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The villain will die this time around.
It seems to be a recent trend in Disney, with the villain - aside from keeping their identity a secret for most of the film - not dying and instead getting arrested or subdued in some way. The last actual villain death was back in 2012, with Wreck-It Ralph; after that, in Frozen (2013), Prince Hans was non-fatally subdued and sent back to his own country under arrest, in Big Hero 6, Yokai/Callaghan was also simply arrested, and in Zootopia, Bellwether also happens to be simply subdued and arrested, and her reaction comes off as nothing more than irritation. So Moana presents a new opportunity to have the bad guy, whoever they may be, be defeated or killed more traditionally as opposed to non-fatal incarceration. The setting and story, from the little that's been glimpsed so far, wouldn't make sense if the villain was simply arrested, as the story seems more a sort of "grand journey" and the bulk of the setting seems to take place away from civilized society.
  • Are you saying that Moana's people are uncivilized?
    • I think he's saying most of the film appears to take place in the middle of the goddamn ocean, but I could be interpreting that wrong.
    • What will most likely happen, at least in my opinion, is that the Big Bad ends up falling in a volcano as comeuppance for his/her misdeeds.
    • But the Big Bad already lives in a volcano.
      • More like the Big Bad is a volcano.
    • Or they could cause a cave-in in Tamatoa's lair.
  • Jossed. The Big Bad turns out to actually be the Big Good.
  • However, contrast how the state the secondary villain Tamatoa is shown to be left behind in at The Stinger, will lead to his death without outside interference (which isn't hinted to show up) — so this is probably confirmed for him...
    • Tamatoa is a monster. For all we know, he might be immortal, meaning that there's a fair chance that something will eventually pass by and knock him the right way up again.

Moana's big song will become super popular and become the new Let It Go.
It's time for a new song to be sung by little kids everywhere.
  • Wouldn't count on it since I See The Light didn't garnish that much attention (relative to Frozen, adjusted for age).
  • Well, this theory has one very big piece of supporting evidence: Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton and In the Heights fame.
  • Jossed. While the soundtrack in general has been praised, there's not a single song that stands out in popularity like Let It Go did for Frozen.

Frozen will be referenced.
The release date for the film is almost exactly 3 years after Frozen was released, which itself was released almost exactly 3 years after Tangled. If you'll recall, Rapunzel and Flynn made cameos in Frozen. So, my theory is that Anna and Elsa (and or Kristoff, but given Elsa's popularity, its most likely going to be her) will make some sort of appearance.
  • Frozen's been referenced to death in all later films that have appeared. Hans appeared as a cameo in BH6 and in Zootopia there's a character named "Duke Weaselton". I think the Frozen references should stop for now.
  • Plus, Moana takes place in the very distant past, so Frozen would not have been around yet at that time.
  • Olaf summer snowman or Summer Snowgie?
  • Confirmed. At one point, Maui transforms into Sven.

Maui is losing his powers.
In the trailers, he's commonly seen shape shifting, but this could be clips from the end of the movie. Note in the trailers how excited he seems by finding Moana's boat, how he tries to steal it, and how one of the trailers shows him trying to turn into an eagle...only to end up a fish. It's possible he needs prayer to sustain him but the people have nearly forgotten everything he did, leaving him stranded and with no option but to steal Moana's boat to get away. He still has strength due to his size and Mini Maui due to being a demigod by nature, but his stronger powers have faded with time. Could double as symbolism — Maui is part of the heritage Moana is inheriting, and given her desire to explore, she might not have cared much about her heritage previously.
  • Semi-confirmed. His powers aren't fading — they're just inaccessible without his fish-hook. And when he does get his fish-hook back, they are initially malfunctioning:
    Tamatoa: [To Maui after Maui tries to use his hook again but it fails to work properly] You don't swing it like you used to...

The villain will be somebody we'll know from the start.
If anything because the red-herring/plot twist villain cliche is already getting old with Disney using it consecutively and without stop in the last years since Wreck It Ralph (every movie after it has this cliche). It would be a breath of fresh air to return to the classics, or maybe even try something different (maybe have a character who has a "nice" design but we know they're evil from the start, but out heroes don't).
  • As it turns out, the "villain" is actually the very first character we see.

Alternatively, the villain won't be present for much of the movie, but they'll be very obvious when they finally show up.
  • Maybe Moana and Maui will hear rumors about the Big Bad before they encounter them for real. Some kind of malicious spirit or Super-Persistent Predator could fit in well with that kind of build-up.
  • Jossed.
  • The part about not being present for much of the movie is true.

Alternatively, the real Big Bad would be the threat of imperialism.
Assuming I got the time period of this film right.
  • I hope not. Disney already did a "White people are evil" theme in Pocahontas, and we saw how that went.
  • I also hope not, not just because that plot is both insulting and cliched, but also because it would pull the story away from exploring the unique setting this movie has.
  • Jossed.

