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The Ancient King buried in the Graveyard on the Ancients was an evil Rival to the Darklords who lost to them.
In the first book; if you screw around with his bones and fail at certain skills; a portal opens that sucks you into Naar's Dark World; a Fate Worse than Death that ends the game. However, if you have a Vordak gem, the bones and the gem destroy each other.
  • This King was an ancient evil similar to the Deathlord, but he lost favor to Naar over the Darklords. Imprisoned, he can still send graverobbers to Naar for some respite for punishment of not living up to Naar's expectations; but he isn't allowed to touch Naar's current champions. If Lone Wolf has a Vordak Gem; the King destroys it out of his hatred for his rivals. This, however, breaches the rules, and Naar eradicates him.

The sword Anathema was created from the shards of Helshezag.
Lone Wolf can get an Evil Weapon; Helshezag, at the end of the second set of books. If wielded in the The Legacy of Vashna, the Evil Weapon the Deathstaff destroys it, apparently out of competition. Many people speculate that if Lone Wolf had kept Helshezag at the monastary for that adventure, he would still have it; but it is not in the Old Save Bonus in later books regardless.

In the Updated Re-release of Wolf's Bane, a mini-story regarding the reoccuring Heroic Willpower heroic zombie Dire can be given the "Anathema" by Lone Wolf, a weapon that absorbs life force; even that of the wielder. Lone Wolf explains that Anathema was "accidentally" made by their smiths attempting to make magic weapons. (Which would eventually occur in the New Order series.)

Even if Lone Wolf had prevented Helshezag from being blasted into shards, the Kai Monstary's association with the Elder Magic of Dessi meant that they finally learned how to destroy the occasional Artifact of Doom or Evil Weapon that Lone Wolf would find. Either way, Helshezag was in shards after Legacy of Vashna. Some Kai smith thought he would be clever, and decided to try and "reverse-engineer" a weapon of Good out of it. didn't quite work as planned. The sword no longer was beholden to Naar, but it was still anti-life. It would make a good weapon for a Good zombie, but what are the chances of that happening?


Naar made an Evil Knockoff of the Moonstone
The Grandmaster series implies that Naar was able completely bypass the Balance Between Good and Evil requirements during that series via the Moonstone, which broke the rules. Starting in Storms of Chai he's somehow multitasking again and activating all the hotspots. This is because he made his own "Darkstone." However, this will lead to his own downfall because as a direct violation of the balance, the New Order will be able to kill him. (There's still other evil gods, though)

Vonotar the Traitor is behind the Nadziranim becoming buffed up in power.
His entire deal was mixing Left-Handed and Right-Handed magic. When Lone Wolf killed him in The Prisoners of Time he forgot one important thing. Vonotar is a necromancer and unless you cut off their head, they come back.
  • Additionally, as the newborn Chaos-master's soul is "diverted", the Apprentice thinks he hears "thin, loathsome human laughter." "Thin and loathsome" always being the adjectives the narration uses to describe Vonotar.


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