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Potential Roster Suggestions
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Potential Guest Fighter Suggestions
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Guest Fighters

X-Men and Fantastic Four characters will be playable in the game... as post-release DLC.
That's the most likely route that Marvel would want to pursue, and it seems to be the path that Capcom is headed on anyway if NeoGAF is to be trusted.
  • This seems to be likely as Stan Lee himself said that it's possible that the properties' film rights might return to Marvel one day. It's even more likely now with Disney's eventual purchase of Fox.

There will be a return of the Assist character feature from the first Marvel vs. Capcom game
It would be a good way to work in characters who might not work well as fully playable fighters, such as The Wasp or Quicksilver.
  • Confirmed, if Groot counts.

Possible Marvel stages
  • Asgard
    • Confirmed going by the gameplay teaser. The stage seems to be a mix of Asgard and the highway stage from Mega Man X1, named "Xgard."
  • Avengers Tower
    • Confirmed in the second gameplay trailer.
  • Cassie's Bedroom
  • Dark Dimension
    • Confirmed, fused with Darkstalkers' Makai Kingdom as the "Dark Kingdom".
  • The Grandmaster's Arena
  • Harlem's Paradise
  • The Helicarrier
  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Not Hell's Kitchen specifically, but New York in general appears in the game, merged with Metro City from Final Fight to form "New Metro City".
  • Knowhere
    • Confirmed to be included as "Knowmoon", a fusion with the Third Moon from the Strider universe.
  • Halfworld
  • Loomworld
  • Parker Industries
  • Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Wakanda
    • Confirmed, crossed over with Val Habar from Monster Hunter to create "Valkanda".
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  • Daily Bugle
  • The Baxter Building
  • Death's Shrine
  • Battleworld (could include subworlds such as Perfection, Egyptia, the Shield, or Nu-Xandar)
  • Marvel Zombies Universe

Possible Capcom stages

Either Nick Fury or Agent Coulson will appear as the narrator or tutorial guide
Bonus points if it's a Role Reprise from Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Extra Points if they share the role with Mission Control from a Capcom Series, such as Alia.
  • Jossed for now at least.

Mutant and X-Men characters will mostly be absent... but some will slip through the cracks
Wolverine could still get in due to the potential loophole of being a part-time Avenger, his prominence in the
Marvel vs. Capcom franchise overall, and even the excuse that his appearance alone will boost sales.
  • Magneto's iconic status, especially in the MvC communitynote , might also give him a free pass.
  • And don't forget Deadpool, who is a member of the Uncanny Avengers. Plus, this is Deadpool we're talking about.
    • If they're ever in, they might be DLC in next updates.

Similarly to the above, there will be less Darkstalkers characters.
With the series being dormant for so many years, its lack of relevance in the gaming industry and Capcom having absolutely no plan of reviving it, they will probably only keep Morrigan and cut Felicia and Hsien-Ko from the roster (or relegate them to "DLC exclusive" like Shuma-Gorath in the previous game).
  • Small caveat: Yoshinori Ono is still interested in reviving Darkstalkers (or at least he stated so back in March of 2016), so there's at least some support for the series within Capcom.

One of the intro/win quotes involving X will be a jab against Mighty No. 9
After that game was hyped up as the second coming of Mega Man and ended being disappointing (at least for some), and with the inclusion of a largely requested Mega Man character, it'd be the perfect opportunity to do so. Maybe something like...
X: At least your loss is better than nothing! ...You know, that doesn't sound as good as I thought it would.
X: You can try and fight me one, two, or even nine more times. I'll still always be the winner here.
  • Jossed

The "beam clash" mechanic from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will return here
In Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, whenever two characters with "beam" supers (i.e. Ryu and his Shinkuu Hadouken, Frank West and his Real Mega Buster, Tekkaman and his Voltekka) both used said supers at the right time, the result would be the beams colliding with each other and neither character getting hurt. With the announcement trailer for this game showing X and Iron Man having a Beam-O-War with each other, the "beam clash" mechanic could be a part of this game as well, albeit fleshed out a bit more to make it have more of an effect on the battle.
  • Jossed for now.

