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The game's tone
The game may have a lighter tone in the early parts of the game. Then suddenly, the tone will shift if the Maverick Virus is involved. With all things considered, Dr. Wily has put the Maverick Virus in Zero, and this game could show Wily using the virus for its potential for this game's Robot Masters. Unlike in 8 where the Evil Energy will infect anything, and it infected Mega Man himself until Duo dispersed the energy out of him.
  • Jossed, the game's tone is standard fare for the series, and the Maverick Virus and Zero don't appear at all.

Potential Robot Masters
  • Electricity-themed Robot Masters — all were Jossed when Fuse Man was revealed.
  • Fire-themed Robot Masters — all were Jossed when Torch Man was revealed.

  • Acid Man- As his name suggest, he shoots acid.
    • Possibly confirmed based on a promotional image showing a blurred-out Stage Select; he would most likely be the top center Robot Master. Every other name besides Tundra Man has been correct.
      • Confirmed as of the release of this video, which also confirms Tundra Man.
  • Clay Man- He can shape shift, kind of like the Yellow Devil.
  • Saw Man- He's a close range fighter, like Sword Man.
  • Ghost Man - He has the ability to phase through attacks.
  • Sky Man - He can fly.
  • Mail Man - He'll use envelopes as projectile attacks (similar to Gambit's playing cards).
  • Holo Man
  • Blast Man
    • Confirmed! We now officially have the first case of a Robot Master being introduced after their NetNavi counterpart.
      • Not a counterpart. They just share a name.
  • Rain Man
  • Assault Man - A Robot Master with tons of missiles.
  • Wizard Man - A Robot Master which is well... a wizard.
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  • Gear Man
  • Barrier Man - He can create barriers.
  • Polar Man - An ice-elemental Robot Master.
    • Jossed, the ice elemental in this game is called Tundra Man.
  • Satellite Man
  • Mountain Man
  • Leaf Man - A plant-like Robot Master, not unlike Wood Man and Plant Man
  • Lantern Man- Either a fire-themed Robot Master or a Light-themed one.
  • Coal Man
  • Axe Man - He can throw tomahawks, like Tomahawk Man
  • Trash Man - A trash-themed Robot Master, in a way similar to Junk Man
  • Kunai Man - A japanese-like Robot Master, like Shadow Man and Yamato Man
  • Spear Man - An expy of Yamato Man, but without the japanese features.
  • Tool Man - A Robot Master who is Multi-Armed and Dangerous.
  • Photon Man
  • Surf Man - A water-elemental Robot Master
  • Heavy Man
  • Laser Man - It would be a neat way to bring back the infamous Quick Man death lasers, and also introduce the first new laser weapon in the series since Mega Man 3 (the laser-in-name-only Laser Trident notwithstanding).
    • It would be also an awesome Mythology Gag, where a NetNavi gains a robot counterpart in the Classic timeline.
  • Lead Man - You get a shield ability from him.
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  • EMP Man - His weakness would be the Lead Shield.

Mega Man's swimming ability from Mega Man 8 is back.
Well, the Charge Shot and Slide are back, so why not?
  • Hey, this is the creator of the WMG. I want to beat everyone to the punch and admit I was wrong about MM 8-style swimming returning.

Potential Secret Bosses
Since this is the game celebrating the 30th anniversary, I don't see why Capcom can't squeeze in some extra bosses, and not just from the main series— Rather, we could get representatives from all the different sub-series, be it through Time Travel, dimension travel, or some other unexplained method. While I don't know who we'd get for the Classic Series, here are some potential ideas.

...Of course, most of this is just wishful thinking but hey, a guy can dream.

  • In any case, all of the above has been Jossed. There are no secret bosses.

Possible Role Reprisals For The Game

Megaman: Hekiru Shiina (His voice in the Megaman arcade games), Yumiko Kobayashi (His voice in Mega Man Powered Up), Kaoru Fujino (His voice in the MvC games) or Ai Orikasa (His voice in Mega Man 8, Super Adventure Rockman, and more recently, in Super Robot Wars X-Ω)

Dr Light: Shozo Iizuka (His voice in Mega Man 8 and Super Adventure Rockman)or Tomohisa Aso (His voice in Mega Man Powered Up)

Protoman: Jin Yamanoi (His voice in the Megaman arcade games), Ryotaro Okiayu (His voice in Mega Man 8, Super Adventure Rockman and more recently, in Super Robot Wars X-Ω) or Daisuke Kageura (His voice in Mega Man Powered Up)

