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Vampiro is NOT Pentagon Jr.'s master, but was manipulated into being Pentagon's mentor.
It's been confirmed by the Season 2 opening segment that Vampiro was committed to a mental institution in the interim between seasons, and is at least functional enough to be the color commentator of Lucha Underground again. He also seemed visibly traumatized at seeing Pentagon Jr. again, especially after Pentagon broke Mil Muertes' arm with ease. The theory is this: Vampiro is NOT Pentagon's Master, but the Master used Vampiro's fragile mental state to put Vampiro in the position of mentoring Pentagon. I have two scenarios to posit about how this came about:
  • The Master instructed Pentagon to antagonize Vampiro to make him snap: Pentagon had FULL KNOWLEDGE that Vampiro was not his Master, but that his Master's will of training Pentagon through Vampiro would manifest once Vampiro's mind and will were broken. Pentagon continues to antagonize Vampiro until Vampiro snaps into believing himself to be Pentagon's Master, he trains Pentagon to become even more ruthless and violent, and then is thrown to the side once his part is played. Being discarded like that after a psychotic break and manipulation of your dark past and deepest feelings would land ANYONE in the madhouse.
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  • The Master POSSESSED Vampiro, AKA the Exorcist II scenario: When Pentagon is shown talking to his Master, the Master manifests as a disembodied voice. That's because his Master IS a disembodied voice. Simply put, the Master is some kind of spiritual or demonic entity, and he ordered Pentagon to antagonize Vampiro so he'd be weak of mind and will enough to become easy prey for possession. When Pentagon shouted for his Master to appear at the end of the Cero Miedo match at Ultima Lucha, he wasn't asking his Master to appear, he was asking him to manifest, and that's the precise moment when the possession took place. Finally having a physical body, the Master taught Pentagon everything he knew, then he left Vampiro's body, leaving him a mental and emotional wreck. Vampiro ends up in a mental institution, but he's not so much crazy as he's suffering the after-effects of having his mind and soul flayed by a demonic force, like Regan was in Exorcist II.
Whichever scenario is correct, the bottom line is this: Vampiro was
a victim. Pentagon and his Master used Vampiro for their own ends and cast him aside like a used candy wrapper once they were done.
  • Kinda Jossed by Issue 3 of the LU comics. Vampiro IS possessed...sort of. Vampiro is Ian Hodgkinson's literal inner demon who wants to destroy his psyche to take control once more.

Dario has a Compelling Voice.
Which explains how he continually manages to get people to turn against each other and do what he wants, up to and including getting Black Lotus to turn on Dragon Azteca with one short conversation.
  • Possibly the key he wears around his neck is an ancient Aztec artifact that grants him a Compelling Voice or hypnotic powers. The key is very obviously of pivotal importance to him, not just as the key to his brother's cell, but as an important possession in its own right. This would also explain how he uses it to control Matanza, as well as how he was able to get Cisco and Cortez to feed Bael to Matanza just by telling them to, even though Cortez is an undercover police officer- people just can't refuse him while he has the key on him, with only the most strong-willed (Catrina or Pentagon) being able to resist its powers.

The Temple is protected against anyone using major powers in a fight.
There's some sort of enchantment or artifact that prevents anyone from using a major power (Catrina's teleportation, Drago turning into an actual dragon) in the main area of the temple. This keeps the fights fair-ish, protects innocent bystanders, and explains why we only see these amazing powers in "backstage" segments.
  • Jossed! It took over one and a half seasons for it to happen, but a major power was finally utilized in the main area of the Temple, as Catrina teleported out of a casket at the end of Graver Consequences. Catrina later did it again to attack Ivelisse during Ultima Lucha Dos.

Aerostar is a time traveler from the future.
We see him with an ancient Aztec during season two, but what if he wasn't some immortal? What if he went back in time to stop Cueto? What if the reason he's from the cosmos is because the Earth is either destroyed or ruled by Cueto/Cueto's descendants in the future?
  • Partially confirmed in that he is a time traveler, though it's unknown if he hails from the future.

Dario and Matanza Cueto's father chose their mother because he knew how abusive she'd become.
Daddy Cueto could have been obsessed with the Aztec legends already, and he may have needed children who would grow up with a devotion to violence if he was going to find a host to bring an Aztec god to this world. At least one child who would obey the urge to violence even to the point of killing the one who gave them life, and having another child like Dario to help guide unwitting sacrifices into the hands of that violent son probably helps to make sure the god is at its peak power. Who better to raise two such sons, one selected to become a physical monster and the other doomed to be a moral monster, than a woman prone to physically abusing them even to the point of murder? Daddy Cueto easily could have scoured Spain for a woman with the right psychological traits and family history to raise her children to be so monstrous, or found her with the help of the Aztec gods. After that, he just had to leave her while the son chosen to be Matanza was very young or perhaps not even born yet, and then come back to take custody of their children once she was out of the picture.

