent scenes suggest it's not a coincidence, and furthermore the human character's shield insignia would be an appropriate cutie mark for a royal guard), but I think the writers can easily find a better way to keep Equestria Girls story threads from spilling over into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season Four.
  • He has the same exact armor as Celestia's guards, I don't think he lives in the Crystal Empire.
  • Confirmed. Except he is actually one of Cadance's guards, not Celestia's.

The other members of the Mane Six are being left behind to prevent a worst-case-scenario.
If Twilight dies in the human world, it's easier to replace one element user then all six.
  • Jossed. Celestia simply is worried about the balance of sending more than one through.

Nightmare Moon's human verse self will appear
For some reason, the trailer focus on the moon towards the end and it's implied something crazy is happening towards the climax of the film. It'll turn out the Celestia's human counterpart sent Sunset to the pony world to lure Twilight there so she could be beaten.
  • Jossed.

Twilight and Spike did not transform into their Equestria Girls universe selves. They possessed their Equestria Girls counterparts
It doesm't make sense that the rest of the mane cast does not go with them and there's still the question of why everypony except Twilight seems to have an Equestria Girls counterpart. I think that maybe instead of transforming into a human, she unknowingly inhabited the body of her counterpart who had JUST moved in and certain ponies can do the same. This may eventually lead to a Big Damn Heroes moment where the rest of mane 6 inhabit the bodies of their counterparts and help defeat Sunset Shimmer.
  • Jossed, see above.

The portal to the Human World is a one way ticket
Since magic seems to be (almost) impossible in the human world and there doesn't seem to be another mirror or a mentioned way of getting back to Equestria, Twilight and Spike could be trapped in the human world.
  • Jossed, she gets back.

Megan from the original series will have a cameo.
  • Confirmed, of a sort. Megan herself never appears, but Rarity's disguise for Twilight is to dress her up as Megan, and she was also supposed to be referenced as a former student of the school.

The premise is not "High school drama" it is (or will be) The Magic Comes Back
Twilight's element (i.e her crown) is magic itself. Once she establishes the same bond with the EG counterparts as her friends back home, the crown will trigger a Mass Super-Empowering Event where some characters grow unicorn horns or otherwise gain magical abilities. Either Twilight or a redeemed Sunset Shimmer will be responsible for training them in its use. As Twilight said in the second trailer, "The Magic of Friendship isn't just in Equestria; it's everywhere."
  • Mostly Jossed. There is no magic in the human world, and only through the crown/Element of Magic does it occur. However, the implications of the simple aspect of friendship and restoring the friendship that the human versions of her friends had lost because of Sunset is all there.
  • Retoractively confirmed by the second movie. Sunset Shimmer's actions have premanently introduced Equestrian magic into the human world. The Humane Five can shapeshift between human and anthropony forms and the Dazzlings now have enough power to initiate their Evil Plan.

The movie will be a genre deconstruction of high school dramas and highschool related tropes.
I'll be a massive deconstructive cliché storm.


the movie will a reconstruction of almost every high school trope.
It'll be an epic genre reconstruction of high school dramas, and every dinky high school trope, cliché and stereotype. From the second trailer, the importance of the high school dance is justified. which gives off the impression they know what they are doing.
  • Confirmed on the latter: it does little to deconstruct the typical high school drama and Instead of a reconstruction, it plays it almost painfully straight.

The Pony Universe and the EQG Universe has a similiar Situation as what is found in Kevin & Kell
Both Universes are pretty similar, the bigger difference being the species change. probably there was a split in Universes—where one Universe had evolution and intelligence given to the "humans" in Equestria Girls, and the other ended up having it given to the Ponies. if you wanna build on this, go ahead, but I'd suggest you'd read the Webcomic first
  • Very interesting theory. I think it would work better if they explained that the two universes evolved together. Or the Pony universe is the Prime universe and the EG universe was an elseworld that spun from Pony World Prime.

"Brad" is Flash Sentry
He was sent ahead of Twilight to make sure it was safe, and to covertly help her.
  • Jossed. Pony Flash and Human Flash are separate identities.
    • This is an odd WMG because of how the universe works. No, they are not the same exact entity. I mean, imagine if both Pony!Flash and Human!Flash ran into each other. The resulting instability/paradox would be mind-bending. However, that doesn't prevent "Brad" from being Human!Flash. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time a royal guard fell in love with a bookish purple unicorn.

The Celestias were working together
  • A crown appears out of nowhere, and Principal Celestia just decides to give it away at the school dance? he doesn't question the appearance of a new student? Celestia has always been a Trickster Mentor. Twilight was very uncomfortable with being a princess at the beginning, but is much more secure at the end. Maybe that was The Plan all along.
  • Jossed. They establish that the fake crown Sunset Shimmer left behind was the one from the human world. Principal Celestia just assumed it was the same crown.
  • On the other hand, Principal Celestia's speech to Princess Twilight at the end certainly sounds like she's far more aware of Twilight's insecurities that she should be. Perhaps the two Celestias have talked at some point?

The Spin-Off series will have more of a Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World aspect to it.
Like the main series, it will focus on Slice of Life aspects, but the Magical Girl style transformation the mane six obtain at the end of the movie will be used again because Twilight's arrival resulted in The Magic Comes Back, and 'fate of the world' style episodes will still exist.

Flash Sentry is the same being regardless of world.
I know it sounds crazy, but bear in mind the last few minutes of the movie where Twilight runs into the Equestria version of Flash and he says "We've got to stop bumping into each other like this". Not to mention the look he gives her right before he says it. Unless they meet prior to her making the jump to the human world, why else would he have reason to say this? Seen here on this video someone took of the film at roughly 12:17. I'd say the expression and the way he says it sums it up pretty well. Even if he's not going to be in season four, he could be in any future EG shows they might decide to do, assuming there's going to be an actual TV show based on Twilight going back and forth.
  • Possibly Jossed, Twilight bumps into Pony!Flash at the beginning of the film.

Iron Will is the Gym Teacher
Because come on - if they do make a series out of this, and Iron Will isn't the Gym Teacher, then someone at Hasbro was asleep.
  • Celestia actually appears to be the gym teacher, since she's wearing a purple tracksuit under her tan blazer, and school districts often require their staff to dress nicer than a tracksuit, particularly a principal, unless they're a gym teacher. However! Iron Will's job as a motivational speaker would make him more fitting of a school counselor, and if you want to go with the gym teacher thing, a counselor is perfectly able to be a coach for a sports team, too, and that does fit him better than a gym teacher because what else are motivational speakers? Life coaches.

Zecora is either a science teacher or an English Teacher
Well, both would fit in different ways. Science because there is no "magic", and English because she Rhymes On A Dyme.
  • Maybe she teaches psychology. She often displays a higher, deeper knowledge of things.

Human!Trixie is the daughter of The Ice King and Ice Queen.
I saw this image macro and said yes.

The crown is responsible for everything!
Twilight's crown possesses magical sentience and sensed her uncertainty about being a princess and implemented an elaborate scheme to prove to her that she's cut out to be a princess and restore her self confidence.

The world shown in Equestria Girls is actually our reality.
The portal opens once every 30 moons. 30 moons equates to 30 months, which is two and a half years. Because we've had three seasons at the time of this movie's release, and season three was half as long as each of the other two, it can be said that the show has lasted two and a half years. As a result, the last time the portal opened was when the show first began. And the person who went through the portal and into Equestria was a cameraman. He then started filming this new world that he discovered, while watching Twilight and her friends go on adventures. Via livestreaming, the footage is then sent into our world for us to view it. And then it became an Internet phenomenon.

