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Torstyn is a Fake Defector
It seems odd that someone as sadistic as Torstyn joined the Electroclan, even if Hatch betrayed him. Early in book 6, Hatch tells him that if he has useful information, he'll give him a quick death. It's possible that he plans on turning on the Electroclan once they have their backs turned so he could get back on Hatch's good graces.
  • Jossed.

The Seventeenth Glow
With one more book on the way, we can safely assume that it will introduce the final Glow. Here are my theories as to what his/her power could be:
  • Electrical Combustion. Basically, he/she could make anything that runs on electricity (and possibly even the other Glows) explode.
  • Speed.
  • The ability to send radio waves telepathically.
  • Controlling Thunderstorms.

There will be a Sequel series centered around Jack
It seems that Jack is the Breakout Character of the series, and there's a potential premise they can work with. It'll be centered around his training with the Elgen Guard. Since we don't know what happened to Bryan and Kylee, they could return as the antagonists.

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