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The captain of TransColorado Flight 2286 was the victim of a Uriah Gambit.
The captain's fiance got him on cocaine as part of a scheme to collect his life insurance money so she could keep getting cocaine. She befriended him while he was a pilot so that his cocaine use would go unnoticed by the company's drug tests, allowing him to fly even after using cocaine. When his cocaine usage led to him being killed in a crash, she would collect his insurance money, and no one would think she had anything to do with it as long as she didn't tell anyone. But unfortunately for her, keeping the secret proved too much for her, and she became compelled to talk about it.
Every fatal accident involving the Airbus A320 and every aircraft with its cockpit technology happened the way they did because of the way that Air France 296's investigation panned out.
Airbus knew that there was a major problem in the way the A320 was designed in terms of allowing pilot inputs to be overruled by the flight computer. With the flaw in this design philosophy exposed in the crash of AF296, Airbus was faced with the prospect of having to redesign the aircraft from the ground up. Not wanting to go through with this, the investigators (affiliated with Air France) altered the black boxes to pin the blame entirely on the captain. So far, every crash of an A320 (or any aircraft with a similar cockpit design) with fatalities and accidental causes has either a cause and/or a contributing factor that can be attributed to the design of the aircraft's automation, which went largely unchanged since AF296.
David Burke was suffering from an undiagnosed brain tumor.
It could possibly explain why he crashed the plane and killed everybody on board for such a petty reason. The reason why it was never discovered was because his body was vaporized by the massive impact.
TWA 800 was the result of someone dividing by zero.
Hence why the crash happened in spite of almost all electrical faults in the bad wiring dissipated without incident.
  • So if TWA 800 was caused by one person dividing by zero, how many did so for MH 370 to disappear?
Andreas Lubitz got the idea to crash Germanwings 9525 from this show.
He may have believed that a pilot could get away with crashing their own plane since every case before had investigators on one side or the other challenging the idea of pilot suicide, and MH370's episode came out just a few weeks before Germanwings 9525.

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