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Dark Lord Ariakas will be Hijacked by Ganon
One can see it coming a mile away.

Dark Lord Ariakas will not be Hijacked by Ganon
Then again, this is My Inner Life...

Dark Lord Ariakas will not be Hijacked by Ganon....but Ganon will appear anyway
Jenna probably would've curb stomped Ariakas, and Ganondorf would've arrived in a later arc, where he would be sealed away or killed outright by Jenna.

Jenna is actually an obsessed fangirl of Link's and is locked up somewhere.
She became obsessed with Link the second she saw him (though not the way the fic has it) and after stalking him for over a year, deluded herself into thinking they were a couple. She followed him everywhere on her own horse, pretended to summon elements so he'd see her as a strong woman like his canon love-interests were, and then tried to cozy up to the princess, calling herself Zelda's best friend. At this point she was locked up, and the fanfic is her elaborate delusion. Zelda's demotion to baby-sitter and midwife is a subconscious revenge for locking Jennna up.

Fic!Link is actually a Elegy Statue.
Explains why he has
so little personality and just follows Jenna around everywhere.

The reason Link didn't help Jenna with Dark Link.
He thought that since Jenna had demonstrated no fighting ability whatsoever before the chapter, she was weak and was unable to defend herself. When Dark Link's appearance was announced, he saw a perfect opportunity to rid himself of his 'beloved wife' without causing suspicion. When Dark Link successfully kills Jenna, he'll kill Dark Link with ease, flee the Water Temple, return to his people pretending to be a mourning survivor and raise his son in the right way without her influence. His life will be back to normal. Sadly, Jenna defeats Dark Link with her hidden special powers. Thinking it was too risky to kill her while she was unconcious (Because of the discovery of her lethal powers and what everyone will think when they inspect the room later in it's ruined state) he decides to wait it out and hope for another similar situation to arise again.
  • This explains why, when the bat-creature attacked in the final chapter, Link didn't follow his pregnant wife upstairs to try and defend her or their child and just stayed in the living room. He was hoping the monster would kill Jenna and both children, thus freeing him from her evil spell.

The ending would have been incredibly stupid and predictable.
The king would die for no apparent reason, probably after some poorly-written battle with Dark Lord Ariakas. Zelda would refuse to take the throne, instead letting Link and Jenna become king and queen of Hyrule. Ganon would reappear, there would be more drama, Jenna would have more babies and continue to be a huge Mary Sue.

Link Jr will defy his parents in the future.
There has to be a reason why the sages gave him those weird personality based powers at his blessing. With an enhanced intelligence, kindness and whatever; he'll realize how incredibly stupid his father is, help Zelda gain her place on the throne, stop his evil mother from usurping the throne and save his siblings and the kingdom from the bad influence. Thus he will be known as the 'Hero of Ideals'. Oh, and he will change his name into something a bit more epic.

Jenna is blackmailing the King.
Obviously, there's something fishy about the King treating 'a merchant' like his own daughter whilst he seemingly gives his biological daughter, Zelda, the shaft. Perhaps when Jenna was a young child, she caught the king doing something inappropriate (or perhaps they were going to become something 'inappropriate' in the future). So she decides to blackmail the king into giving her the life of a princess, secretly revelling in her special treatment.

Jenna is a shadow of Ganon.
In Nintendo's chronology of the franchise, there's a path where Link didn't return to his childhood. This is the the timeline where Hyrule floods and Wind Waker happens. The flood happened because Ganon returned with no hero to counter him. Now, in multiple instances in the series Ganon has (while gone) had servants or shadows of him possessed with supernatural charisma (Agahnim in 'Link to the Past' and the wizard in 'Adventures of Link') who manipulated the royal family.

Jenna never existed before the beginning of the story. She simply came into being when Ganon was killed by the Hero of Time, with a full set of memories that conveniently lacked a family. When she gets to Hyrule, the innate magic of her existence convinces everyone that she's always been there and is beloved. She marries Link all thinking this is just her normal, storybook life. However, what she's really doing is messing up the setting cosmology. Link's descendants with the shadow of Ganon aren't fit to become heroes and when Ganon finally returns there is no one worthy of the Triforce to oppose him.


On the upside, this means every trace of My Inner Life was drowned with Hyrule.

The entire fanfiction is just one of Jenna's dreams.
Think about it: The author, in her notes before the story even started, said that this entire fanfiction was based on her dreams. What if, instead of writing the story straight, taking inspiration from her dreams, she actually meant to make this all from the perspective of her dream self. Since the fic was never finished, it's likely that she was going to wrap up the story as All Just a Dream, but could never finish it.

It makes sense if you think about it. Link wouldn't just blindly follow around Jenna if it wasn't only in her dreams.

Jenna and Link shall make the best painting in the world.
It will be a culmination of all the paintings they made while having sex.

Jenna Silverblade is the mother of Atlantiana, the Mary Sue from Forbiden Fruit, the infamous Twilight fanfiction
Tiaa's mother was a whitch, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the stuperstitious Jacob the Werewolf King could have mistaken Jenna Sueblade's Silverlite powers for witchery.

Link's Queen was lying through her teeth about dreaming the fic.
She just claimed to have had lucid dreams in an attempt to make herself sound impressive. Not only is the idea that she could remember dreams in such vivid detail pretty much impossible, but she's admitted that the fic "was a stupid story [she] wrote out of idiocy."

My Inner Life borrows elements from Disney Princess films.
First off, the Spring Festival is mentioned in Cinderella II, when the king mentions moving it to summer. The Blessing Ceremony is based on Aurora’s christening, with the sages standing in for the fairies. Finally, Jenna completely skips over Link’s service in the war; most, if not all of the heroes were never shown killing relatively innocent soldiers on screen (even if you know they did or would have done so off-screen, like Phoebus and Shang).

Furthermore, in Beauty and the Beast, when Belle rides towards the Beast’s castle, she appears to kick Phillip in the front leg (she’s actually gently squeezing his ribs, but I can see how someone would make that mistake).


Jenna's family were once nobility.
Most surnames during this era would either be occupational, note  toponymic note  or patronymic. note  As a surname, "Silverblade" falls under neither category and therefore is very unusual to be given to a family of merchants, unless they used to be a noble Hylian family. Perhaps they wielded the Silver Blade, a weapon of such renown as to name an entire dynasty after it. Perhaps they lost it at some point in history, along with their prestige and wealth.

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