Roll: Kaoru Fujino (Her voice in the MvC games) or Hiromi Igarashi (her voice in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom) or Yoshimi Ninomiya (His voice in Mega Man Powered Up)

Bass (If he appears) : Koji Tobe (His voice in the Megaman arcade games) or Nobuyuki Hiyama (His voice in Mega Man 8 and more recently, in Super Robot Wars X-Ω)

Duo (If he appears): Takashi Nagasako (His voice in the Megaman arcade games) or Jurota Kosugi (His voice in Mega Man 8)

  • Jossed with Mega Man. He'll be voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara, a new voice actress which never debuted in any Mega Man games.
  • Jossed again with Roll. She'll be voiced by Yuka Iguchi, who, like Fukuhara above, is a new voice actress which never debuted in any Mega Man games.
  • Jossed (once again) with Dr. Light as he is now voiced by Nobuo Tobita. Albeit unlike the former two, Tobita did a character (Raoul) from the franchise before being cast as Dr. Light.

Possible voice actors for Dr.Wily

Given that Takeshi Aono died in 2012, Dr.Wily really needs another voice actor for the game.

  • A possible one is Mugihito, given that he also voiced Sigma, the main villain of the X subseries. And given Wily and Sigma's Hijacked by Ganon tendencies, it's likely a Casting Gag.
  • Another one would be Katsumi Cho, who did the Battle Network version of Wily. It would be a weird combo of Casting Gag and Role Reprisal.
  • Kotaro Nakamura. Given that he voiced at least two popular videogame villans in recent memory (Dr.Eggman and Dr.Buggler), it wouldn't be much of a surprise.
  • Shigeru Chiba, who has a voice sounding very close to Takeshi Aono so he could be the likely choice.
    • Ultimately, Dr. Wily is being voiced by Hideyuki Umezu in the Japanese track, so all previous VA theories are jossed.

There will be a two-player co-op mode.
Player two will play as a newly-upgraded Roll. In single-player, there will be an option to switch between Rock and Roll between levels.
  • Jossed. The game is one player only, plus Mega Man is the only playable character

This game will be a sort of bridge between Claasic and X series
Perhaps we will see Megaman battle against Dr Wiley's final creation, Zero.Zero, who is so powerful that he becomes That One Boss of this game. All the attack patterns fans of X2 and X5 have known, but with an extra layer of difficulty to highlight how far outmatched Megaman is compared to Zero. Maybe Bass has to pull off some sort of Heroic Sacrifice just so that Megaman can live.
  • That last part is absolutely jossed in this interview. Zero is not responsible for the deaths of any classic series cast member. The rest is...unlikely. Zero's past is vague enough that it's remotely plausible, and could even be framed in a way that the classic timeline doesn't have to end, but I'd imagine Capcom would be hesitant to do anything that suggests the series' end is near.
    • Jossed, the game ends with the standard 2-form Wily Machine and Wily Capsule battle, and Zero is nowhere to be seen.

This game will end with a Crisis on Infinite Earths-style reboot.
After defeating Dr. Wily (again), something will happen (either as part of Dr. Wily's Evil Plan, or some other power) that will cause the entire Mega Man multiversenote  to resetnote , resulting in the beginning of the new continuity to be established by the upcoming new animated series (which Capcom is directly involved with), finally putting an end to (from Capcom's perspective) the endless demands from the fans (as Capcom sees them) for more games in the series, and/or for the series to go in this direction or that direction.note  It may even be caused by something similar to the Super Genesis Wave...
  • Jossed, the game ends with Dr. Wily escaping (again), and the Robot Masters have their Gears removed.

Alternately, this game will retcon itself out of the timeline.
It will either be similar to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) where it resets to before anything happens, or it will have a self-referential ending where the entire thing is revealed to be one big computer game, and as a result, everything the players saw (and did) never actually happened.
  • Jossed, it ends with Wily escaping and the game still has happened in the timeline.

In any event, this game will somehow incorporate all 11 Mega Man characters.
This includes: Rock, X, Zero, Vent, Ailenote , Gray, Ashe, Rock Volnutt, EXE, "Shooting Star" (i.e.: Subaru / Geo and War-Rock / Omega-Xis), and finally "Aki Light". All of these characters will have some kind of role in the game, which could be anything from a major role, to just a cameo.note  Furthermore, with Aki Light's appearance, this would mean that it would be possible that...

