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Michio dies.
After Michio cried over losing Garai, he attempts to commit suicide, but General Minch shot him to death, killing him.

Michio's brother becomes evil.
Michio, fighting with his older brother in the plane for the MW, has transferred his insanity to his own brother.

Garai stopped Michio as an act of Cruel Mercy.
Later, he found out that Michio attempts to gas the entire world with MW because it's affecting his lifespan to live for a few years. So instead of giving Michio what he wanted, he saved him since he figured that living with his past would be a Fate Worse than Death. ...Maybe.

Michio is an avatar of Nyarlathotep.

Meguro is a Nobody.
Guess that would explain a lot of his behavior.

MW takes place in the same universe as Death Note.
The reason Michio manages to survive until the end is because no shinigami would have the guts of putting down the name of a man who only has a few years left to live. Michio realizes this, so that's why he has occasional suicidal tendencies. When Garai has sacrificed himself, the despair in him have made a shinigami put his name down.

Detective Meguro is an ancestor of L.
Let's see the results. Highly eccentric detective? Check. Obsessed of finding his target? Check. Being a genius? Check. Constantly making some gestures? Check.

Michio's real goal is to give Father Garai some Character Development.
All of his plots, including to gas the entire world with MW, were a Gambit Roulette to reward Garai of making him a better person and making the right choice.

The villain protagonist of the sequel will be Michio's brother.
Saddened by the death of his brother, Michio's brother will
kill the people who are responsible with the MW as a form of revenge for Michio's insanity.

General Minch has no clue if it's Michio or his brother he just got.
Obviously since he is too blind to know they're alike.

The monster of the story isn't Michio, but Satan.
The main focus of the story is how various characters deal with their own personal demons.
  • Garai's monster is the temptation of becoming a monster himself.
  • Meguro's obsession of finding Michio has somehow ruined his personal life.
  • Sumiko's is seeing Michio despite know what he truly is.
  • For the corrupt politicians, their demon is their past of covering the MW up.

Michio is just a plot device to show of what evil can turn you into if you don't control it.

Michio dies somewhere between the years 1980 and 1990.
After escaping, Michio has relocated himself in the US and worked with crime syndicates to get find MW once again. He eventually finds it again, but he, along with the other criminals, are being sent to jail and died there. Of course, Michio only has a few years left to live so he died 10 years later.

Michio is the ancestor of Johan Liebert.
That would explain of become insane by a secret military experiment as a kid, manipulate people, have ambitions to cause The End of the World as We Know It, tries to commit Suicide by Cop, and cross-dressing.

The Michio Yuki who becomes a villain isn't the real Michio Yuki.
The real Michio Yuki was a sweet kid attending elementary school, somehow top of his class, who got exposed to a chemical weapon. After realizing it's effects, he snapped, replacing his personality that would go on to become a villain.

Meguro has Asperger's Syndrome.
To show the symptoms, he has poor social skills and doesn't have any friends (although he has Garai to help him stop Michio); he is extremely intelligent; and doesn't seem to know that he's bothering people (an example would be when he's interrogating Michio and Garai).

The reason why he has a brother who looks like him is because he will possess a new body in case he dies. That would explain in the end when Michio's brother makes an evil grin: Michio just poor his soul out and replaces him!

Michio was Dead All Along.
He was dead from the moment he got exposed from MW, he just never inhaled a dose of it (nor did Garai). That would explain his Lack of Empathy and making love to both sexes.

Michio is suicidal.
After being exposed to MW, Michio couldn't handle the fact that the chemical itself it's driving him insane. So he lost the will to live. Unwilling to stop living with his life, he has decided to have someone killed him. That would explain he would allow Garai (and the military officers) to take shots to him.

Michio is the Antichrist.
Being called a monster, ability to manipulate powerful people, having an interest in politics, and having ambitions to cause the end of the world are what Michio could be. Does that look like an anti-chirst?
  • Since Garai is helping him, then he unknowingly becomes the False Prophet.

If Garai got infected by MW, he'll be a worse person than Michio.
Why is that? Because he was already evil when he joined in the Crows.

