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    Speculation on the series post-Episode 4 
The next video will have Carl doing something to the moon.
  • Because really, after blowing up a city, what's left but space?
    • Well, he's got the whole rest of the planet to go through. I'm sure he'll think of something.
    • Jossed. Episode 5 takes place at a park, and Carl's crime is transporting baby hands from an alternate dimension.

The next Llamas with Hats shorts will be mid-quels.
  • The new smartphone game aside, the next shorts in the series will chronologically take place in-between the full-number episodes and recount all of the different levels of wrong-doings caused by Carl in the order of which each next fallacy/disaster is worse than the last. NOTE: these following ideas for midquels are purely speculative, but they give an idea of where and which type of fallacies and catastrophes that Carl causes each line of the way, with the higher the number of the short indicating more death, destruction and collateral damage.
    • LWH 1: Carl stabs a human who invades his and Paul's house 37 times in the chest and eats his hands. - 1 death, no collateral damage
    • LWH 1.1: Takes place in the local park. Carl kills any human in sight. - 5-20 deaths, broken playground apparatuses and chopped-down or burning trees and bushes. He insists that the burning fires were to celebrate Independence Day (which it isn't).
    • LWH 1.5: Takes place just outside of a middle school. - 40-140 deaths, collateral damage to the school building, emergency services suffer the same fate off-screen.
    • LWH 1.7: Takes place near an airplane wreckage. people who survived the initial crash get their limbs bitten off by Carl and either bleed to death or have Carl lunge at their throats before they can scream. - 45-150 deaths, burning plane wreckage.
    • LWH 1.9: Takes place in a Shopping Mall. - 50-200 deaths, shops that have been broken-in through the display window, Carl devours many food items, more collateral damage.
    • LWH 2: Carl and Paul are on a life boat near a trashed cruse-liner. Carl head-buts people of the ship, fires a harpoon into the captain's face, makes out with all the ice sculptures, sets the ship on fire, slaughters the elderly couple from 2B and bites holes in all the other lifeboats so that they all sink to the bottom of the sea. - (est.)250-1500 deaths, one burning cruse-liner.
    • LWH 2.4: Takes place at a broken suspension bridge. - 500-3000 deaths, Carl sniper rifles anyone who survives the initial fall. Wreckage and dead bodies litter the lake/river down-stream
    • LWH 2.7: Carl and Paul are in the middle of an unnamed financial district. There are burning buildings, dead human bodies, crashed vehicles and lots of paper lying around. - 750-3500 deaths, wide collateral damage, and Carl even mentions that he caused a financial crash to occur, which started the disaster in motion.
    • LWH 3: Carl and Paul are in vacation in South America where Carl topples a South American Government, pushes a resistance leader and force into a giant fan, eats the hotel bartender alive, collects orphan meat to build a meat dragon with, and is found to have 'pictures' on his computer because he thought Paul was a woman. - 3000-15,000 deaths, one on screen South American city in flames and ruins,
    • LWH 3.3: Carl and Paul are overlooking a city being flooded because Carl destroyed the city's source of power - which was a large dam. - 10,000-35,000 deaths, widespread collateral damage, whole city reduced to a watery wasteland.
    • LWH 3.7: Carl has snuck into a nuclear power plant and caused a meltdown, which has lead to the plant exploding and producing a radioactive cloud that blankets a whole land region in a toxic cloud. - 40,000-200,000 deaths
    • LWH 4: Carl sets off a nuclear bomb to blow up a whole city in preparation for Paul's birthday, (which it isn't) complete with severed human faces attached to balloons. - 400,000-2,000,000 deaths, an entire cityscape now a burning -near hellish- wasteland.
    • LWH 4.5: Carl and Paul are at the top of a mountain when they witness a whole continental disaster unfolding before their eyes. It includes earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanos, and all because Carl sabotaged an underground mountain expedition run by humans and set off another nuclear catastrophe, this time underground disturbing the continental plates and setting of a massive plate collapse, and causing the entire overlooked continental plate to Sink into the -BLEEP!!- ocean!!! - 3,000,000-64,000,000 deaths, several cites and an entire region (if not a whole country) succumb to the fate of Atlantis. For one more spell of Fridge Horror, despite Paul's obvious accusations that Carl has something to do with the catastrophe of the week, he never once seems to notice an orbiting cloud of debris in the sky where he would otherwise expect the Moon to be.
    • And as for Llamas with Hats 5...! (or so it ought to have been), Someone on YouTube has already made a fan animation so far, although you should skip part one (it's a joke video) and just watch part two if you're looking for any creepy stuff.
  • Jossed - the series continues in chronological order

    Speculation on the series post-Episode 6 
Carl will do something drastic to get Paul back
  • Not my observation, but one of the leading comments from YouTube on Episode 7:
    GabrielSkyler33: Ok, after scrolling through the comments and seeing what I'm seeing I had to say this.
    First of all, I doubt Paul is dead so you people can rest easy. I'll also explain why I highly doubt he's dead.