The events of this movie is the human world equivalent of the Nightmare Moon incident in the pony world.

The Equestria Girls universe takes place in a standard superhero setting.
Superhero settings like the Marvel Universe and the like tend to be built around a Fantasy Kitchen Sink. Completely insane things happen every day in such settings, and the general populace is more or less used to it.

Basically, this is just my attempt to rationalize why the students mostly take the movie's final battle completely in stride.

Also, the main superheroes in the setting are humanized versions of the Power Ponies and the Mare-Do-Well, unconnected to the Mane Six.

A fully-grown dragon once passed into the human world...
...and became Clifford the Big Red Dog, as suggested in this video.

Celestia rigged the election.
She knew that Sunset Shimmer was an Alpha Bitch and made sure to actively request ballots at the one location where Twilight's support would be highest. The other voting opportunities probably existed, but were not well publicized.
  • She did NOT however, have any knowledge of the supernatural, let alone the importance of the crown.

During the big fight, the staff were trying to direct the students out the doors AWAY from the danger and calling the police, which is why we don't see them.

There is a massive What Could Have Been that we are not able to see yet
  • Many of the promotional material seems to suggest something completely different than what we actually saw, and the movie seems almost like it went through a sloppy editing job or had a very rushed script. (Brad, Sunset Shimmer, the conflict with Twilight being framed for trashing the gym being solved within minutes...) There's probably some kind of data on What Could Have Been out there but we haven't been able to see it yet for some reason.

In place of becoming princess, EG Twilight will...
  • Become the first female president.

The reason the humans are all so skinny...
Is because Canterlot High obviously doesn't take place on Earth, it's an AU Equestria, which means that vehicles are used only for special occasions or just simple entertainment, everyone walks/jogs/runs to get to places, children play outdoors, people maintain jobs as soon as they can get one and are commonly extremely active individuals (with many working on farms). Furthermore, everyone in this universe is either vegetarian or vegan, like how the ponies are. I'm pretty sure the reason Fluttershy's and Twilight's burgers were green was to tell the audience they're veggie burgers, even if IRL veggie burgers aren't green. Since Canterlot High is a universe in direct parallel to Equestria, it's not too hard to imagine that everyone in Canterlot High's universe is at the very least a vegetarian, just like ponies, with some being outright vegan. If they had always been vegetarian, like ponies, meat would never be an issue. Without all the excess fatty foods in their diet (and personally I've found that vegetarians and vegans tend to be quite skinny compared to humans who eat meat), they'd only gain weight from snack foods, but as I said; they're active, just like how the ponies are, and we don't even see the humans eating sweets; we see them with what seems to be smoothies. There are four exceptions to this everyone-is-a-twig thing: Snips, Mrs Cake, Granny Smith, and the "geek" girl with the glasses who has a rounder build than most of the other girls. Likely with them, their metabolism is off in some way which can cause weight problems. If these humans grew up in a society where everyone is constantly active and everyone is vegetarian and virtually ''nobody' drives except on special occasions, then it's unlikely that many of them would be lazy or overweight and that any of them would eat meat.

Simply put, they live in a different society than we do, thus cannot be gauged by our expected ratios of thin-to-fat, but by those presented in Equestria itself.

Canterlot High's grounds are the only thing that exist in that universe.
Any memories anyone else has of anything outside it is just false memory, like Pinkie recalling AU!Twilight. If someone gets an item from their 'home', these memories are likewise false and they simply found the items somewhere on school campus (such as AJ's cider).

EG!Nightmare Moon, if she existed, was an alternate personality of Luna's from service-related trauma.
Related to an earlier supposition: assuming Canterlot High mirrors Equestria pretty closely, it can be assumed that there was an equivalent to Nightmare Moon. Since the world of Equestria Girls appears to be strictly without magic, any explanation for Nightmare Moon must be similarly mundane unless such an explanation came through the mirror sufficiently unchanged. As a parallel to Pony world history, it is possible that Celestia and Luna used to be police officers who struggled against the human counterparts of Discord, Sombra, and the like. Celestia was most often honored for restoring order to the streets of Canterlot, which left Luna resentful. Then, while in the middle of her service, Luna undergoes trauma that causes the emergence of Nightmare Moon in order to cope. Then, one night, Nightmare Moon tries to murder Celestia. Celestia stops her and Luna is sentenced to either court-ordered therapy or to prison for attempted murder. Celestia leaves the force either before or shortly after this event and becomes a schoolteacher, where, due to her talent for leadership, she is made Principal. Some time later, her sister is pronounced cured and released, and Celestia hires Luna at her school, where she becomes Vice Principal.

The Fandom has blown the "30 Moons" phrase WAY out of proportion, and probably got it wrong.
Above here is a different troper assuming that when Celestia said that the Magic Mirror portal only opens once every thirty Moons for three days at a time, it means two and a half years. Leaving aside the fact that Earth's moon cycle is not 30 days (it's ~29½, 30 of which translates to 885 days, one calendar month less than people assume), there's still one question left unasked — Has there ever been any indication whatsoever that Equestria's moon cycle (or the EQG-verse's) is anything like Earth's? Considering that the moon over Equestria seems to always be full, does it even have a moon cycle as we would know it?

Basically, we really don't know how time or calendar-reckoning works in Equestria, so we can't assume it's equivalent to what we know, even though some of the same terms are used. Thus, fans who state authoritatively that "30 Moons" is 2½ years could easily be flat-out wrong.

What does this matter? Well, fans got angry over this movie and its sequel (mentioned elsewhere) breaking this rule in sending ponies through the portal. However, there is no proof the writers have broken any rules – even the main show is ridiculously vague about how long a "moon" is.

The human-equivalents to ponies are not just alternate universe counterparts — they're reincarnations!
From a comment made by human!Applejack in the Annual 2013 comic book: "Somehow I feel like we were already friends, long before we even met!" The mirror doesn't just send Twilight to an different world, but also somewhat in the future or at least a different timeline, and all the characters she meets reminding her of a pony she knows is because they are the reincarnations of her friends. Hence why they connect so easily, and why the Magic of Friendship responds to them — they were already the bearers of the Elements of Harmony in a previous life.

The Human World is the same one from Doug

A world with an otherwise human Amazing Technicolor Population full of humans with strange names (e.g. Doug Funnie, Patty Mayonaise, Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine)? It'd be a shock if Bluffington wasn't down the road from Canterlot High's town.