There will NOT be a love interest for Moana
The more recent Disney films have averted or downplayed romance, defying a common scenario in animated films. Zootopia, Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It-Ralph have avoided giving their protagonists love interests, and Frozen sort of defied the concept even though there's the kiss at the end. Moana will be the first Disney Princess movie where romance doesn't play a part. This is added to in that the synopsis so far does not describe romance, and Maui is voiced by an older man.
  • Confirmed in an interview — the movie will focus on Moana understanding more about her heritage, with no romance between her and Maui, or anyone else.
  • Confirmed - Moana does not have any romantic interest for anybody (or the other way around), at all.

Alan Tudyk will play a minor supporting character.
It's about time he had a good guy role. Bonus points if it's a Hero with Bad Publicity.
  • Confirmed. He provides the clucks and crows of the rooster Heihei. With that said, it's entirely possible the rooster will turn out to be evil.
  • But the part about Heihei either turning out to be evil or a Hero with Bad Publicity is absolutely jossed; he's just Too Dumb to Live, to the point that he's even been called "even too dumb to die".

There will be a Lilo & Stitch reference
Since both Disney movies take place in a South Pacific setting.
  • Confirmed: The leaf baby Moana holds over the baby turtle to help him get to the sea safely is a reference to a little blue alien doing the same in Lilo & Stitch.

The Big Bad will be a member of Moana's society who wants to take over.
If so, this guy would have made a pact with the lava creatures to make Moana's Pop get lost at sea.
  • Jossed.

The villain will be comedic, snarky, and on par with Hades or Yzma.
As it's been revealed that the villain will be voiced by Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame, this now seems very likely.
  • Seemingly confirmed by Tamatoa's page on Disney Wiki, which states that he will be funny in a Deadpan Snarker way. It remains to be seen whether or not he is the villain, but this is very likely.
  • Jossed. Tamatoa is the closest thing to this, but he is not a villain, only a mere antagonist.

Moana's people will migrate to Australia or New Zealand by the end of the movie
  • The movie takes place in a Polynesian fantasy setting. All the "countries" are really just islands, and although Motunui is mentioned, it is just an island as opposed to a city.
  • Jossed. Moana's people start wayfinding again at the end, but it's not specified they end up on Australia or New Zealand.

The Big Bad will make a Heel–Face Turn
We don't see a lot of main villains in Disney learning the error of their ways, so this would be fairly original.
  • And this will occur gradually, rather than through a traditional ''My Little Pony''-esque redemption that follows the villain's defeat.
  • Confirmed. Sort of. The Big Bad (or at least the most dangerous villain in the film; if anything the movie's conflict is Maui's fault) is the goddess Te Fiti, transformed into the fire demon Te Ka by losing her heart to Maui. At the end of the film, the heart is restored and she returns to her former Big Good status. So it's really more of a Face–Heel Revolving Door thing.

The volcano from the Pixar short Lava will be involved somehow.
Well, Pixar and Disney are now merged...

The villain will be Mahuika
In the original legends, Mahuika is the fire deity from whom Maui stole the secret of fire. Either this movie will be an adaptation of that legend, or Mahuika will be trying to get revenge on Maui. With Moana and her tribe caught in the middle.
  • Jossed. A being that could be her appears on Maui's tattoos during "Your Welcome", but otherwise Mahuika is not mentioned.

The goddess Pele will make an appearance
She will have a Hair-Trigger Temper and will be prone to "flaring up" when angry (just think of Hades). She won't be evil, though. She'll either be in possession of some MacGuffin or of information crucial to Moana's quest.
  • Jossed. Pele is not mentioned. And the Goddess that does appear, Te Fiti, doesn't possess the MacGuffin during the movie but actually the other way around — Moana has the Goddess' MacGuffin.

Lin-Manuel Miranda will be playing Moana's Father. Who will die.
Lin-Manuel's voice is heard in the trailer, and it can be assumed he plays a character in the film. The easiest option is the chief, given what he's singing about (the stories of their elders) and Miranda's natural charisma, it makes sense to give him the role of the chief. It also makes it easier to get an emotional response if (when) the character dies
  • Jossed, her father is played by Temeura Morrison. Whether he dies or lives to the end of the movie is TBD.
  • He lives. But his mother / Moana's grandmother dies, which plays an important role in setting Moana off on her journey.

Moana's blue pendant has some significance.
She is seen without it in a clip, so it's not a stable element of her design.
  • According to the main page, she has Making a Splash powers. I bet that the pendant is the source of those powers.
  • Confirmed. It contains the Heart of Te Fiti, which drives the entire plot.
    • It is also a heirloom artifact of her tribe, with its meaning lost along with the art of Wayfinding. It was seen in Moana's boat cave vision quest around the neck of Matai Vasa, the ancient chieftan and wayfinder, and passed on to a young man that looks to be his son. The abalone shell pattern is identical.

