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James is in love with Ronnie Radke.

In this journal entry, he proclaims his love for Ronnie, and then follows it up with just kidding. And not just this time. He's also done it several other times as well. Well, we all know that behind every joke is a grain of truth, right? Not to mention, James has written a Slash Fic about Ronnie, most likely stalks his Twitter, and often bashes him as well. But then again, James wrote the first chapter of Alone, a serious original work which stars himself and is searchable on deviantArt using the keywords Ronnie Radke slashfic. Not to mention of course that Alone is a title of a Falling in Reverse song... And also, his screaming reactions in his MST of a slashfic involving Ronnie and Max Green resembled orgasms more than they did with screams of Squick. Aside from the screams, it is also implied that the fic sexually aroused him, based on his statements about a funny, ticklish feeling in him that was so much like heartburn that didn't hurt. He also gave said fanfic a good review by the end.


James has a writing pattern present in his four major projects.
The four major projects would be One Less Lonely Gurl, Plankton's Eye View, My Metal, and Alone. The pattern would be that Plankton's Eye View and Alone are both set ten years from a certain point of time. PEV is set ten years after the end of the Spongebob Squarepants canon, and Alone is set ten years after My Metal was written (which would be 2013. The story is set in 2023, and My Metal is mentioned in-story.) Furthermore, just like Alone, Plankton's Eye View also mentions its trollfic counterpart in-story. One Less Lonely Gurl and My Metal are both Troll Fics, and Plankton's Eye View and Alone, respectively, are their serious versions. Both Plankton's Eye View and Alone focus on a determined character's journey to redemption, and likewise, both One Less Lonely Gurl and My Metal bash on music genres.
  • James confims this as well and is even fascinated by this observation.

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