    Sunset Shimmer 
The mysterious orange mare with the yin-yang sun cutie mark from the Toy Fair will play a role in the movie
In the Brand Blueprint showed at the Investor's Relations event, a screenshot that may be from the film was under the Digital Media and Immersive Entertainment Experiences categories. It had a crystalfied Cadance, Twilight, Celestia, and another mysterious orange blob that cannot be made out. After looking on a larger version on my phone, however, I that it was obviously pony-sized and strangely resembled the toy mentioned. Due to her eyes being the standard unicorn shape issued on the toys, maybe she is going to fill the 2 pegasus, 2 earth pony, and 2 unicorn role for Twilight, and her horn is simply hidden by the mask? Either way, I have a strong feeling a character with such a unique design and symbolic cutie mark (which could even be traced back to the first minutes of the first episode) would go unused. Any ideas for what she might do? I have a serious hunch Celestia might be involved. New student? New Element of Harmony? As a start, what's her name?
  • She's officially been named Sunset Shimmer.
  • Her toy package and possible movie design reveal that she knows a magical path to faraway adventures, is a former student of Celestia and gives a bad girl vibe in human form. It has also become known that Twilight would give chase to a crown thief through a magic mirror to the human world. My guess is that Sunset Shimmer will serve as an Evil Counterpart for Twilight Sparkle, jealous of the alicorn destiny she could not attain.
    • Confirmed, Sunset is in the movie, and is the villain!
  • Related to this, the crown theft will take place at a masquerade ball in the Crystal Empire, which is why Sunset Shimmer and the other ponies in her box are wearing masks.
    • Jossed. Sunset steals it at night from Twilight's bedroom. The masks never appear at all.

Sunset Shimmer is the long lost student of Celestia
The blurb for her brushable toy did say she was a former student of Celestia. As for why she is in the Equestria Girls world, my theory is that she was banished there by Celestia, forced to live the life of an ordinary human being with no magic.

  • Both Confirmed and Jossed. Celestia heavily implies in the movie that that's what happened. The comic (which is canon), however, showed Sunset escaped into the mirror on her own free will after taking out two of Celestia's guards as they tried to banish her from Canterlot.

Twilight Sparkle is Sunset Shimmer.
Assuming we have an alternate Twilight in the human world who isn't just shoved in a corner, we also have Sunset Shimmer, a character who we haven't seen in the equine world but is none the less Celestia's long lost student. We know that the names are similar enough, but what if goes deeper in that Sunset originated in the Human World as Human!Twilight, magic mirrored herself to Equine!Equestria, and had a Save Both Worlds adventure as Sunset Shimmer to keep on the DL, since everyone she new was a horse in this world, which meant another her, Pony!Twilight. So Sunset saves the world, but Celestia gives her the boot when she figures out she's desserted her home world, and she goes back to her world bitter while Pony!Twilight grows into the mare she's destined to be. Pony!Twilight goes through the gate, and Sunset suddenly has a very good opportunity to go back to Equestria and be the hero all over again while letting this Twilight stick around in mundane human world.
  • Jossed.

Sunset Shimmer Was Supposed To Be Twilight Sparkle's Double, But It Got Dropped.
The idea was that Sunset Shimmer was slated to be Twilight Sparkle's double, but it got dropped sometime after Equestria Girls began production. However, the story was written and it was too late to do any major changes to the script. So Sunset Shimmer's model was recolored and she was given a backstory that preemptively jossed any suspicions that Sunset Shimmer could be Twilight Sparkle's double.There are several clues for this:
  • The names "Sunset Shimmer" and "Twilight Sparkle" are close enough to be synonyms.
  • Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle can both use the teleport spell.
  • There are two shots which highlight similarities between the two characters:
    • In one shot, a blond wig is held up behind Twilight Sparkle. The wig is exactly the same color and shape as Sunset Shimmer's hair.
    • Another shot is a close up of Twilight sparkle's boot. It happens to be the same boot as Sunset Shimmer wears.
  • Twilight Sparkle's double does not appear in the movie.

Other evidence is not as convincing, but might strengthen the case:

  • Only Twilight Sparkle goes into the mirror world. It's possible that she originally did so because she was chasing after her double.
  • Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle can both use the crown. If the crown was originally only bound to royalty, then it gives a hint as to Sunset's shimmer's original identity.
  • Sunset Shimmer ruins the stage. It is possible that she originally looked close enough to Twilight Sparkle to fool people into thinking that Twilight Sparkle did it.

The villain will have a decent backstory.
This image shows the Alpha Bitch as being a genuinely Nice Girl who seems to turn nasty after being named prom queen. Judging how she may very well be Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia's former student according to her toy description, this is how it may play out:

Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's student 1,000 years ago. For one reason or another, Sunset felt she wasn't good enough and ran away. She stumbled upon the Crystal Empire and stepped into the magic mirror that sent her to the "human" world; she also found a magic crown and took it with her because it made her feel better about herself or something. In this new world, Sunset became extremely popular at school and found acceptance as prom queen. However, she let the attention go to her head, and she eventually turned into an Alpha Bitch.

As this charming little high school drama went on, the Crystal Empire was taken over by King Sombra. When he was overthrown by Celestia, who knew not where her former student ran off to and had long since given up on looking for her, King Sombra cursed the empire to vanish for 1,000 years, taking the "human" world with it. Time froze for the world, much like the empire. Then the curse lifted, and time returned to normal like nothing happened. Twilight saved the empire, became a princess, and everyone was happy.

Then the movie happens.

While going through the history records of the empire, it is found that there is supposed to be a magic crown somewhere that is now missing. Celestia concludes it was taken into the world of the magic mirror, and sends Twilight through to retrieve it. Sunset meets Twilight and finds out she's Celestia's new student. She doesn't like the idea of being upstaged, especially by someone who apparently took her place once already. Now that she has acceptance in this new world, she'll do anything to keep it.

  • The specifics of the WMG have been Jossed completely. As to the WMG blurb, that all depends. As far as the movie itself is concerned, the villain was full of Remember the New Guy?. Most of the foreshadowing was done outside of the context of the movie.
    • However, that outside context (the IDW comics, specifically) does give her the interesting backstory.Here It Is! 

Sunset Shimmer will go One-Winged Angel.
The trailer establishes that magic does not work in this world, but then shows Sunset Shimmer putting on a crown just like the Element of Magic and erupting in green flames. That was her plan all along. The crown will allow her to use her true form in the human world, and she will look... the same as she did after she abandoned the disguise of Cadance in A Canterlot Wedding. Come on, you know it is her.
  • Confirmed, technically. However, her demon form looks nothing like Queen Chrysalis.

The Equestria Girls world is in fact, a pocket dimension, and Sunset Shimmer is its absolute ruler.
It would seem a little odd that this alternate dimension thats connected to the FiM universe consists of a high school (or at least, a child's idealized version of high school). That's because that's literally all it's made up of. The master of this domain is none other then Sunset Shimmer herself, who used her own magic power to create this world after she was banished from Equestria. Within the Equestria Girls world, she's pretty much God. She created a perfect world for herself where she can be idolized forever and ever. In a sense, she's like The Other Mother from Coraline.
  • Sort of Jossed. With the Rainbow Rocks promo videos, we finally get to see more of the universe (the commercial area), but there's no reason why it couldn't still be a pocket dimension – around one square mile, probably centered on the school itself.
    • Considering what happened to Sunset at the end of the first movie and how she's viewed during at least part of Rainbow Rocks, it's extremely doubtful that she was ever truly the god of that domain. But the world could conceivably have been a product of her subconscious desires… but due to her relative youth at the time, she still created authority figures above her, albeit incompetent ones.
Sunset Shimmer was nice before
If you notice in the the trailer, there are two prom pictures of her. The first one has her wearing a tiara and smiling innocently while the second one has her wearing a crown and smiling smugly/evilly.
  • Jossed, kind of. Sunset's backstory shows that she was a jerk back in Equestria. Yet that photo montage does exist…
    • It's possible that Sunset – naturally a nerdy shut-in like Twilight – mellowed out somewhat after being in the EQG-verse awhile, but then slipped back once she realized that she could use her newfound popularity to manipulate everyone.