If She-Hulk and Deadpool both make it into the game again...
... the result will be an epic mix of fourth-wall breaking and Snark-to-Snark Combat, possibly comprising of the following...
  • She-Hulk making a Call-Back to one of her quotes in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, making good on her promise to kick Deadpool's ass again.
  • Deadpool bringing up that he's since had a video game and a successful movie, where the closest She-Hulk currently has to a movie is an Avengers porn parody.

The Marvel characters' voice actors from the recent cartoons will reprise their roles here
It's been a tradition that the Marvel characters' voices are provided by the actors who voiced them in the most recent animated series. Thus, for this game, we'll end up hearing Roger Craig Smith and Adrian Pasdar voice Captain America and Iron Man, respectively, much like how Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had them voiced by Brian Bloom and Eric Loomis.
  • This may not be the case for Cap, who appears to have a different VA by virtue of Roger Craig Smith voicing Chris. While 3 had a few instances of Acting for Two (Steve Blum as Wolverine and Taskmaster, Paul Dobson as Doctor Doom and Shuma-Gorath), the voice Smith uses for Chris is very close to the one he uses for Cap, so the voice/casting director might've wanted to ensure that everyone sounds distinct in Infinite.

The announcement trailer is just a small teaser for a bigger cinematic trailer
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had incredibly awesome-looking, episodic, cinematic trailers (such as this one) showcasing what characters would be in the game, which were preceded by a smaller announcement trailer with pieces of footage from the first one. It'd be great if Capcom repeated the process with this game as well.
  • Confirmed.

Ultron and Sigma will be the end boss of this game
  • Judging by the end of the trailer. Probably with Ultron and Sigma merging somehow.
    • Confirmed in that latest trailer as they are now "Ultron-Sigma."

Potential alternate costumes

Possible rivalries between characters
  • Iron Man vs. Ryu - Both characters are essentially representatives of their respective companies as a whole. Also emulates the friendly rivalry between Captain American and Iron Man, in that one more or less fights bare-handed while the other requires a power suit to fight.
  • Iron Man vs. Mega Man X - Both characters use a Hand Blast attack of sorts and are seen engaging in a Beam-O-War in the announcement trailer. X is made to be a better combatant than the original Mega Man, much like how Iron Man is constantly upgrading his armor. Lastly, X was built to be a Maverick hunter, and it could be easy to mistake Iron Man for a Maverick.
  • Captain America vs. Ryu - The former is essentially a Marvel shotoclone, and the latter is the originator of the shoto-type fighter. Also, as with Iron Man vs. Ryu above, both can be considered representatives of their respective companies.
  • Captain America vs. X Both are noble leaders who inspire hope and respect in the people they fight alongside, and both are some of the kindest most virtuous heroes in their respective universes. Plus, they both wear blue.
  • Captain Marvel vs. Morrigan - Not just for being a Designated Girl Fight, either. Rather, Captain Marvel's Flying Brick abilities would mean that Morrigan would have to hold back less than usual, eliciting a more enjoyable fight, while Morrigan's demonic nature makes it easy for her to be misunderstood as being evil by someone like Carol.
  • Black Widow vs. Chun-Li - In addition to being the leading ladies of their respective franchises (The Avengers and Street Fighter), they're both incredibly skilled hand-to-hand fighters.
  • Ms. Marvel vs. Sakura or Ibuki - All three are plucky teen heroines from their respective franchises. Ibuki is arguably an even better fit, since in addition to bringing more gameplay variety (since she's not a Shotoclone like Sakura), she's also juggling the pressures of a double life like Kamala. If not rivals, they might even become friends.
  • Black Panther vs. Strider - Both are very agile and acrobatic ninja-type characters who wield edged weapons.
  • Black Panther vs. Elena - Besides both being African characters who are royalty, T'Challa hails from Wakanda, a nation that very much isolates itself from other countries. Conversely, Elena herself is very eager to befriend almost everyone she meets (even Akuma).
  • Iron Fist and Luke Cage vs. Cody and Guy - Street-level heroes who've teamed up with each other in the past, the former being the founding members of Heroes for Hire, the latter being part of a Power Trio that also included Mike Haggar.
  • Thanos vs. Pyron - Both are villainous Cosmic Beings that greatly overpower the other characters in their respective series, as well as being unplayable final bosses in their respective games.
  • Red Skull vs. Oda Nobunaga - Both have had a hand in real life wars with severely high casualties (World War II and the Sengoku Period), as well as some connection to real life figures from said wars (the Red Skull was groomed into a Nazi by Adolf Hitler in his origin story, and Oda Nobunaga is very loosely based off of the Japanese warlord of the same name). Them being rivals could also serve as an ironic reference to Germany and Japan being allies during World War II.
  • Thanos vs. Jedah - One of the former's defining character motivations is his obsession with Mistress Death, and the latter is essentially a personification of The Grim Reaper. Confirmed in the story mode, with the added dose of Thanos being pissed off at both Jedah and Death for making him the Unwitting Pawn.