This game will end up being a tie-in to the new animated series.
Whether it's the "crisis" or "retcon" possibilities, or if it's something completely different, this game will feature Aki Lignt in some way or another.note  Of course, the show will likely not acknowledge this game at all...note 
  • Jossed, there's no tie-in to the animated series, plus none of the other Mega Man characters appear.

Scott McNeil will reprise Dr. Wily like the animated series.
At least if the game is dubbed by The Ocean Group.

Mega Man's English voice actor
Is Ben Diskin. The range is very similar.
  • Looking at his twitter confirms he was at E3 2018's Capcom booth, so Ben Diskin is most likely the newest English voice of Mega Man.

This game won't have any voice acting at all.
It would be just like all the other classic Mega Man games (that aren't Mega Man 8, of course). It won't even have voice grunts.
  • Jossed, it does have voice acting.

The gear abilities will require weapon energy.
After all, Capcom wants to make sure that the players don't use these abilities whenever they want. This includes the "double gear" ability that's used when you're low on health (which means you're in big trouble if you run out of weapon energy).
  • Jossed; the Double Gear system has its own cooldown gauge.

Even then, players will only be able to use them so often.
Once they're used (for) a certain amount of time(s), Mega Man won't be able to use them again:
  • Until he loses a lifenote 
  • Until after a "cool down" period of some kind.
    • Confirmed; there is a cooldown component for the system, and the system is completely disabled if it overheats to prevent damage to Mega Man.

The Speed Gear ability doesn't slow down time, it slows down the action (including Mega Man himself).
This means it can't be used to to—for example—take your time to easily avoid the laser beams that automatically destroy you.
  • Jossed, it doesn't slow down Mega Man. Not only that, but Mega Man can even buy a part that lets move at normal speed while using the Speed Gear.

Contrary to what the official information implies, Mega Man must earn the gear abilities after defeating certain robot masters.
This would be similar to previous games where you defeat robot masters in order to get the three platforms or the Rush abilities.
  • The Double Gear system is supposed to be a new game mechanic. Mega Man didn't earn the power to slide and charge his shots in previous games. Why would he earn this?
    • Jossed to the scrap heap; Mega Man gets it installed at the start explicitly to counter Wily's rampant use of it in his Robot Masters.

Alternately, he'll have to collect parts in the stages in order to make them.
This would be similar to Mega Man 5 or 6 where he had to collect parts in order to get Beat, or Mega Man 7 where he had to collect parts to get the Super Adapter.
  • Jossed; part of Mega Man's initial setup.

Alternately again, he'll have to buy them from an item shop
.Moreover, like Mega Man 8, there will be a limited amount of bolts, which means he'll have to choose which power-ups and upgrades he wants, including the gear abilities.
  • Most definitely Jossed - the E3 trailer shows an item shop more in line with 9 and 10, and the Double Gear system is part of Mega Man's initial setup in this game.note 

Much like Zero in Mega Man X4, Roll will have her own story mode
If not in a co-op mode. It would be nice to see Roll being playable in a canonical game.
  • She also would have exclusive bosses (A similar similation with X/Double and Zero/Iris). A possible one would have to be a evil clone of her.
    • Bonus points if said "Evil Roll" is brown-eyed and wields a whip, as a Mythology Gag.
      • Jossed. Mega Man is the only playable character.

Like Roll above, Proto Man, Bass and Duo will have their own story modes
Bonus points if Bass' exclusive final boss is Mega Man.
  • Jossed. Again, Mega Man is the only playable character, plus Proto Man, Bass, and Duo don't appear at all.

If there are playable characters other than Mega Man, they most likely won't have the Double Gear system.
Gameplay wise to make Mega Man unique, story wise because it generally would make no sense to have them installed as well.

At least one of the Robot Masters is named after a NetNavi.
Some leaks imply that the resident fire-based Robot Master is Torch Man (which was Fire Man's Dub Name Change in the anime), and another could be Blast Man (who would be the first proper NetNavi to get a Robot Master form later down the line).
  • This is simply a sharing of names. They aren't named after the Net Navis.

Legacy Robot Master weapons from previous games will be available as DLC.
Given how Capcom is interested in Downloadable Content these days, they would try to put it in this game, somehow, aside from the boss battle examples mentioned earlier. Hopefully, the weapon DLC would be free in order to entice additional DLC purchases.

