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When the Overthinker returns home, instead of defeating the Antithinker, he will merge with him.

United by their common love of Scarface (1983), the two of them will mutually realize that they are Not So Different—but in a good way—and will combine into a single being with the best features of both: a new and improved Game Overthinker with more nuanced and evenhanded opinions. No more the mindless Japan-worship and reflexive loathing for FPS games, no more haughty disdain toward the "hardcore" gaming set. While the new and improved Overthinker will still prefer old-school platformers and adore Nintendo, he won't be such a dick about it.


This entire article was written by Moviebob himself, or by people closely associated with him.

I just can't get over how TGO is one of the most hated shows on the Internet (don't take my word on it - open up the ScrewAttack forum and just try writing about it in a positive manner, I dare you), yet I can't help but notice how in this entire article this hatred was mentioned a grand total of once, and even then it was pretty tame. My guess is Moviebob (obviously aware of the site and his own page on it, that part's not WMG) is editing out all the negative stuff and replacing it with words of awesome (as in, claiming the existence of "subtle" humor in episodes where there is none and the complete lack of any mentions about how god-awful his storyline is). Honestly, that's the only explanation.

  • And if that is true, this Twitter post makes him a total hypocrite (something he's shown signs of being several times)
    • Actually, I wrote the initial article. Check the history. Actually, never mind, the history doesn't go back that far, but I will say that I did start the entry, and am not Bob.
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    • Well I hope my, (Wildcard but I can't seem to get a link in) edits help balance things a little.
      • A little it still comes off as "Bob is perfect and can do no wrong" in a lot of areas. I mean really what kind of self entitle asshole defends something he's never played.
      • Can you direct me to those areas so I can see what your talking about, and maybe edit it?
      • Though I am not the first three-asterisk poster, I can provide an example. During the second of his "Retake Mass Effect" Game Overthinker episodes, he summarized the comments of his prior video as "You suck now Overthinker!" when a large majority of the comments were not even insults at Bob, but respectful disagreement or agreement and reasoned debate about the quality of the ending itself with fairly large posts. Bob made numerous insults at the people that supported "Retake Mass Effect", insinuating that most supporters were babies or other "snide insinuations" and "disingenuous assertations". The way he handled the topic was not reasonable and calm for somebody who thinks they hold the high-ground. It was especially bad when that very same responses clearly laid out that their negative response was to numerous factors, none of them being that the ending was sad, and his strawman's arguement was that, avoiding the other complaints that would require more thought to debate with than strawmen and insults. On a different note, he watched the endings online and determined their quality without the context of the rest of the franchise leading-up to that point.
      • I know about all the stuff but I don't see much about it on this page. If you do though could you please edit it?
      • I said it in my review, and I'll say it here: I have a sinking feeling that Bob wrote (probably the majority) of his own entry, since it speaks of him in such glowing terms and of his enemies with such venom I can't fathom any other explanation. While I don't doubt that the article started out more even-handed, realistically the current article doesn't even begin to address anything he's ACTUALLY said—including extremely inflammatory things, such as accusing Bungie of racism based on a trailer, or outright admitting he says offensive things just to get attention—and more over it treats most of what he says as absolute truths. The fact it directly quotes his claims about "lol everyone who likes Michael Bay is a troll because no one would watch a movie I don't personally like unless they were evil people! lololol" without even attempting to question the (il)logic of it says volumes about whose voice is speaking here.

The real life Game Antithinker is The Amazing Atheist.
  • Bob is a feminist bordering on white knighting. Amazing Athiest hates feminism and has made rape threats in the past to women questioning his misogyny. Bob uses academic film theory to praise movies that are considered critical bombs while Amazing Athiest is a Caustic Critic who comes up with the most offensive comments to pan a movie as possible. However, both have overly inflated views of themselves and attack strawmen to argue their stances.
    • Also, Bob has openly stated he thinks Atheism is "stupid" (he's said he think it's stupid to try and disprove or prove the existence of god) and has more than once said fairly explicitly harsh things about Atheism in general and been fairly dismissive of them (quote: "(what I just said about religion) is NOT an endorsement of Atheism either, so please Atheists zip up your pants"). Guess what the Amazing Atheist is...

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