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The Sanc Kingdom is what used to be Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
The Sanc Kingdom is identified as being in Northern Europe, and seems to be located around the Baltic Sea. The architecture has a rather Germanic feel to it - hence, it most likely was once a part of Germany that broke away.
  • The official references inconsistently depict the Sanc Kingdom as being places like Denmark and Scandinavia.
  • One possibility that could also work is Belgium or the Netherlands, specifically the Flemish areas. (There is even a Real Life town on the Belgian coast called Newport/Nieuwpoort where several major battles occurred in World War I, and which to this day is known for its peace memorials.)
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  • I saw a map in an episode that placed it in Denmark (the map was an upside down one of Scandinavia in case anyone sees it).
  • This is 'posibly' an official Gundam Wing World Map and you can find a fan translation of the same map here
    • From the European inset map in the linked image, the Sanc Kingdom (written in katakana) is located in Jylland, the Danish mainland.

Treize made all his decisions based on what would be the most romantic in a historical retelling of his life.
Think about it, first he wants to be the hero who destroys the tyrant from within then defeats his worthy opponent. Then Romefeller starts using automated weapons, but that's not very heroic (try to imagine a story where the hero bravely sends a robot to do all his work while he stays home.) so he turns against Oz. Then after he disappears and comes back he gives up being the hero and chooses to be the villain to be vanquished by a worthy foe who will then rule with justice and compassion thinking that his evil will show people the foolish destruction of war. Ironically the casualty number he gives when he shows he has committed to memory everyone who has died was well below eitherof the world wars, and probably a few other wars too, so it was Relena’s social changes that ended war forever not anything he did.
  • Expanded universe: he didn't use the Aquarius at the final battle because it would be unsporting. No canon reason was given for not using the Aquarius but I think it fits with his character.

Heero is descended from (or otherwise related to) Sousuke Sagara
Point One: If you stuck a picture of Heero next to a picture of Sousuke, you'd be forgiven for thinking they were brothers, allowing for art style differences of course.Point Two: Heero= Rather messed-up mission obsessed soldier boy and mecha pilot with dubious social skills and the emotional range of a brick. Sousuke = Rather messed-up mission obsessed soldier boy and mecha pilot with dubious social skills and the emotional range of a brick.
  • They aren't descendants/ancestors of one another, they're brothers - and their father is Schwarz Bruder. By extension, their cousins include Kallen Kouzuki, Aoi Hidaka, and familial black sheep Shinn Asuka.
  • For the record, it's been revealed that Heero's biological parents are Odin Lowe and Aoi Clark.
    • One of whom is descended from Sousuke Sagara.
    • Odin Lowe could still be Schwarz Bruder.
  • Actually, Full Metal Panic!'s page lists Sousuke as an Expy of Heero. This is lampshaded in Super Robot Wars when they meet. So it might be the other way around.

The original Trowa Barton was going to be assassinated anyway.
His goals regarding the conquering of Earth really don't jive with those of the Scientists (we didn't even HEAR about Mariemaia until the OVA), he gets replaced by the first mechanic on hand (our Trowa), and the Heavyarms is generally regarded as the weakest of the Gundams because of its dependence on More Dakka. Trowa and Heero can still pilot it effectively because they've been trained to fight at a disadvantage since they were children. It's unlikely that a Barton - with their money, influence and connections - would have been as well-versed in avoiding death as two people who grew up in war zones, and is therefore likely that he would have been taken out at the earliest opportunity.

