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The Fear and Vamp are related.
They both run on water. Discounting "nanomachines", because Jesus mode does not make sense with nanomachines.

Snake Eater is one of the VR missions that Raiden went through.
Think about it, when you cause a time paradox, the one that yells at you for it is Campbell, when it seems more likely that Otacon would be the one yelling at Solid Snake if it was him. After all, why would the real Colonel Campbell even know about time paradoxes? Unless it's not the real one, it's the Colonel, aka GW. It also explains some of the general oddities, like the fact that Naked Snake has the same voice as Solid Snake, when Solid Snake, while a clone, is still not 100% Big Boss, as proven by the mention of him being part Japanese (due to the genetic mother) in Metal Gear Solid, and neither of his brothers, nor Big Boss in most other games, having that voice. Additionally, while the Time Paradox thing is only said due to your own actions, it comes up any time you die. In the Time Paradox game over, "Snake" is blamed for a time paradox. This was, prior to the Big Shell, Raiden's code name as well. It would also explain things like Raikov. Identical look alikes across time periods is not a normal thing in the Metal Gear universe. It would also further make Raiden idolize Snake, showing him that any Snake, in any time period, is an indestructible one man army. It might also help him to not totally break down at the insanity of Dead Cell. After all, The Fear does run on water too. Additionally, the more complex and realistic nature would be a perfect countermeasure to the drawbacks of the VR training.

Big Boss is Cross-Dominant.
The proof is in Metal Gear Solid 3. When he loses his eye, his vision isn't that much impaired, because only a small part of the screen is affected. This is very much like the vision of one who has ocular dominance in their left eye. (Whenever they close their right eye.) Yet, his dominant hand is the right hand seeing as his gun is always held with the right hand.This troper knows because he too is cross-dominant.

The Boss and Big Boss are Metal Gear's equivalent of Bruce Lee.
In physical abilities, that is. Both the Boss and Big Boss are shown to be able to flip someone over without any leverage over them, multiple times.

Bruce Lee was able to do similar stuff no average person can do. (Like pushups with only his thumbs)

The Boss's real name is Rosemary.
Big Boss is referred to as Jack, and we all know that Kojima likes reusing names. Plus it would be kind of appropriate since The Boss and Rose share the same Japanese voice actor.

Alternatively, the Boss's real name is Joy.
Because Joy is an actual English name. Plus, as she is the only Cobra who doesn't appear to embody her emotion, this is the only way that calling her "Joy" would make sense.
  • Utterly wrong, both because she is in-universe noted for the joy she exudes in battle, and by the fact she embodies the phrase "the greatest joy is the joy of duty."
  • A more plausible real name for the Boss would be Abigail. It's meaningful, but not obviously so, and it forms some Alphabetical Theme Naming with Ocelot's real name (Adamska).

Third theory: The Boss's real name is Lilith.
If only because we have already have an Adam, Eve, and Snake.

The whole reason Ocelot is such a two-faced dick is because he's a Gemini
Not because he was taken from his parents at a few minutes old. Not because he was raised by the evil conspiracy. Not because several intelligence organizations hired him simultaneously (?!). If The Sorrow and The Boss had only got their Marvin Gaye on almost any other time than nine months before D-Day.

The entire series was a Gambit Roulette set up by the Sorrow
Think about it. He's perfectly content to let the Boss shoot him... My Death Is Just the Beginning anyone? Also, during your "Boss Fight" with him, he makes cryptic remarks about events in the future. And, he's OCELOT'S FATHER. In the Blood indeed...
  • There's some untapped Fridge Brilliance in this theory. Remember how in MGS2 it is revealed that the Wisemen's Committee, the brains behind the Patriots, were all dead? What could have happened was The Sorrow using his powers to make the Wisemen's Committee manipulate all the events from behind the scenes, using their not-physically-alive state a good basis for Plausible Deniability. Sadly, this doesn't happen in MGS4.

