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Love Actually

Mia (Heike Makatsch) is a demon the same way Rufus (Rowan Atkinson) is an angel.
  • The part where she dresses up in a sexy devil costume is kind of a give away, especially since it is almost definitely not a fancy dress party. Also the fact that she makes Alan Rickman's character buy her a gift, a gift which doesn't really mean anything to her, but which she wants instead for what it symbolizes and leads to more than the rather ugly necklace itself. This is also the only story line that seems to end decidedly negatively and the one where Rufus does his best to intervene. For all we know the movie is actually a supernatural battle between good and evil with the characters just pawns in their game.

The guy working at the department store is a Blackadder.
  • This particular Blackadder is hilariously sick of his job and enjoys trolling customers on a daily basis by doing things like taking ridiculous amounts of time wrapping gifts.

Red Nose Day Actually

Sam will propose to Joanna.
  • Confirmed, or more accurately Joanna asks Daniel for Sam's hand in marriage.

There will be a tribute for the late Alan Rickman on the 10-minute sequel
  • Alan Rickman's character, Harry, being The Character Died with Him, similar to the Gilmore Girls revival. Karen would have to deal with her husband's death and then, Daniel would help her overcome her loss which is a Call-Back to how she helped him with his wife's death in the movie. Her brother, David, would also help out.
  • Since the writer said that Harry and Karen are still together at the end of film, they ended up divorced during the Time Skip. It will be mentioned that Harry is doing some soul searching, probably traveling around the world. He may not be with someone else at this time but he and Karen remained Amicable Exes.
  • Alternatively, Harry and Karen are still together but they were able to work out with their problems and remained together. If Emma Thompson is unable to reprise her role, they will be mentioned by David or Daniel that they're retired somewhere else.
    • All of the above is jossed—Harry and Karen don't appear in the sequel, or aren't even mentioned, so we don't know anything about their fate.


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