All of the characters are fighting each other for the sake of...
... a Pickle Dill Mustard Sandwich.
  • Sadly jossed. It's about space-time shenanigans.

There will be a Switch version of the game
Which will have amiibo support, allowing the use of the Mega Man amiibo to change X to his Classic version.
  • Ryu's Amiibo will give him a Mario Costume, complete with Fire Flower Hadoukens, and Coin Bashing Shoryuken.

This game will help Capcom revive dormant franchises
Capcom recently stated in a press release that, after the release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, they're considering reviving their IPs that have either remained dormant or haven't had any entries in a while. Thus, we could see this game having characters from Capcom's lesser known and/or neglected titles (Rival Schools, Star Gladiator, Viewtiful Joe, Breath of Fire, Power Stone, Darkstalkers, etc.) to help reintroduce them to the modern crowd, and if all goes well, Infinite could very well lead to things like the long awaited Darkstalkers 4.

If The Punisher is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite...

The game will have even more characters than the previous two installments
Which would be fitting for a game with Infinite as its subtitle. This could be possible (albeit a very slim chance) for two reasons...
  • Reusing Assets from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: As pointed out in this video from Max, some of the character animations we've seen of returning characters thus far look like they've been recycled from the previous game. Recycling things like character animations could mean that Capcom can focus more on making brand new characters like Captain Marvel and Mega Man X, while also bringing back characters like Iron Man and Ryu with little effort.
  • DLC Updates: Like with Street Fighter V (though hopefully not with bias treatment towards professional players), Capcom could keep adding characters to the roster via free DLC updates even long after the game is released.

Mega Man X's voice actor in this game is Peter von Gomm...
... and when/if Frank West makes it in as well, there will be a voice actor joke between the two.
  • Jossed, it's Ted Sroka.

Ryu's "Complete Change" ability from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes will return in this game
In Clash of Super Heroes, Ryu had the ability to "change" his moveset into the movesets of either Ken, Akuma, or back to his own. Bringing it back in this game not only fits with the Revisiting the Roots theme, but also will allow Capcom to "include" Ken, Akuma, and possibly a third Shotoclone character without wasting character space on shotoclones.
  • Jossed.

The Big Hero 6 will appear as DLC.

This universe's Spider-Man will have a Discontinuity Nod toward Spider-Verse and his death in it
Peter Parker's version of the character is too recognizable to not use, and having explicit Take That! moments were somewhat common in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (such as Captain America's And This Is for... moment after beating Iron Man, which slammed Civil War).
  • Except Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite seems to be a reboot of the series. Meaning that the one in this game isn't the same MvC Spider-Man that died. Basically, it's a none issue and any reference to Spider-Verse would be, "I once teamed up with alternate versions of me".

If Wolverine and X-23 get in, their appearances will change
Whether or not they play like they did in previous games and keep their movesets, their appearances will change to reflect the comics.
  • X-23 (who has taken the mantle of Wolverine in the comics) will be wearing the Wolverine costume and referred to as "Wolverine".
  • The original Wolverine (who is actually dead in the comics, but that may or may not matter for this game) will instead be wearing more casual attire (similar to his default appearance in the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game) and referred to as simply "Logan." Old Man Logan, who currently is in the comics, is also possible.