Big Boss was messing with Ocelot
And Ocelot fell for it. What kind of idiot uses an obsolete revolver in modern combat? No ammo capacity, and very slow reloading time.
  • Obviously, Ocelot's ideal weapon would be the Calico M960 machine-pistol. "One hundred bullets. More than enough to kill anything everything that moves."
  • And if he'd known Ocelot were that gullible, Big Boss have probably recommended that he use a Thompson Contender.
    • On the other hand, Ocelot's original sidearm only had seven shots, as did Snake's pistol. At the time he suggested it, six bullets wasn't much less than standard.
      • The problem with this is that not only does it not solve the reloading issue, it Not Solves it to more staggering proportions than most people realize; the Single-Action Army has to have it's spent casings ejected one at a time, and then you can start reloading it one bullet at a time.
      • Given the skill Ocelot had demonstrated up to that point, Snake knew that by the time he had to reload, there would be at least six dead bodies on the ground. Between that and his pack of minions, reloading was unlikely to be a concern.
      • All of this ignores the fact that Ocelot literally gets off on reloading and has a cowboy fetish. It was just a matter of time before he tried reloading a revolver in a fight. Also, choosing the SAA Colt was Ocelot's choice. He could have tried a revolver that could use a speed loader.
      • All of this also ignores the fact that, except for extremely limited and rare circumstances, for military purposes a handgun is an emergency back-up weapon. It's for fighting your way back to pick up the rifle you shouldn't have put down in the first place. It is not the primary CQB weapon of choice. Handguns—any handgun, no matter how many cartridges they hold between reloads—were obsolete in that role even in World War I and haven't been a viable primary choice since, oh, say, 1875—if you were a cavalryman and your only alternatives were a lance and a saber.
  • Big Boss specifically tells (an uncomprehending) Paramedic that Ocelot "might just be handy with a high-caliber revolver." Even if he didn't specify which one (the Makarov, perhaps...), it subtracts from the notion that he didn't mean exactly what he told him.
    • A makarov is an autoloader pistol...
      • The makarov is what he was using already
  • He recommended a revolver due to Ocelot's style. Ocelot really liked to twirl his guns and also try out new tricks in combat like twisting the arm to reduce recoil. Snake wouldn't have known what kind of revolver Ocelot would have picked, but he had a hunch that it really wouldn't matter. The revolver was recommended because the tricks that Ocelot liked to do caused his gun to jam, revolvers don't jam unless something large enough gets stuck and stops the cylinder unlike the Makarov that got jammed because the arm twisting probably caused the clip to not move the next round up properly. Revolvers aren't outdated in and of themselves, so again it is back to him not mentioning a specific revolver. The fact that Ocelot is able to use an outdated one with such skill, hell even two of them at some point, just shows off his skill. Clip size doesn't matter when he can and does kill multiple people with a single bullet via ricochet.
  • Actually, his gun jammed because he attempted to do a Middle Eastern technique that involved ejecting the first bullet by hand, but he had never done it before, he only heard about it. He screwed up, and the gun jammed.

Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place chronologically between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4
Metal Gear Solid 3 is a historical reenactment, possibly taking place in an improved V.R. system. It's what Snake does on his day off (Johnny Sasaki too, perhaps).
  • You mean not all the games are supposed to be V.R. simulations other characters are playing through? I thought that's what they were saying in Metal Gear Solid 2... but then again, I could be wrong.
    • Jossed by Snake not knowing very much at all about Big Boss's story in MGS4, not even his "Naked Snake" codename. Unless he's playing the simulation after that, but Snake probably wouldn't spend his remaining days playing simulations.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is a Movie
The first in a series based off of Big Boss' recently released biography, to be precise. Big Boss is, of course, portrayed by David Hayter.

Johnny Sasaki from Snake Eater is the real Eva
Eva said it herself at the end when talking about the defectors That Adam and Eva were both men, Johnny did say he used to live in America. Also he was so helpful, making sure Snake got food and if you shared your food, he even gave you another weapon and showed you a photo with a radio frequency you could accidentally see written on the back, what a coincidence...

