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"Who are you? - "It's complicated."

How could there be a complication regarding the identity of Doctor Smith? Unless, she is not a stowaway this time around. Word of God did say the torch exchanged between Harris!Smith and Posey!Smith in the beginning. Maybe she was transported to the Jupiter 2 through other means along with the Robot and seems to be offering her help to save the family. Maybe she is the original Smith transferred to another body reusing old scenes from Lost in Space and CGI. It could fit the bill for being complicated and potentially fulfill the passing of the torch.


  • Jossed.

Judy Robinson
Maybe Judy Robinson was adopted and that is why she is black in this version of Lost In Space. Or maybe, she is from a previous relationship Maureen had and still has custody over Judy.

  • Confirmed. Judy is from a previous marriage.

The stasis pods

They likely have a faster means of travel in this variation and don't have to be asleep during the ride. Which means that the stasis pods were never built or considered for that matter.

  • Confirmed. The Resolute and later the Jupiter 2 utilize an FTL engine recovered from crashed alien ships.

The Robot is not Alien AI

Word of God claimed they are going to be using real science in this iteration of Lost in Space. The Robot is likely advanced plausible science. Based off the reactions of the Jupiter 2 crew, they don't have the technology for this or they were not alerted to it had it been advanced enough to be at that point. Given that the Robot appears on a alien planet in the trailer, it's likely that it was placed there. The Robot still has a association with Doctor Smith and they are working together to save the Robinsons. They could be from the future in which the Jupiter 2 never made it off the planet.


  • Jossed. The Robot is a Alien AI.

The Robot's face

Is that a neural network of some kind? Some kind of advanced network that reflects what the Robot is thinking for that matter.

  • Could be.

If the Robot was built by another species, that species would also have four arms and four legs
He attempted to mimic Will Robinson's form by changing to a more humanoid shape, but the Robot in this version normally has eight limbs. This is because his creators have that many limbs and built their creations in their image.

The robot is from a mechanoid/robot race
There may have been organic builders at one time but they are all gone now. The Robinsons will find that all the aliens related to the robot are AI machines and robots.

Very few of the colonists actually passed their tests.
In keeping with the classicist/elitist undertones of the show, it will be revealed that few of the colonists actually passed their tests to go to Alpha Centauri. This is why the Robinsons seem to be the colonists who have got it together the most. While Will Robinson only failed a single stress test, the other Robinsons did pass with flying colors. The other colonists, for the most part, are there because of wealth, political connections, or outright bribery. Victor Dhar is probably the worst offender of this, his attitude and arrogance covering up the fact that he really doesn't know what he's doing.

Angela ejected from the Jupiter 17 before it crashed
We never learn which Jupiter Angela was assigned to, but she is found in relative proximity to the crash site (given that the 17 was within walking distance of the 2, and the Robinsons find Smith on the way back to the 2). In addition, Angela's husband died in the robot attack, and she makes no mention of other family, so she may been alone on the 17 and ejected rather than risk surviving a crash landing. Of note is the fact they do not show any graves/cairns at the crash site of the 17, which the Robinsons would likely have done. Ironically, ejecting would have destroyed the flight capabilities of the Jupiter, most likely causing the fiery crash that made sure the Robinsons were in place to rescue Smith in the first place.


The folderized section below contains spoilers.

    Spoiler WMGs 

The fate of the Robot
In the finale, the two alien robots tumble out into space, and the second spaceship just sort of vanishes from the plot, despite six characters having directly observed it, and presumably Smith as well. What happens to it?
  • Guess 1: Will's Robot wins the fight, then assumes control of the spaceship. It then follows the Jupiter 2 through the wormhole, or creates one of its own offscreen. We'll be reunited with it in Season 2 as it helps the Robinsons deal with the alien race that built it.
  • Guess 2: The second robot wins, captures Will's Robot, and gets back aboard its own ship. Since it touched the alien drive aboard the Jupiter 2, it now has a connection to it, which it uses to command the drive to return to its home system, taking the Robinsons along for the ride. In Season 2, a major plot will be to rescue the Robot from the aliens.

We aren't done with the Resolute
It feels like there a few unresolved story arcs dealing with the secondary characters from Season 1, who all made it back to the Resolute. Certainly, the secret of the alien drive must be out by now, if it wasn't before, so Season 2 may involve the secondary cast either searching for the Jupiter 2 or getting caught up in their troubles. After all, the aliens never recovered the engine from the Resolute, and they won't have forgotten that.
  • Confirmed - the Resolute is a big part of the second season.

Smith helped John because she has an ulterior motive.
Doing a good dead will convince Maureen enough to let her out when a situation calls for extra help.

Smith will become The Quisling.


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