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A lot of the supernatural or weird stuff in Mona is actually real, but there's multiple layers of make believe or ignorance going on to prevent anyone from properly noticing this fact.
All the adults and other characters don't notice because some kind of force inherent to supernatural or weird things makes it so they don't want to on some level, and many of the logical explanations for events are a part of that (though some are actually true as well).

Mona, meanwhile, doesn't notice things are real because she subconsciously thinks it's all in her imagination, whilst consciously believing it's real as part of said imagination. Charlie and Lily are the same, albeit to a lesser extent.


In fact, Mona is actually a vampire. Or rather, she has vampiric ancestry in her family. Her interest in vampires comes from a family "legend" she was told when she was younger, though in reality her heritage is active in her whilst it isn't in her parents (though it's not prsently active enough for her to have much real ability), which allows her to ignore the Weirdness Censor on supernatural or weird things because she's actually one of those things. Charlie and Lily are also unaffected to an extent by following her around so much.

Mona is a mentally ill little girl who frequently suffers severe episodes of delusion. Charlie and Lily are simply kind hearted outcasts who are trying to be her friend.

Mona frequently mistakes innocent people, and even innocent objects, for being evil and dangerous. When it comes to Lily, Mona was the first child that she met on moving house, so naturally the two became friends- I've not seen every episode so I'm not sure if Charlie gets an origin story.


Mona's parents, teachers and other adults are oblivious to poor Mona's plight.

George isn't really a bully
He acts like one to get attention.

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