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Crews is an alternate universe version of Vic (The Question) Sage
The similarities are rather impressive. Both fought crime, had a rather unfortunate incident, then discovered Zen and resumed crimefighting better than ever. Both are redheads. Both are called "Charlie" by their friends. Both wear blue for crimefighting (The Question's blue suit matched by Crews' bulletproof vest). And both are impressively badass in hand to hand combat.
  • Don't forget their partnerships with non-white female (ex-)cops who serve as long-suffering straight man to their eccentricities and tend to deal with their own problems through alcohol and meaningless sex.
    • Not to mention the eerie resemblance between Adam Arkin and The Question's friend Aristotle Rodor.

Crews never got out of prison.

He snapped while he was in solitary and the entire show is his hallucination. Think of all the crazy stuff that happens! Wouldn't some of it make more sense if you knew it was dreamed up by an insane man?

  • Life is weird. The focus around him does make a tad more sense, though. Still, this reasoning leads to everything being a hallucination of Tommy Westphall, and we don't want that.
    • It also leads to a crossover with Life On Mars, and that would be awesome.

Crews is related to Horatio Caine
  • The similarities in looks, personality, and mannerisms can't be a bizarre coincidence.

The first person Charlie killed was a prison guard

Not much of a guess. It's pretty implied.We know that he did something to a guard that makes other guards hate him forever afterward. We know that even though he was exonerated for murders on the outside, there were rumors of what he did inside. Charlie has said that "everybody breaks" and that the first kill makes you forget who you are and also that at one point even he wasn't sure he wasn't guilty. We also know that the first time Connie came to see him about an appeal, he wouldn't talk to her at all.

So, clearly, sometime in the first eight years of his sentence he broke, killed a guard, forgot who he was, started thinking he was capable of killing his friends even though he didn't remember doing it, and decided he belonged in prison. It had to be his first kill or he would have built up a tolerance to those kinds of feelings. He was almost certainly in that "97%" before he went to prison.

  • See how he finally killed Roman? What if he did the same to a guard: kill him without leaving any usable evidence, thus avoiding any legal punishment for his real murder, earning the hatred of prison guards while at the same time frightening them so much that they never tried to get revenge?
    • An interesting theory. And potentially an accident as well. Something happened, things got out of hand, he strikes out with some kind of basic (or advanced?) martial training in a way meant to incapacitate, but instead he kills the guard. It drives him to a new point in his ''Life'' in prison and in general and he ends up in solitary for a long time as a result. The guards hate him and he can't be convicted for any additional crime due to either lack of evidence or self-defense or both and so he finds his Zen place to bring balance back to his life (PUN!).

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