If "Equestria Girls" becomes a series, it will involve Twilight Sparkle repeatedly attempting and failing to get back, and the timeline will occur entirely before Season 4 of "Friendship is Magic" begins, where she will have already returned. Sunset Simmer may have second thoughts about what happened and become involved with rescuing her.
  • Jossed. Sunset stays behind in the Equestria Girls world. She does not appear in Season 4 at all, nor is she even referenced.
    • However, that does not necessarily mean she won't ever return to her homeland.

Sunset Shimmer steals the crown...
...because she's jealous of Twilight Sparkle! According to the toy package, she was a former student of Celestia. That meant she was meant to represent the Element of Magic instead of Twilight. The breaking point was Twilight becoming an Alicorn princess, so she was so consumed with jealousy, she snapped and took what she believed was rightfully hers.
  • Another hint is her bio in the My Little Pony app. She's described as "one of the most promising students at Princess Celestia's school for gifted unicorns".
  • Confirmed. In Sunset's backstory, she wanted to become a Princess, but Celestia refused. She does consider the crown and Alicorn wings to be hers by right and made it very clear she considers Twilight a usurper.

Sunset Shimmer is Gary Oak of the Equestria Girls.
That means Twilight is Ash and Spike is Pikachu.

This also means Sunset will perform a Face–Heel Turn, Spike will be overpowered at one point only to be hit by reset button, Twilight will never age and considering all the Ash's relationships, we can now be sure Twilight and Brad shipping will fail because one or another reason.

Sunset Shimmer will be redeemed by the end of the movie, and become the protagonist of the Equestria Girls TV Series.
They can't have Twilight trapped in the human world forever, but a human version of her doesn't seem to exist. So either the time skip theory above is true, or Twilight can't be in Equestria Girls. So it's only natural that a redeemed Sunset Shimmer will fill her place in the "alternate" mane 6.

  • Confirmed, mostly. Sunset does get redeemed in the end (did anyone really expect anything different from this series?). She does appear to have an expanded role in Rainbow Rocks where she does indeed fill Twilight's slot – at least in terms of making the group a sextet; Sunset isn't really a "leader". However, it's also confirmed that Twilight herself returns later on (after MacGyvering the magic mirror to bypass the "30 moons" rule) to fix whatever problem has befallen the EQG-verse.

At some point, Sunset Shimmer and Cadance were friends.
Cadance keeps the mirror because Sunset Shimmer was last seen going through it and is hoping that one day she might return.
  • "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer" (Sunset's backstory in the official comics) shows that they were both in Canterlot at the same time and are close to the same age – and Cadance was already an Alicorn, which means Celestia already took her in – but we never see the two of them interact. It's not inconceivable, though, and would explain just why that mirror ended up in the Crystal Empire.
    • It could also be putting the mirror there was Celestia's idea, reasoning that if Sunset popped out of the mirror unexpectedly, better she be met by a Princess who hadn't banished her and who could possibly talk her down.
      • This plan probably would have worked… but unfortunately, Sunset Shimmer had the awful timing to show up when Celestia and Luna and the newly-ascended Twilight were all in town together. Given Sunset's hangups on Princesshood, that had to hurt.

Equestria's Sunset Shimmer temporarily replaces the Sunset Shimmer native to the human world.
Sunset Shimmer's dance photos seem to date back several years, and yet in one of the trailers she is seen stealing Twilight's crown in the very recent past. It can't be a matter of Narnia Time (if it were, why wouldn't Twilight's crown be used in the very first dance Sunset Shimmer was able to participate in?) so either Sunset Shimmer is a reality warper who just made it look like she was always a part of that world, or there was a Sunset Shimmer in the human world before the crown was stolen.

The girl Sunset Shimmer humiliated in the previous formal was Trixie
Thus why Snips and Snails follow Sunset instead of Trixie.

Sunset Shimmer was the one who created the magic mirror.
Hence why it appears she won the crown every year. She created her own perfect world.
  • Jossed. The mirror was one of Celestia's random Magic Artifacts Of Doom and Sunset learned about it by accident. Also, it is heavily implied that every crown Sunset won after her first was due to massive social manipulation. (we're not sure about that first win)
    • Though it's never outright stated, the comic series heavily implies that the Equestria Girls mirror was created by Star-Swirl the Bearded, who also made the second mirror seen in the "Reflections" story arc.
      • The one seen in Reflections in the IDW comic is stated to be the prototype of the mirror later used in Equestria Girls, which makes one wonder why either Celestia or Starsiwrl had the second one made.

Sunset Shimmer has grossly overestimated how much Humans Are Warriors
Her master plan is to conquer Equestria with a Brainwashed and Crazy high school student body. Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think Badass Army, is it? Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realize that if someone grew up in a place as peaceful as Equestria, humans probably WOULD look like a warrior race.
  • We've seen the efficacy of the Equestrian Royal Guard in A Canterlot Wedding Part 2. Not exactly inspiring confidence.
    • The Changelings had several advantages. First of all the ability to fly AND use magic, secondly they also had a MASSIVE numerical advantage, third they were not mindless zombies but actual born-for-battle soldiers, fourth they had speed and surprise on their side (By the time the zombie army gets through the mirror and gets moving, it's not likely that they'll still have the element of surprise. Let alone speed.) and finally they had canterlot surrounded, as opposed to only attacking from one angle and having to worry about door jam/choke point (the mirror exits in what's basically a medium closet, remember?). The changelings knew what they were doing.
      • That's assuming that the zombies aren't a case of Didn't See That Coming for Equestria. Considering nobody guessed that Sunset Shimmer was planning to brainwash the school, they probably are and probably have just the same amount of surprise as the changelings. As for wings and magic, remember that Twilight's human version friends were able to adapt quickly to their superpowered forms. Who's to say that the humans that turned into pegasi and unicorns could at least have access to their pony powers, or at least Sunset Shimmer could control them to access them. True the zombies aren't natural born soldiers as the changelings but anything that acts like a zombie doesn't necessarily need to be a soldier to be a threat. As for the door jam/choke point, the mirror was apparently kept in a fair enough big room in the Crystal Empire that could allow at least a large number of zombies to enter and then exit for the next batch. The dimensions of the portal itself don't seem to suggest that people would get stuck if too many entered. As for the changelings knowing what they were doing and Sunset not knowing, that's assuming that she really doesn't know what she is doing. She was afterall Celestia's former student and originally a native of Equestria. She at least might know the limitations of what her former mentor and other ponies. I mean she figured out how to exploit the disunity in the human world and she even figured out that the crown would actually work there despite everything saying differently. If she's that savvy in a foreign world, who's to say that she can be as well in her native one.
      • "Surprise?" Canterlot was on high alert. They saw the changelings banging on the shield. Changelings very well may be tough, but the Canterlot guard didn't seem to put up a fight for more than 5 minutes despite the fact that they were fully deployed.
      • There's something many people seem to be forgetting. She turns Snips and Snails into DEMONS. It is entirely possible that she planned on doing the same thing with the other students as soon as she has a chance. If she does, they might be an even BIGGER threat than changelings.

There was originally a Human!Sunset Shimmer.
That is, one that was always the human counterpart to the Pony!Sunset Shimmer. Whatever happened to her?

