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Lex Luthor is actually Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
Both men are bald, evil, and ludicrously wealthy billionaires. Just look at them!

Lexmark is a subsidiary of LexCorp, along with other Lex- prefixed consumer products
It's well established LexCorp does legitimate business the normal way. When IBM divested itself from the printer business in the 1990s, LexCorp just made a good offer, instead of it spinning into a different company. In the immediate post-Crisis comics by John Byrne, we see LexCorp branded computers on desks at the Daily Planet. They also made a word processor called LexIcon, a pocket stereo called LexMan etc.

Lex has a superpower
It's called Super Self-Delusion.
  • Alternately, it's super intelligence. Dude is nearly as smart as fucking Brainiac. It's impossible for a human to gain this level of intellect without being a super of some sort.

Alternatively, Lex's superpower is latent telepathic touch perception (psychometry) of any being or object but he does not realize it.

Lex is in love with Superman but he refuses to admit it to himself
Why do you think he dated the Supergirl Matrix?

Alternatively, Lex wants Superman and to an extent other male Kryptonians dead so that he can keep female Kryptonians and female humans to himself.
He can be sexist in some stories and homophobic in some stories as well. Combine that with his creepy attraction towards Lois in some stories and in some other stories some versions of Supergirl, who's to say that this is not another one of his motives to kill Superman?

Lex Luthor is Yandere for Lois Lane.