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Miles will get Acquired Situational Narcissism at some point.
Miles shows in "The Galactic Fair" and other episodes that he dislikes failure, while the rest of his family is fine with it. Miles rarely faces a challenge to his ego, and can get carried away with his ideas. While none of this has posed a problem yet, it's not impossible to imagine his string of heroic victories in tandem with his dislike of failure going to his head.

Loretta will get a birthday episode soon.
Phoebe had "Happy Captain's Day" as a Mother's Day episode, and Leo had "The Adventures of Jet Retrograde" as a Father's Day episode. This leaves Loretta as the next family member, not counting Miles and Merc getting a double birthday episode, to get an episode around a day for her, unless Stella and IOTA get episodes first.
  • Why not Miles?

Gadfly Garnett will have a Heel-Face Turn.

Gadfly finishes "Unexpected Ally" by saying Miles's name correctly as a sign of respect. In "Saving Lumaro," he reveals he's thinking about retiring from space thievery, but goes to steal Lumaro's Staridium to support himself. If Gadfly does eventually reform, this will likely be sometime during the third season.


Commander S'Leet is the Big Bad, not Gadfly.
In "Galactech: The S'Leet Heist," S'Leet is accompanied by a villainous march. He is more serious and threatening than Gadfly, so, if Gadfly does have a Heel-Face Turn, he will quickly reveal himself as the true villain of the show.

Miles is colorblind.

Miles thinks Gadfly is purple, and that Loretta wears purple, even though they are actually pink and wearing pink, respectively. This may be a sign that he has deuteranomaly, the most common form of color-blindness, which makes pink-purple tones look bluer. Colorblindness is matrilineal, and the Stellosphere, which is distinctly devoid of reds and greens on the outside, is captained by Miles's mother.

Loretta is part alien.

Loretta has an interest in alien life and culture that far exceeds her family members, and she also comes off as "alien" compared to them. Loretta has a couple striking physical and personality traits that differ from everyone else in her family. First, she has auburn hair. As a Frozen fanfic writer pointed out, a blonde and a brunette can’t have a redhead. Second, Loretta lacks the flying tech gene that everyone else in her whole family has. Third, she has the lightest skin of her family—nobody else in her family has her pale pink complexion. Fourth, her eyes are a paler, brighter green than Leo’s—Leo’s are more hazel. Fifth, Loretta does not have the social gene that everyone else in her family has, but is the Child Prodigy of the household—Miles's pilot skills are shared by other children. Sixth, Loretta is the only anthropologist in the family. The Disneyverse shows various cases of children who differ from their birth parents, and that’s because some outside factor played a role in their mothers’ pregnancies. I believe the Builders organized it—the TTA have no idea. Phoebe was injected with alien DNA very early on in her pregnancy so that the DNA could merge together, and Phoebe would just think that some aliens tried to experiment on her, not on her baby—Phoebe didn’t know she was pregnant until later. Sometime further into the pregnancy or after birth, Phoebe and Leo found out what had happened. Loretta seeks out alien life because she is trying to find the third part of her. Leo and Phoebe were selected because Phoebe’s alien-tolerant and a space explorer, while Leo is an inventor. The Builders have been laying clues and tests out for Loretta, some intentional, others unintentional. Loretta was supposed to find the Galactech Globe in the cave first, but unlocked the supernova portal instead. Fortunately, this was a good thing, as it exceeded the Builders’ expectations of her skill. Loretta was chosen to become a communicator between the TTA and other alien groups, especially the planets the Builders watch over.

  • Okay; while this theory is sound enough, I would like to point out that it has been proven that human genetics are weird with such things as "identical twins who are different races" and "two blond Caucasians having a baby with Native American features" as possibilities. Loretta being a redhead isn't impossible and since we don't know what her paternal grandparents looked like when they were younger, she could have gotten it from them and in the same vein, if it's in her genes somewhere, it could have come out in her.

On that vein, Loretta was born on the Moon.

This isn't unusual for the Callisto family, as Miles being born the same day Merc was adopted at the robot pet factory implies Miles wasn't born on Earth, either. Loretta is called “Moonflower,” which may imply her birthplace. Being born on the Moon means her birthday is somewhere between January 21 and February 20, looking at “Lunar New Year.” This helps explain why in that episode, Po Po and Gong Gong go to Loretta first, and the loss of the fireworks is treated lightly—Loretta’s birthday is more important to the family than the celebration of first day of the new year. Miles doesn’t discuss this because he focuses on the present, especially present tasks. Loretta’s birthday being between January 21 and February 20 makes her an Aquarius rising, which makes sense when looking at her appearance and personality—she’s hard-working, sometimes to a fault where she can stay up late working, she’s ambitious, can be firm, she’s admired, an explorer, stubborn, devoted, pushes things forward, is direct, can be detached, and can appear eccentric. Capricorns and Aquarii stereotypically also have unusual teeth, which may explain why Loretta doesn’t show her teeth very much. She has a film over her front teeth to straighten them, which isn’t noted, but her front teeth do look a little gray. I believe it was important that Loretta made friends after her twelfth birthday, which was covered in “Lunar New Year.” The Chinese Zodiac rolls around every twelve years, so that year was especially meaningful to Loretta—having a strong reminder of her origin may have helped her embrace her “in between” nature more. As for her Chinese Zodiac sign? The Rat—Loretta is diligent, creative, and intellectual, but also insecure, grudging, and irritable at times.


There will be an episode in which the Callistas visit Earth, and the capitol of the Tomorrowland Alliance.
The capitol, known as Epcot, has a mass-transit system called the TTA PeopleMover (which will be a deadringer for the attraction of the same name at the Magic Kingdom in Florida). Loretta will be fascinated by the linear-induction motor system used by the system, but things go wrong when Gadfly tries to steal some of the motors. Mission Force One is forced to give chase on the older PeopleMover system, which uses tires for propulsion instead of magnets. The episode will essentially be one huge love-letter to Tomorrowland and Epcot, past and present, as well as concepts that never got off the ground, like Tomorrowland 2055 and WestCOT.

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