Sunset broke apart the Hu-mane Five because she knew that they together would have ended Sunset's princess streak
Aside from being an Alpha Bitch who does what she does For the Evulz, there really is no reason for Sunset to even go after the Mane 5. However, Word of God confirmed that it was Rarity who competed against her previously and chances are, her attempts to take down Rarity initially ended in failure just like what happened with Twilight. So she knew the only way to take down Rarity would be to remove the ones that her got that far – her friends. Once broken apart, Rarity easily fell prey to Sunset. It leads to Fridge Brilliance towards the end when Sunset, in her demon form, mockingly says "Gee, the gang really is all back together again!" She's not referring to Twilight being able to befriend the Hu-mane Five since Sunset barely saw the Other Five back in the Crystal Empire. She's referring to the very same five girls she broke apart now banding together against her once again.

Sunset Shimmer is an orphan.
If she had no immediate family, it would be much easier for her to leave Equestria behind.

Sunset Shimmer has a deep-seated bias against Twilight Sparkle because of their differing backgrounds.
Continuing the above WMG, Sunset Shimmer grew up poor and no pony ever gave her any sort of positive encouragement – studying magic theory doesn't pay the bills or get you a job, after all. As a result, Sunset saw her own magical ability as sort of a Take That! to all the negative voices around her. After she earned her way into Celestia's academy, she was harassed by most of the students, who were (and are) overwhelmingly the Canterlot elite, due to her upbringing. The "capacity for good" Celestia saw in Sunset when she took her in was beaten out of her within a couple years by other students. She developed a hard edge and smugness as a defense mechanism. Sunset lost her ability to trust others to the point that even when a group of five Unicorns tried to befriend her, she rudely blew them off. This naturally worried Celestia and led to the disastrous talk that started this whole mess.

What does this have to do with Twilight Sparkle? Well, Twilight is shown to come from an extremely privileged background, and there's at least a possibility Sunset could have known Shining Armor. Once Sunset found out (somehow) that Twilight had been Ascended in her place, she went berserk due to her mostly-wrong perception that Celestia intentionally sabotaged her in order to groom a pony from a "better" family for Alicornhood instead. Thus Sunset's plan to ruin Celestia's life by ruining Twilight's.

The Elements of Harmony gave Sunset Shimmer a Heel Realization, in more ways than one.
Sunset Shimmer ruled Canterlot High School through fear and manipulation (just look how intimidated by her presence the other students are in early scenes), and for years she thought that was the true path to power. But in the end, Sunset was literally defeated by The Power of Friendship, something she probably belittled during her time as Celestia's student. Exposure to the Care-Bear Stare combined with Twilight's Kirk Summation showed her just how wrong she was.
  • It's possible she might not have had a choice about the Heel Realization. She got hit with magic powerful enough to remove the evil that corrupted Luna into Nightmare Moon, and powerful enough to turn an embodiment of Chaos into a statue. She pretty much got empathy hammered into her soul. That crying wasn't because she had been defeated. It was a FORCED My God, What Have I Done?.

Pony Sunset Shimmer is a Dead Person Impersonation for the original human Sunset Shimmer
Somewhat related to the orphan entry, pony Sunset Shimmer was orphan and thus had no familial ties back home. The human Sunset Shimmer, however, had parents but on one fateful day, she disappeared and was originally presumed dead until they found Sunset Shimmer and brought her home. Unfortunately, in turns out they never really found human Sunset Shimmer and had actually taken in the Pony Sunset Shimmer who had just crossed over, thus giving her a place to stay. In fact, it becomes part of her reason for wanting to stay as her sudden disappearance again or the news of her not really being the human Sunset Shimmer would crush her parents.

A demon has been watching over Sunset Shimmer for her entire life, and possibly still is.
  • In "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer", you can see a demonic figure in the magic mirror that freaks Sunset out. The demon then possibly decided to possess her when Sunset got her crown, but even after Sunset was defeated, the demon was waiting for the right time to appear in front of Sunset to reveal her true identity.
  • For major bonus points on this theory, keep scrolling down.

Sunset Shimmer's plan was mostly the result of last-minute improvising.
Sunset Shimmer was working against a time limit; the portal would only stay open for so long. If she'd managed the theft better, she would have had three days to put together a more impressive army (like, say, the local equivalent of the National Guard) to conquer Equestria, but that wasn't an option anymore. Being short on time, she decided to cut her losses and work with what she had: namely, an army of brainwashed teenagers. Not the best army, but better than no army at all.

Sunset Shimmer's teenaged army was just going to be a distraction. She was going to use Mind Control on the ponies on the other side to grow her army.
No one give me that "ponies are constantly exposed to magic thus would be resistant to mind control" horse trap. We have never seen anything like that hinted, and we've seen plenty of times where ponies were subjected to mind altering effects. They might be able to counteract such things, but considering that they'd be dealing with the former student of Celestia empowered by a corrupted Element of Harmony, they'd probably have a hard time doing so.

Sunset Shimmer had been back in Equestria for at least a few hours before stealing the Crown.
How else could she have known enough about everything to do what she did? If we assume that the mirror only opens once every 2½ years (itself not a given), and we know that just under one year has passed between Celestia sending Twilight to Ponyville for the first time and Twilight's Ascension, then there's no way even a highly gifted pony like Sunset could have assessed the situation and come up with a plan that quickly… unless she actually came out of the mirror before the movie started and spent time milking Cadance's guards for information.

The book Sunset uses to communicate with Twilight in Rainbow Rocks is how Sunset knew Twilight's crown would be ripe for the taking in the first movie
We see in Rainbow Rocks that Sunset Shimmer had a book she used to communicate with Princess Celestia. It was a two-way book, so Celestia could also write to her. If Celestia loved Sunset as much as the first movie implied, Celestia would probably regularly write to her and try to convince her to come home. It is likely Celestia wrote about how she would be visiting the Crystal Empire and told Sunset about the goings on in Equestria, such as Twilight's ascension. All Sunset would have to do is calculate when the portal would open and then make her move.
  • Jossed. The first time we see the book in Rainbow Rocks it's acquired a thick layer of dust, indicating that even though Sunset kept the book for whatever reason, she probably hadn't touched it in all the time that she was gone until the Sirens showed up.

Sunset Shimmer and Inkwell
Inkwell (from IDW's Micro-Series #8) was certainly teaching at the Canterlot academy while Sunset Shimmer was a student, since as of Twilight Sparkle's time she taught a lot of the parents of the current students. What if Sunset Shimmer recognized Inkwell's knowledge and power, and respected her for it, eagerly learning from her — and Princess Celestia praised Sunset for it, talking of how her ability to see Inkwell for what she really was showed that Sunset was much better than other ponies her age? This would be no small contributing factor to Sunset's aloofness and ambition...

Sunset Shimmer was human originally
  • She was able to set up a permanent life in that world. Assuming she was born as a pony, this would require learning all kinds of cultural things as well as learning how to write with her hands - all on her own, without drawing attention to herself by acting as weird as Twilight does.
  • Other than Princess Celestia, there doesn't seem to be any pony in Equestria who misses her. She has no family in either world.
  • Even after she is reformed, she feels more at home at CHS (a place where everyone hates her) than Canterlot (a place where nobody knows who she is - or at worst remembers her as a brat rather than a raging she-demon - and she has her magic).
All circumstantial, but maybe we shouldn't be looking for Sunset's human counterpart, and instead for her pony counterpart.

