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WMG page for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

The Spartan and the Zeon Remnants will form an Enemy Mine against the South Seas Alliance.

It's no secret that Revan Fuu's Newtype power is a significant threat to the Earth Federation, but I'm guessing that with the passing mention of J. J. Sexton in their ranks somewhere, Zeon are not letting the chance for confidential information on the Psycho Zaku to be used freely, not even by one of their own (former) scientists. So that means that Zeon could take advantage of this opportunity to grab the data and destroy the replica of the Psycho Zaku, and the Spartan crew can just either chase after them, or let them go out of respect.
  • Sadly, the reverse happens: Daryl joins force with Revan and blows up the underwater Doloss base.

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