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The Mogadorians and the Loriens are from the same planet.
Both are very human (though, being villains, the Mogs are less so). Both dissolve into dust upon death. Both come in very small groups. The Mogadorians never invaded Lorien: that's just a cover story. In truth, there was a civil war between 2 factions of their shared race, and that war resulted in their planet's destruction.
  • the Loric are like the Autobots and the Mogs are like the Decepticons. I'll buy this one. This could explain why the war happened so suddenly, without warning.

All of the aliens are Chimeras.
It explains why they look so similar to humans — they just shape-shifted into looking like that. They obviously vary in how well and how fast they can shape-shift.

I Am Number Four takes place in the distant future.
The Loriens aren't alien creatures; they're cybernetically-enhanced humans, hailing from the off-planet colony of Lorien. Earth simply degraded into a seemingly modern state in that time. Speaking of which...

The Loriens and the Mogodorians are actually Orphenochs.
C'mon, someone had to say it. Much like the Kaijin from Faiz, many of the aliens such as John's dog can change into grotesque forms and boast superior strength and capabilities to humans. Of course, the most obvious reason for this is because the aliens disintegrate into dust when they die, much like Orphenochs.
  • Except in Faiz, they were more akin to Zombies, rather than Aliens.

Number 5 is Sam.
His "father"'s abduction is more connected to this struggle than Sam thinks. Years of living with his no-nonsense stepfather have caused Sam to forget his alien origins.

Number 5 is Bernie Kosar/ the Chimera
.They never said the other 8 Loriens all had to be humanoid.
  • Or he is humanoid in his natural form but his special power is shapeshifting. Six just assumed when he shifted into Chimera form that he was one.

The Loriens are Time Lords
They are somehow different from the other Time Lords, so they were saved when Galafray was destroyed. They are stranded on earth because they are missing a TARDIS. The Doctor may or may not be one of the numbers or their guardians.

I Am Number Four... but so are they.
The Mogadorians we saw weren't soldiers or anything: they were the less benevolent counterparts of the 9 Chosen Ones (or what was left of them, that is). The lead Mog could either have been their Number Four, for his being the main antagonist, or their Number Six, for his being the strongest. In addition, each Mog possibly had a unique weapon to parallel and contrast their formers' super-powers.

The Loriens are Exalted.
They have anima banners, mote-sharing charms, and even the equivalent of a Solar-Lunar bond. What more do you want? Of course it's not obvious what kind of Exalted they are.

The Mogs are allergic to something on Earth.
We always see them take what seems like a somewhat struggled inhale through their nostrils. It gives off the impression that they're trying to clear their nasal passages. Or at least whatever passes for them on a Mog. Also consider the way the head Mog talks. It sounds like his nose is stopped up.

'Power of Six' refers not to the power of the Six, but Number Six.

Self-explanatory, really. She's going to be pivotal in a large part of the plot, and she'll develop a bunch more powers while she's at it.

The dusting effect is a result of the disguise technology used by the Loriens, and possibly the Mogadorians.
The technology runs on the users' biopower, and holds them in a configuration similar to the targets'.
If the Mogadorians are using this technology as well, they either don't have as much energy as Number Four, the other Chosen Ones, and their guardians, and thus can't change their fundamental biology like their air-gills, or they are more different and merely can't change as much in comparison. The flying squirrel-ogres could be explained as being a transplant from another planet with a similar technology used as life support instead of disguise.

If the Mogadoriens aren't using the technology, it's possible that the flying squirrel-ogres are from their planet, where everything does the dusting thing, and it's either a coincidence that the diguise technology has a similar effect or the chimeras are from there, too, and the disguises are based on chimeran biology.


More simpler the 'dusting' is the result of a self destruct device.

Both sides are at war and know they need to keep a low profile to survive on earth. If they are killed in action there's no guarantee that their allies will be able to retrieve their remains before the authorities get to them. So it makes sense they would have some sort of disintegration implant set to trigger upon death.

In addition to telekinesis, all Loric Garde have hyperkinesis.

We all know Four is able to get extreme airtime. I just watched John Carter and, watching John jump to incredible heights in the lower-gravity Barsoomian/Martian environment, I thought that perhaps the gravity difference (Artistic License – Physics aside) could possibly help the Loric attain inhumanly high jumps on Earth - until I remembered that Earth is ten times larger than Lorien, so chances are the gravity there would be much lower and therefore the gravity difference theory is invalid. Therefore, the only explanation is that the Garde must have hyperkinesis (a la Cameron on Alphas), which would allow them to make gravity-defying jumps like this.

  • Incidentally, this would also mean that they can throw or shoot anything with unerring accuracy no matter how many objects they bounce it off of at bizarre angles. Like Kyle XY learning basketball.

The Mogs radiate some kind of bad energy that, in large enough doses, cuts off Loric Legacies.

In The Rise of Nine, Setrakus Ra is somehow able to eliminate everyone's Legacies temporarily by being around them. Six calls him a Dirty Coward for not being a good enough sport to level the playing field somewhat, implying that however he does this, he can stop it somehow. Back in the first book, Henri told Four that all the Legacies "come from Lorien," implying that it's some kind of mystical energy force that powers them. And the Mogs are repeatedly stated to hail from a dying planet, and The Fallen Legacies reveals that they are largely unable to have kids anymore, so they have to produce them in icky vats (for the most part, the ugly and disgusting Mog scouts are the vat-born; the natural-born, like Adamus, can more easily pass for human.) This implies that if the Mogs have some kind of energy field around them like the Loric, it would probably be a cloak of toxic radiation as they may have long since gotten used to their own pollution (gross). The only reason none of the other Mogs have affected the Loric like this up to now is because only Setrakus Ra can radiate enough poison power to actually eliminate Legacies in his presence. This wouldn't be the first time that radiation has been used to block otherwise all-powerful magic/energy: Artemis Fowl fans will remember that the fairies have zero tolerance for radioactivity, among other things.

Number Five is Setrakus Ra.

Because he has three brands on his ankle like the rest of the Garde.

  • Possibly supporting this further is that the next book is called The Fall of Five.
  • Jossed in the latest book. Five is a new character.

Seven had only developed one Legacy by book 3

And it is "adapting to survive", like Darwin had in X-Men: First Class: the ability to see in the dark, breathe underwater, and heal are all only useful when necessary - you can't see in the dark when it's light, etc. This is only one Legacy, so she's going to get so many more. She also says she thinks that her Super Not-Drowning Skills manifested at the same time as the Innate Night Vision, but didn't kick in because it wasn't useful.

The next book will be The Victory of Ten

In the Lorien Legacies image caption this or "Return of Ten" was predicted - but ultimately Jossed on July 2nd 2015 when it was announced the final book will be called the remarkably similar The Fate of Ten. And it was close.

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