Sunset Shimmer is related to Sunburst.
Similar names, similar colors, and they were both former students of Celestia's.

Sunset Shimmer is the reincarnation of Ganondorf Dragmire.
Sunset Shimmer is a red-haired wizard-adventurer who was born into a privileged position, but threw everything away for a chance to rule the world; she then traveled into another world, stole an ancient magical artifact, and transformed into a terrifying demon. In this attempt to conquer Equestria, she wielded magic powers of fire, darkness, and mind-control — along with a lot more elemental light (not goodness) than you'd expect. She had begun with a pretty legitimate grievance, but she took things way too far, and victory would not have satisfied her; what she really wanted to was to be a respected leader, and she's really good in that sort of role. She's equally capable as a scholar and an athlete, and understands horse princess magic better than a literal magic horse princess does. She seems to be more comfortable as a human than a pony. Her interests include music, swordfighting, and horseback riding. Her heraldic colors are red, gold, and black. Her special talent is being a Gerudo.

There's a theory in the Zelda fandom that Hyrule Historia is mistaken, and the Downfall Timeline is the second half of the Child Timeline; this means that the main sequence of the series' timeline goes Ocarina of TimeTwilight PrincessFour Swords AdventuresA Link to the Past. If that's true, we get an arc of Ganondorf growing into the Triforce (and renouncing his grudge against Hyrule) over the course of three lifetimes:

Ganondorf (I) was powerful and ambitious, capable of becoming almost anything with time; he had potential to be an amazing king... but he grew up in the long, hard-fought Hyrulean Civil War (we know it was raging 10 years before Ocarina of Time, and Ganondorf looks like he's about 30 in Ocarina), and he was on the wrong end of a feud with Darunia, chief of the Gorons, who had the ear of the king of Hyrule. (Wear the Gerudo Mask in Death Mountain in Ocarina, and see what the Gorons, especially Darunia, have to say.) His circumstances would normally have meant that he'd live and die a red link on Wikipedia (Wikiproject Hyrulean Civil War, or maybe an under-edited article from the 1911 Britannica); but he took fortune by the forelock, as the saying once was. As he began a plot to conquer the country, he was arrested and executed on shaky evidence (the audience knows he was guilty as charged, but did the characters?); but the gods gave him the Triforce of Power, allowing him to save his own life. He was sealed in another world, but pulled himself back; when he died at the end of Twilight Princess, he had gone from historical triviality to demigod.

Ganondorf (II) reincarnated in Four Swords Adventures, with his memories of his previous life intact, and with some serious unfinished business with Hyrule. He had a boar's cunning to go with a boar's strength; and he led his followers well, attracting a large, passionately loyal, very competent cult. He laid waste to the world on several occasions, outright winning a time or two and supported by innumerable followers and allies... but all the conquests and struggles in the world couldn't give him inner peace. And so he found his solace in the bottom of a battle, preferring to keep fighting instead of pausing and taking stock of his situation, until he eventually hit an obstacle big enough to kill him. And by the time that happened, he'd put humanity on the road to extinction, although the beast-races who followed him were doing quite well for themselves. (Dog- and pig-Moblins, River Zoras, Lizalfos, and a really iconic Lynel all appear in Friendship is Magic. We haven't seen Goriyas yet, but give them time.)

Sunset Shimmer — that is to say, Ganondorf (III) — was born (or just appeared one day) without her memories; but her habits, instincts, and proclivities were intact, and so was her immense potential, for evil or potentially for good. Her circumstances were very similar to Ganondorf (I)'s; put into the same circumstances, she made the same decisions; but then, at the moment of truth (corresponding to Ganondorf's defeat and transformation in the ruins of his castle, in Ocarina of Time), she asked for mercy instead of doubling down and continuing to fight. Equestria, unlike Hyrule, is a good country to surrender to; but even so, very few people are willing to completely uproot their lives, changing in unknowable ways and becoming someone who they currently aren't. This was an act of immense moral courage — a courage that she hadn't quite had in her previous lives.

It's anyone's guess if the Triforce still exists at this point; but if it does, Sunset could wield it easily enough. And she could certainly rule very competently at this point, although it might not have gone so well to make her a princess earlier in her life.

See also the WMG that Equestria is Hyrule, and the guess above that a demon has been stalking Sunset for a very long time. Evidently we know that demon's name, and some of his biography.

     Flash Sentry 
Brad/Flash Sentry was not supposed to exist.
Flash Sentry's human form looks a lot like Shining Armor. He sounds like Shining Armor (despite having a different voice actor). His cutie mark/shirt design is extremely similar to Shining Armor. Even Friendship is Witchcraft thought he was going to be Shining Armor... Not to mention human Shining is conspicuously absent in the EQG-verse. I (and quite a few others) suspect Flash Sentry actually was going to be Shining Armor at one time... That is, until Hasbro's marketing department said "Nay-Nay-Nay!! We need a romance because we can't have a high school drama without the new awkward girl having some sort of love interest. It's Cliche #8523 and we have to abide by it!" So, a quick insert in the beginning and end scenes of the movie, a color swap, a blush added, and Poof! Flash Sentry.
  • Uh… what?? You need to stop listening to Friendship Is Witchcraft. They're not as smart as everyone thinks.
    • First off, Shining Armor is far from the only MLP character to not appear in the EQG-verse. A number of named characters are absent.These...  Second, since the human version of Twilight is gone, why would her big brother be there? He would know something was off about his kid sister the second he saw her. Third, considering that Tropes Are Tools and the whole Meet Cute thing is a really common trope in high-school-themed media, why in the hell would Hasbro have ever thought that putting Twilight's brother in that role made any sense? (it doesn't)
  • Umm, Shining Armor doesn't have a human form, so you can't say Flash looks like Shining Armor. As for the similarities, maybe he was indeed supposed to be Shining Armor in the drawing board. However, I don't think Hasbro's decision for making him was purely to abide the cliche to a degree that they had to replace Shining Armor completely. I think it's more of them deciding to use a common trope commonly found in high school dramas in order to appeal toward their target demographic. However based on the movie, it doesn't seem to be completely abiding it. Sure, there's massive Ship Tease with Twilight but there's parts of it that really don't seem to play the trope as straight as other high school dramas. I mean their whole misunderstanding was completely downplayed unlike most high school dramas and they didn't even kiss during the whole thing, a must have if the cliche needs to be played straight.
  • I think this would explain the absolute mess of a "romance" he has with Twilight.