Beating the game without using the Double Gear system will unlock some kind of reward.
Given that it's said in game the Double Gear system can cause permenant damage to the robot using it, beating the game without using it will likely unlock something of somekind; be it a slightly altered ending, a costume, or an achievement.

Blast Man's voice actor is Nobuhiko Okamoto
Given that Okamoto voiced a certain hair trigger tempered character before.
  • Jossed: He's voiced by Tasuku Hanakata. Albeit he did Denki Kaminari.

The hypothetical remaining Robot Master's stages.
Half of the Robot Masters have been revealed (as well as their stages), which raises the question on what the remaining ones have for their stage selection.
  • Ice Robot Master (Tentatively named Tundra Man)
    • A snowy wonderland, similarly to Ice Man and Chill Man. Bonus points if it includes an Aurora.
    • A frozen factory.
      • While the boss's name is officially confirmed, the above stage ideas are not, as it instead takes place in a frozen museum.
  • Heavy-built Robot Master (Tentatively named Impact Man)
    • The construction-site level seen during the trailers, as impact means "the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another", much like heavy machinery. Some of the high-speed drill obstacles also bear a resemblance to "Impact Man".
      • Both the name Impact Man and his level have been confirmed.
  • Green Liquid Robot Master (Tentatively named Acid Man)
  • Magenta Robot Master (Tentatively named Bounce Man)
    • A circus.
    • A factory.
    • A completely out of left field stage that has little semblance to the Robot Master in question.
      • The name Bounce Man has been confirmed, but the stage is an indoor park, so the stage theory is jossed.

Every stage will have a Mini-Boss.
Every stage revealed so far has a miniboss of some kind. If this is the case, then this will be the second Mega Man game to feature miniboss battles in every stage, after Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha.
  • Block Man's stage has the towering, separating block miniboss.
  • Fuse Man's stage has that towering octopus-like robot with coiled tendrils coming out the top.
  • Blast Man's stage has the robots in the two roller coasters.
  • Torch Man's stage has the fiery rooster.
  • Impact Man's stage has the large digger machine as seen in the first trailer.
  • Bounce Man's stage has the large inflatable frog.

  • We have complete confirmation on this:
    • Acid Man's stage has a round, underwater robot with two tentacle-like propulsors.
    • Tundra Man's stage has a floating platform robot carrying a robot mastodon fossil.

The Akatsuki are the true masterminds behind the game.
Deidara obviously pulled a Kill and Replace on Blast Man. And either Tobi or Madara Sharingan asspulled some brainwashing on Wily so he thinks in charge. They also used this to make everyone believe Zero killed the classic cast when it was the Akatsuki who actually did it!

Proto Man and Bass will be available as downloadable characters - as in Mega Man 9 (the former) and Mega Man 10 (the latter).
  • Bonus points if both of them will somehow have Double Gear powers.
    • Jossed. There is no DLC of any kind.

Fuse Man's English voice actor is Todd Haberkorn.
The official website has updated to include voice files for the characters revealed so far. At least one of Fuse Man's clips sounds very much like Todd Haberkorn.
  • Confirmed on his Twitter.

The planned Female Robot Master will still appear
Not in the main story, but maybe as a cameo or a bonus boss.
  • Jossed. There are no female robot masters in this game.

Roll's English voice actress is Erica Lindbeck
She sounds a bit like Futaba Sakura.
  • Confirmed.

Possible new voice actors, if there's a case of The Other Darrin:
For Proto Man:

For Bass:

For Duo (if he appears):

DWN-084, DWN-085, and DWN-088 are Speed Gear users.
Of the five revealed Robot Masters so far, only Fuse Man makes use of the Speed Gear. If the remaining three use it, then we'd get an even ratio of 4 Speed Gear users and 4 Power Gear users. Besides, it seems appropriate for the big, pink, spherical Robot Master, allowing him to turn into a speedball of sorts.
  • Confirmed for DWN-088, the pink, spherical Robot Master known as Bounce Man.
    • Ultimately confirmed for DWN-084 and DWN-085, being Acid Man and Tundra Man respectively.

Wily will NOT be the final boss.
Like what happened with Megaman X8, it's possible in this game Wily ends up taking backseat to someone else as the final boss. Could be Bass with the Double Gear System installed on him too, or hell, even Zero as a cameo a la Megaman Unlimited.
  • Jossed, Wily is the final boss, fought in the usual Wily Machine and Capsule.

