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SMG3 or another villain from the series will be the Big Bad
It wouldn't even be out of the ordinary if they were competing in the Splatfest. After all, Mario, Luigi and Tari are on Meggy's team and that didn't raise any red flags, did it?
  • Jossed. The closest person to Big Bad in the movie is Team Killer Ink's Leader. SMG3 doesn't even appear in the movie.

If Meggy wins the final Splatfest, it will take cues from Ash's victory in the Alola Pokemon League.
SMG4 has a tendency to reference popular memes.

SMG3 will NOT be the Big Bad
That character had no involvement with the Anime Arc. More likely, the Big Bad of this movie will be someone connected to the Anime Cartel; possibly members of the cartel seeking to avenge Francis' death. It could even turn out to reveal that Francis survived the explosion and is attempting once again to achieve his goal.
  • Alternatively, the Big Bad is an Inkling who is A Nazi by Any Other Name rallying the people of Inkopolis to invade the Mushroom Kingdom and exterminate the populace for allowing Francis to do what he did.
    • The main antagonists will most likely be Team Killer Ink, but the whole racism plot isn’t ruled out just yet. It is possible that they will be extremely racist towards Meggy during competition, and may even target Saiko and especially Axol after they lose, since Axol’s involvement in unbanning anime in the Mushroom Kingdom played a huge part in the subsequent mass kidnapping of Inklings. Plus, Axol was bullied as a child for liking anime by his peers in Inkopolis.
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    • Confirmed? Team Killer Ink are the main antagonists, and they and the rest of Inkopolis save the Squid Sisters are extremely racist towards humans including Meggy, even going so far as to ban humans from their stores, food outlets and arcade games. However, there are no other antagonists save the other teams.

Meggy will turn back into an Inkling during the last portion of the movie
Since only Inklings and Octolings can compete in Splatfest, the movie may involve the characters looking for a way to undo Meggy's transformation. Unless they find another loophole (ie; one of the other characters becomes an Inkling).
  • Jossed. Humans are allowed to take part in the Splatfest and Meggy remains a human.

Meggy will leave the series after the movie
With her storyline being completed and there being nothing left for her to strive towards. It would make sense if this movie is SMG4 creating a final swan song for the character. Maybe with even a heartfelt goodbye at the end of the movie towards her friends.
  • Oh, please. That would be like if Logan got rid of Jeffy.
    • Don't invoke his name here.
      • Alternatively, she may gradually take a back seat for another new female character throughout 2020, like with Peach during the late 2010s, but both won’t necessarily be written out of the SMG4 universe entirely.

Meggy won't win Splatfest.
At the last minute, she and her team will be disqualified for not being Inklings. The new Big Bad will be responsible for this, one who is
A Nazi by Any Other Name and inflaming Inkling supremacist sentiments in Inkopolis using Francis as an example of why all other species are dangerous and should be destroyed.
  • I cannot believe it, but Jossed. Though defeated by the Ink Brigade in the second round, Team Splatsquad go through to the finals after exposing them as cheating, and Meggy proceeds to win the whole thing.

Meggy’s parents will be introduced.
It was alluded in Season 9 that Meggy has parents, though their whereabouts and statuses are unknown for now. Her mother and father will show up to root for her during the competition. Worst case scenario; Meggy is banned and ousted entirely from her nation because of Francis’ actions, regardless of whether or not she wins like she promised to Desti. Whatever the outcome may be, Meggy will not be safe in her own apartment and will have to leave SMG4’s group for a while to move with her parents elsewhere.
  • Jossed. Meggy's parents are not mentioned in the movie.

This is not the last we see of Team Killer Ink.
  • Agreed. The next arc will see Leader usurp whoever is in charge of Inkopolis, rally an army, and invade the Mushroom Kingdom to Kill All Humans and other races not native to Inkopolis. Not only will it be very dark, but some of the recurring characters will be killed off. Oh, and Waluigi will use the Power of Rejection for good.

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