Twilight's crush on him is a case of The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body.
It's the most likely explanation as to why the normally serious Twilight Sparkle would crush on Flash Sentry despite the Interspecies Romance implications: being put not just in a human body, but the body of a human teenage girl has seriously affected her judgement. Since so little is known about the exact process leading to the pony-to-human transformation (was is it a built-in property of the mirror, or one of the whole world?) it could just as well be an unintended side effect, or an actual feature to allow better mingling in the new world (since the portal only open for 3 days every 30 moons, ending up stuck for a long time is quite likely).
  • Unlikely, as she is also attracted, or seems to have been attracted — however briefly — to the pony counterpart of Flash. However aside from two brief cameos since, one in the show and once in the comic, and only once out of those two is Twilight anywhere near him, there is no indication that this interest lasted. However she is positively giddy when she finds out Human Flash was asking about her. So it may be more a case that Twilight became attracted to Flash due in part to him having helped her out repeatedly during the film, including pretty much her first few minutes in the school, or else she, like Spike, is completely without care for someone's species. This actually makes a certain amount of sense, when you consider that aside from Spike's crush on Rarity, there are hints that Discord was interested in Celestia in the finale to Season 4 and she certainly didn't seem to object when he gave her those flowers. We also know that Minotaurs are some form of pony hybrid in the show, so Interspecies Romance probably isn't a taboo in Equestria. So Twilight probably was genuinely attracted to him on her own, rather than any kind of "instinct" built into her new body. After all, had that been the case, she would have immediately known how to be human, instead of being so awkward in the new body she found herself in. Plus, the Hot Guy and Nerdy Girl trope may also fit here, since Flash is the typical good looking guy, and who happens to be the lead in a band, while Twilight is the typical Hot Nerd girl, with an emphasis on the nerd part. Add in her being consistently Adorkable, which would and did continue to increase his interest in her, and his willingness to overlook that and...yeah. This happened more or less on it's own in universe. The fact that he was around might be something of a convenient coincidence but everything else was down to them.

In compliment to the above WMG, any future Equestria Girls shows will feature Twilight...
Either going back and forth possibly side by side with Flash, or else it will feature the missing human Twilight who is already from that world falling in with their group and forming a relationship with the human version of Flash, meaning he'll basically be romancing two different versions of the same girl across two worlds.

Because why the hell not?

  • Actually, with Twilight now being able to jump through the portal any time due to the fact that she can open it with the book on her side of the portal, the first half of this WMG is fully possible.

Flash Sentry Is Richard Miller from Time Crisis.
Same Coat, Same Blue Jeans. Same Hairstyle. He is the Badass from Time Crisis.


Twilight has now gained the knowledge to kick-start the Information Age for Equestria.
Since she was exposed to human technology in the human world, she had probably learned a little about how it works. She'll go on to invent the first Equestrian computer, designed specifically for ponies and other hoofed creatures.

Full-fledged Equestria Girls Spin-off series.
Knowing Hasbro, they'll probably commission a new series to promote their dolls. What would happen?
  • Twilight's human counterpart is said to exist in the human world, so naturally, she'll transfer to the Canterlot High as a student. She'll be much like her pony counterpart, although she'll be more adept to a human body, but is still a loner. She'll be weirded out by how friendly and odd the other students are.
    • As for why she'll transfer, the video Sunset uploaded to Youtube got around to Twilight's school and pretty much ruined any kind of reputation she may have had to the point where the only option was for her to transfer. This will hit Sunset hard when she finds out and much of the conflict will be trying to make amends with Twilight without letting her know who uploaded the video and why she did it.
  • It plays out like a more mature version of Season 1 with Sunset Shimmer learning about friendship from Flash Sentry and the Humane Five. Twilight Sparkle's human counterpart won't show up until later in the series or only as cameos in the city.
    • I sincerely hope they don't do that...

The actions of Twilight and Sunset Shimmer will drastically alter the Equestria Girls world.
Princess Celestia refused to let the other members of the Mane 6 go into the mirror for fear that their presence would upset the balance of the world, but how could the ending of the film not result in that? Magic has been exposed to the world, and now multiple characters in the world are aware of the magical portal to Equestria sitting out in the open. What's going to stop people from trying to get through it?
  • The fact that the magical portal won't work for another two-and-a-half years, presumably. There might be an influx of teenagers into Equestria halfway through season six, assuming someone at Canterlot High remains interested enough in the non-working portal to keep trying it for over two years.

There will be a movie or episode of the show addressing the implications of the events of the film.
As mentioned in the above WMG, a lot of things have been exposed to the Equestria Girls world. If a spin-off series happens, it will take place in the aftermath. News reporters and researchers are flocking to the scene to get the whole story and figure out what went down. Sunset Shimmer gets taken into government custody, and the other members of the Mane Six are heavily questioned. (along with that world's Twilight, who has no idea what happened) Now Princess Celestia has to figure out how to handle the situation.
  • Jossed. The only punishment Sunset has gotten by the time Rainbow Rocks happens is being justifiably hated by the entire school.
  • Simultaneously confirmed and Jossed. Rainbow Rocks began with the Dazzlings noticing the final battle of the first movie and heading for the school to see how they could use it. The whole magical rainbow and roaring thunder were unmistakable, and probably caught on video, too; so why didn't the authorities, the media, etc. respond to it?

Lyra from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is really a human teenager who accidentally fell through the portal.
Okay, assuming we go with the "human obsession" fanon, it makes sense. The portal in the human world is in the base of a publicly accessible statue and opens for three days every two and a half years. It's really not far fetched at all that a human might try to lean on it or something while the portal is active and fall through into Equestria. Lyra was a student at Canterlot High who did just that, and for whatever reason (she's a furry, her home life sucked, she's an adventure junkie, whatever) she chose to stay in Equestria rather than go home. However, she still hasn't lost all of her human mannerisms. Namely, things like sitting on a bench or holding food with her forelimbs rather than her telekinesis.

Brony sites will have to put up a separate area for Equestria Girls discussions or have a split-off site once more people have a chance to see it.
It's a huge Base Breaker. The fringes will be at war with each other, fans and haters will be constantly fighting, and the Silent Majority will finally just get tired of all the flame wars overtaking the sites and ask that it get moved elsewhere so they don't have to put up with it.

Human Pinkie Pie actually is psychic
When Twilight first meets Pinkie, she asks if being psychic is something "you" can do, and Pinkie responds "not usually." Then later, she has a ridiculously detailed "hunch" about Twilight's true nature. So, Pinkie Pie in this 'verse has some psychic power in addition to her regular Pinkie powers, but it flickers on and off, and was inactive for most of the film. But, when Twilight is about to explain herself, Pinkie gets her psychicness switched "on" and basically gets the information right from Twilight. Her passing it off as a "hunch" could also be because it's not entirely conscious, like with the ponyverse Pinkie's Pinkie Sense.

Sunset Shimmer's Invasion Plan is so stupid and poorly thought is because the Crown is a literal Idiot Ball
Think about it: whoever/whatever made the Elements of Harmony must have anticipated that it might have been used for less than noble purposes by someone wanting to steal them from their rightful owners, so to prevent this they put in a nasty little failsafe: Whenever someone who isn't the chosen Element of Magic puts it on, it grants them power, but at the same time the more they use it the more it robs them of their intelligence, similar to how the Alicorn Amulet makes a pony who wears it more and more greedy and nasty the more they use it.
  • Maybe she was planning on mind controlling ponies on the other side and use the students as a distraction to line her mind control abilities up?
    • That assumes that ponies (which have more exposure to magic) don't have a certain level of resistance to this, and don't have means of reversing it. Besides, that pretty much just means that attention will then shift from the zombies to sunset herself.
      • After Trixie's hypnotism of Applejack in "Boast Busters", Discord's discording and Twilight's memory spell in "Return Of Harmony", the Want-It-Need-It-Spell from "Lesson Zero", the Love Poison from "Hearts and Hooves Day", Cadance's use of her 'Reignite Love Spell' and Chrysalis's use of Mind Control on Shining Armor and the bridesmaids in "A Canterlot Wedding", Sombra's worst dream spell in "The Crystal Empire", and the Reformation Spell mentioned in "Keep Calm and Flutter On", I would say from this evidence, ponies – or at least Twilight – have not shown any sort of inherent resistance to magical mental influence, especially if said mental influence would be backed by possibly the most powerful artifact in Equestria cast by a personal student of Celestia. While reversing the effects might be an issue, it's hard to keep your attention on the person using the Mind Control magic when you've got a horde of zombies clawing at you. PS: Twilight's Parasprite Alteration Spell might also count because although they're not ponies, they're still subject to the ambient magic of Equestria and the Everfree Forest.
  • Exactly how much military strategy do you think Princess Celestia teaches her personal students before the eighth grade? Sunset Shimmer probably actually thought it would work.

