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The future "witch" character will be male.
It makes sense to me, because the "Medusa" (a monster that is typically female) character is male.
  • Perhaps Liir, the son of two monsters! The Wicked Witch and the Scarecrow! He could have either a crow or a flying monkey as a pet. Bonus points if he reveals that he was kicked out of a lot of schools before coming to Monster High.
    • Nah, anything to do with Oz would be put in Ever After High now.
    • Gender flips of one monster don't mean anything for any other monsters. The witch character is a one-off: Casta Fierce, the Beyonce-like daughter of Circe.

Draculaura is somehow related to Jillian Venters, author of Gothic Charm School.

An alien character will be introduced.
  • Peeks at future dolls indicate that this might be happening.
    • Confirmed. Astranova is a "Comet Alien" and a key character in Boo York, Boo York.

A dragon character will eventually appear.
Possibly male, but hard to say for sure.
  • Confirmed! Aside from the Create-A-Monster packs featuring Western dragons, newly announced character Jinafire is a Chinese dragon.

Monster High will start introduced characters based off more obscure monsters.
They've already run through well-known monsters like Frankenstein's monster, mummies, and werewolves. It's unlikely that they'd want to repeat a monster several times, so they'll start going through lesser known myths for character monster inspiration.
  • It's happening now! Among the monsters, we have elementals, noppera-bo, Day of the Dead skeletons, and the Loch Ness Monster.

There will be an Invisibilly doll coming out.
It's just not finished yet.

Monster High will soon become a breakout hit, on the level of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • The line already outsells MLP- and practically every other toy line, including action figures. I think it's already well beyond that point.
  • YMMV on that. MH is very popular, but its adult fanbase isn't nearly as prolific as MLP's.

Monster High will eventually deal with an Alien Invasion.
  • ...well I just got a plot hook suggestion for the MH campaign style I want to write up for Wo D...
    • Confirmed, maybe... one of the recent webisodes had an alien brainwashing several students for some undefined but clearly malicious purpose.
    • There is going to be an alien character introduced in Boo York, Boo York, but nothing indicates she's an antagonist.
    • Our first alien character is nothing but benevolent, and she's actually the distressed one, not the monsters.

Somebody on the CGI team has a foot fetish.
In the CGI movies, there seem to be rather more shots of the ghouls' feet than there are in the Flash cartoons. Also, Headmistress Bloodgood's CG boots are pointier and have higher heels than in the Flash.

The CGI movies are an Alternate Continuity.

They wanted a Lorna/Gil/Lagoona love triangle but never got all the way with it.
  • It all seemed to be the casse, but then the vol ended before time and went with the circus vol which also ended quite soon, leaving with no love triangle as good as it could have been
    • Gil never showed any romantic interest in Lorna-he even mentions Lagoona at the Gloom and Bloom dance. He doesn't seem like the cheating type, so it's safe to assume "misunderstanding" was always intended to be the plot.

Future Monsters
  • Daughter of the Krampus (to serve as a holiday edition doll)
  • Son/Daughter of scarecrows.
  • "Jackie 'O Lantern" or something similar; a pumpkin monster.
  • Chimera
  • A three-headed child of Cerberus
  • A manticore or sphinx
  • A Creepy Doll
  • Harper/Quill, the regular backgrounder harpy character. She's even gotten a bit of characterization and a speaking role in "Decomposition Class", which is more than Gilda can claim to have.
  • A 17-inch male doll, maybe a son of a frost giant?

Some LGBTQ+ characters will appear in the franchise.
In recent years, said groups have become more and more accepted, and Lady Gaga (herself a big pioneer for said groups' rights) will make an appearance in the brand, which may lead to the introduction of said themes. MH is all about diversity and acceptance, and it seems like the next step.

Frankie is protective of Jackson because her grandfather is a normie.
That is, if her father told her that he was made by a normie.