Bounce Man is voiced by Veronica Taylor.
I haven't heard her voice in such a long time, but It definitely sounds like her.
  • Jossed, he's voiced by Bonnie Gordon.

Superhero Mode, the highest difficulty, will restrict/disable the gear system.
Thus far, the levels are designed that while using the Speed and Power Gears is encouraged, it is not mandatory to complete the level. A highly skilled player would most likely be able to complete the entire game without needing to use either gear.
  • Jossed. Superhero Mode instead disables all health drops, increases the damage you take, and allows robot masters to use their Desperation Attacks from the get-go.

Time Man and Oil Man will be special DLC bosses.
Following the footsteps of Fake Man and the Mega Man Killers, these two Robot Masters will make their return, and this time they're equipped with the Double Gear System to even the score. With the Power Gear, Time Man's Time Slow will actually reverse time, undoing any damage Mega Man would have done to him within a certain time frame. Meanwhile, Oil Man uses the Speed Gear to go even faster with the Oil Slider. Like in Mega Man 10, Mega Man gets their weapons upon defeating them, with Power Gear benefits consisting of a longer Time Slow and bigger globs of oil.
  • Jossed. There is no DLC of any kind.

All of the in-universe budget cuts are due to out-of-universe budget cuts or time constraints at Capcom.
The database talks about Wily having to cut corners on multiple bosses, and given that this is the first entry where the boss rush itself is a stage boss and the fortress has only 2 real stages, I'm betting there's out-of-universe reasons for that too.

If previous Robot Master sets used the Double Gear system, with 4 Power Gear and 4 Speed Gear users for each set of 8:
  • Mega Man 1/Powered Up:
    • Power Gear - Guts Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Time Man
    • Speed Gear - Cut Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Oil Man

  • Mega Man 2:
    • Power Gear - Air Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Crash Man
    • Speed Gear - Bubble Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Flash Man

  • Mega Man 3:
    • Power Gear - Spark Man, Needle Man, Hard Man, Magnet Man
    • Speed Gear - Snake Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Shadow Man

  • Mega Man 4:
    • Power Gear - Dive Man, Pharaoh Man, Drill Man, Dust Man
    • Speed Gear - Ring Man, Skull Man, Bright Man, Toad Man

  • Mega Man 5:
    • Power Gear - Stone Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, Wave Man
    • Speed Gear - Gravity Man, Crystal Man, Star Man, Gyro Man

  • Mega Man 6:
    • Power Gear - Wind Man, Knight Man, Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man
    • Speed Gear - Blizzard Man, Plant Man, Flame Man, Centaur Man

  • Mega Man 7:
    • Power Gear - Junk Man, Cloud Man, Freeze Man, Burst Man
    • Speed Gear - Spring Man, Slash Man, Turbo Man, Shade Man

  • Mega Man 8:
    • Power Gear - Frost Man, Sword Man, Search Man, Astro Man
    • Speed Gear - Grenade Man, Clown Man, Aqua Man, Tengu Man

  • Mega Man & Bass:
    • Power Gear - Astro Man, Cold Man, Burner Man, Ground Man
    • Speed Gear - Tengu Man, Magic Man, Pirate Man, Dynamo Man

  • Mega Man 9:
    • Power Gear - Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Magma Man
    • Speed Gear - Jewel Man, Tornado Man, Galaxy Man, Splash Woman

  • Mega Man 10:
    • Power Gear - Sheep Man, Commando Man, Strike Man, Pump Man
    • Speed Gear - Blade Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Nitro Man

Double Gear System is a nod to Kamen Rider Build
Apparently the game's development started around the time Kamen Rider Build started and concluded close to the end of said series as well, not only that but a number of other similarities can be noticed:
  • The gears color scheme matches Build's RabbitTank form and the full bottles, but functionally they are inverted (Red-Rabbit is Speed and Blue-Tank is Power).
  • Build's symbol is a gear split in two.
  • The activation of the Double Gear's combined power is similar to Hazard RabbitTank, in which the user is granted high speed and power but is limited by time, just like even after unlocking the Infinite Gear you still can't be in Power & Speed Gear forever.
  • Mega and Build both had to use a prototype replica of the villain's weapon to defeat them.
  • Inverted, Build might be a nod to Mega Man in how he gains the abilities of the monsters he defeats and can use them for himself, changing the appearance of his left or right half.

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