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The entire anime is only a reenactment
μ's will go on to become professional idols and actresses, the entire anime is just a reenactment ofthe story of how they formed their idol group back in their highschool days.
  • Everything makes much more sense when you view it that way, the P.V.s before the anime, such as Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2, Jump! and Mogyuuto "love" de Sekkin Chuu are witnessed nowhere in the anime, and seems in an obviously K-POP or J-POP reminiscent style. This is because this are the M.V.s they made when they are now real idols.
  • It also explains why we don't get to witness the Season 2 OP scene happening anywhere, they shot it and knew it was going to be used as OP for the anime.
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  • Some of the other confusing stuff makes sense now, such as why would Honoka be singing Susume Tomorrow in Episode 1 Season 1 if they were still not idols.
  • And why would all the members of μ's appear suddenly in Episode 1, it was scripted.
  • Officially Jossed in the movie. However, given how the the call knew Hanayo's number...
There will be a crossover with K-On! or The Idolmaster.
In the upcoming English dub that's being released in February 2016, Eli will be voiced by either Erica Mendez or Julie Ann Taylor.
  • Jossed. Mendez voices Nico, and Taylor didn't end up voicing any of the nine girls. Erica Lindbeck ended up voicing Eli.
Otonokizaka High School was formerly a rich girls' school.
  • All of the members of μ's have surnames that can be connected to members of the Japanese upper class, and in many cases said surnames are very rare.
    • Honoka: The Kosaka were a Samurai family, retainers of the Takeda clan during the Sengoku Period.
    • Kotori: The Minami were also a prominent family during the feudal period, operating in the Choshu domain. Among their number was World War II general, and convicted war criminal, Jiro Minami.
    • Umi: As a surname with under 100 recorded individuals as per the Japanese census, it's very likely she is related to former Foreign Minister of Japan, Sunao Sonoda.
    • Nozomi: She shares the same name with Hideki Tojo. Additionally, the "jo" kanji found at the end of her surname tends to be a dead giveaway for an aristocratic family.
    • Hanayo: The Koizumi family is very prominent in politics, including former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
    • Maki: Although there isn't much real-life information on her surname, more than two kanji (she has three) tend to be a sign of former nobility. Also, it's outright stated her family's rich.
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    • Nico: Her family may not be very well off, but Eikichi Yazawa was one of the pioneers of Japanese rock and roll in The '60s, and his daughter Yoko later went on to success as well. It's likely that while she may not have a priveliged background, musical talent runs in her veins.
    • While there are no notable individuals with Eli and Rin's surnames, their sheer rarity may raise a few eyebrows. Nobility were known for choosing very descriptive names with rarer kanji.

The Kotori seen in the singing segment of Wonderful Rush is actually Kotori's mother herself.
  • Is this was her mother, then she would've been a very young-looking principal who is a former idol in the PV universe, and she temporarily goes back to her idol self to help them while Kotori's away.

Eli Ayase's real name is not Eli
  • There is no such name as "Eli" in the Russian language, so it might be her nickname
  • Her sister has a real Russian name, "Alisa", which exists in Russian.
  • In fact, her name might actually be Elizaveta or Yelizaveta, and shortened only to "Eli" to make it fit in Japan and to make it easier for the Japanese to pronounce.
  • The Love Live! School Idol Diary novel for Eli indicates that she is named "Anastasiya Eli", apparently combining a Russian name and a Japanese one. This is mentioned in the context of Orthodox Christian prayer. Some Orthodox people are known to have a baptismal name different from their "regular" name if there was no saint to match the "regular" name.

Coelacanth will become the Series Mascot of Sunshine
  • There are already quite a number of fan arts featuring it, it may become popular enough to rival Otonokizaka's alpacas.

St. Snow are Nico's sisters Cocoro and Cocoa
  • After arriving in high school, they have found out that their sister isn't the idol she says she is, and instead become Arise fans, developing their instead. With Sunshine being set at least 5 years after the original series, it could be possible, until we get a backstory to joss it.
    • It did get Jossed. To begin with, Sarah is just around one year younger than Yukiho (thus Leah, a first-year, would be around 3 years younger), so neither Cocoa nor Cocoro, both elementary school students at the time of the original series, could be a Saint Snow member. Besides, a backstory was given to them, indeed.

