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The island has a dark secret.
It may involve the "rare earth" that Serrat is searching for. At the end of "Voluntold", Sophie said the island has secrets. It may or may not be part of the conspiracy that's going on in America.
  • Eh. Rare earths (aka lanthanides) are valuable-but-dull elements mostly known for their use in magnets (neodymium particularly), phosphors, and a couple of other random uses. Serrat would make a decent chunk of (legit) change from them, but there's nothing particularly dark or secret about them.
    • Of course, the actinides get lumped with the lanthanides on the periodic table, and both are often referred to as "rare earth elements" in the public lexicon. The most famous (or at least, the most famous naturally occuring) member of the actinides? Uranium, which is used in nuclear reactors and the synthesis of plutonium. If that were on the island, it would make it a very valuable target indeed.
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    • Chemistry nitpick: no chemist would mix the two up like that. That being said, monazites, which contain lanthanides, also can contain some uranium and thorium. If the island is a rich repository of monazites, at the very least someone's going to make a bucketload of cash. Hopefully not Serrat.
  • 'The island has secrets...' Maybe the Dharma Initiative is behind all of this?

The conspiracy is mastermind by a Bigger Bad.
Whoever it is, he may have been a military man who's Not So Different with Chaplin. Angered by the American government over losing his own family, his plan is to make things much worse just to prove a point.
  • Jossed. It was all the President's doing.

The series will end with The End of the World as We Know It.
The series has been cancelled... so why not literally go out with a bang? Chaplin's going down the slippery slope, so in the last episode's final minutes, he launches all the missiles.
  • Jossed.

The series will eventually get renewed.
Good reviews and loyal fans will help bring it back. It's just too good to be cancelled so suddenly.
  • Jossed.

Kylie is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering the President.
Her father disowned her.

What could have happened had the series continued...
  • We'd see the President's face.
  • The reason behind the President's motives.
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  • The U.S.S. Colorado crew remaining on the island for a while longer.
  • America would be divided as a result of taking sides.

The Deputy Secretary of Defense who initiated the launch did it without the authorization of the President, but the President goes along with it as a Wag-the-Dog kind of thing.
(Reminiscent of the movie version of the Sum of All Fears, where the Russian President tells his chief of staff, "These days, it's better to look guilty than incompetent.")

The Presidential administration in Last Resort is the same as in Revolution
  • After their plot to distract from the impeachment proceedings by nuking Pakistan fails, the administration resorts to the blackout in an attempt to stay in power and avoid uncomfortable questions raised by the Colorado incident. When this fails, they hide out in Cuba and bide their time until they can forcibly take back the United States and remake it into their own image. After all, that's what happened in the first season finale of Revolution. Note that the official who ordered the strike on Pakistan (and subsequently on the Colorado) was an Deputy Secretary of Defense (similar to Randall's title, Assistant Secretary of Defense).
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  • Further supporting this is that President Davis, in Revolution, was a Secretary of Defense who illegitimately usurped the office of President upon bumping off the Vice-President, which is fully in character for an Administration composed largely of officials who only care about power and who wields it and will gladly let the rest of the world die off if it means remaking the world in their image.


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