Dorothy Catalonia is a Relena-fangirl-Sue whose author abandoned the fic at some point and left the character stranded
Dorothy starts out as the 'girl-who-likes-war-and-Relena-and-looks-like-she's-just-waiting-for-the-right-moment-to-reveal-that-she's-secretly-Treize's-illegitimate-sister' with enough meta-awareness to give her an odd sense of humour regarding Princess Pink, Heero and war in general, but later becomes someone with genuine ties to those around her (see her reaction to her grandfather's death and compare with how she dismisses him for Relena earlier in the story). Later she's given control of the mobile doll system because, as a synthesis of Realworld and Gundamworld and the incarnation of an author, she will be able to avoid the mistakes made frequently by normal commanders in the series. Because Quatre is the A.C. universe's Newtype Expy, he's the one who notices that something's up with her and figures out that the whole Lady of War thing is a facade and she actually just wants out of this series.
  • There's just one problem with this theory - it hinges entirely on the existence of a female fan who actually likes Relena. Good luck finding one.
    • I do. Of course, I also ship Relena/Heero/Duo as an OT3...
    • I, a female, ship Dorothy/Relena.
    • I, also female, love Relena and ship Relena/Hilde.
    • I met my fiancee precisely because she's a Relena fan (it was in an online RPG). For the record, we ship Heero/Relena, with Dorothy occasionally being let in for some fun.
    • I have actually never met a female Gundam fan (in Real Life) who doesn't love Relena. Then again, I've met three female Gundam fans.
    • I <3 Relena more than any other character in the series. I generally ship Relena with whatever pilot I think would make Relena happiest at the moment, gender and blood relations aside.
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    • I join in with Relena as my favorite character in the Gundam Universe and declare my love for Quatre/Relena.
    • I hated Relena when I was in my early teens, but now at 23, having rediscovered my love for Gundam Wing, found out I actually adore Relena. Ships 1x2xR so hardcore it isn't even funny.
Midii Une was intended to be the first Gundam pilot
Think about it: Heero's name is the only one that doesn't really mean a number, but, instead, Une is the one that appears with the number one as her surname. Given that she interacted at least with Trowa before becoming Lt. Une, she probably was the first pilot in training, but somehow or another, she overheard something, or just felt in love with Kushrenada, and decided to do a Heel–Face Turn. Her split personality might have become not from one of Treize's declarations, but from her struggle to control Zero System. A hint of this is how she pilots the Non-Zero Wing, and saves Treize from being killed, after recovering from her coma and recovering her sorts, and surviving after that. A normal, untrained person would just die, like happened with Nataku (Wufei's fiancee from the Chapter Zero). Not only she survived, but she was also completely healthy when she left Wing, just like the Gundam pilots themselves.
  • Heero may have come from "Ichiro," meaning "first son," but that isn't as obvious of a number as the rest of the pilots' names.
    • The one in "Heero" actually comes from Japanese origin counting. Ichi, ni, san, etc are Chinese origin numbers, Japanese origin numbers count as "hitotsu, futatsu, etc". When Heero is rendered in the Japanese phonetic spelling, "Hiiro", this suddenly makes a lot of sense. He's still the only pilot whose name is not a direct translation of a number, but I'd hardly call it a stretch to say it's named after a number.
    • Character page, anyone? It says '"Heero" is derived from hitotsu, "one" in Japanese; "Yuy" is derived from yuitsu, "alone" or "only". In other words, Heero Yuy- "the one and only".'
    • Actually, Heero still has a "number name"—though in his case it shows up in the "Episode Zero" manga (which was originally intended to be incorporated into "Endless Waltz" but never quite made it). Specifically, Heero has Yet Another Alias as a kid—Odin Lowe Jr.—which is itself a number reference...specifically to the Russian "odyn"/"adin"/"odjn" (depending on what transliteration system you're using) which means "One".
  • Alternatively, she could be intended to be the main character, but Yoshiyuki Tomino Katsuyuki Sumizawa prefered a more stoic type at the moment; since her whole rough draft was already created, he had to put her as a side character. He came back with the idea in Turn A Gundam, but then, this time, Executive Meddling got in the way, leading to the protagonist turning into a delicious trap, instead.
    • OBJECTION! Tomino wasn't involved in Gundam Wing, even though he gets a credit line in every Gundam series. The first part of the theory is still good, though.
  • Yi, sounding similar to his last name, happens to be Chinese for 'one'.
  • I have always thought that it was because 'Heero' rhymings with 'Zero'
  • I feel the need to point out that Word of God says that Midii Une in Episode Zero and Lady Une, Treize's secretary, are not the same person. However, they may still be related.
  • Actually, none of these are correct (except for the note about him being Odin Lowe Jr). Heero's name comes from hitotsu, another pronunciation of the Japanese character for 'one', and yuitsu, 'only' or 'alone', as noted in his character sheet.
Lady Une's first name is... Lady.
Rather anti-climatic, but if King Bradley can have King as his first name, why not?
  • It is. It's written as a name in Japanese, not a title.
  • For example in the Super Robot Wars games she's called Lady-san and even Madamaselle Lady.
Relena Never bought into Total Pacifism.
Going by what the girl herself says she still doesn't understand the whole concept and is just trying to live up to everyone elses standards. She attempted to murder Une over her step-fathers death despite knowing what being a Peacecraft meant. Even after Noin starts lecturing her about it she prefers to confront an issue rather than wait for it to blow her over. She also (after extensive Noin lecturing) STILL calls for Heero to beat the crap out of Zechs, and her reason for relenting was more "Oh he's my brother". fast forward to Sanc Kingdom and Fencing is apart of the curriculum despite 'Pacifist' views (though you could see it for more of the sport) more importantly despite Noin and the Butler worrying about her freaking out over them keeping mobile suits she is completely fine when she finds out about it. She never believed in Total Pacifism it's that everyone AROUND her believed that because she was a Peacecraft that she automatically would believe in it. In Endless Waltz she even laments that she's been a fool because- brace yourself- peace CAN'T be achieved if you just bend your back for anyone who attacks you (Remember that the ending only says that Mobile Suits and Gundams were never seen again, not that war never returned). Everything Relena did was to support Heero or to undermine the current enemy (Romefeller, White Fang).
  • I believe she did, at one point — she argued heavily for it for quite some time, despite the risk of looking like a fool in front of Romefeller and the entire population of Earth and the colonies. Doubting or questioning your beliefs is natural — it's a trademark of someone intelligent, who deep down wants the right answer, even if that answer wasn't what they'd hope it would be. She attempted to kill Lady Une when she was still angry and grieving for her father- the whole "I'm from the Peacecraft family" didn't really sit with her for awhile. Remember how she was crying to her dying father that HE was her real father (meaning she didn't care/didn't want to be a Peacecraft)? She was spoiled and rich but bored, then her father dies, then she grieves and is pissed off and tries revenge, then comes to realize that hatred and fighting isn't cool and decides to take up the mantle of her adopted father, struggles with the concept of pacifism (the show is HEAVY on politics, debating and questioning what is the right path for an idealistic world — something humanity still doesn't have the right answer to — it isn't about cute pilot boys), attempts to educate herself and learn from others despite the fact they may have conflicting views, then comes to terms with the fact that there are times when force is necessary (the end of the movie). That is one hell of a character maturation. Also, when it comes to supporting Heero; correlation is not causation- a major underlying theme of the entire show was that Heero and Relena BOTH ultimately wanted peace for both the colonies and Earth. Hell, most if not all the central characters wanted peace, but the biggest conflict was how to reach that point. Being against the current enemy isn't... absurd or anything. What do you expect?
    • And yes, fencing is regarded as a sport. If someone is surprised that she was okay with mobile suits being around instead of shit hitting the fan, it's a probably the by-product of so many fanfic authors turning her into a mentally unstable sociopath. ANYWAY, this doesn't mean she didn't at ONE POINT actually believe in total pacifism. It's just that things changed. A lot of characters had their opinions changed.
Noin had an affair with Quatre at some point in the Sanc Kingdom
Okay, I admit this is a personal one. It has to do with one of the later episodes, when she breaks off from the group to find Zechs again. She nearly breaks down and apologizes to Quatre, who immediately understands and lets her go. It surprised me with how personal it felt.
  • That wasn't a clue about a relationship. Noin abandoned her post to be with Zechs because she was in love with him. She's breaking down because her duty requires her to fight Zechs, but she can't do it. Quatre is her commanding officer and she's deserting, that's why she's apologizing. Quatre let her go because, being the caring sort that he is, he understands that she couldn't fight against the person she was in love with.

