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Joe's son will be a character in a future game in the series.

This game takes place in the same universe as Until Dawn.

Future games in the Dark Pictures anthology will be genres other than horror.

While "Dark Pictures" does sound like something more horror-related, plenty of stories can be dark without being in that genre. It would also be rather constrained for the remaining seven games to all be horror, especially on account of the Curator, who apparently has a "repository" of all sorts of stories.


Shroud Of Innocence will be one of the future games in the anthology.

What else was the book in Julia's cabin for, if not foreshadowing?

You, the player, and the Curator are otherworldly beings that exist in another dimension.
Specifically, your role is basically an agent sent to enter the story and guide the characters to survival, while the Curator keeps record of your successes and your failures. Taking it a step further, if the Dark Pictures Anthology is indeed in the same universe as Until Dawn, perhaps the actual benevolent entity that is guiding them is Beth, assuming that the world the Curator lives in is a pocket dimension in the afterlife.

Another future game will tell the story of the archaeologists who went missing in Iraq, as seen in an old newspaper on the ship.

Fliss owned the Milan before she was legally old enough to captain a boat.
This is the most likely explanation for why she has a license that appears to be forged and claims she's in her thirties, despite her looking to be around the same age as the college students around her.

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