Tamatoa's goals will involve harnessing the power of the ocean.
The ocean is apparently a Genius Loci, and maybe even the story's Big Good. So basically, anyone who can completely control it is not someone you want to mess with. We already know that he's going to be narcissistic — if he succeeds in this goal, he might even go as far as to call himself a god.
  • If the above theory about Moana's pendant is true, then he's going to do this by stealing it.
  • Jossed.

Tamatoa will take a lot of cues from Ursula.
They're both Disney Villains from movies centered around the ocean, so why not? According to Disney wiki, he lives in Lalotai, the realm of monsters, and aspires to be greater - sounds a lot like Ursula living in her lair and plotting revenge on King Triton for banishing her! And since he's voiced by Jemaine Clement, it's basically guaranteed that he'll be a Large Ham. He may also make deals with people. There's also the above theory, which ties into the scene where Ursula steals King Triton's trident.

There will be a Star Wars reference courtesy of Moana's dad.

Come on. They'd be stupid to waste Temuera Morrison being connected to a Star Wars joke. As the guy who voiced Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and every single clone trooper, they'd have to take leave of senses not to.

  • Jossed! Moana's dad simply sounds like Jango Fett (and George Washington when he sings), unless there was a subtle Easter Egg this troper missed on their first viewing.

Hei Hei the rooster is going to be a Chekhov's Gunman.
He might appear to be just a goofy-looking rooster, but either he'll save the day in the end, will be revealed to be an animal MacGuffin, or will secretly be a villain (considering that his voice actor, Alan Tudyk, has voiced comedic antagonists in no less than four Disney movies, the latter would also be an Actor Allusion).

  • He actually is a Chekhov's Gunman... but it's merely the fact that he likes to eat inedible objects (such as rocks).

Tamatoa will have a Heel–Face Turn
In a movie based on Polynesian mythology, which is home to plenty of gods and monsters, I find it hard to believe that the main antagonist would just be a Giant Enemy Crab. Especially with that fire goddess around. Plus, something about his design just doesn't seem especially villain-y. Perhaps he'll be more like Maximus or Jumba, in that he'll start out with an antagonistic role only to have a change of heart partway through.

Moana's Grandmother Tala will die early into the film.
Moana will inherit her (probably magic) necklace, and it will provide incentive for the heroine to make her voyage.
  • Confirmed. Gramma Tala does die, and that actually plays an important role in setting Moana off on her journey. And while the necklace isn't magic itself, it contains magic in that it is the storage place of Te Fiti's heart.

Pua is not as important as a character as the promotional material makes him seem.
While Pua has been seen in promotional posters with Moana, Maui, and Hei Hei, he has only been seen briefly in the teaser trailer and the official trailer. He does not appear to be tagging along with the other three on the voyage.
  • Confirmed. Pua does not go alongside the voyage (Heihei the rooster does instead). He is only on the island.

Considering the tearjerker page that says there will be a sad song in the movie, it could be Moana's grandmother's death.
Moana's grandmother sings one last song and because she is dying, her voice and singing will be breathy but still beautiful enough to sing to Moana. And as she holds the last note, she slowly drifts away as the music comes to an end.
  • Semi-comfirmed. The song starts as Moana leaves the tent and (as it starts getting uplifting) runs to the ocean.

Maui will suffer a Disney Death.
Not Moana, I think she'll fight from the background, supporting Maui like a sorcerer supports a warrior. It's possible that Maui tries to pull a heroic sacrifice to stop the villain and survives.

Maui will get at least one song.
The Rock is a pretty decent singer. He'll probably get a funny little number. Moana will get a big solo of her own. Maybe she and Maui will duet at some point.
  • Confirmed: He gets his own song called "You're Welcome". Said song also has rap in it.
    • The rap part doesn't surprise me. Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the composers.

The blue pendent is the heart of Te Fiti.
  • Jossed on a technicality: The blue pendant contains the Heart of Te Fiti.

The fire monster is Te Fiti
  • Confirmed.

The chief doesn't like Moana going near the ocean because his brother died at sea
  • Jossed on a technicality: It's actually his friend who dies at sea during a storm when they went sailing late one night.

Moana's name will have some significance.
It means "ocean", and the ocean itself seems to have taken a liking to her since she was a baby—maybe she has water-spirit ancestry? Admittedly I'm not sure how it would work in those countries where Moana's name is changed though.
  • Confirmed. She's not a water-spirit, but she resurrects the tradition of way-finding after her people spent centuries forbidding it, is shown to have a fascination for the ocean from early age on, and is The Chosen One by / of the ocean itself.
  • As for the name of "Vaiana" that was the movie title and main character's name in European and Asian countries: "Vaiana" apparently is also a word for water in some Polynesian languages, only it refers to freshwater instead of salt water... So Disney still made a try there but it's definitely a less fitting title.

    Post-Release guesses (SPOILERS!) 

Tamatoa ate his gradma but he didn’t kill her
His kind just doesn’t "waste" any meat, even if it’s of their own.

Tamatoa inteprets humans' need for company and as vanity
Not because he's evil, but because he's a crab and the coconut crab he's based on is not social.

