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Legacy will undo One More Day once and for all.
Which is the "return" promised in the solicits.
  • Sadly jossed.
The Fantastic Four will return
  • Jossed. Johnny and Ben have been given a new Marvel Two-in-One series instead. Although the solicited plot has indicated Johnny and Ben will be searching for Reed and Sue.
    • Looks like they are back, just not immediately. Valeria Richards is the narrator of the Legacy one-shot!
    • Confirmed, but it's not part of Legacy. The initiative got aborted in April 2018 and Fantastic Four is scheduled to return in August under the successor Marvel: A Fresh Start initiative.
The original Logan will return
Jossed, at least thus far.
All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan are continuing uninterrupted. Classic Logan and Laura will be teaming up for an issue as part of the Generations lead-in, (Generations: The Best) however the cirucmstances of this meeting are unknown, and may involve temporal shenanigans.
  • As an addendum to the original WMG, if Logan does return, Laura will offer him back the cowl. However he'll refuse it and tell her to make it her own, while Logan continues without resuming the Wolverine identity.
    • Jossed. Laura is reverting to X-23.
Logan will be a villain
  • The means of Logan's resurrection, connected to the Celestial defeated by the heroes of 1,000,000 B.C., will put him through a Face–Heel Turn.
    • Jossed. His return was the result of Kitty phasing him out of the adamantium shell and then his healing factor simply kicking in.
The Uncanny X-Men comic will be brought back
Seems rather odd that there was no such title in ResurrXion.
  • Jossed, at least initially. However X-book editor Mark Paniccia has hinted that another X-book may be on the way, possibly spinning out of Astonishing.
The New Mutants comic will be brought back
To coincide with the movie
  • Confirmed. There is New Mutants miniseries coming in early 2018.
The New Warriors comic will be brought back
To coincide with their Freeform TV show
Cloak and Dagger will get their own title
Also to coincide with a Freeform TV show
Tony Stark is back in action
Hardly makes sense to have Invincible Iron Man resume legacy numbering with Ironheart still leading the book, does it?
  • Confirmed
Thor Odinson will be Worthy again
  • Looking likely, as there's a variant cover based on a famous Captain Marvel cover... The Death of The Mighty Thor. Jane's dying, so Odinson gets the hammer back.
    • Yes, because that series was never advertised with fake-out covers, and doesn't feature three Thors. (It was, and it does.) And that isn't even touching how incredibly cheap death is for main characters in this part of the MU.
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    • Mar-vell died of cancer, and he remains dead to this day because Marvel feels bringing him back would be disrespectful to real life people with cancer. What does Jane have? Cancer. She's dying. (There's no reason to assume that Jane's death will give Thor Odinson back his worthiness though. He didn't become unworthy because of Jane. He became unworthy because of Nick Fury.)
  • Jossed. Mjolnir was destroyed. He still retakes the mantle though, as part of Marvel: A Fresh Start.
    • Also Jossed for the Jane dying (in cancer) part. Not in this story at least. The person arguing the likelihood of misleading advertising was right.
Assuming that the Fantastic Four are returning, Marvel would have had to have made a deal with Fox
After all, Marvel's comics have been largely MCU-driven, and if they are coming back in the comics, their rights would have had to come back as well.
  • Jossed, at least as far as Marvel getting the film rights back: Noah Hawley has announced he is developing a Doctor Doom movie for Fox.
  • And now un-jossed, after Disney bought Fox.
    • No, the deal isn't done yet, and the comic is back anyway. So definitely Jossed!
Bucky Barnes will return.
Either through some sort of cosmic handwave or a total retcon it'll turn out that despite Steve sentencing Bucky to death, The Winter Soldier is still alive and well.
Rick Jones will return.
  • Not in Marvel Legacy.
Bruce Banner will return.
Jossed. Totally Awesome Hulk has been renamed to The Incredible Hulk, but the Hulk is still Amadeus Cho.
  • Though Banner (and his Hulk) showed up briefly in Secret Empire #5, it's made clear that he has only been temporarily revived and he collapses, seemingly dead again, at the end of the same issue.
The Big Hero Six will return.
  • Doesn't Marvel have a deal with Disney that presents them from using that team anymore?
    • What? Marvel is owned by Disney. If there's a deal, it's with a third party i.e. the publisher of the movie tie-in comic.
      • Confirmed, but it isn't part of Marvel Legacy. Instead, it'll be published by IDW and is a tie-in to a new cartoon series.
Mark Waid's Avengers run will end.
Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because it sells poorly.
  • Confirmed. January's issue was advance solicited and has a TBA creative team.
    • Technically true anyway, Avengers is merging with Uncanny Avengers and U.S.Avengers. Waid will now be sharing writing duties on the now-weekly series with their authors Jim Zub and Al Ewing.
Building on the above theory: Guesses on what title Waid will move to.
(He's already written Captain America, the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Daredevil, Black Widow, and Spider-Man so it's probably not one of them.)
  • Thor?
  • Invincible Iron Man?
  • Uncanny X-Men?
    • It turns out Waid is ... returning to Captain America!
If the Fantastic Four are coming back, Brian Michael Bendis will write the series.
He's done Daredevil, Spider-Man, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man runs, as well as tons of Avengers books. Like Mark Waid, he seems to be working his way through Marvel's A-List characters. Plus, he's already written the Ultimate Marvel version of the Fantastic Four.
  • If he doesn't write Fantastic Four, he'll write Captain America, a Thor title, or a Hulk title.
Alternatively, if the Fantastic Four are coming back, Jason Aaron will write the series.
Bendis, Aaron, and Waid are Marvel's top "big name" writers, and Fantastic Four is usually written by big name writers.
  • For the moment Chip Zdarsky is basically writing the Fantastic Two.
  • Jossed. Fantastic Four will be written by Dan Slott.