Gundam scientist Dr J is also basketball legend Dr J
Dr J is really Julius Erving
  • but Dr J the basketball player is a tall man while Dr J the scientist is kind of short
    • Technology, with advanced technology.

Trowa is Cathy Po's father.
It's unlikely she'd have the same name as his older sister unless she was deliberately named after her and none of the other characters really knew Catherine Bloom.
  • Considering it now turns out that Quatre ALSO has a daughter named Catherine now, this is looking less likely... I guess Sumisawa just really likes the name Cathy (though this one is possibly named for his mother, Katherine).
    • Catherine/Katrine Winner is Quatre's sister/clone (it's weird) and she was named after his mother.

Zecks is Really Just Trying to Impress Noin
Noin blatantly loves Zecks. Zecks loves her too, but because of his emotional problems (seriously, no 19yr old thinks/acts that way without some serious trauma) can't see that she loves him, or just tell her he loves her. So, he tries to get her to love him by trying to impress her. All his actions throughout the series are to do with this. He becomes an awesome mech pilot and gets several bitching mobile suits because Noin is a mech combat instructor and likes mobile suits. He tries to end all war because Noin (at least at series start) abhorred violence. Whether or not he realises this is debateable; near the end of the series he tries to kill her but can't- he thinks its because she's 'spineless' but its obvious its because he loves her.

Katsuyuki Sumisawa once had a girlfriend or crush named Catherine. He was dumped/turned down by her and never got over it, and that's why there are a million Catherines in Gundam Wing.
Seriously: Katrina Peacecraft, Katherine Winner, Catherine Bloom, now Kathy Po, and (another) Catherine Winner....? This guy's got to have some kind of obsession over this name!