Riko's older sister is Todou Erena from A-RISE
  • We can assume that their parents divorced when they were younger, and that's why they have different last names. Well why we never have it mentioned? Riko probably never thought it was important.

Umi is Heterophobic.
  • If she really possesses that said phobia, she would've have a great dislike/hate to straight couples, including her father.
    • Despite this, her phobia makes a very good advantage: She can get close & communicate with any women (either as platonic or romantic), including Eli.
    • Well, given the implication of her refusing to start a family and yet she would surrender to Eli as her girlfriend...

The male gender is endangered, and they're (probably) extinct in Sunshine or even it's sequels.
If men really died in this universe, this makes the Love Live Universe as their own version of the Sexmission's world or DC's Themiscyra, or they're entirely transgenders, defective human beings, or they're living ghosts who wanders the whole town.
  • Even with the world dominated by women, some men who hasn't died in this world is still lurking around. And there's Cotaro as well.
  • This could also potentially reveal that the women in this universe are capable of asexual reproduction ( Which probably includes animals like Shiitake.), meaning that most characters doesn't even have fathers during their birth.
  • Given the appearances of both men and women in America in The School Idol Movie (most notably Mari's father in Sunshine), it might have implied that the extinction of male gender only applies to Japan like Otonoki & Numazu (given the declining birth rates).
  • Somewhat confirmed as one of the toilet signs (male) is omitted in one of the scenes in sunshine's Season 2, Episode 3.
    • Later Jossed as Chika's, Mari's, and Riko's (though partially) fathers (Hanamaru's father & grandpa appears in one of the School Idol Diary visuals's appearance in the second half. Further jossed as a fair number of men appears in the opening sequence of the movie.

Kotori is Younger Sister of Formula E's Envision Virgin Racing driver Sam Bird.
Just because Their name connections,Kotori in Japanese means little bird and Bird in English translated as Tori.Then some memes if Kotori Minami or Sam Bird is an half Human-Bird.

Nico,Hanayo and Maki is actually the Kurosawa Sisters' true mother(s).
From all of the WMGs, this one is extremely complicated:
  • The only available evidence is their respective precious stones.
  • If the two girls are their real mothers, it was currently unexplained on how:
    • they could gave birth to the sisters despite the Sperms being incompatible during intercourse?
      • Maybe they have used IPS cells.
    • the sisters being able to grow up very fast despite the 5-year timeskip?
  • It should be noted that their lifestyle is different from their previous lives (notably the Kurosawa's Washitsu styled home).
    • Maybe they secretly escaped before (& after) their birth to the sisters by going from Akibahara to Numazu?
  • What is their actual birth names?
    • Ruby: Ruby Nishikino or Ruby Yazawa
    • Dia: Dia/Diamond Nishikino or Dia/Diamond Yazawa
  • Given the Kurosawa sister's family business type in the original series, it might have assumed that Maki resigns herself as a doctor or that Nico decides to become one of the workers here.
  • Pretty much jossed in Season 1, Episode 2 where Dia acknowledges Maki's full name as she is a fan of µ's, and Season 1, Episode 13 where her mother is seen in the credits sequence.
    • And again, some of them might have assumed that the mother entirely adopted them (by bearing the Kurosawa surname) or serving as their guardian.

The young girl from Season 1, Episode 12 is Honoka's & Tsubasa's daughter.
  • Who knows? Honoka and Tsubasa might have married in a very young age, and either of them receives a donated sperm and gave birth to that kid.
    • On the other hand, the woman beside that kid might be her guardian.
  • And then there's the Hanayo-lookalike in Sunshine Season 2's 4th Episode, which might have implied that either Rin or (accurately,) Tsubasa married Hanayo.
    • Given that the children was adopted, it might have implied that Tsubasa had lost her responsibility as a parent, becoming too poor to feed them, or she was too busy pursuing her real Idol career.