Clawdeen is either a lesbian.
  • Have we ever seen her be interested in a guy? She might not be a lesbian but with the Foe Yay she's had with Cleo...
  • Or maybe she's bisexual.
  • Possibly Jossed. Clawdeen asked Draculaura's male cousin Thad to dance with her in the movie "Ghouls Rule."
  • Yeah, I got that same feeling with the Ghgouls Rules" movie, so she is either lesbian and not wiling to come out (reason why she hasnt really dated anyone, probably she is questioning her sexuality or doesn't even know), or bi. Either way, the way she acted with Lala said it was one of those and she only danced with Thad to... see what happens.

Draculaura's mother is a human woman, thus making her a dhampire.
  • It's just that Dracula's genes are much more dominant. Also, the reason for Draculaura's pink skin and the streaks on her hair is that her mother lived next to a nuclear plant, thus modifying Draculaura's genes. The mother died during childbirth, so Dracula decided to take Draculaura under his wing and never tell her about her mother.
  • Averted. Draculaura was born completely human, but then adopted and turned into a vampire by Dracula.

Frankenstein Monsters define days differently from humans.
  • Hence why Frankie Stein is still 16 days old.
    • Not really; her School's Out profile alters the day number, so time is passing for her. However, the years are definitely different from regular years. There are at least thirteen months, it can apparently be the 13th and the 31st at the same time, and some undead monsters count their age in "monster years" (implied to be the age they were when they died) while others do not.
    • Frankie is physically 16 in every way. She never had a childhood, so she's experiencing everything as an apparent teenager, while she's actually very young.

Draculaura doesn't get along well with her mother or her stepmothers.
Given that Dracula is, in almost every single adaptation, polygamous, it is reasonable to assume that he has the same 3 Brides that he has in his books. Based on the personalities they were given in Van Helsing, it can be assumed that:Aleera (redhead, stepmother) is hostile to Draculaura because Dracula genuinely cares for her. She is very subtle about it to avoid the Count's ire.Marishka (blond, stepmother) is not unkind to Draculaura, but is a bit of a bimbo and cannot really relate to her on any meaningful level.Verona (brunette, mother) is cold and rather distant, unable to give Draculaura much in the way of attention or affection.
  • Jossed The Dracula that we know is actually an impostor, ergo the "Brides of Dracula" aren't actually the real brides of Dracula. It's never once mentioned in any continuity that her father has multiple brides, she never mentions it in the webisodes or the diaries, and only mentioned that her mother and her were taken in by her father when no one else would sometime during ancient Rome. Although her relationship with her mother is still up for debate.

Draculaura will never possess the supernatural abilities common to vampires.
In the webisode The Good, the Bat, and the Fabulous, Draculaura's inability to change shape is explained by her not being old enough, but I think it's due to the fact that she's a Vegetarian Vampire. Vampires feed on blood because they are the undead, and blood is the source of life, held by many world mythologies to be a substance of great power. Draculaura's consumption of fruits and veggies with iron supplements may provide her with the nutrition she needs to survive, but they lack blood's mystical properties, thus they cannot fuel her inborn powers. This explains why Draculaura is unable to fly, change shape, hypnotize people, etc.
  • That might also explain why her father wants her to go back to being a normal vampire, it isn't just that it's weird having a vegan vampire for a daughter, it's the fact that he knows she'll miss out on nearly all of her vampire powers.
    • Jossed as of Frights, Camera, Action.

Jackson Jekyll is a Trans-man
He is voiced by a woman(this is more obvious in his Holt Hyde persona) and he does appear slightly more feminine than the other males in the cast. It would make sense given that he is a new kid at the school( hoping to pass without awkward conversations with people who knew him as a 'she' and all that). Holt Hyde then is either the drag king persona he developed when he was younger and just beginning to explore his identity or more like the original Jekyll/Hyde the man he simultaneously wants to be but is also afraid of being.