! ! !It's a Gundam!! ! !
What, a Gundam?

The Mad Scientists who designed the Gundams planted a virus throughout all manufactured mobile suits to disable their performance.
  • It's been explicitly stated that the Gundams, specifically Wing Zero, were the prototype for all mobile suits in production today. And as the scientists who built the Gundam knew that their design would be reverse-engineered by men who wouldn't be able to fully replicate their results, nor understand the innermost details of Gundam engineering. That's why they felt safe in implanting an extra step to ensure that their Gundams would be invulnerable against any lesser-made suit: A virus infecting the operating software, specifically designed not to shut down, but to subtly but significantly downgrade the mobile suit's performance.
  • But it would be impossible to leave the virus functioning full-time. It would be detected far too easily. So the scientists designed it so the virus would be active for perhaps a half hour at a time, and be verbally activated.
  • But what phrase to use? It would be impractical for the scientists to use the phrase themselves, as there would be tens of thousands of mobile suits all over the world and in space, with no way to reach them all. So it would have to be something that the mobile suit pilots themselves would use without knowing its true effects. Something that would be put to use when facing the Gundams themselves so that the downgrade would have maximum effect.
  • So what was the phrase?

Zechs is a deadbeat dad and Hilde is his and Noin's daughter.
Why else would he change his name and try to spend as much time as possible a couple continents away from Noin? This also explains her stalker tendencies.I didn't really see it until I played Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and saw Noin and Hilde next to each other. That hair is definitely hereditary.
  • Sadly, the official ages don't work out.
    • You mean Improbable Age in Gundam Wing say it ain't so? Lol, like how Zech is a lieutenant colonel despite supposedly only being only in his late teens?

Trowa Barton (i.e. Triton Bloom) might be an illegitimate child of the Winner family
Considering the rampant Generation Xerox involved in the series, and how the Winner family patriarch Zayeed just eerily looks like an elder Trowa (with facial hair and subdued bangs, much like Trowa Phobos in Frozen Teardrop), what gives that he was actually the product of an illegitimate affair Zayeed had with Catherine's mother? Of course, that just makes the Ho Yay between Trowa and Quatre kind of Squick.

Mariemaia had clones.
Which was what Dekim meant by finding a replacement for her.
  • Frozen Teardrop reveals that Mariemaia herself is a clone of Leia Barton. So maybe.

The mobile suits of this series derive from the technology of Dendoh
They still didn't figure the Data Weapons (even if the Buster Rifle is a close approximation to their firepower) or the cockpit (the Zero System is a failed attempt), but the Gundanium is the same alloy, and the mobile suit have similar power while being more compact and having more endurance. And the Gundam pilots, Zechs, Treize and Relena are descendants of Altair, Ginga and Hokuto... As in every one of them descends by all the pilots of Dendoh and Ogre.
  • Zechs and Treize are the only ones who know, and Zechs is deliberately emulating Altair's mask.

Frozen Teardrop is a Stealth Parody of the glut of bad Gundam Wing fanfiction out there

Midii Une is a clone of Lady Une
  • Because why not? It's not like we have enough clones running around in Frozen Teardrop or anything.

The Gundam pilots are a Boy Band
  • Think about it: together, they do fit the stereotype of what a Boy Band is supposed to look like. Five members, one prominent blond, all gorgeous.

Relena was a pawn in creating a new world order and OZ ist still secretly in power
  • There are many conspiracies saying that the new world order would be an european union spread over the whole world and Relenas government, after she seemingly took control over OZ, is pretty similar to this. (And Relena winning against OZ seemed a little bit too easy.) Perhaps, OZ did not lose. They pretended to lose to install Relena as a puppet, while retreating to the shadows and directing Relena in the direction they wanted. And Relena was used as a kind of false prophet/antichrist symbol, as a false messiah seemingly ending the calamities plagueing the world, while in truth, leading the people in the ultimate dictatorship.

    The whole world peace being a ploy is what ultimately lead to the last war of humanity, where the moonlight butterfly was ignited. Some time later (either in Relenas lifetime, after her death or centuries later), someone discovered evidences of the truth (perhaps in something synchronistically similar to the laplace box), which ultimately lead to another war and this time, the anti earth faction, due to being tricked into a totalitarian dictatorship, wanted no peace anymore, to prevent another similar ploy. Instead, it became a kind of absolute/total war with the aim to eradicate Oz and everyone on their side totally.

Frozen Teardrop is actually an in-universe novel written by Duo to annoy the other pilots, Relena, Zechs and Noin, and especially Heero, plus making some money on the side

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