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Chapter 27 of Crossed is a Sexy Discretion Shot.
"One night doesn't seem like too much to ask."

one night
that night
when we let the world be only you
and only me
we stood on it while it spun
green and blue and red

"We have never had such a thing before — a whole night to talk, to kiss and hold on..."

Come on!

"The Enemy" (if it exists) is either Oceania, Eastasia, or Eurasia, and they know "the Society" as either Eastasia or Eurasia.

The characters of Matched are Les Misérables reborn, destined to succeed where they failed the first time around.
  • Cassia is Cosette: an innocent, sheltered girl whose worldview is challenged when she falls in love with a revolutionary.
  • Ky is Marius: an intense, intellectual loner who feels conflicted about his dead father, but comes to admire him as a role model. He also falls in love with a girl at first sight, but hesitates for a long time before speaking to her.
  • Indie is Eponine: a girl from the lowest class of Society who steals, lies, and does whatever it takes to survive - until she falls in love with a boy who can never love her back, and who means more to her than her own life.
  • Xander is Enjolras: a gifted, charismatic young man who gives up a life of privilege in order to fight for his ideals, only to have them severely tested in the course of the revolution.
  • Samuel Reyes is Jean Valjean: a former thief keeping his secrets from the authorities, and a wise and noble man who sees through their injustice but also knows how to use the system for the sake of his loved ones.
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  • The Officials, including Cassia's Official Standler, represent the harsh and inflexible letter of the law, just as Javert does.
  • Eli is Gavroche: a tough little boy who looks up to his older friends as role models.
  • The Archivist who hoards rare items in her underground den and steals Cassia's poems is an (only slightly) more civilized version of the Thenardiers.

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