Draculaura was one of the female vampires who almost attacked Johnathan Harker.
In Bram Stoker's novel, Harker was molested by three female vampires (one blond, two brunettes). While they are generally believed to be Dracula's brides, their conversation among themselves makes it equally likely that only the blond is his wife and the brunettes are his daughters. And since Draculaura mentions in her diary that she refuses to return to traditional vampire ways . . .
  • Jossed since that Dracula wasn't the same guy as her dad.

Draculaura's mother became permanently beyond undead in an incident involving blood and some sort of mistake on Draclaura's part. Draculaura blamed herself for this and resolved to be a Vegetarian Vampire as atonement for her perceived mistake.
Her diary seems to imply that the disappearance of her mother had something to do with her acting like a traditional vampire. Given her Nice Girl persona, even if the incident causing her mother's disappearance wasn't her fault, Draculaura might blame herself anyway and became a Vegetarian Vampire because she believed that consuming blood caused the loss of her mother.

Spectra Vondergeist and Ghoulia Yelps are the same person.
How is that may you ask? You see Spectra is a teenage ghost, meaning she died young and Ghoulia is a teenage zombie, meaning she also had died young. What if Ghoulia died when she was a normie and became Spectra the ghost and whatever creates zombies in the Monster High universe had got to her corpse and it became Ghoulia the zombie, call me crazy but this is just a WMG.
  • Alternately, she could be a part of Frankie.
  • And In Spectra's Dairy, Ghoulia revealed the truth about her family. How did Ghoulia know about that?

The "A" in C.A. Cupid's name stands for "Aphrodite".
  • Jossed; check her rerelease's diary.

In "Escape from Skull Shores", the reason Frankie looked so much like that scientist is because her head is the scientist's head.
She was made from parts of different people, right? Maybe that scientist was one of them.

Operetta and Robecca Steam are sisters
In a way. Operetta's father is the Phantom of the Opera. In the novel, it's mentioned that Erik (the Phantom) was capable of building convincing-looking humanoid automata - in other words, he used to build very human-like robots for people. Perhaps he built himself a companion or child or something, but then left her behind when he started "haunting" the opera house, where he lived in the underground catacombs.
  • Jossed - Robecca's father is named Hexiciah Steam and is a scientist.

Draculaura has a learning disability
As mean as it sounds... who knows why this could be- perhaps a result of being 1600 years old and born in an era when humans were not as advanced, maybe a result of not drinking blood. But regardless, she's gone to school for over 400 years(at least 400, probably many more) and seems to have not learned a damn thing. She believed that Valentine's Day was created for her for 400 years, likely ignoring any and all historical evidence to the contrary(even forgoing the MH universe's "monsters are real" alternate history, we can likely assume that the history was similar enough). She's impulsive and never seems to act very smart.We can forgive Cleo for not having a grand education despite age(she was sealed away for a long time), but Draculaura has no excuse beyond a physical or mental disability for not being a font of knowledge for her age.

Ghoulia is autistic.
According to her profile, she needs to have a schedule planned and deals poorly with last-minute changes. This tendency, plus her introversion, studious nature, and academic and computer skills are traits commonly associated with high-functioning autism.
  • Possibly, although she IS a zombie- despite showing vast intelligence she may have still suffered a minor degree of functional brain damage as a result of death and reanimation. Though she was likely a smart girl in life as well, seeing as every other zombie seems only to have basic intelligence.
    • So zombies are metaphors for autistics?

Draculaura's past involves her being a very violent vampire.
When she would feed her victim would end up being ripped to shreds causing her kills to be very bloody. Something must have happened that made her disgusted with herself and decide to change herself. Its entirely possible that blood is a trauma trigger for her; a cause of fainting is emotional distress after all.

