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WMG / Masako X - Dragon Ball What-If

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WMG: Possible Future Scenarios

  • What If Bulma Stayed With Yamcha?
  • What If Buu Didn't Kill Babidi?
  • What If King Piccolo Survived?
  • What If Mr. Satan Didn't Take Credit For Beating Cell?
  • What If Future Trunks Went To Namek?
  • What If Cell Didn't Become Perfect?
  • What If Emperor Pilaf Succeeded?
  • What If Dr. Gero Was In The Original Dragon Ball?
  • What If Raditz Didn't Go To Earth?
    • He did that one.
  • What If King Cold Transformed When He Fought Trunks?
  • What if Yamcha Survived The Saibaman Explosion?
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  • What if Cell Was In The Tournament of Power?
  • What if both GT and Super were canon?

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