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BW is Dead All Along.

  • This one is barely a guess. She seems to know the history of the town well despite seeming youth, can't get over her own demons, hangs out in the graveyard, does Offscreen Teleportation, and creates illusions at will. It does raise the question of how a ghost gets possessed, but still.
    • The bandages on parts of her body suggest that she's supposed to be a mummy, so she might at least be undead.
    • Alternatively, BW may actually be ancient, but in possession of an Elixir of Life maintaining her youthful appearance.

BW knew Rawhide's father while he was still alive


Ronnette is a Tragic Keepsake

  • Snag is so attached to Ronnette because she used to belong to someone important to him, and is all he has left of that person.

Snag is a Half-Fish Half-Human Hybrid

He has Animal Motifs consisting of a fang, vaguely greenish skin, fin-like hair and most suspiciously what appear to be spines/fins on his back. Even his name seems to suggest this.

Pinchly and Squatch will become the token Heterosexual Life-Partners of the series.

Much like Henchmen 21 and 24, Sheriff Blubbs and Deputy Durland, and countless other pairs in animation, they will become Those Two Guys who eventually become almost main cast.


Cliffside is a neighboring town.

Because somebody was going to make this theory.

The city Snag came from has a higher population of humans.

In the universe this series is set in it might be that most humans went to live in the cities leaving small towns like the gulch to become the living grounds for primarily all other walks of life.
  • Maybe that's why the place is called Long Gone Gulch, after all.

Mako got his scars during a fight with Rawhide's dad

It's a stretch but it's possible. The two clearly had some kind of history.

Snag was a runaway

After his and Rawhide's falling out, he spent the night at the saloon, his family nowhere to be seen. The rest of his family may still be in the city, but then why is he living so far away from them at such a young age? There's a few possibilities: A) he fled from the city, B) he was banished, C) he is an escaped convict from Juvenile Hell who first came to the gulch to hide out. Snag decided to seek redemption by becoming a sheriff and fighting crime alongside Rawhide, who either knows about Snag's past and his actively helping him atone, or will be in for a shock when she discovers that an "outlaw" has been right under her nose the whole time and this puts their friendship in jeopardy (although the fact that Snag mentions being in juvie around her suggests the former).

The Gulch and its residents are Trapped in the Past

Expanding on the theory that the Gulch was abandoned by humans long ago, the creatures that would inhabit it continue to live The Wild West type of lifestyle while other places became modernized, or at least more advanced with the times. That would explain why Snag stands out from the rest of the gulch's residents.

If there will be a show, it will introduce a wendigo as the Big Bad

There has to be a Big Bad, and he will be the one who killed Rawhide's dad. What better creature to be pure evil than a Wendigo with a gang so fierce that Mako would work with the sheriffs as an ally?


In comparison to the Gulch, the city is also more-or-less "high tech" and "modern"

The saloon has a rather fancy-looking jukebox in it. This possibly implies a bit of electricity unless the universe runs on some magic-based alternative to make mechanical things run such as that and the ceiling fan. Most objects could just be there to keep a traditional vibe as opposed to something such as Marigold using a computer(Probably a bulky and dated desktop but a computer nonetheless) instead of the typewriter she is portrayed with.


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