Ghoulia Yelps actually can speak English.
The reason she doesn't is because the other zombies are prejudiced against zombies that can speak anything other than zombie.
  • Note also that Cleo retains her ability to speak while in Ghoulia's body in "Freakout Friday". Despite it being the old "voice switching along so you'll know it's someone else in their body" thing, it lends some weight to the theory that Ghoulia's voicebox may still be functional. In that case, her still moaning while in Cleo's body may be purely out of habit.

Operetta is an homage to the Pink Floyd/Andrew Lloyd Webber controversy
There was a major controversy over Andrew Lloyd Webber's score for The Phantom of the Opera— namely, a segment is taken note for note from Pink Floyd's "Echoes". Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom, but she's themed around modern rock music rather than classic opera and plays a guitar. One has to wonder if Mattel had the controversy in mind when they came up with the character.
  • She seems to be more into Elvis-type music than Pink Floyd-type music though...

Amanita is the reason Nefera ended up with a narcissistic complex.
Cleo says that Nefera spent hours just talking to her plant even before it bloomed into Amanita. It's possible that the trauma from being trapped + spending most of her time with a super narcissist obsessed with personal beauty made her develop her own obsession with perfection and over-reaction to anything that would tarnish her self-image.

All six of the main ghouls are similar to the Mane 6
  • Frankie = Twilight Sparkle
  • Draculaura = Pinkie Pie
  • Clawdeen = Rainbow Dash
  • Cleo = Rarity
  • Lagoona = Applejack
  • Ghoulia =Fluttershy
  • Twilight Sparkle = Ghoulia (bookworm/smart one)
  • Rarity = Clawdeen (love of fashion design)
  • Rainbow Dash = Lagoona (sporty and sort of tomboyish)
  • Applejack = Operetta (just for the southern drawl)
  • Fluttershy = Jane Boolittle (shy and an affinity for animals)
  • Pinkie Pie = River Styxx (both even have a confetti cannon!)

Phantoms are related to Banshees.

Casta and the Spells is a literal band name.
Casta herself is obviously physical, but her band, the Spells, look like magical ghosts. It's likely that Casta conjured up the Spells to play the instruments while she sings.

Whisp's genie job didn't last long.
She probably missed her sister, and her first Finder wished for her freedom, which is why she's returning to the cast with her "I Love Fashion" release.

Dayna Jones' origins
Davy Jones is an unspecified sea demon that pirates used as a threat. Perhaps Jones' reputation made him lonely, so he melted down some of his treasure to make a daughter. She is golden, after all.

Amanita Nightshade wasn't always so vain...
As we know her, Amanita is incredibly self-absorbed and has time for no one but herself. But her plant "parent" gives us no explanation for it- in fact, you'd think the offspring of a Corpse Flower would have poor self-esteem. It's likely that she may have once been the exact opposite, but her worship from unknowing monsters unfortunately helped her self-esteem too much, and turned her into the narcissistic jerk she is.

Amanita will get a redemption arc.
Since she hasn't done anything particularly heinous, it's likely that her resumed friendship with Nefera will develop her further as a character, and push her forward in either moral direction. Since we already have her character in the form of Nefera, it seems like this one will have a happy ending, with Amanita gaining some humility and generosity.

Moanica D'Kay is a hybrid monster, and this will be an important plot point.
Moanica is the only zombie we've seen who can speak English, and she has fierce claws and fangs, and she mentions in her bio that she lacks the ability to turn others into zombies. She may be half-vampire, and hides it due to some self-inflicted insecurity, which may fuel her resentment of Draculaura. When it's revealed that she will be accepted for who she is, she'll halt her world-domination plans and become a nicer ghoul. (Yes, it's basically Kala's story arc, but it's possible since Kala may not even exist anymore.)
  • Jossed. Moanica's unique traits are unexplained, and she gets no redemption, going on to antagonize the cast in Electrified.

Nefera is getting a morality upgrade.
The website lists her as friends of most of the original cast, but pre-reboot, this would make no sense due to her nasty personality.
  • Jossed. The Scream and Sugar two-pack's brief character description confirms that Nefera's still nasty, though slightly improved by sweets.