Ultimate Marvel will return.
  • Jossed? Brian Michael Bendis has defected to DC.
  • Well there are no new Ultimate Marvel books but Spider-Men revealed that 1610 is back in the multiverse.

Ultron and Hank Pym will get separated from one another.
  • Although the intergalactic genocide the "Pymtron" hybrid committed in Uncanny Avengers vol 3 #12 will be involved sometime down the line.
    • The galactic genocide has been brought to light. First in Deadpool Vol 4 #30, where it's revealed that Pymtron had infected the galaxy with a virus that transforms alien/biological species into Ultron Hybrids, in which The Nova Corps are trying to quarantine, and hunt for survivors. This plotline was also brought up again briefly in All New Guardians of the Galaxy #8. And will be the main focus starting from Guardians of the Galaxy #148.
By this time next year, everyone will return to being Jerkasses who are at each other's throats 24/7.
  • Status Quo Is God, after all.
  • You might want to specify the day you made this post, so you can come back and check in a year.
Okay, what's the deal with the classic, 20th-century era costumes worn by the heroes?
It seems like a serious step back, compared to modern outfits, even getting into WTH, Costuming Department? territory.
  • Possibly means that Rogers, Stark, Odinson, Banner (and, maybe, other big-letter original heroes) are from the past. Generations (Marvel Comics) strongly implies this.
    • Which poses the question of current whereabouts of the present versions of those guys. Where they've gone to?
  • Or there's some other explanation.
  • Steve Rogers is wearing his classic costume because there's no better way to emphasize that this is classic Cap, not the murderous fake we've had to endure since mid-2016. We still have no confirmation that Bruce Banner is coming back. We have no indication that Tony Stark is going back to a 20th-Century armour. There is an Alex Ross variant cover for Mighty Thor 701 showing Thor Odinson in classic costume, but it's just a variant cover and Covers Always Lie.
    • In short, Steve is the only one who's confirmed to be going back to his original look. (As of September 3, 2017.)
The Fall of Parker story arc will hang a lampshade on the fact that Dan Slott's entire Spider-Man saga up to that point has basically been rendered pointless by Status Quo Is God, with Peter basically back where he was in the Brand New Day era (even if his role at the Daily Bugle is different)
Bruce Banner will not appear in Return to Planet Hulk
The solicitations say Amadeus goes to Sakaar to answer a distress signal sent by a mysterious unidentified person. The most obvious candidate is Bruce Banner, and Marvel is not going to do something so obvious, no matter how much we want Bruce back.
  • Confirmed.
Bleeding Cool's claim that in 2018 Nick Spencer will take over Amazing Spider-Man and Ta-Nehisi Coates will take over Captain America is not going to come true
Marvel is not going to court controversy by continuing to employ Nick Spencer. And if Mark Waid was only returning to Captain America for the Home of the Brave arc, Marvel would not have promoted his return so heavily.
  • The "Marvel is not going to court controversy by continuing to employ Nick Spencer" bit is Jossed. Spencer is co-writing a Dr. Strange miniseries with Donny Cates.
  • Jossed, both happened.
Alternatively, Bleeding Cool is right and Coates will take over with Captain America #701
Home of the Brave is only three issues long, and we know Waid is following it with another three-issue story called Out of Time. We know nothing about what happens after that. We don't know if Waid is in this for the long haul or not, and he has said nothing to clarify.
  • Confirmed, though it's a few issues later.
There will be a Fantastic Four revival around June, and Marvel 2-In-One is a miniseries
Marvel doesn't like to announce that a miniseries is a miniseries, because that reduces sales. We know Marvel 2-In-One will go at least as far as six issues, putting it into May. The Fox-Disney deal is progressing.
The dystopian future America depicted in Out of Time will be controlled by Rampart
The white supremacist group from the first issue of Home of the Brave. One of its members blew himself up after promising Cap that they had big plans for the future and he would be seeing them again. Since it looks like Waid is leaving after issue 700, that gives him limited space to deliver on this set-up, so he's likely to do it in Out of Time (or it becomes an Aborted Arc).
  • Confirmed.

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