Here are the possibilities of what would happen if Garai got exposed to MW and becomes evil:

  • Continues on to rape Michio.
  • Will kill off Sumiko.
  • Murders the members of his old gang and leads a new gang.

MW is a deconstruction of being ill.
Where to start? Oh yeah, right back when Michio got affected by the chemical warfare. When it first affect him, he feels nausea and headache. As soon as Garai helped him, he feels better, right? Wrong. He went off the rails. 15 years later, he begins to have occasional headaches. Then he gets hospitalized at one point. Does that end? No, it doesn't; it turns out that being affected by that chemical warfare has only given him a few years left to live.

Michio was working for United Nations!!
Because of Mr. Nakata's case in his corrupt dealings, it would be impossible for the UN to take an interest in his case. They needed someone who is evil, but can be easily persuaded into doing favors for them. After the MW cover-up, the UN wanted to know why the government have covered the incident up and having murdered the survivors of it. That's when Michio has volunteered into working with them in hopes of letting his boss from the bank would slip up something. Because of the wire, the UN have found out from Michio that the likes of Mr. Nanpeidai, the branch manager, and Nakata are all part of the cover up. They ordered Michio to kill off every last one of them except Nakata because they need to see him how he suffers for all this. Michio knows that this is dangerous so that's why he attempts to stop Garai from doing what he does. At the end, when Prosecutor Meguro is also helping him, they managed to get Nakata and the others in one go.

Meguro has supernatural powers.
Meguro has possessed mind-reading powers and could predict the future. He could easily tell Michio is the Serial Kidnapper even without proof. The conversation he had with him at one time is just an attempt for him to get into his mind and see the bad effects. Later, when Michio gets hospitalized, Meguro has once again read his mind to find out he killed Miho and impersonated as her to rob a bank. Also, he manages to get into his future of using the MW around the world when he dies. If Michio's lookalike brother escaped in the end, could Meguro tell that's Michio? Yes, he can when he still has the vision of a future of the world being gassed by the MW.

Everything that happened in the series was imagined by Michio.
The MW was made as a prank by a random military soldier. When it is released throughout Mafune Island, the people have faked their deaths so that they could escape from being executed by the conspiracy. Michio, disillusioned by this experience, has rendered him unstable. When he begins to commit crimes as an adult, he has false memories of those that he did it. The people he killed did not die, but he believed it anyway. He begins to hallucinate even more he becomes a murderer.

The investigation to the so-called Serial Kidnapper was imagined by Michio to be his inner conscience of killing those people who were responsible for the cover-up. That side of him would be manifested as Meguro, who is like Michio when it comes to intelligence and skill, but appears to represent the stress on how to be perfect.


Garai was already a good guy when he came to Mafune Island. Michio imagined him of being a criminal to do atrocious acts with his former gang.

Michio is Friend.
Hey, if he's going to be The Anti-Christ, he'll just got to do some shit to the entire world besides Japan. After getting away from the MW incident, he'll start again doing some trouble. There, he meets Katsumata, from whom he got the "Book of Prophesy", and starts to make the Cult of Friendship. When things gets so tough, Michio has Katsumata took on his face, and acts as his corpse when he dies.

In the end of the movie, it wasn't Michio that is standing at the top of a building, but it's his older lookalike brother.

The entire series is All Just a Dream of Michio.
He is still in the coma after Garai rescued him. Therefore, all the new characters are aspects of himself.
  • Himself = Self/Ego
  • The Bank Manager = Id
  • Meguro = Super Ego
  • Sumiko = Anima
  • Mr. Nakata = Shadow Archetype

Michio developed Split Personality after being exposed to the MW.
Let's get this straight. Prior to being exposed to it, he was once a shy little boy; it would appear that all that abuse Garai brought up on him on the cave 15 years ago had been repressed. Once he gets exposed to the MW, it seems that his headache is the sign of developing a split personality, his repressed id. This id has taken over completely as it starts to do atrocious crimes. Makes sense, huh?

Garai was exposed to MW, which is why he's not a jerk anymore.
Think about it. He was in the same cave as Michio, but unlike Michio, he gets better and not worse. He might have resisted getting ill due to having a much stronger build then Michio.

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