Gigi is being phased out.
Perhaps this is panic over nothing, but Whisp's new doll bills her as "daughter of the Genie", rather than her previous title of "Living Shadow of Gigi". They may have changed her title because we haven't seen Gigi in the reboot yet, but it might indicate that she will take precedence.

The Create-A-Monster gorgon doll is a cousin of Deuce and Viperine.
Since Deuce is the son of Medusa and Viperine is the daughter of Stheno, she is the daughter of the third gorgon sister, Euryale.


Monster High takes place in a modernized society a lot like ours, but in the future
While they live in a modernized time, it never explicitly says that they live in our time and could actually be in the future. Draculaura is 1600 years old and predates Dracula's actual date, not to mention Cleo pre-dating mummification, but only if they were in this year (2010/2011). The diaries also never state a specific year.Ignoring the book series continuity, it would make everything fit and everyone can be the ages that are claimed.
  • Jossed; it's in the present now according to Why do Ghouls Fall in Love — sort of. Time in the MH universe is still messed up. However, at least Draculaura's time discrepancy was solved by having the Dracula we know be an impostor; the real one was around in ancient Rome.

Van Helscream was right
Thanks a lot ghouls. You've doomed us all.

A Season 3 webisode will focus on Hoo-Dude seeking vengeance against Frankie.
As the webisode that introduced Spectra Vondergeist showed, Frankie brushed off Hoo-Dude with uncharacteristic coldness, much like Victor Frankenstein did to her father in the eponymous novel. And we all know how that turned out.
  • Jossed. According to his and Scarah's diaries, he eventually gets over her, or at least starts to.
  • Also, he's too much of a Nice Guy to do something like that.

Season 1 was an inaccurate video series made by Spectra and Toralei.
In "The Nine Lives of Toralei", Spectra's video (which Toralei enthusiastically approves of) shows Toralei, Meowlody, and Purrsephone arriving at Monster High when Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen are already fearleaders. In season 2, however, the catgirls were all fearleaders before Frankie even started at school.Now, in season 2, Frankie has to persuade Draculaura and Clawdeen to join the squad. In season 1, we see Draculaura and Clawdeen (and also Lagoona) on the squad before Frankie accidentally tries out. The season 1 portrayal is compatible with Spectra's video from season 3, but doesn't fit with the continuity of season 2.However, it all fits together if all of season 1 is part of Spectra's inaccurate video. As further supporting evidence, while Cleo is just stuck-up in seasons 2 and 3, she is outright malicious in season 1. Since Toralei dislikes Cleo, is is reasonable that she would want to portray her in a particularly negative light.

At some point, most of the main cast will Graduate from the Story, and younger students like Howleen and Twyla, joined by an Original Generation of ghouls and monsters, will take over as main characters.
  • They seem to have gone for a soft reboot instead, so everyone remains as far as we know.

    Reboot universe 
Ghoulia will appear in G2 and be a victim of Fantastic Racism.
There appears to be few zombies at Monster High outside of Moanica's zomboys and the would-be conquerer of normies herself declared that she would return, so when a she-zombie transfers into the school, there students who assume Ghoulia is working with Moanica simply because of her race. If Ghoulia is indeed Moanica's double agent, perhaps even her sister or cousin, she could fall in love with the acceptance and individuality she gets at MH and betray her Alpha Bitch of a leader.

Electrified, despite presumably being yet another Frankie movie, will have higher stakes.
Yeah, all we know is a name, but it seems like there would need to be a truly dangerous threat this time around, as all of the previous films are pretty tame.

Dracula went vegetarian to hide better.
There are no references of drinking blood in Welcome to Monster High, either by Draculaura or her father. This comes off as odd considering that they’re vampires, but taking blood from humans and large mammals would attract unwanted attention, so now vampires take iron supplements (like Draculaura in both generations) or just a daily swig of blood from small animals.