Te Fiti cannot create immortal life because she's Te Ka

The world was crappy for humans when Maui was born and he had to suffer together with humanity until he grew up to be strong enough to lasso the Sun, pull up the sky, etc.
He suffered less than humanity because of his semi-divine nature, though.

Confirmed on a technicality; Polynesia's not that big of an area, relatively speaking, so basically every Native Hawaiian in Lilo's time would probably be able to trace some ancestry back to Moana.
  • Let's face it — Moana's granny would consider Lilo a kid after her own heart. If not descendants, then Lilo is what she came back as after a few lives as various sea creatures.
  • Maybe Stitch found a time machine.

Moana is a Spiritual Successor to Tarzan.
  • Jossed. The only similarity it has to Tarzan is that it's not the showtune-y musical that Disney typically gives us.

The baby Sea Turtle Moana helped reach the ocean was Crush
  • Considering that Moana takes place around 1000 B.C., and Finding Nemo in modern times (considering the depiction of the dentist's office, it's at least late-20th century), and no sea turtle lives 3000 years (Crush himself says he's only 150): the baby turtle in this movie can't be the actual Crush, but could be an ancestor.
    • I'm not an expert on this, but I'm fairly sure that modern Polynesians live like they've always lived.
      • Nope.
      • Sea-turtle lifespans/generations are nowhere NEAR connected to "how modern is this society." You can use an iPhone and still be strongly connected to your culture.

Moana will later in her life marry Maui and be the inspiration behind his two canonical mythological wives Rohe and Hina
Since Maui in the film doesn't mention any spouse, it can be safe to assume it will be a while until he finds his future wife. Although Moana's story doesn't include romance, whose to say she doesn't later find love after she and her tribe find new land. And her relationship with Maui could potentially later develop into a more romantic one as time goes by. However, Maui would have to go before Moana and her father to propose to her which is the traditional way in Polynesian culture.
As for the part of Moana being the inspiration behind Rohe and Hina in the film universe, it could be Moana and Maui's marriage would cause all sorts of legends to happen to the point that her name is changed in a lot of communities. To many islanders she is Hina, while to the Moari she is Rohe.
  • Considering the near-incomprehensible age difference between them, the fact that she's human and he's a demi-god (which would make it an Interspecies Romance, plus he'd have the agony to live on forever after her deathnote , and there never was even the tiniest hint of romantic interest between them (actually, they weren't even friendly to each other in any way intitially, and the fact that by the end of the movie they had grown to be somewhat amicably to each other was a major breackthrough)... Just Squick, no.
    • What I can see happening is that later in life (possibly in the sequel?) Maui will meet one of his wives in one of the travels with Moana. And while he's all flustered about it, I can see Moana playing matchmaker with the two (can either be with the thing of the moon with Hina or the swapping faces with Rohe. It's a cute idea and it's something very Disney-ish, so I could see it as a possibility.

Maui as well will be Lilo and Nani's ancestor.
Going along with two previous headcannons, Moana will not only marry Maui later but they will also have descendants in the future which include Lilo and Nani. Maui would also be protective of his descendants, and try to keep any eye them if they need anything. Also Lilo and Nani can tap into their divine heritage by coming into contact with Maui if he ever showed himself to them.
  • Lilo hangs out with a fish named "Pudge" who she claims can control the weather. What if that fish was actually a demi-god of the sea and wind who was also a shapeshifter (and hero to all)?

Te Ka will be a boss in a future Kingdom Hearts game
And, somewhat like Cerberus in the first game, be fought at one point, but an optional boss features Te Ka fighting the player at full strength. As Te Fiti. Admit it — it'd be a nice Platinum Games-style boss.
  • Te Ka is essentially Te Fiti's Heartless too, giving a good reason for why Te Ka will be in a Kingdom Hearts game as a boss.
    • Also Moana's original desire to see what's past her island is very similar to Sora, Kairi, and Riku's initial goal in the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts game.

The Kakamora are meant to be evil versions of the Minions.
As a Take That! to how rival studio Illumination has been marketing the hell out of those guys.
  • Jossed. Interviews confirm that they were inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road. Minions were never mentioned.

Maui is the "beacon", not the Heart of Te Fiti
After Moana gets back to her canoe after Maui locks her in his cave, Maui refuses to go on her "quest". He claims that the Heart of Te Fiti acts as a "beacon", attracting all-manner of malevolent, supernatural forces that would want to use the power of creation for themselves. Right after he explains this, they are attacked by the Kakamora.

There is one little hole in this theory; Moana (who has had the Heart of Ti Fiti on her island for years) has had no such attacks brought on to her and the Heart until after she finds Maui. The only supernatural phenomenon she ever encounters before then was interactions with the Spirit of the Pacific Ocean (who not only was the one who gave her the Heart, but is more of a True Neutral force) and the decay of life on Motunui (which is more of a "general" problem for all of Oceania due to the Heart's absence).