Story Mode Premise
Ultron and Sigma team up to use the Infinity Stones to destroy humanity and Take Over the World essentially. Predictable set up, and then comes the predictable backstabbing between the two mechanical tyrants. However, the twist and source of conflict comes from differing end goals: While Sigma just wants to kill off all organic life and rule all mechanical lifeforms with an iron fist, Ultron will instead have the same omnicidal goals as in the second Avengers movie. At first Sigma would agree, thinking it would only be organic life, but then Ultron reveals that a world with only robots will only lead to the same mistakes humanity had made, thus the only way to create a true utopia is to destroy EVERYTHING, including the multiverse, and then wait until life comes into existence again in order to shape into something better.

Of course, Sigma is against all of this, considering the sheer scale of what Ultron plans make any chance of life reemerging to be infintesimal at best, tells Ultron the most subdued You're Insane! ever, more akin to a Flat "What". Ultron, however, just tells Sigma he lacks the patience, character, and faith to see this plan through.

  • Jossed. They don't back stab each other. In fact, Ultron kills Sigma to invite the guy in him.

Possible Take Thats in this game
  • As noted above, Mighty No. 9
  • As noted above, MvC Spider-Man's death in Spider-Verse note 
    • If it's not the same Canon, then any Take That! wouldn't make much sense and ultimately be very forced. Ultimately, it probably won't be mentioned at all.
  • The obligatory jab towards Injustice 2 note 
  • The heavily panned "HYDRA Cap" storyline in the comics note 
    • Unlikely, since the story is getting good reviews, is selling well and as of this writing, isn't over yet. Plus Marvel with Marvel having input, they aren't going to mock one of their ongoing books.
      • That book got extremely negative reactions from fans for two reasons: 1) It took the Big Good of the Marvel Universe and turned him into something he's always stood against, and 2) the creators of the storyline provided a very half-assed explanation for why that was the case. Seems like it's just as worthy of mocking as One More Day was.
      • Except that pretty much has died down by this point and the only people complaining are people that don't read the book anyway and don't know what's going on. And again, the story is still ongoing as of this writing and Marvel isn't going to mock an ongoing storyline. It can also be argued that the negative reaction comes from a vocal minority, since the book is still doing well and continues to receive positive reviews. The only other explanation is that people are buying a book they hate. Anyway, i'm not saying they won't make jabs at the story at some point, but it won't be while it's still ongoing, that's ridiculous.
  • Disney and Marvel's cases of Political Correctness Gone Mad note 
    • Doubtful since a game with input from Marvel is likely not gonna make fun of Marvel for having Jane Foster be Thor. Especially when the book is selling more than previous Thor books.
    • More importantly, not everyone sees it as Political Correctness Gone Mad, but a very positive and progressive move. Ultimately, it's something people have very different opinions on.
  • Marvel: Contest of Champions note 
    • Contest of Champions is still going and has been a popular mobile game. They have no reason to knock it.

Characters that were specifically considered for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be included in this game
According to the trivia page for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, said characters (not counting the ones that eventually made it into the Ultimate update) include...We'll have to wait and see for everyone else as DLC.

The game will take a note from Injustice and include alternate voice/skins
MvC3 already took the idea half way by making it so certain characters like Iron Patriot or Sam Alexander's costumes could be used as alternate costumes, but Infinite could take it a step further. Injustice: Gods Among Us made it possible to play as certain Legacy Characters by recording new dialogue and making them alternate skins for existing characters (for example John Stewart as an alternate skin for Hal Jordan), so Infinite could take a similar route. Especially since Capcom is a fan of releasing DLC they can charge customers extra for. Possible examples