Sunshine!! 2nd Season's final episodes will see the 2nd Years' potential bad end.
  • Other than the doujins, we might probably see You might be successfully taking revenge on Riko for stealing Chika's heart, at least officially.
    • Given her unexpected confession with Riko in the second season's 13th Episode, her revenge if highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Yoshiko's and Riko's moms are either single mothers or secretly married to each other.
  • If they are single mothers:
    • It was unexplained on how they gave birth to their daughters: They were most likely to use IPS cells, intercourse with their (former) male lovers, or even "Lesbian magic".
    • So far, Riko's mom is married, and whether Yoshiko's mother is actually a single parent or married is entirely a debatable matter.
  • If they are married to each other:
    • Since Riko's mother is seen married canonically (Riko's father), she is most likely to divorce with her former husband beforehand.
    • This makes Yoshiko and Riko as sisters, and combined with them being shipped to each other by the fandom, it would be considered as an incestuous relationship.
    • It was unexplained on how they live separately; maybe they're trying to keep their homosexual relationship as a secret to the public?
    • This also makes the man (Riko's father) on her left side in Season 2, Episode 12 as a generic adult fan.

The blue-haired young girl with low twintails is actually Karin Asaka herself.
  • Probably, given her occasional appearances.
    • But given her appearance as a third year in Perfect Dream Project, she might have cut her bangs.

The generic student from Otonokizaka high is Kasumi Nakasu.
  • Given her Otonokizaka attire, she was either:
    • Disguised as one here.
    • Studied here before her transfer to Nijigasaki High School.
  • And given her warm personality (as opposed to her black-hearted persona): She must have pretended to be warm, or she was actually warm before she was changed.

The upcoming Love Live! The Sunshine Movie: Over The Rainbow will eventually feature some genuine Yuri romance for the main characters.
  • Well, since the title probably makes sense...
    • Given the previous teasing from the TV series, it's very unlikely to happen, unless they decided to invert it.
  • So...possible lip-to-lip kiss scene?
    • Since the movie is yet to be released, it's still unlikely.
  • Jossed with a vengeance.

The generic person that talks to You is either a boy, or a tomboyish girl.
  • If that person's a boy, this ultimately marks the his first important male character with a school idol as his girlfriend on-screen.
  • If that person's a girl, she must be either:
  • Jossed as the person's gender is revealed to be female in the movie.

Tsuki is an undercover agent working for the Ohara family.
  • Some of her actions (like picking up a random call from a phone booth, ignoring the wanted poster of the Third Years, and her politely bowing to Mrs. Ohara) may have raised some eyebrows.
    • However, as she began to support Aqours after visiting Italy, this might have indicated that she is either kicked out by Mrs. Ohara offscreen or finally forgets her duty as a spy in the progress.

The characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo will make a small cameo appearance in Over the Rainbow.
  • There are a few possible cameo choices: Giorno Giovanna will be seen as a taxi driver, Leone Abbacchio will be seen drinking tea in a cafe, while Guido Mista, Bruno Bucciarati, Narancia Ghirga, and Trish Una will be seen as bystanders.

Mari's Mom is the side of the family where the money came from, married off to a man who could manage the money well
  • This would explain why a family with an Italian-American father has a Japanese name. (Ohara could also be a misspelled Irish name, but there is no indication of any Irish background, and it is definitely not an Italian name).
  • This would explain her behaviour in the movie, without making her a cardboard villain and without touching upon the thorny question of whether Mari is a lesbian. Mari's Mom wants to arrange a marriage for Mari, but not because of a sheer desire for control, nor to "correct" Mari's possible orientation - even if Mari is a lesbian, her Mom does not care. Instead, Mari's Mom knows that money needs a stable hand to manage it. She also knows she is not very stable herself, and would have squandered the money if she was not married off to an able man. Mari's personality is not that different, so Mari's Mom wants to marry Mari off in turn, ensuring a good hand for the money. But then Mari demonstrates that she can, at least, choose the kind of friends who can organize a complicated venture - a live performance - from the ground up and succeed with it in the space of a few days in a foreign country, Mari's Mom relents. It's not just "magic of music", it's Mari proving herself as an entrepreneur in her own right, picking her support team without the need of a husband to guide her.

The voices from the Over the Rainbow movie's post-credits are the two girls from the 12th episode of the second season.
  • If true, this would be a hint of a possible sequel for Sunshine!!.

Ai Miyashita is also quarter/half-foreign blood like Eli and Mari.
  • This is mostly because of her usage of English words for "Meccha Going!".
  • This also would mean her fully Japanese origin is an Informed Attribute, similar to how Mari's mother is revealed to be mixed blood in the Sunshine movie, despite this contradicting Mari's bio.

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