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The soldier Snake spared in the opening is either Black Arts Viper or the Fiend of Kalcabar.

Nanomachines are responsible for the Overnight Nation.
  • The very end of the opening titles sequence seems to suggest this, with imagry evocative of electronics or networking, finally zooming in on a sphere that reads "<JUBAL> V." During the film, Harrison mentions that the Overnight Nation acts "In the name of Jubal." They shout "Jubal!" as a battlecry and behave almost like zombies. Vitalij, a native of the area, is perfectly normal until he sees the complex where the fighting is taking place, and there is clearly a process of some kind that turns him nuts. Brainwashing via nanomachines would explain everything.

Plus, this is Metal Gear, right? Nanomachines is the reason for anything in this series!

Abraham Bishop works for the LA-LI-LU-LE-LO.
  • To what end, who knows, but one of the film's trailers does mention the LA-LI-LU-LE-LO, so the film's continuity may very well include them.


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