Why Maui would be the beacon himself is a bit more debatable. Odds are, because Maui has become famous for stealing the Heart of Te Fiti, everyone targets him specifically because everyone assumes that he would have it. In other circumstances, its possible that as a demigod (even without his hook), he naturally exudes an attraction to oddities, hence how he was able to encounter and do a variety of amazing and impossible things.

In the next Princess movie, the hero/heroine will be sentenced to "die at dawn" by the villain.

The movie will take place before any of the existing Princess movies, and earlier in the film it will have been established subtly that the day is shorter than 24-hours at this point in time. The villain will be quite surprised at how long the sun takes to come up, giving the good guys time to set their escape plan into motion.

The movie will never explain this, but anyone who saw Moana will be chuckling as they realize Maui is on the other side of the planet, lassoing the Sun and extending the length of the days...

The ocean's showed favor and the Heart to many people from Motonui, not just Moana

Possibly including her father. It's just most of them never realized what they had to do, or actually went and attempted, or like her father and his best friend got killed or dissuaded.

Moana is the human incarnation of Te Fiti

Te Fiti in her true form bears an uncanny resemblance to Moana. This may explain why Moana was The Chosen One, and ultimately the one to restore Te Fiti's heart.

  • Wouldn't the two not be able to exist together in the same point in time though?

Moana takes place in the far future

Specifically after some kind of global warming apocalypse where Polynesians are the only survivors — and Maui. Maui was an orphan from this pre-flood civilisation, who was experimented on, resulting in his immortality. Many of the stories he tells have a scientific explanation — albeit with some made up bits as well. 'Inventing coconuts' = created genetically enhanced coconuts that provide nutritionally balanced fruit. 'Pulling up islands' = a geological survey to find new lands, or artificially creating land.The idea of putting stones on the mountain to make the island taller speaks to an ancestral memory of sea level rise. It explains where all the gold in Tamatoa's hoard came from. This is also why they talk about princesses... when there isn't a single monarchy in sight.

  • Maybe, but it definitely seemed like the reference to princesses had a lot more to do with Maui being a Meta Guy.
  • Might also explain Tamatoa's references to pirates and stuff, though some of it was probably fourth-wall breaking.
  • Alternatively, Maui is the Maui of Polynesian mythology and he stole the Heart because he felt he was being forgotten by modern civilization, which caused a supervolcanic eruption that reset civilization to the stone age.
  • All unlikely.

Tui knew he would only have one child.
While it's possible she is the first daughter to be born first in her line, it's more likely that Tui, who also seems to be an only child, knew Moana would probably not have siblings. This could be because Te Ka's sickness had already begun spreading to Motunui before Moana was even born, reducing fertility rates, and putting Moana's people at risk of extinction.
  • Notice that at least a couple dozen people land on Motonui in the "We Know the Way" sequence. A thousand years later, there are still only a few dozen people in the village. There is no indication that measures are being taken to control the population, so very likely what has happened is that no one on Motonui has been able to have more than one child for many generations.
    • Actually, with every couple having only one child for many generations, the population would very quickly decline rather than just stay the same. Or are you suggesting that the population has grown for many generations, then declined again thanks to the curse?
  • On that note, after Te Ka's curse is lifted, it's entirely possible Moana will become a big sister. Her mother appears to still be of childbearing age, so perhaps there will be siblings all around.

Maui accidentally created the Kakamora
Maui claims to have created coconuts in "You're Welcome": "I killed an eel, buried its guts, out pops a tree, now you got coconuts!" The Kakamora were coconuts possessed by the spirit of the dead eel and frequently attack Maui to avenge the eel's death.

Moana at its inception was a Kingdom Hearts movie
Kid (Moana/Sora) who lives on an island (Motunui/Destiny), dreams of sailing away. Then darkness shows up threatening to devour the island. After escaping our hero finds companions in a taller stronger guy (Maui/Goofy) and a shorter bird (Heihei/Donald). Together they must face (a) creature(s) without a heart while carrying a mystical item that draws them like a "beacon".

Mini-Maui is a magical symbiote that is the source of Maui's more latent demigod powers.
Despite not having the fish hook, Maui still demonstrates a significantly superhuman durability, strength, and resilience to aging. The source of this superhuman power is not the fish hook, but Mini-Maui. He isn't just the one little guy who goes about all of Maui's tattoos, he *is* all the tattoos, which is the visual manifestation of his infusion into Maui when the gods blessed Maui to be their champion. He has the secondary task of chronicling all of Maui's feats, and the tertiary task from the Gods to be his conscience of sorts, to keep him honest and humble (as possible).

This film takes place in the same universe as Tangled and Frozen.
This could mean that the gods in Moana are somehow connected to Rapunzel's and Elsa's powers.
  • Related to this, the golden flower in Tangled happened because Maui lassoed the sun.
  • There will eventually be a Crisis Crossover movie featuring characters from every movie in this Shared Universe up to that point. This will include both Moana and Maui, filling the water and wind slots of the elemental team.
  • Also, the trolls are related to Te Fiti. Both are made of earth (rocks/land), and when they are asleep, they both look like the rocks or island that they are made of.