There will be a major normie character.
To serve as the open-minded voice of her kind and ally for monsters who want to live among humanity. Similar to what Melody Carver from the books was supposed to be, but without being a monster adopted at birth by humans.

The ghouls will discover catacombs under the school.
The underground labyrinth was so commonplace in G1, and it’s established in WTMH that the mansion which became Monster High does not actually belong to the Draculas; it’s just an abandoned house they decided would be a good place to hide in.

Raythe is a Banshee.
He has the right palette and wardrobe for the undead, but the wrong skin tone to be a zombie and not enough chain accessories to be a ghost. The root of his name meaning (wraith) is Scottish, and while Scarah Screams is Irish, the Banshee can be interchangeable as an overall Celtic monster. As for the Always Female rule about banshees, the same applies to gorgons and we have Deuce.

The abandoned house used to build MH belonged to Hexiciah Steam.
While there is no evidence to support this theory, it would be a very good reason for elements similar to the first generation’s, e.g. the catacombs, a secret laboratory, perhaps even Robecca in moth balls, to eventually pop up.

Ghoulia Yelps will not be a Teen Genius in the reboot.
Since that role is currently being filled by Frankie, G2 Ghoulia will be characterized by her other prominent traits: introverted Gamer Chick and comic fangirl. Given Moanica's polysyllabic nature, Ghoulia will probably be able to speak English; just too socially awkward to talk very often.

Zombies can have human families.
There are two kinds of Zombies: Undead ones reanimated through necromancy or voodoo like Moanica D'kay, and viral ones infected and turned by "real" zombies like the Zomboys. At the core, Type A are dead humans, and their still-living relatives could be the ones to cast the magic to resurrect them. This gives the potential for a tragic backstory for Moanica's hatred of Normies: She rose from the grave, only to be rejected by her loved ones for the transformation into a zombie.

Slenderman's Daughter/Son is at Monster High
  • S/he's a background character, though nobody notices much. God forbid they do...
    • ....For then s/he will ask to borrow $20!

Lagoona is really the daughter of Cthulhu.
This WMG may be nightmare fuel-rific for a children's toy line, but she was never called the Daughter of the Creature of the Black Lagoon, but rather the daughter of the Sea Monster, what if she only says that so she doesn't scare everyone at Monster High. Holt's diary mentions that her father stays submerged under the water, and according to Lagoona's diary he never leaves the water, if he leaves the water their would be disastrous consequences. And the last nail in the coffin is that her father wants her to stay under the water, possibly because once she is old enough, she develops the ability to drive people insane just by looking at them, unless she wore shades like Deuce.
  • So Cthulhu is Australian?
    • Thats the one flaw in my theory, maybe he moved to Austrlia and fell in love with some local sea monster and they settled down together and eventually Lagoona was born.
  • Jossed - Lagoona's wave 2 doll and diary say that her father participates in certain school activities, mostly water-related, he just refuses to leave the water.
    • The school could have water related events in the ocean...

Lagoona is related to a Deep One
This one is related to the one above, but it isn't about Cthulhu as much as just a random Deep One. The reason Mattel just said "Sea Monster" was a way to avoid the "Viewers are Morons" trope or they couldn't figure out how to make that less scary and more kid friendly (or it could have been copyright issues). (On a more cynical note, maybe they just didn't want kids to stumble on to Lovecraft's work and be exposed to the "n" word).
  • Originally, these are supposed to be children of famous movie monsters and Lagoona's was the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Mattel couldn't get the rights to refer to her father as such. If they wanted to refer her as one of Lovecraft's monsters, they legally could have. Cthulhu monsters have appeared in Monster High known as scargoyles.

Monster High will eventually crossover with Hotel Transylvania and Scooby-Doo.

Skelita Calaveras is related to Manuel Calavera.
Somebody had to say it.

