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Maria†Holic takes place in the same universe as Girls Bravo.
Kanako exists to karmically balance out Yukinari, who breaks out in hives at the touch of a girl.

there's a yukinari/kanako/mariya love triangle

Mariya and Shizu are Light and Misa's children.
Whether or not alcohol was involved in their conception; Misa gave birth to them shortly before committing suicide after Light's death. They were adopted into a fancy (and eccentric) family. Interestingly, Ryuk did try to offer Mariya the Death Note, but playing mind games with Schoolgirl Lesbians is more entertaining.

Mariya is secretly Tsundere for Kanako.
Think about it. It's possible.
  • The real one who or the crossdressing one?
  • I think it is possible, he did kiss her after all....

All the girls at school are actually lesbians, Mariya's just fucking around with Kanako

Mariya is responsible for why Kanako Does Not Like Men and her 'Recorder' back story

Kanako's back story is actually a Stealth Parody of Rape and Switch

Seriously, a girl turning lesbian from having her bloomers and recorder stolen by boys is too over-the-top to be taken seriously. Kanako would have turned out lesbian no matter what, she's just too Genre Blind for her own good and uses this as an excuse. Plus Rape and Switch / Does Not Like Men shows up used straight in a lot of Girls' Love series, and since this is a Deconstructive Parody of one....

Kanako was a lecherous (male) pervert in life
Kanako seems to be one of those classic 'male pervert' types in anime transplanted into a female body at an all-girls school. She was a male pervert character, then she died (and as a result, lost her memory.) She is currently being karmically processed, which is why she's subject to such abuse, and also why she is surrounded by irony. However, she has yet to give up all her voyeuristic habits, such as secretly taking photos of the other young girls . This also explains the apparent supernatural elements and the medium awareness.

Kanako is the first of the Kaka clan from BlazBlue
Look at her when she's famished. The Kanako who was sneaking around searching for food in that hood looked disturbingly much alike to Taokaka and the other residents of Kaka village. Sometime in the future, Kanako got mixed up in the events and, while famished by one reason or another, became involved in some kind of experiment or otherwise magic, perhaps being injected with the genes of Jubei and ended up being the first of the Kaka clan. If we think about it, if we can imagine Kanako's more energetic behavior and remove a large part of the perverseness, she actually resembles Taokaka at that point, if only that slight enough to imagine she might be an ancestor...
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