    While this episode may not be as funny, or disturbing, as the others I have to defend it. From a storyteller's perspective, it makes so much sense that this is happening.

    Like it or not, and while very miniscule it may be, Llamas with Hats is a comedy story of a llama serial killer and his friend. If this were just random episodes we wouldn't have what we've seen, the meat dragon, the refrence to episode four in episode five, Paul making good on his promise to move out. There is a story here.

    The reason this makes sense lies mainly in the psychology of a serial killer. Carl kills people because he's a sociopath with a history of violence. this is true. But that's not everything. That's not his entire fantasy. If it were just killing that's all we'd see. No, Carl's fantasy is killing people in what he feels is in an artful way and then sharing his exploits with Paul and getting his reaction. Paul completes Carl's serial killer fantasy. A serial killer's fantasy is like...well...its the circumstances they've set that gives themn great pleasure in killing people. Their modus operandi, the way they do it basically. It's why he's reacted like he has for the last two episodes and why he's doing what he does in this one. In 5 Paul didn't react like he normally has, which confounded Carl. In 6 Paul didn't start it by saying Carl's name, which is how the last part of Carl's serial killer fantasy always begins. It's also why he went so big in episode 4 because Paul mentioned he wasn't shocked anymore.

    So what's this got to do with this one? Simply put Paul has moved out, and thus Carl's fantasy will be incomplete without him. Killing people for Carl almost loses its point. that's why Carl made a mask of Paul's face and put it on a sheep and talked to it like he would be having the conversation with Paul. It's also why he reacted to the sheep's bodily movements, Paul never did any of that which didn't mesh with Carl's fantasy.

    So Paul isn't dead, that would end basically the entire reason Carl kills people, other than just because. This is Carl's further descent into madness. And it will get worse. So much worse.
  • Confirmed: Carl's need for Paul's reactions as validation for his work drives him to extreme Sanity Slippage in the following episodes, and while he doesn't do anything too drastic to get Paul back, he does plead for him to return, and when Paul doesn't, he begins impersonating Paul himself. And then things get really dark.

Everything that's been happening in spoiler: episodes 9-11 is a loneliness-induced dream that Carl is having.
  • The latest episode has Carl deciding to go look for the real Paul amongst the wreckage of the Apocalypse he himself has caused, much to the annoyance of the Paul mask. He'll go on an epic adventure to find Paul, while, like always, we only see the aftermath of things, like slain survivors and the like. When Carl finally finds Paul, that'll be when he's finally be woken up in the real world, probably by Paul, directly after the events of episode 8. The Paul mask will be revealed to be just a mask, and the real Paul will have decided to give Carl another chance. Then they'll go back to being wacky llamas with the added comfort of hats, Paul falling back into the groove of being horrified by Carl's sociopathy.
    • Jossed. Carl finds Paul's decaying body and ends up committing suicide out of grief.
      • How do you know that wasn't part of a dream too?

In Episode 8, Carl accidentally killed Paul.
  • When Carl dropped the swan piano, it landed on Paul and killed him. Stricken with grief and guilt, it drove him insane to the point where he began hallucinating that Paul was still alive in the form of the mask he made, and encouraging his psychopathic tendencies. When he rediscovers Paul's body in Episode 12, it wakes him back up to reality that Paul had been dead for the last 15 years.

Carl died in the gore pit. Episodes 10-12 are Carl's never ending Hell.
  • When Carl fell into the gore pit (either by accident or on purpose), he died for real. But, the Paul Mask and his infamous catchphrase still haunt him. When Carl wakes up, he is now a spirit, with no memory of his death, and the only injuries he thinks he suffered were breaking his legs. When Carl discovers the real Paul's skeleton in the finale, this is what really makes this place Hell for him. After all, Hell is supposed to be where sinners go for punishment, and Carl's punishment for constantly killing people is accidentally killing his best friend. So then, Carl jumps off the bridge, drowning himself. Unfortunately, his torment doesn't end there. Instead, he ends up all the way back into the gore pit to be woken up by the demonic "CAAAAARRRRRRLLLL... You had a terrible fall, Carl.". Meanwhile, in the real world, Earth is at peace and Paul is still alive. However, he is unaware of the torture Carl has to suffer for all eternity.


  • That dragon from the first "Charlie teh Unicrons?" Pink and Blue both said they ordered it. The third "Llamas" video has Carl collecting orphan meat to make a giant meat dragon. Why not sell it to those crazy kids and have a handy way to make some money?
  • Jossed - Carl finishes the Meat Dragon in Episode 6, and shows it to Paul as a Brick Joke.

The reason Carl is a mass-murderer (Initially)
The reason Carl murders and destroys humans and their civilisation is because he believes that Humans are animal killing, environment ruining Bastards, and thus, he sets out on one task after another to rid the world of the human plague as he sees fit, in order to correct the world of their wrongdoings.
  • Paul: Oh.
  • Carl: I don't understand why you keep forgetting that!

Carl is a failed Kernelsprite protoype of Caliborn and a llama.
Because both Carl and Caliborn are very violent and seem to have no remorse for killing, which is mainly Played for Laughs.