Maui was born on Rapa Nui, and his parents didn't abandon him by choice but because of poverty.
Known in English-speaking countries as Easter Island, Rapa Nui is famous for having gone through a period of famine. During that time, resources had dwindled so much that construction of the ancestral moai statues ceased, in favor of worshiping the bird-man Makemake. If Maui had been born during that time, it's highly likely that they might not have been able to provide for a child and were required to ritually abandon him. There are many myths of heroes who were abandoned as infants, then raised by someone else until adulthood. In this case, Maui was rescued and raised by the Rapa Nui bird-god, which is why he prefers being a hawk. As for why Maui says his parents didn't want him, he was a baby when it happened and the gods themselves may not have known exactly where he came from, just that he was an infant who was abandoned to their mercy. Not to mention, there is a theme of histories being distorted or forgotten over time (Moana herself admits that she thought the ocean playing with her was a dream). By the time Maui tried to find out where he came from, there may not have been anyone left who knew what really happened.
  • Furthermore, consider the major feats he recites: Lassoing the sun to lengthen the days (more sunlight makes it easier to grow plants), pulling up islands from the ocean and teaching humans to use the winds to sail to them (more space for settlements), stealing fire (so we can cook meat, among numerous other things), creating the first coconuts (major food source)... every one of those feats very directly helps ensure that no parent will ever again be forced to abandon their child as Maui was abandoned.

Moana's grandma isn't even dead. Moana doesn't see her grandma die. The fire she saw go out could have been from the wind and the spirit of her grandma was actually the ocean tricking her.
Not very likely. Tui specifically asks the tribe's healer "Is there anything we can do?" and the answer is clearly "no." It MIGHT mean "she'll live, she just won't be as strong as she used to be," which would still be pretty devastating, but he stays at her bedside for hours and the whole village is effectively mourning as soon as they find out, so it's clear she's going to die.

Maui has VERY limited Reality Warping
The song sequence "You're Welcome!" is an example of Maui's ability to warp reality to his well as its base limit. From the song alone, we can discern Maui can only accomplish this when all three criteria are met: 1) The target has not witnessed this ability before; 2) the target is in a state of mind that is easily flustered in some way; and 3) it is in the form of song. This is why, despite being very effective, he has only used this once in the whole film, specifically on Moana.

Maui and Tamatoa used to be friends.
They are very similar characters in terms of personality. When Moana says they probably get along great, Maui says, "Well, not since I ripped off his leg." keyword being since implying they did get along some time before that. It would also explain how Tamatoa knows all the things he knows about Maui.

There will be a prequel TV series about Maui's adventures before he lost his fishhook.
Basically, all the exploits he tells about in "You're Welcome" will be extended into full-length (22 minute) episodes. The series will draw inspiration from actual Polynesian myths, but there will be some Disneyfication and some original stories to fill in a whole season.

Stealing the heart of Te Fiti caused the Toba Catastrophe
The Toba Catastrophe theory states that a volcanic eruption killed almost all of humanity and reduced the population to as little as 3,000 to 10,000. The volcanic eruption was obviously Te Ka's doing - and the world became cooler, causing a great dying that reduced the population of the world to only five-digits, tops. Most of these would be on Motonui - essentially the last bastion of humanity, aside from a few islands or maybe some other small pockets of humanity (Maybe around Africa). When Moana restored the heart of Te Fiti, this ended the period of cooling that had killed well over 99% of the world's population. Maui becomes the hero to men and women because he aided in the restoration of humanity again. This leads to a bit of grimness though: When the people of Motonui set off to find other islands, there's a very good chance that they won't find people - it will take generations before they finally come into contact with the small parts of humanity that survived the Toba Catastrophe. That's assuming that the population of humanity wasn't reduced to just Motonui, in the worst case scenario.
  • Unlikely. The Toba Catastrophe was 75000 years ago. Polynesian civilization is not nearly that old.

Maui's "Fishhook" is a Soul Jar
He tanked being alone on a barren island for a millenia like a boss but still worries about his own mortality especially when his item is damaged then destroyed.

There will be a TV series based off of Moana.
It will involve her and the other villagers exploring new islands, meeting new people, and coming across other figures from Polynesian culture. Maui would show up from time to time, though not appear in every episode.

Tamatoa is Sebastian
Among Tamatoa's treasures, we see the lamp from Aladdin. In the post credit scene, Tamatoa made reference to Sebastian. Sebastian could've found Aladdin's lamp some time after the events of The Little Mermaid. In order for the timeline to match up, we'd have to go with the theories that both Aladdin and Moana are set in a post Apocalyptic setting (maybe Maui stealing the heart and Taka killing the lands around her are what caused the apocalypse that people in Aladdin are still recovering from).