Monster High will have a crossover with Ever After High
It's kind of considered a spin-off, made by the same company, and is in a related universe if not the same one since C.A. Cupid transferred there.
  • Plus the Grimm brothers, the Headmasters of Ever After High, knew Gigi in the past (Giles even created Whisp). There is a definite connection between their worlds.
  • A crossover seems in the works as Raven and Apple have a cameo in The Stinger following Monster High's latest special.
    • This crossover was scraped due to the 2016 reboot, resulting in the animatics being show on the YouTube page.

    Impossible crossovers 
Draculaura is actually an amnesiac Jade and Monster High is the Bratz world future
  • They both have a thing for pink but Draculaura is not as mean as Jade because she's developed an all new personality.
    • And a Race Lift, apparently. Guess being turned into a vampire makes you pink and Eastern European.
    • Clawdeen is Sasha.

Alternatively, Monster High is Bratz done right
  • Cloe: Lagoona Blue, both The Ditz but Lagoona is less crazy.
  • Yasmin: Frankie Stein, most likeable and down to earth
  • Jade: Draculaura, both have a thing for pink and black.
  • Sasha: Clawdeen, both Southern Belle types.
  • Dylan: Deuce, both have insane Totally Radical accents.
  • Cameron: Holt Hyde, one moment in love with Cloe and the next trying to kill the ninth Deuce of Lessex.
  • Dana: Ghoulia, both ensemble darkhorses.
  • Fiana: Cleo De Nile, both feisty and slightly evil.
    • Alternately, Cleo could be Meredith from The Movie.
  • Burdine Maxwell: Headmistress Bloodgood, both adult authority figures (only one is more reasonable).
  • Meredith: Toralei, both are real Alpha Bitches.
  • The Tweevils: Purrsephone & Meowlody, both pairs are Always Identical Twins and Those Two Bad Girls.

Gill from the webisodes is the son of Abe Sapian.
They are both teal-colored Fish People with a slight gargle to their speech. They even look alike.

Ghoulia is the daughter of Solomon Grundy.
Because . . . well, he's the only real candidate. Monster High is specifically noted as being attended by the children of FAMOUS monsters, and Grundy is the only really "famous" zombie. Virtually every zombie movie ever made has them occuring strictly in packs with no real identities. I mean, there's also that one Marvel character, but compared to Grundy, he's almost unknown.
  • Famous zombies? Well, there is Tarman from Return Of The Living Dead as well, which is the very series that began the "zombies eat brains" idea.
  • I think the "famous" thing has been dropped by now.
  • Ghoulia could be the daughter of Bub from Day of the Dead. He's certainly smart (for a zombie) enough.
Draculaura is the girl from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
  • Because they share the name and a little of background and it seems like a thing Laura would do eventually she was not that happy being a vampire and I know she supposedly died but you never know.

The fake "upstart" Dracula mentioned in Draculaura's past is really Mathias Cronqvist from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
This makes sense considering that Mathias only took the name "Dracula" for himself after he became a vampire, and presumably impersonated Vlad Tepes to give himself some credibility. As for the "upstart" being defeated... Castlevania canon says that Dracula was finally defeated for good in 1999. Monster High takes place after that, and furthermore, we know basically nothing about the 1999 final battle. Draculaura's adoptive father, the "real" Dracula, may have helped in some way. As for his eventual rebirth as Soma Cruz... right now it's irrelevant.
  • This is at least partially supported by BOTH series and how they handle the Bram Stoker novel. Konami tied the novel into their own game canon, and according to Monster High, the "Dracula" depicted in Stoker's book was the fake.
  • But even Mathias is younger than the Dracula depicted here. Lament of Innocence takes place in the 14th century, i.e. about 700 years before our time, which isn't even half Draculaura's age.
    • The recent diary states that the "upstart" was actually Vlad III the Impaler- who Konami considers to be one of Mathais' aliases when he gained power. Provided Dracula resurrects every so often, the two had their share of unseen conflicts over the centuries, perhaps when a Belmont wasn't around, which largely went unnoticed by history. Roman Dracula merely tells Draculaura that he defeated the "upstart" rather than tell her the actual details. On that note, MH canon also states that humans and monsters once lived peacefully but were forced into conflict long ago- which could be a result of Mathais becoming the dark lord and gaining control over monsters. His defeat in 1999 and the sealing of Chaos allowed monsters to start calming down and returning to their old ways slowly, which eventually allowed Monster High to open its doors. Admittedly, what very little we see of the world in the Sorrow series tells us practically nothing about society, so there's nothing really to disprove it on the Konami side of things- and Soma didn't seem too freaked out by the mere existence of monsters when he first saw them.

