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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

Toph's Baby Daddy/Boyfriend/Husband
The Duke?
Random guy with whom she had a fling?

  • Probably Ohev, a book-only character who used to work at the Beifong estate and fell in love with Toph.
  • No no. It was totally just some random tax accountant she first met in her twenties and they fell for each other, mystifying their friends. Toph married a Muggle.
  • Alternately: There isn't one, she's adopted.
    • Unlikely. Lin looks very much like her grandmother Poppy, and she also has the same minty green eyes as Toph (albeit without blinding cataracts).
  • That has nothing, at all, to do with anything in this post. And no, she's not adopted.
    • Of course she's not. She's the picture of Poppy Beifong, Toph's mother.
    • It was The Boulder in a May-December Romance.
  • Maybe it was one of her male metalbending students from The Promise? Either Ho Tun or The Dark One.
    • I vote The Dark One.
  • Why not Toza?
  • Considering that Lin is, as far as we know, Toph's only child and a peer with Tenzin, Aang and Katara's youngest, I am inclined to think that Lin is the result of a random fling that went like this. Toph was getting on in her thirties and realized that the badassery of HER metalbending needed to have a direct heir, unfortunately she had terrorized any prospective men away. Hearing of yet another baby on the way from her friends, and wanting to continue on her legacy, she found a powerful earthbender, maybe even a metalbender, said 'you'll do' clubbed him over the head, and took him home that night.
    • I am not entirely sure I am comfortable with the idea of Toph raping a guy to get a baby... or raping anyone at all actually.
    • The guy consented completely when he regained consciousness. Chalk up the "clubbing over the head" to Casual Kink or Black Comedy.
    • Well, as of Season 3 we now know that Toph had two kids from two different fathers. Take from that as you will.
  • No, no... it's Jonny 2X4 from Ed Edd & Eddy! He's Captain Melonhead and she is Melonlord! It's perfect!
  • THE BOULDER is Lin's father!
  • We do now have a good candidate as of The Rift; the engineer Satoru. He does look a lot like Lin and he is obviously smitten with her and as Katara and Sokka pointed off she is also sending signals.
    • Satoru is this troper's vote. Additionally, as an engineer, he could have helped Toph and Lin develop the metal cable system that the Metalbending Police use.
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    • Additionally, the guards at the Earthen Fire Refinery have uniforms that look quite similar to the Metalbending Police uniform.
      • According to Toph in Book 4, Lin's dad was a random guy named Kanto. HOWEVER, Satoru could still be Suyin's dad, since they have different fathers.
  • The verdict would seem to be random guy. Two kids, two fathers, and neither daughter knows who it is.

  • One of Suyins sons, the one who does artistic metal bending sculptures, looks eerily similar to one of Toph's students from the comics.
Lin's father will be revealed the next season as the new Big Bad
And he is none other than the all-powerful Melon Lord! Lin will be forced to become his dragon like her mother.

Lin's father is Thorin Oakenshield, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror.
In a brief inter-dimensional Spirit-magic thingy, Toph met Thorin shortly before he tried to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. They sized each other up and after destroying half a city block, they ended up having a fling. Thorin went back and Toph realized she was pregnant. With a little help from Aang and Gandalf, she gave birth to a half-dwarf daughter who looked completely normal so Toph wouldn't have to explain about her child being half-human.

Sokka is Lin's father
But it's a big secret.

In the midst of the Sokka/ Suki relationship, there came a time when Sokka said something dumb and misgynostic, causing a big fight between him and Suki (Suki probably even calling off the relationship in a fit of temper). Needing woman advice and not able to talk to Katara since she was also mad about said comments, Sokka turned to his buddy Toph, oblivious to the fact that she'd been in love with him for years. Somehow, comforting lead to...other things, resulting in a one night stand. Shortly afterwards, Sokka and Suki made up, and Toph, though secretly heartbroken, assures Sokka they will just be friends.


Several months later, Toph discovers she is pregnant. At this point, Sokka and Suki are either engaged or married and Toph refuses to destroy their relationship. She hides the pregnancy as long as she can, and when the news finally gets out, she refuses to say who the father is. The Gaang guess various guys (see above WMG for the list), and Toph never confirms or denies. Sokka either realizes or strongly suspects, but he does not come forward and claim her. Suki does not suspect. Toph raises Lin alone as a single mother.