Carl doesn't act like that on his own- it's his hat.

  • It's controlling his mind, and, after Paul finally kills Carl, it will switch to another person and continue its rampage of destruction.
    • As an extension, Paul is the exact same way, and is extremely absent-mindedly trying to restrain the Carl-hat's violence. Both of the llamas are actually perfectly ordinary nonsapient llamas, it's the hats that have human-level intelligence.
  • In Episodes 9 and 10, it's hinted very heavily that Carl is being manipulated by the Paul Mask he made when the real Paul moved out.

Carl will bring about the apocalypse on December 21, 2012.

  • And a voice will cry out...."Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl!"
    • I'm gonna say jossed, since we're all still alive.

Carl's doing all this, but only because Paul's telling him to.

And after Carl does what he's told, Paul berates him not because he did it, but because he did it wrong.

1. The man in the house? Paul's upset because Carl stabbed him 37 times, and he didn't save him any hands.

2. The cruise ship? Carl didn't wait until Paul was ready to join him, before wreaking havoc (and he wasn't supposed to make out with with ice sculptures).

3. Their vacation? Carl wasn't supposed to use a giant fan to topple the South American government (and he got the wrong meat for his Meat Dragon).

4. The nuke? Carl hates raw face, because Paul hates raw face. Not to mention Carl tracked mud over the recently-cleaned carpets. Paul didn't want him to leave any footprints.

In other words, Paul is secretly making Carl do all of this, then only complaining because Carl did part of it wrong.

The victim of the first episode was a robber or murderer.
When Carl is explaining what happened before Paul got home, he only says "this guy walked in". He doesn't say anything about the guy ringing the doorbell and Carl answered the door, or if Carl invited the guy inside. The guy didn't even look like he was a door to door salesman. So, when Carl said he "walked in", he meant that he broke into the house, and Carl killed him out of self defense.
  • Stabbing him 37 times seems to be overkill, though... unless he had somehow survived being stabbed many times. Since he probably didn't, even if Carl had killed him in self-defense, he would have stabbed him a number of times after his death. That's not even getting into cutting off and eating his hands.

Paul's last words were; "Caaaaaaaaarl"
Presumably as some horrific creation of his old friend's inadvertently killed him and everything else within a fifteen mile radius.

The LWH world is a utopia devoid of all war, crime, and violence.
With the exception of that one Central American country undergoing revolution, all violence has been eradicated and the world exists in harmony. Such a world, a place of almost pure good, creates an opposite. An anti-existance. Carl is the living embodiment of all the evil and violence and warfare that this world has cleansed itself of, and in doing so, they have left themselves defenseless against him. This explains the magnitude of Carl's evil, why the world is apparently incapable of stopping him despite how simple that should be, and heightens the horror of what he's doing.

Carl is actually the unseen Eldritch Abomination from the underground containment facility: 'The Cabin in the Woods'.
In close relation to the following user’s comment on the ‘Llamas with hats’ explanation page, - - this theory builds on the idea that Carl and Paul are otherworldly beings who came down to earth to fit in to their new environment, and how their differences led Paul to abandon Carl for his destructive deeds.

Throughout episode 10, Carl is trapped in his own gore-pit. There is (seemingly) no one else there except for the Paul mask and the aforementioned ‘Basilisk’. The Paul mask tells Carl that ‘he had a nasty fall’ and Carl has no idea how long he’s been there. During this episode, he has in fact been tracked down by the humans who attempt to lock-down and secure Carl inside his own gore pit in order to contain him and stop his ongoing rampage on planet Earth. Since Carl is an unstoppable ‘dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence’ with the ability to cause mass-murder and reanimate orphan meat into a meat dragon,(among other things) they find that the best way to keep him contained is to feed him, and put on a show of people being brutally killed once every while. It is not long after his ‘nasty fall’ that while demanding the sacrifice of a Whore, an Athlete, a Scholar, a Fool and the choice of a Virgin that the events of the film happen and Carl - using his meat-reanimation skills - assembles all of the dead bodies (and possibly even the basilisk) into a giant hand to ride his way out of the pit and continue on his global rampage.

In dramatic irony however, in the 15 years Carl spends wiping out all life on earth including Paul, this leaves him with no more purpose. Thus, as the eldritch entity that he is, Carl is ultimately left to have his own life put to rest by the only remaining force that holds any possibility of achieving this— himself.

Furthermore, whereas Carl is a mass murderer, fascinated with causing death and destruction for his own pleasure, Paul is not into such things, and as such has a perfectly sane mind to question and call out Carl’s atrocities, before he just abandons him altogether. As soon as Carl comes back to decimate the world, Paul ether escapes this realm or allows Carl’s rampage to have him killed (or it does a bit of both) in order to take away Carl’s ability to ever murder or destroy anything ever again.
  • The point being; if the eldritch horror Carl is represents those who watch horror for entertainment, his friend Paul represents those who would prefer not to, and would distance themselves from it whenever possible, even if it means ostracizing oneself from an individual if necessary.


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