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Victim #1 is Iggy Koopa.

The victim's description appears after Iggy is defeated.

  • Unlikely, since one of the lines in the description is "The victim was found lying on her carpet". Not only is Iggy male, but it's not likely that he somehow ended up in a carpeted room after falling into a pool of lava.
    • If so, then why does Victim #1 description appears exactly after Iggy's death?
      • (Same replier as above) If we go by the theory that Mario previously committed a horrible crime, maybe his defeat of Iggy reminded him of the crime he previously committed, and the description was him having a flashback or something.

Alternatively, Iggy is trying to stop Mario from murders, alongside with Yoshi.

If Iggy is not the Victim #1, then he is the one investigating the murder. As he digs deeper into the case, he realizes that Mario is on his way to kill him. It is also possible that Bowser is also one of the victims, given the Bowser's name is replaced by Mario in the intro message - that is one of the possible reasons why Iggy fights Mario; he wants revenge for his father's death.

  • (Same poster as above) That, and Iggy is the only koopaling Mario battles. When Mario enters the Donut Plains, there is only one level.

Mario is The Atoner, and most of the game is him contemplating suicide as a way to atone for whatever he did.

Throughout most of the game, it's heavily implied that he did...something terrible, and he may be trying to atone for it. Two of the message boxes that pop up in the game say things like "Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" and "This is the selfish way out", both of which seem to point to the possibility that Mario is thinking of killing himself, with the boxes representing someone (either Mario's conscience, or someone else, like Yoshi) trying to talk him out of it. Some levels in the game involve Mario being able to walk on air, suggesting that maybe he was thinking of it, but is possibly changing his mind.


The tipping point comes with his defeat of Iggy. Whatever he had previously done comes crashing back to him, and he finds himself unable to forgive himself. The next, and final, level of the game is shown in the ocean on the overworld map, and in the level itself, Mario falls through the ground and ends up in darkness, thus implying that he took his life. The two message boxes in the last level, "There's no way out of here" and "Fly away", also imply this; the first one could be saying that there's no way for Mario to live with the consequences of what he's done, and the second one seems to be telling him to "fly away" from the earthly realm. But instead of flying, he ended up descending (twice, in fact), so even in death, he isn't truly free of guilt...


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