Big Boss didn't kill the Joy
Think about it. We have only Big Boss' word for it, and right after the fight migs napalmed the hell out of the body.
  • Well assuming the migs are the ones that follow Snake and Eva, they got called off. Why would he let her get killed by Napalm when a shot to the head would have killed her quickly and humanely. The player had to pull the trigger themselves, don't undermine that. ;_;

Raikov is a Jolteon.
One that has taken human form, obviously. Only someone with Volt Absorb could sleep with Volgin on a regular basis without getting so much as a single burn mark.

The Cobra Unit retired during MGS3
And Snake was in on it. It was all a plot to get out of the military life, a practice often referred to as desertion.

Volgin is the son of Larxene (from Org. XIII)
Both have similar coloring, slasher smiles, are sadists, have lighting powers, hang around with effeminate men and even their weapons are similar (blades in between the fingers for Larxene, Volgin just uses bullets). Volgin seems to have women issues, possibly from abandonment. The age difference could be explained by the fact that Nobodies don't age and it's possible that in her pre-Nobody days Arleen (or Relena) could have been using her female charms on Volgin's father to further herself before becoming the Savage Nymph Kingdom Hearts fans know and either love or loathe.
  • What. If I was to make a theory like that, I'd've done the other way around.

Volgin is an Occidental Otaku.
It would explain why his Survival Mantra is in gratuitous Japanese when he's Russian. And he likes bishies.

Raikov was a woman in disguise, Raiden was her grandson and Volgin was the grandfather.
Raikov is practically identical to Raiden, only with a voice that sounds like a woman (badly) imitating a man. This is because "he" wanted to do something for "his" Mother Russia. Affirmative action wasn't in place in the Soviet Union (there certainly aren't any female combatants besides American war hero The Boss) so, like any good Soviet, "he" disguised "his" gender.

Miss Raikova was quickly promoted despite being remarkably bishonen for a Russian man. Sometime later, she and a sadistic Colonel fell in love. A sadistic Colonel with lightning powers. GENETIC lightning powers presumably fueled by sadism or something. Volgin saw through her disguise (or, being bisexual, didn't care once the clothes came off). As a side note, this was the real reason Volgin identified Snake as an impostor by grabbing his dick - the real Raikov didn't have one!

Sometime before Volgin's death, he knocked Raikova up. Sometime later she gave birth to one (or both) of Raiden's parents, who either developed lightning abilities or they skipped a generation. When Raiden was born, he was orphaned (or whatever the hell happened) and can't remember his parents. So now we have the remarkably pretty depending-on-how-you-view-cyborgs Raiden - the Japanese word for 'lightning' by the way - finally revealing his lightning powers near the end of MGS4. Powers he inherited from his grandfather and looks he scored from his grandmother.

  • One: Very visible male chest when stuffed in locker two: The "no females" is gameplay mechanics, the Soviets did have female combatants.
  • Alternately, Raikov and Volgin were more in love than the game let on, and they decided to have a child through artificial insemination. Their child also rose through the ranks to become a high-ranking officer in the Russian military. Sometime later, Solidus (who must have served in the military at some point before the Patriots made him president) killed Raikov's son while fighting in some future conflict with Russia, but decided to spare his infant son (Raiden) so that he could raise him as a child soldier and make him the subject of the Patriots' S3 Program.

The entire series was just a dream
"I'M STILL IN A DREAM, snake eater"
  • or...

Naked Snake forgets to take the venom gland out of a snake he ate and everything from then on was a hallucination
that would explain all the supernatural stuff, the insane plot twists in MGS2, and ...pretty much everything that would normally be impossible.

The Boss faked her death at the end of Mission Snake Eater
She then moved to New Jersey, got a sex change operation complete with hair dye and colored contacts, and became a musician. We now know hir as Bruce Springsteen. They are both known as The Boss, after all, so they must be the same person!
  • It was insanely weird to read this while listening to the song Jungleland with and by The Boss.