  • Kate Bishop for Hawkeye
  • Miles Morales and as well as Spider-Gwen for Spider-Man
  • Gwenpool or Lady Deadpool for Deadpool
  • Daken for Wolverine
  • Sam Alexander for Richard Rider, or vice versa
  • Amadeus Cho and/or Red Hulk for The Incredible Hulk
  • Ironheart for Iron Man
  • Jane Foster for The Mighty Thor
    • Very unlikely, since they're aren't going to hire a new voice actor just for a costume. Just because Injustice did it, doesn't mean other fighting games will, much less have the money for it. Also, you mentioned Stark, having the Iron Patriot armor in 3, but it was still Stark and he had a quote referencing that it used to belong to Osborn, saying that it still had his stink.
    • And in the case of Daken, that would be a bit of a drastic change regardless, since his claws aren't in the same formation as Logan.
    • In the case of Miles Morales, he has abilities that Peter doesn't have. Since in this scenario it's technically him, how would they explain Miles not using those abilities? At least John Stewart and Hal Jordan have the exact same powers.
  • The DMC1, 2, 3 and 4 designs for Dante, and maybe a reference to the reboot.
  • Sakura, Ken, Dan or Sean for Ryu.
  • Adding fuel to this rumor, Miles and Jane were both featured on the Marvel vs. Capcom variant covers Marvel released to promote the game. At the time of writing, they are the only characters appearing on the covers who are not yet confirmed for the game, meaning it likely wasn't a case of the artists including them just for the heck of it.

Character inclusions will be themed in pairs
Since this game is going back to the 2-against-2 fighting style of the earlier games, Capcom could take advantage of that and reveal characters in pairs, either because said characters were partners/rivals/enemies in their respective series, or because it would serve as a nice Mythology Gag to another work. Examples could include...

Each character will have multiple theme songs that can be switched in the options

Ultron-Sigma will be an unlockable playable character
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had a mode that allowed you to play as Galactus, so why not?We'll have to wait.

In arcade mode, players will fight Ultron and Sigma as a tag-team, then fight Ultron-Sigma.
Previous MvC games have a tradition of fighting a smaller end boss before fighting larger bosses (Onslaught and Abyss's progressively larger forms, Galactus's Heralds before Galactus himself), so there's little reason to think this game will be different.
  • Jossed: first you fight Ultron-Sigma, then you fight they One-Winged Angel form.

Morrigan will have suggestive dialogue when fighting Captain Marvel.
Carol Danvers can produce enough energy to outshine the sun. Morrigan's gonna find that very appealing.

The DLC will be comprised of characters involved in the Story Mode
It would explain why Sigma is DLC despite being important to the Story Mode.

The battle against Ultron-Sigma will have two phases; one against the standard character, followed by a giant One-Winged Angel form.
For two reasons. One: the giant boss fight has been a tradition with the series ever since X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and two, the One-Winged Angel form is a tradition for both halves of the character.
  • Confirmed, though the giant One-Winged Angel form is fought twice; once with X and Thor and the other with Dante and Captain Marvel. And there's an interlude that happens in between where Thanos finds out from Stark that Death was just using Thanos for her and Jedah's plans.

If X-Men characters are in the base roster, Capcom is intentionally holding off on revealing them until near the game's release
At this point, we've made a big enough stink about the potential "Fox-ban" that Capcom might've decided to take advantage and keep us waiting, either to troll us a bit or because it will result in maximum hype.

What's next for Ultron-Sigma after conquering Asgard and curb stomping the heroes? Taunting Zero by reminding him of his ultimate failure.
Bad enough they're an amalgam of two Killer Robots with godlike power, they're also total trolls. They tease Zero with the offer of resurrecting Iris with the Infinity Stones. The catch? Renounce the Maverick Hunters and X and swear fealty to them. Zero refuses and he gets blasted with a souped up Encephalo Ray for his trouble and it replays the memory Zero killing Iris. Over and Over.

There will be a UMvC3-style "leak" of the rest of the roster, DLC included
After Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, and Firebrand were revealed, the rest of the additional characters in UMvC3 were eventually revealed via the official artwork getting out. Considering the current obsession with leaks, it wouldn't be surprising if the same happened with the roster of Infinite, either through an accident or someone intentionally revealing it with hard evidence to back it up.
  • I don't know if this counts since it wasn't image leaks, but yes, it seems with the reveal of Gamora and Jedah the entire roster has been leaked, with those two being the hard evidence needed.

Thanos is coming to Infinite either as playable at start or as DLC
Either way, you don't simply think that a game that involves the Infinity Stones will leave the Mad Titan out of this. You think Ultron-Sigma was bad enough? The Capcom universe has no idea of what's coming next.

