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The MBC is all in the children's imaginations

A series of facts point to the conclusion that the MBC is not a real organization but, in fact, some sort of role-play our four protagonists partake in.

  • A genuine "age-old secret society" wouldn't have a name as unglamorous as the Monster Buster Club.
  • We've heard that the Monster Busters Club was founded by aliens — but then they would be calling themselves monsters!
    • Well, not necessarily. We call certain humans, such as Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden, "Monsters," but that does not mean that we are calling all members of the species "Homo Sapiens," monsters. It's probably the same with aliens- not all aliens are evil, but not all are good. The MBC was probably created to police the bad ones.
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  • A genuine secret society would not have its members dress in such outrageous outfits if it intended to remain secret.
  • Someone as airheaded as Cathy's grandfather would not have been chosen to head a real organization of this sort on Earth. He's probably just playing along to keep the kids entertained.
  • Cathy herself acquires New Powers as the Plot Demands. Clearly, she's making the whole thing up as she goes along. She was probably just a weird kid with a big imagination who moved in from out of town and pulled all the others into her game.

In fact, the whole thing may be a collective defense mechanism on the part of the four protagonists; they use it to blow off steam after having to deal with Mark and Wendy in Real Life.

  • This WMG feels like grasping at straws.

The MBC is a bizarre military experiment conducted by Ms. Rollins

Is it coincidence that an officer from the armed services runs the school like a battleground? Surely not.

There are some facts that make us consider that the MBC is only a bizarre experiment to accustom the kids to warfare.

  • Consider first the idea of 'capture aliens and send them to the authorities'. It's a way to teach the "soldier kids" to deal with hostage scenarios.
  • We have similarities with the characters of Code Lyoko. Why not also a similar plot? In Code Lyoko, XANA was created to stop a military project. In this series, the MBC is an alternative scenario to prepare kids for war.

Why is Ms. Rollins running this? Because the others seems to be too airheaded to take care of this.

The aliens are not aliens; they are Genetically Modified Organisms from Military Experiments with radiation

This could explain the premise that almost all the "people" in Single Town are aliens: they aren't. In fact, they are Genetically Modified Organisms produced due to nuclear and Radiation-related experiments.

That also explains the outrageous suits for MBC members: they are radiation protecting suits.


And it also explains the premise of the MBC capture the "aliens" and send them to the authorities: to avoid Radiation Poisoning in the healthy people. (Presuming there are any.)

Mr. Fusster is...
An alien
  • He comes from an alien planet which has recently made contact with other lifeforms. When he was young, he wonders if there's life outside his planet. It was exciting to him at first, but eventually it got very dull and "crowded". This is why he came to Earth since it reminds him so much of his homeplanet.

A member of a secret government agency

  • He was assigned to Singletown to spy on the mysterious alien sightings. He took on the clever identity as a science teacher who doesn't believe in the existence of aliens.

The MBC are Racist!
They draw their gun like crazy against any alien that shows up, without letting them explain themselves. They also bust one guy for working out, and in the wise words of Will Smith, "How would you like it if someone busted you up while you were workin' out in the gym?". Also, "alien"? Why not call them by their species name and not just "ALIEN"!
  • Though that would make them speciesist, not racist.
  • They also tried to bust Cathy when she lost her human disguise (because they never seen her true form before), and assumed she kidnapped her.
  • Chris tries to talk his little brother into leaving the Monster Blasters by telling him they're aliens and ends up receiving the conter-argument that Cathy is an alien as well and they might be good like her.
  • Uhh, dude? They're kids, and most of the aliens are clearly space criminals. At most they are misguided children, just like most ordinary children in real life. Jossed.


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