The original Dracula was/is Judas Iscariot.
Because if we're tying Monster High to both Dracula and Castlevania, might as well also link it to Dracula 2000. In all seriousness though, Draculaura's father was a Roman; Judas was around in ancient Rome. Possibly he became a centurion after he became a vampire.

In addition to a theory above Ghoulia's mother is Emily somehow
  • the ending of the movie was meant to make us think she went where she is supposed to go but in reality. She was transported to the Monster High universe.
As for how Solomon Grundy + Emily = Ghoulia makes sense, I have no idea.

Ghoulia's father is "Thriller" Michael Jackson
This may make the most sense of any guess, when you take into account the intent was to the the children of famous monsters. Romero's films mostly had generic shambling zombies, and while Day Of The Dead had a couple named members, that film never got ingrained into pop culture the way Romero's past zombie films did. And while Tarman from return Of The Living Dead is semi-famous, he may not be all that well known.

But remember, Ghoulia dresses mostly in red, her doll comes with a purse that looks like a cassette tape and she has 80s hair. In terms of famous zombies, Michael Jackson from the Thriller music video is probably going to top many lists. And if not for MJ's death, we may have seen some possible reference to this somehow(worth noting that the Thriller zombie MJ parody that was in Plants VS Zombies was actually edited out of the game after his death, so it's not a big stretch to think of companies not wanting to trivialize the situation).

  • You're also forgeting Ghoulia's belt which is a piano, so I would say this is almost canon and we are just one Word of God away from it being totally legit.
    • And then this happened…It's not completely confirmed, but still...

Robecca's Mad Scientist father is the narrator of The Island of Doctor Moreau.
The narrator, at the end of the book, is so traumatized by his stay on the eponymous island that he retreats to the countryside to study and perform chemical experiments. Chemical engineering developed in the late 19th century as an offshoot mechanical engineering. Both disciplines are used in - wait for it - robotics. Since the narrator could no longer live among regular humans, it stands to reason that he decided to develop artificial humans for companionship.
  • Chemical engineering isn't really used in robotics (it's mechanical, electrical, and computer programming), except for tangential applications like applied materials science for the robot's skin and such.
  • Pretty sure this one's Jossed by Freaky Fusion. Hexicah seems pretty mentally stable. His favorite student is even a normie.

Cleo de Nile is a magical girl
Madoka Magica implies that Cleopatra was a magical girl. It is possible that is was actually Cleo de Nile. Her wish was to create a world were monsters could live without being persecuted by normies. The Monster High world is a result of her wish.

At one point, the franchise will feature Joker Jr.
Well, if there ever was a monster... Also, three words: Batman: Arkham City.

Monster High takes place in the same universe as Dick Tracy.

C.A. Cupid is the biological daughter of Jack Skellington.
They're both bone elementals!
  • Jossed by the move to Ever After High. The "bone elemental" thing was just a guess by Ghoulia, and Cupid's look was just an adaptation to her surroundings. Also, no confirmation that Jack is anything but an abstract skeleton.

Danny Phantom will eventually fight the Red Lady and date on of the ghost girls
i'm leaning for Spectra, Vandala or River


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