Catrina is from Outworld, or otherwise connected to the Mortal Kombat setting
Her idea for making Mil Muertes look like a dominant champion was to seat him on a throne of skulls overlooking the Temple, just like Shao Kahn, and she was pleased when Siniestro de La Muerte performed Kano's original Fatality on the other two Disciples of Death. Lucha Underground had a Mortal Kombat feel from the start, but Catrina seems to be more fixated on it than the others.

Wherever Dario Cueto's going after Ultima Lucha Dos, it's not jail.
Dario was still able to go to the ring with Matanza after killing Mr. Cisco, and his arrest later was without resistance. He was even smiling as the van drove off. Why? Because these officers aren't part of Captain Vasquez's unit; rather, they're in the employ of Councilman Delgato, and they picked up Dario in response to his phone call before the legit cops could get to him. He's being taken somewhere to hide out while the investigation of the Temple (hopefully) runs into a dead end.
  • Jossed in the Season Three premiere; Dario did spend a short time in jail, but Delgado and his mysterious boss got him out and any charges dropped.

On the final episode of Lucha Underground, Dario Cueto will be killed off.
It just seems like a fitting end for Lucha Underground's finale. Perhaps Matanza will do the honors or Dario receives a Fate Worse than Death from the Aztec gods.
  • Half-jossed. It wasn't the final episode, but he may not be dead...

Catrina isn't a spooky ghost lady- she's an ordinary girl possessed by a spooky ghost lady!
In season 3, newcomer Jeremiah Crane comes to the Temple and reveals he has history with Catrina, with her saying that he's the one who "brought [her] here", and him also being revealed to wear a shard of her mystic stone around his neck. After badgering Dario Cueto into booking him in a match against Mil Muertes, Jeremiah climbs up onto a chair and pulls what looks like a Ouija board from a compartment in the roof of Dario's office, which he says he left there when he was a kid. Another talk with Catrina reveals that the two of them used to play together when they were kids. Put the pieces together, and you can see a tragic scenario where young Jeremiah was playing with his girlfriend, messing around in the abandoned warehouse that would one day become the Temple with the Ouija board they'd found, when their innocent play accidentally summoned an actual evil spirit which possessed and took over the body of the girl, stealing her away from Jeremiah- the spirit of La Calavera Catrina...
  • Jossed during Season 3, as she was actually a ghost...sort of. She died and was brought back by half of the Piedra Immortal, leaving her in a sort of half-life. She regained her life during Season 4.

Dario Cueto is still alive and disguised as his own father.
While Agent Winter intended to leave him for dead at the end of Season 3, there's been hints in Season 4 that Dario survived and is currently disguised as Antonio Cueto. There've been points where Antonio's been seen clutching his abdomen in pain (Dario was shot in the abdomen by Winter) and where his eyes have somehow changed color (which could also be attributed to editing issues). It's entirely possible Winter had never seen Antonio before meeting him at Dario's "funeral", so he wouldn't know anything about what he looked like prior to that meeting.
  • Both partly jossed and further supported by the revelation that Aerostar had resurrected Dario after the funeral. The former in that Antonio and Dario were still two separate people prior (as Dario was resurrected after Antonio took Matanza's key and left) and the latter in that Dario, for a few moments after opening his eyes, was blind in his left eye, just as his father is.

Mascarita Sagrada was doing a Secret Test of Character on the Rabbit Tribe
He rejects London's advances on being worshiped throughout Season 3 and only has a change of heart after London saves Sagrada from being trounced by Son of Madness. However, going with what we see in "Sacrificio" (where The White Rabbit asks London to prove his loyalty by murdering Mascarita and the fact that Mascarita doesn't look in horror at the idea of being bludgeoned to death), perhaps this is part of a scheme between the two. Why else would Mascarita willingly tell the Rabbit Tribe that he's going to take them there unless he's already been indoctrined and following his "master's" orders? Perhaps he is one of many of the White Rabbit's disciples (Alongside the black wearing Rabbit mini, who isn't played by Sagrada, btw)?

Catrina willingly gave Jeremiah Crane's body to Kobra Moon
Considering that her main objective in 3-Way to the Grave was to claim Fenix's body and the life force contained within and that Jeremiah was becoming an obsessive thorn in her side by that point, it is entirely possible she outright gave Jeremiah's body to Kobra Moon in return for something as of yet unspecified. Additionally, after being resurrected by Moon and returning to the Temple as Jeremiah Snake, he was no longer wearing the piece of the stone that he had stolen, making it entirely possible she'd taken it back from him in the process.

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