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Mr. Bean is Autistic
He shows all the signs of autism, first and formost, problems with social skills.
Mr. Bean is a sociopath
He delights in causing madness and devastation wherever he goes.
Mr. Bean is actually an alien or fallen angel.
Which is why the opening shows him falling out of the sky in a beam of light, then blundering around, confused - to the musical accompaniment of soft Latin chanting. His odd behavior is actually a result of him not being human and not really understanding how humans are supposed to behave.
  • The Animated Series went with the Alien route, where Mr. Bean is abducted by a UFO all full of identical replicas of himself.
  • Alternatively, Mr. Bean was an ordinary man, abducted by aliens and subjected to mind-altering experiments, and later returned back to Earth.

Mr. Bean is a descendent of Sawney Beane.
Better hope that he is not cannibalistic.

Mr. Bean is the Black...Vegetable.
Another Blackadder descendent.

Mr. Bean and Teddy are symbiotic to each other.

Explains how he treats Teddy like a real person so much.

Mr. Bean is Johnny English
After going on his missions, the MI 5 retired Johnny English and brainwashed him into believing him to be Mr. Bean - the most incompetent man in the world. Not surprising since the two act very similar, although Mr. Bean can't speak that well.

  • Probably impossible, since this would mean the timeline that the original Mr Bean series takes place in exists after the period of advanced technology seen in Johnny English Strikes Again.

Mr. Bean is the way he is because his wife and son died.
He once had a wife who died while giving birth to his son, and then his son died at a very young age. Mr. Bean is such an odd man child for two reasons: incredible loneliness, heartbreak, and he's trying to imagine what his son's life could've been like.

Mr. Bean is a reality show

The blue car belongs to the filming crew.

Dr. Peggit, the dentist, is the driver of the Blue Reliant

We see it parked right outside his office.

Irma Gobb knows she's a fictional character in a sitcom

She's at least aware of the show's Negative Continuity. She goes out with Bean just to humiliate him when he gets it wrong, knowing he'll forget by the next episode.

  • Or the order of the episodes simply isn't chronological, or she knows he has memory problems, or that he is a very forgiving person.

The driver of the Reliant Regal is physically disabled
From 1948 - 1977, British car company AC (yes, the same AC which helped to manufacture the Shelby Cobra) built a small, three-wheeled car designed for those with physical disabilities; the Invalid Carriage, or Invacar for short. All of these were painted in a shade of powder blue, much like the Reliant in the show. After 1977, when the last government contract ran out, many people continued driving their little three-wheeled vehicles until 2003, when they were forcibly called back and scrapped. Either Mr. Bean's rival was originally going to drive an Invacar, or the producers of the show settled on the closest alternative that was available to them; a Reliant. Either way, it basically implies that Mr. Bean relentlessly bullies someone without total motor function, no pun intended.

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