In Snake Eater 3D, you can eat a Yoshi
We've seen one in the trailer.

In Snake Eater 3D, the 3D effect will be disabled when Snake loses his eye.
Seems like something Kojima would do.
  • Somewhat confirmed: the RB options during cutscenes, which show Snake's POV, do lose their depth when Snake loses the eye.

The End's surname was LaBeouf and was a Texas Ranger in his youth.
He invented the basics of sniping when he shot a notorious gang leader from more than 400 meters away to stop him from killing an old and fat one-eyed Federal Marshall and kept improving his technique from there. As a side effect of developing photosynthesis, he was also able to use the sun's healing power to heal a nasty wound to his tongue that left it nearly severed.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is Solid Snake in the Animus.

He talks to Raiden about the differences between virtual reality and real life and seems pretty knowledgeable about it. Also, if the player kills Sokolov, Ocelot or EVA, Colonel Campbell can be heard telling Snake off for creating a time paradox. "Time Paradox" could be Foxhound's own Animus' type of desynchronisation. As for why he's in the Animus, they could be trying to teach Snake about CQC, and I can't think of a better way to do so than use the bleeding effect from the man who helped create it, Big Boss.

  • Alternatively, the game is Solid Snake having leaped back to 1964 with Colonel Campbell as his "Al".

The Cobras' code names represented the emotions they instilled in others, not the emotions they felt themselves.
Hence why the Sorrow is always seen smiling, but the Joy/Boss isn't. Naturally, it would cause their code names to seem a touch ironic. To illustrate this:
  • The Joy, with her sheer will and charisma, instilled a sense of awe and pride among her colleagues and even her foes, despite her cold demeanor and heavy burden.
  • The Sorrow brought about a sense of sadness and loss through his contact with friends and foes on the other side, but learned to accept death with dignity and even happiness.
  • The Pain hurt people, but was actually numb to the many stings he received due to years of exposure.
  • The Fear scared people with his freakish nature and unpredictability, but was himself Conditioned to Accept Horror.
  • The End instilled a sense of dread and despair with his prophet-of-doom appearance, but was actually very much in tune with the environment and all things living.
  • The Fury inspired savage anger through his wanton destruction, but was actually cool and calculating... well, until the accident.

Crack idea: Cordellia Gallo is The Boss' mentor

Doctor Zoidberg exists in the Metal Gear Solid universe and was in WWII
He was, in fact, the one doing the C-section to the Boss. He was convinced the baby rested inside a ribcage

Jack -does- find an emotion to carry into battle.
And it's The Truth. He's one of few people to know what really happened in Operation Snake Eater, and he went on to found two different paramilitary organizations that allowed their members to always have a place on the battlefield. Fighting for the sake of fighting is the Truest form of fighting. Plus everything he does is based on the memory of The Boss - he's always carrying inside of him the Truth of how his mentor and the greatest soldier of her time was betrayed by her nation, and he doesn't want to see that happen to another soldier again.

Jack didn't meet The Boss by coincidence
EVA and Ocelot were raised in Philosophers' charm schools and groomed to become agents as adults, and coincidentally The Boss was a teacher in those charm schools and this is how she knew Ocelot and EVA were both applicants of that program. However Snake apparently is the only one who knew The Boss through regular means, and just so happened to become her apprentice by random chance. However what if that's not the case? What if the Philosophers knew all the way back in the 30s that certain people would grow up to have special genes and they picked Jack because they knew he was special? And from the get go they set him up to meet The Boss so that she could foster a soldier with those traits? Big Boss's life would have another layer of tragedy tailored on top of everything else, his entire life would be a well crafted and engineered lie, with the only pocket of meaning to be found in the whole messed up affair being the human decency of The Boss.
  • The Boss outright says that she was drawn to Snake having read his dossier and felt an affinity for him due to both of them having been nuclear test subjects.

Volgin revealed the location of the Legacy on purpose
Let's look at the facts:
  • Volgin knew there was a spy in Groznyj Grad.
  • This spy was in contact with Snake.
  • America was after the Legacy.