Anyway, so Sebastian finds the lamp. First wish? Maybe he wants to live forever. As he goes on living forever and watches Ariel and everybody he knows die, he begins to change mentally. He clings to what he has and becomes more vain to cover up his depression. He even takes up Ariel's old habit of collecting human stuff. As time progresses, he doesn't want to be a small crab easily pushed around. So his second wish is for his giant form. (made another WMG for the third wish). The vast differences in character can be explained by Sebastian going mad with immortality. The loss in accent just happened naturally - it happens all the time in real life, and would almost be assured for a lifespan of millennia. Difference in color scheme could be explained by Sebastian seeing himself as the villain, and wanted to match the biggest villain he knew - Ursula. So when he wished to be a giant, he told Genie to make him a purple giant crab.

We also know that Maui and Tamatoa used to be friends (until the disagreement that prompted Maui to tear off one of his legs). As an immortal crab, Maui may have been his only friend for centuries. Perhaps even when Sebastian was still small before his wish to be a giant.

What supports this? Number one is the lamp seen in the treasure pile next to Maui's hook. Second, Tamatoa not only has a song (hardly surprising, every talking character sings) but he actively enjoyed the song and asks Moana and Maui if they liked it. Remember, Sebastian is a composer, and I guess some things don't change. Third, Tamatoa's song: "Tamatoa didn't always used to be so fab| I was a drab little crab once". So we know Tamatoa was once an ordinary crab.

Lastly, what was one of the first observations Genie made when Aladdin awakened him? He said that Aladdin was a lot smaller than his last master. So, who could that former master be? Perhaps a giant crab?

Tamatoa third wish is to become the magic carpet.
Going off the previous WMG, Tamatoa eventually gave up when it became clear he wasn't going to turn over. Not wanting to spend eternity on his back, and after a long talk, Genie talked him into assuming another form. The magic carpet. Thus he gets off his back and is more mobile than ever. Why a Carpet? Who knows. Maybe Genie felt spiteful watching his master turn evil and twisted the wish. Maybe Tamatoa decided a different form of vanity would be better.

Note that the Magic Carpet in Aladdin has the purple and gold color scheme that Tamatoa has. And we first see the Magic Carpet in a place full of gold. And Genie and Carpet clearly know each other as they greet as soon as Genie comes out of the lamp.

As to why the Carpet in Aladdin isn't as evil as Tamatoa, for one consider its been 10,000 years (we know because Genie says it's been as long since his last master). Also, Tamatoa was never quite that evil - all he does is eat and be vain. Also in the end credits, Tamatoa mentions his old life as Sebastian, so perhaps he was already feeling remorse.

Some treasure was converted into Carpet's gold trim, but Tamatoa guarded the lamp and other treasure. Over time, somehow (a lot can happen in 10,000 years), this treasure ends up in the Cave of Wonders.

Because of Heihei, chickens became sacred on Motunui.
Moana and Maui know better, but to date, Heihei survived drowning multiple times, and saved the Heart of Te Fiti from falling overboard. After hearing of Moana's adventure, her people honour the rooster by abstaining from chicken meat. Many years later, Motunui and the islands the people went on to discover are overrun with Heihei's descendants.

Tamatoa is the backstory of the Sovereign
After years (possibly many years) of being stuck on his back, he figured out the secret of Voluntary Shapeshifting, and was able to get out that way. Henceforth, he tended to default to human form, as being smaller and more agile and thus less likely to have that happen again. The agelessness of his human form is caused by his true identity as a giant, nigh-indestructible crab monster, and of course he retained his glamour and flair for singing.

The Ocean is not actually a Genius Loci but a god/demigod of the ocean.
It's the only thing keeping the creator of the world from physically going out and doing more harm. And perhaps, it was slowing down the darkness as much as it could so that a savior could be found. Surely Te Fiti even as Te Ka could control or at least, defend against the ocean - even sentient oceans - unless it had divine power.

Maui's tattoo isn't actually sentient. He's just crazy.
While the idea that Maui's tattoos are magical in nature - a tattoo of Moana manifesting after returning the heart - is not too far-fetched, there is no actual proof that the tattoos have a mind of their own. We the audience see it move and emote, but Maui himself is the only one in the film who acknowledges them as moving.

To put all of this in context, they make a point that Maui has been trapped alone on that island for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. With no one to talk to but himself, he kept himself from cracking completely on that island by hallucinating an imaginary friend of sorts, and who would someone as narcissistic as Maui imagine as company? Himself of course, thinking that tattoos of himself on his body are capable of holding a conversation with him. It also acts as a manifestation of his superego, wishing for him to act like a true hero in situations when he himself consciously does not.

  • The theory is partly Jossed. Moana does react to the tattoos moving. When Mini-Maui shoots her a wink at the start of "You're Welcome", she visibly reacts in surprise.