Celestia and Luna are going to have a Freak Out.
Unlike their counterparts, these sisters are relatively normal people who've suddenly become the main authority figures in a truly outrageous situation. They're adapting fairly well for now, but once the crazier shenanigans start piling up, the stress is going to get to them.

This will allow the possibility of a human villain to appear in the show.
Either it'd be an expy of Voldemort, a mad scientist, or a corrupt corporate executive, but in either case I'd expect the humans are Cthulhu trope to be used quite a bit.
  • The first My Little Pony movie had three human villains in the form of witches.
    • (Original Poster): Really? Didn't know that. I meant a villain for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, personally I'd love to see an evil wizard try to to take over Equestria, that or feature a corrupt corporation that wanted to exploit their world for personal gain.

Any Background Human in this movie without a clear ponified counterpart will get one in Season 4.
What I mean by this is any new character in this movie that looks unfamiliar will be shown in season 4 as ponies.
  • Nope.

Sunset Shimmer's invasion plan might have worked.
Ok, hear me out:
  • She doesn't have to conquer the whole country, just the palace.
    • The portal leads straight to the palace, with all of the princesses conveniently in residence. Once you've taken the sun and the moon hostage, the rest of the population will have to fall in line.
  • She wasn't sending brainwashed high schoolers against Celestia and Luna; she was going to fight them herself. She just needed the mooks to subdue the palace guards and the (element-less) Mane 6.
  • Sunset with the crown might have actually been a match for Celestia and Luna.
    • Relative power levels are mostly fan speculation, but it took the elements of harmony to take her down, which at least puts her on a level with Discord and Nightmare Moon.
  • Don't underestimate the morale value in using brainwashed innocents as shock troops.
    • Since Equestria is basically The Good Kingdom, most of the guards would probably balk at using lethal force against innocents, which might give them the edge in subduing the palace.
      • Considering how "useful" the royal guards have been in the past, this is plausible.
    • For added horror, consider that some of the guards (Flash Sentry and the maine 6 at least) might have had to fight brainwashed alternate versions of themselves.

The next Alternate Universe movie will be called "My Little Ponyfish"
Mike Vogel is lying.

If there's a spin-off series, it won't be directly related to this film.
It will have its own continuity using the same basic premise and characters. The film was meant as a "proof-of-concept" rather then the start of an actual series.

I'm not sure where I got this idea.

The reason for Shining Armor's abscene in this movie is related to the events of the upcoming two-part Season 4 premiere episodes.
First of all, I think its safe to say Season 4 will be just like the previous seasons, where it opens with a two-parter. I mean, at this point, its pretty much a tradition for the series.

With that said, onto the topic at hand. Some people have questioned why Shining Armor didn't appear at the Royal Summit to greet his own sister. Well, its possible that he was alerted of some evil force and is currently on a mission to locate said evil force, who will be the obligatory villain for Season Four's two-part Season Premiere.

  • Jossed - The movie is essentially a Bizarro Episode.
    • Agree on Jossed but disagree with Bizarro Episode. The movie seems more like the spinoff Dragon Ball movies and specials which don't make sense in canon but don't warrant being called a Bizarro Episode simply because of that.
      • Also agree on Jossed but it's simply because in the movie...
    Twilight Sparkle: I'm brand new here.
    Pinkie Pie: Oooh! I thought you didn't look familiar. Though, now that I'm really lookin' at you... Do you have a twin sister who lives in the city, has a pet dog named Spike that looks just like that one?
    • This to me suggests that Shining Armor is in the city with Twilight like he is in the normal Friendship Is Magic seasons, so if it was a mistake, they've covered their traces with the plot and writing just fine.
  • Also Jossed because Shining Armor does not appear at all in the Season 4 premier. In fact, IIRC he doesn't appear in Season 4 at all except for during the episodes "Equestria Games" and "Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2".

Sunset Shimmer is taken into custody by Agent Fowler.
When she was explaining what happened to the authorities, someone misheard unicorn as Unicron. Any future appearances of Sunset Shimmer will feature her along Ratchet and the other Transformers cast members that stayed on earth.

AU Twilight Sparkle will be a villain of the Mad Scientist type.
Twilight is known to have once been a recluse and has been seen practicing magic on animals so it's likely that AU Twilight is a reclusive scientist and once she finds out about her Equestrian counterpart and the portal she's likely to experiment on the portal, take samples of it's energies, inject it into people and try to exploit Equestria For Science!. She'd also try to find a way to avoid losing her human form when visiting Equestria and obtain magic. She'd most likely create the AU Changlings as well with her experiments.

Real Human!Twilight became a Hikikomori
Real Human!Twilight used be just an introverted, friendless student who cared only about her grades, however she became a complete reclusive after being publicly humiliated by a certain embarassing video featuring someone impersonating her, having her little social life completely obliterated.

Sunset Shimmer is Princess Celestia's daughter
Both have an affinity for the sun. If canon, however, this is very highly unlikely to be revealed, until the finale of Equestria Girls, unless a remorseful Sunset were to return to Equestria with Twilight. Que heartwarming moment, as her mother embraces her.

The worst of humanity's problems will emerge
War, famine, economic depression, crime, etc. Sunset and Twilight will find out the hard way how much it would suck to live in such a world outside of school, returning to Equestria after proving unable to save the world.

Canterlot High will get destroyed
The final battles get bigger and bigger. CHS got off lucky in the first three films, but it's anyone's guess whether it will still be standing by the time EG 5 rolls its credits.

Sunset will perform a Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the series
All the problems in the series started with her stealing the Element of Magic, and as long as she stays on Earth, she will continue to deal with its effects. After being mortally wounded in the final final battle, she will perform a sacrificial spell to weaken the all-powerful Big Bad. As a reward of true heroism, Princess Celestia will revive her as an alicorn. The now-fully empowered Sunset will finish off the Big Bad in an epic 5-minute fight scene before using a World-Healing Wave to erase every universal memory of her own bad deeds. Sci-Twi will then create a portal to let Sunset return to Equestria without becoming human again. Princess Twilight will then destroy the mirror to ensure that Equestria is eternally safe from anything else still on Earth.

The military will be called in
Complete with a military academy aiming to create magical Super Soldiers.

Equestrian magic will be used to film a popular Tokusatsu Show Within a Show
Called Brilliant Pony Morpher V. Then the magic will go haywire and the monsters will wreak all sorts of unscripted havoc. The stars of the show must now get it back under control.

Sunset Shimmer will kill the EqG world's god at the end of the final film to finally free herself (and the rest of the world) from the results of her past.
By summoning a BIGGER god, Fausticorn, to punch its soul right off its body all the way to the sun.


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