Possible endings for characters in Arcade Mode
  • Spider Man, through the use of the Time Stone Ultron-Sigma dropped during their fight, finds multiple dimensions that make up the Spider Verse...
  • Using blueprints given to him by Dr. Light, Iron Man creates entire armies of Robot Master-themed suits.
  • Hawkeye assists the Enlistment Corps in taking down a Chimera, with Mercedes Marten commenting afterwards that he's one of the best Striders she's ever seen.
  • Due to the Time Stone, Wolverine is transported back to the Sengoku Period of Japan. His adamantium claws lead to him being challenged by one Date Masamune, who sees Wolverine as a potential Worthy Opponent.
  • A civil war breaks out in Ancient Egypt, with one side being led by Anakaris, and the other by En Sabah Nur.
  • Ultimately jossed, there are no Arcade Endings at all.

What the rest of the Infinity Stones will do
For the record, the equippable Infinity Stones will have 2 functions: Infinity Surge (think V-Skill) and Infinity Storm (think V-Trigger). We have seen the effects of them for Power, Time and Space stones. Now here's my guess for the rest of them:
  • Soul: its Surge is healing your HP (up to the red health at least). Its Storm is resurrecting your dead ally and making your HP regenerate slowly.
  • Mind: its Surge is giving you some free Hyper Combo meter, while its Storm is giving you meter regen.
  • Reality: It does all of the stones' functions, one at a time, at random (because for the record the Reality Stone is rather unstable). So for one moment your Surge does Power Stone's, the other moment in the same match it does Mind Stone's, and so would your Storm.

Certain characters will be included as Alternate Company Equivalents to characters in Injustice 2
We already have Captain Marvel, whose inclusion can be seen as Marvel and Capcom's answer to DC and Netherrealms' inclusion of Supergirl in Injustice 2. Who else?

  • Winter Soldier / Red Hood
  • Man-Thing / Swamp Thing
  • Doctor Strange / Doctor Fate
  • Black Cat / Catwoman
  • Kolin / Captain Cold and Sub-Zero
  • Felicia / Cheetah
  • Asura / Atrocitus
  • Leo / Gorilla Grodd
  • Punisher / Deadshot
  • Namor / Aquaman
  • Akuma / Raiden

To defeat Ultron-Sigma, A Marvel hero and a Capcom protagonist will use the infinity stones to fuse together to fight him
Just because that seems like a logical end game surprise the question is which pair?Megaman + Ironman
  • The honor goes to Dante and Captain Marvel for the final boss fight and X is the one to deal the final blow with the Infinity Buster.

The introduction of Rocket and the other Guardians of the Galaxy will involve some sort of licensed song.
Even Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series got licensed tracks. It's practically a requirement when introducing the Guardians.

The game will have a character voiced by a Celebrity Voice Actor
... in response to Injustice 2 casting Robert Englund as the voice of Scarecrow.
  • Jossed.

Ultron-Sigma will gather together villains from both universes for a Legion of Doom
  • Unlikely unless they're robots. Or, if they do, they'll infect them with their special virus.
    • He does infect the heroes with the Ultron-Sigma virus. So, partially confirmed?

In response to the heroes soliciting help from Thanos, Ultron-Sigma will recruit a powerful Capcom villain to his side
  • Unlikely, given that Ultron-Sigma is already 2 villains.
    • Later confirmed that Grandmaster Meio from Strider is revealed to be teaming up with Ultron-Sigma.

Thanos is going to pull a Hijacked by Ganon
Because you don't include Thanos to merely help the heroes out unless he's got an ulterior motive. Likely involving - what else? - Infinity Stones.
  • While it remains to be seen, he willingly gives the Time Stone back to Gamora, stating that the stone means nothing to him now. Instead, he trades it by absorbing Ryu's Satsui no Hado. And in this game, he's the Unwitting Pawn of both Death and Jedah, which makes him pissed off.

If the above happens, Thanos is gonna team up with Grandmaster Meio
It's pretty convenient: Meio is the closest thing Capcom has to a galaxy-scale villain like Thanos. With their combined might and goals they shall rule the multiverse, again with the Infinity Stones.
  • Jossed, Grandmaster Meio is just a Cutscene Boss. Plus, both don't meet up.