Moana is actually a demigoddess of the ocean, but doesn't know it.
This would explain why the ocean keeps helping her to a point, but doesn't just take her all the way without a boat as it seems capable of doing. Moana could do this if she knew the extent of her powers, but she doesn't realize she can. For example, when the ocean keeps putting her back on the boat after Maui throws her off, what really happens is she hits the water, desires to be back on the boat, and starts to try and move that direction and her water powers manifest even though she isn't aware of it. This would also explain why she can get pounded by waves into coral, or smash into rocks while falling from great heights in the realm of monsters, and suffer so little injury. Even stuff like the water parting around her as a child could be the effect of the baby's mind unintentionally employing the powers of the ocean. The only thing is doesn't explain is when the ocean gives her information by shaking/nodding its "head", but hey if the ocean is semi-sentient or contains any sprites, fairies, etc, then of course they would answer questions for the demigoddess of the Ocean.
  • And we know from Maui's backstory that a human can be turned into a demigod, so it's not such a stretch that the Ocean might have made Moana a demigoddess, possibly as a side-effect of choosing her when she was a baby.

Moana's grandmother performed a Heroic Sacrifice of sorts to keep the Chief from burning the boats.
This was what I was sure happened when I first watched the movie and I was surprised to never hear it brought up. The timing is very convenient (for the plot). Moana talks with her grandmother, which leads to her finding the boats and deciding to use them, which her grandmother knows, so then her dad goes to burn the boats and immediately gets the news granny is dying. Now, I'm not saying she exactly committed suicide or anything, but maybe she had some minor latent magical powers from possessing the Heart, and was using these to keep herself alive and healthy. When she realized her son was going to burn the boats, she realized the only way to stop him and to ensure the success of returning the Herat was to stop using the power of life on herself and allow herself to succumb to the natural ways of aging and death (which presumably caught up her with really fast since she'd prolonged her health with magic) and then become a manta-ray spirit-guide to her granddaughter.

Tamatoa is a low-ranking mook of a higher evil power.
The extra voices singing most prominently during the last part of "Shiny" are either fellow minions of or are outright said evil power. Maybe this could help lead into a sequel where this evil power will take center stage, and was the reason Te Fiti became Te Ka. Tamatoa is just a low-ranking minion of this evil or even an unwitting pawn. While he's obviously covered in bioluminescent algae and Lalotai is a sort of supernatural realm of monsters, his darker colors seem a bit too animate. Maybe they have something to do with the evil power. The last chunk of "Shiny" with the extra Voice of the Legion singing just comes off to me as hinting at something darker and deeper than Tamatoa.

The Sequel will explore more Polynesian peoples
Many a complaint on Tumblr expresses that Moana (Supposedly) is racist in that they only show one group of people. Polynesia is composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of islands. Different islands have different peoples, and therefore different cultures. Motonui is more of a generic Polynesian civilization, but they're the only civilization shown. Hopefully, we'll see how diverse Polynesia really is.
  • The setting is meant to be around 2000 years ago as a hypothetical proto-Polynesia, so its unlikely unless the sequel decides to explore the different island cultures branching out.

Tamatoa will get his own sequel series, which takes place pre meeting Moana
Enough to explore. His transformation from "drab little crab" (as he sings he was) into his glam current (as of Moana) self. Maui will be there as well, and it will show his and Tamatoa's backstory of feud (and maybe prior friendship, see other WMG), including how Maui came to rip off Tamatoa's leg. Te Kā will be the Big Bad. Since it takes place before the events of "Moana", it will also have a young Tala.Sebastian will have cameos. And did Tamatoa really eat his grandma?

Lalotai is The Upside Down
What we see is only a part of the whole world; the Upside Down near where Tamatoa lives.

If the sequel really is about a Latina princess, it won't be a direct sequel.
While there actually is evidence that Polynesia and South America had made contact in the past, it seems a bit much to have Moana and her people to go to South America and come across a Latina princess. Instead, the sequel will take place long after Moana and the only thing that will indicate the it's a sequel to Moana is the mythology matching that of the sequel's mythology and/or the events of the movie being alluded to. For example, maybe it'll be mentioned how the daughter of a chief saved the goddess by returning her heart, or a shapeshifting demigod returns...

Moana is a Princess.
  • Definitely a Seeker Calling, and would probably belong to the Court of Swords. Holy Shield explains how she is capable of taking blows that should have seriously injured her without any visible sign, and Celestial Grace could explain how she pulls off some of her acrobatic and athletic feats.

Tamatoa is Mr. Krabs
  • Crazy mass guessing, just because. Mr. Krabs is basically a demi-god in Spongebob...who's to say he didn't take his money obsession WAY too far before discovering Krabby Patties? Tamatoa is obsessed with 'shiny' things...Krabs is obsessed with money. Both are (more or less) willing to kill for what's basically gold. Both are REALLY old. Both have long-term rivalries with another....Tamatoa found a better way to get shiny things. Being a businessman and selling cheap food. Tamatoa even says: "I just love free food"...which is VERY close to what Mr. Krabs says in Band Geeks "When do we get the free food?". No, it doesn't make sense, but this is what WMG is about.


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