Volgin "accidentally" revealed the exact location of the Legacy and then secretly laid a trap in the vault, figuring that either the spy would go after it, allowing him to find out who it was, or Snake would escape and go after the Legacy himself, allowing Volgin to capture him again.

Also, consider this: Snake's escape from Groznyj Grad seemed almost -too- easy. Sure, there were some difficulties along the way (patrols, guard dogs, Ocelot chasing him through the sewer), but overall, it wasn't all that difficult for Snake to escape. -Because Volgin wanted it that way.-Why else would he let Snake keep his radio, then put him in a cell that is opened with a radio frequency?

To expand even further, it's possible that the Legacy wasn't even in the underground vault; at least, not when Volgin said it was. He may have moved it there after the fact to bait the trap. All he would have to do at that point is closely monitor the vault, and, depending on the situation, either recapture Snake, or discover who the spy is.

James Bond, or at least an Agent 007 does exist within the Metal Gear universe.
And he carries out hundreds of black ops missions for Britain on a regular basis. Like Solid Snake/Big Boss, he is considered to be the greatest agent Britain has. The name "James Bond" is actually one of his many aliases, his real name unknown to this day. His aging, somehow, has been slowed, allowing him to operate from the very start of the Cold War to the present day. His creation and training were only known to a select group of 4 at Mi 6, the Prime Minister and the Royal Family.

However, to truly hide his existence from the public, the British government decided to make use of Fiction as Cover-Up.

First, a series of novels were published under the supervision of Mi 6 and the Ministry of Defense, which were very close to the truth, but with enough elements to make them seem like adventure stories. The Bond girls were either targets occasionally seduced by Agent 007 or agents he teamed up with, but with outlandish names to hide their identities. Some antagonists were composites of others, such as Blofeld, who was inspired by three different targets Bond took out. Others were real, like Dr. No, but had their motives changed. In No's case, he was a Tong boss that ran a powerful syndicate out of Jamaica and occasionally smuggled missiles, instead of being a nuclear physicist ruining Cape Canerval missile launches. Agent 007, meanwhile, had a similar personality to his literary version, being a cold blooded hitman, but wasn't really a Sex God, preferring to remain friends with any female agents and focus on his job instead. As for the bases 007 headed to, all of them were completely razed afterwards and any traces quietly removed. He was also instructed to Leave No Survivors when infiltrating his target's base, to prevent any leaks to the press. His American comrade, Felix Leiter, was completely made up, made only to give the character an American counterpart.

As successful as the novels were, though, there was a concern that it was still too close to the truth. So, the government decided to set up an ongoing series of propaganda films. However, this time, the truth had to be stretched as far as possible. Multiple actors were cast to play James Bond, as a larger-than-life, Nigh Invulnerable, One-Man Army heroic pornomancer, each carefully selected to make sure that they didn't resemble the real 007 too much. The Bond girls of the novels were changed further into either love interests, typical action girls or brief eye candy. Villains had their evilness and hamminess cranked Up to Eleven. Gadgets became futuristic wonders, cool cars were driven, exotic locales were visited and spying was presented as a thrilling adventure to the public. Finally, just to make sure, the films were heavily hyped until they overshadowed the novels in fame.

The results were tremendously successful, inspiring parodies, homages and other fictional spies. To this day, the public remains convinced that Agent 007 is a work of fiction.

As for Major Zero and Big Boss? Zero isn't aware that Agent 007 exists, due to not being part of the select group said earlier. But Big Boss, knowing him, could very well have encountered and worked with Agent 007 at some point, and dislikes the movies because they aren't at all like the man he knows.

The 3DS version only exists for the Interface Screw
It's always seem really strange that a 3DS version of this game was made, especially since no other Metal Gear game was ever released on any Nintendo portable. Having a 3D game which changed to a 2D game when the main character lost an eye was too great an opportunity to pass up, and by an interesting coincidence Naked Snake lost his eye in MGS 3, so that's why he chose that game to port.

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