The story will tie into Not a Hero.
How'd that game end? Oh yeah, a Redfield turns out to be working for a reformed Umbrella. What's Chris do at the start of the storyline? Nothing much, just release Thanos in a bid to stop Ultron Sigma. If he wasn't a Well-Intentioned Extremist before this might tip the balance now.

Thanos will team up with Jedah
Jedah was "revealed" through one of the roster leaks anyway, but that aside, one of Thanos' defining character traits is his obsession with Death and wanting to win her love by destroying all life in the universe. Jedah has the similar goal of "resetting all creation", and is essentially the Darkstalkers games' take on The Grim Reaper. Sounds like someone Thanos would be pretty chummy with.
  • Jossed. Thanos actually fights Jedah and forces him to retreat. Not to mention Jedah being revealed to have a deal with Death behind Thanos' back and Thanos is manipulated by Death in Jedah's plan; he's pissed off about the whole thing when he finds out.

Guesses for DLC Pack themes
Some leaks/rumor mills have mentioned the game releasing DLC with themed character packs as opposed to SFV's season passes. If this is true, some likely pack themes would be...
  • X-Men vs. Street Fighter - each company's Cash Cow Franchise as well as being the theme that started it all
  • Fantastic Four vs. Darkstalkers - Marvel's second biggest property vs Capcom's Ensemble Dark Horse fighting game
  • New Age of Heroes Pack - MvC2 vets like Ruby Heart, Amingo, Son Son, Captain Commando or Tron Bonne vs whoever Marvel wants to push as their 'new age'
  • Avengers and Defenders Pack - For the Marvel side, characters from the Avengers and the Defenders (MCU or comics) like Vision, Black Widow, Daredevil, etc, and for the Capcom side, characters that are motivated by vengeance or a desire to protect, like Amaterasu and Asura
  • Villains Pack - A good way to get characters like Magneto, Vergil or Wesker in without having to devote a slot in some other theme to them
  • Fate of Two Worlds Pack - It would be a bit on the nose, but it would a way of porting over the rest of U Mv C 3's assets with some semblance of purpose
  • Defenders vs. Final Fight - Street-level superheroes such as Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and the street brawlers of Metro City
  • New Generation Pack - Newer characters that were created after UMVC3 was released (Ms. Marvel, Gwenpool, Asura, Nilin)
  • Horror Pack - A DLC pack for the more horror-leaning characters such as Blade, Man-Thing, Venom, Lady, Tessa, and Demitri.
  • Spider-Man vs. Mega Man - Both can be considered unofficial mascots for their respective companies, and both also have rich and diverse casts of supporting characters and rogues galleries to pick characters from.
  • Space Pack - Sci-fi themed characters like other Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Super Skrull and Hayato.

A hypothetical 'Ultimate' update will continue the story from where it left off...
...and have Shin Thanos as its final boss, continuing the 'combine things from both worlds' theme of the antagonists so far.

Dormammu and maybe Firebrand will be fought again later
The story doesn't end with everything getting normal, so it's possible that there'll be a continuation in the story where the two reappears and hopefully becoming a bit more important.

The Demon World from Devil May Cry, Ghosts N' Goblins, and Darkstalkers are the same place
And as an added bonus, the monsters from the Monster Hunter series are various demons who have remained dormant or are in hiding in the human world.

Here's a brief timeline that I just formed (that's probably going to be filled with errors, but hey this is just for fun):

  • Political turmoil threatens to consume the Demon World/Makai Kingdom, until the Demon Emperor Mundus unites the factions and gives them a brand new goal: to take over humankind. The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda repels the invasion, defeating many powerful opponents such as Jedah Dohma along the way.
  • One of the demon kings leading the invasion, Astaroth, is slain by the brave knight Sir Arthur.
  • In a different part of the world, the Elder Dragon, Dah'ren Mohran, is fended off by the efforts of Sparda and several brave Hunters, but only few would live to tell the tale.
  • Peace was achieved after Sparda managed to close most of the hellgates to the Makai Kingdom.
  • Centuries later, the demons achieved vengeance after Sparda's death by murdering his wife Eva and separating their twin children, Dante and Vergil.

Deadpool will return...
... and most of his dialogue will be Take Thats and Lampshade Hangings in reference to the infamous "Fox-ban" situation between Disney and 20th Century Fox.

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