Fast forward about twenty years (give or take), and Lin and Tenzin, longtime childhood friends, develop romantic feelings for each other. When Toph realizes they are getting serious, she is forced to sit them down and explain the truth of Lin's heritage. Lin does not care, but when Tenzin finds out that Lin is really his cousin, he is squicked out and ends the relationship immediately. Alternatively, they both realize they have to end the relationship, but Lin didn't expect him to rebound with Pema so soon.

  • This has been my headcanon for a while now. I know they probably won't do this (because it's a kids show and all) but DAMMIT, I want Tokka to happen without Sokka and Suki breaking up for good!
    • You do realize that this would make Lin and Tenzin Kissing Cousins?
      • ...So? They're not together in the present, and there are TONS of people who used to marry their cousins. If this does happen on the show, they'd put the "holy crap i've been dating my cousin whoops let's break up" in so the Moral Guardians won't get their panties in a bunch.
      • Do you honestly think Bryke would support that? It's a children's show, and even children will catch that and think it's odd. While I loved the idea of Sokka being Lin's biological father, the idea of Tenzin dating her killed it, (although I thought they were a bad ass couple) I support Sokka being Lin's step-father.
  • Potential opening... If The Search is any indicator, Suki potentially feeling more than platonic feelings for the recently single Zuko implies Sokka being left out in the cold. Combined with the fact that we never see Suki with Sokka in any flashbacks in Korra, and it becomes a real possibility that Sokka could find love with Toph. Further, if Tokka stays only a thing in the comics, it won't actually impact the Moral Guardians watching over the kids' show set several decades later. The only people who could put two and two together are those that follow the canon of both series. Oh, and one more thing. Sokka is the guy who got away with Ready For Love Making on a kid's show. If anyone could get that crap past the radar, it's him.
    • All of the above are jossed. Toph bluntly says that Lin's father is some guy named Kanto, and that's all we learn about him.

Lin Beifong got her scars from early attempts at adapting metal cables as a weapon
It's confirmed she developed the technology. If you know just what kind of damage a metal cable under tension is capable of, it's not surprising what a momentary lack of control could cause.
  • Jossed. Lin got the scars from a conflict with her sister, who was hanging out with juvenile delinquents. Although the scars were caused by a cut cable.

Toph never married; Lin was born out of wedlock
It's entirely fitting for the character, really. Out of all the Gaang, Toph would be my bet for "least likely to get married" (and not just because she's one of the few characters not explicitly paired up by the end), but I imagine she'd also be pretty open to one-night stands or short relationships. It also explains why Lin took her mother's last name.Alternate Theory: Toph reproduced by parthenogenesis
  • Parthenogenesis would require Lin to have Toph's exact genome, which doesn't seem likely seeing how different their hairs are.
  • Also Lin having Toph's surname even if Toph did marry isn't that surprising, in isn't unheard of in Asian culture if a man marries 'up' - that is into a family with more prestige than his (and the Beifong family is pretty darn prestigious) for them to adopt him when he marries their daughter so they can give him their surname. It was once a crafty way of getting a male heir when the family wanted one but had only daughters. In fact the 'he takes her surname instead of the other way around because her family is posher' thing wasn't uncommon in the British gentry at one time either.
  • Confirmed. Neither Lin or Suyin know the identities of their fathers.

Chief Lin Beifong did not get along with Toph.
I could see it happening - a strained relationship between the parent and child... Beifong family tradition, perhaps? Lin's attitude just seems in so many ways different from Toph's... Although they do have certain similarities. I feel like they've had their fair share of disagreements as mother and daughter though. Maybe, at one point in the series, Lin will stare up at that giant statue of her mother located at police HQ.. And some kind of scene will occur. Perhaps involving Tenzin.
  • It may have stemmed from Toph's relationship with her father. Her mother was happy to see her home and safe, but her father's still upset at Toph for running away and blamed the Gaang for encouraging her. And he STILL won't admit that Toph can take care of herself and attempted to have her confined in their home with more guards watching her every move. This makes her even more rebellious and would escape her house a couple times before being returned. When Toph's daughter Lin is born, he raised her to follow tradition which he failed with Toph. That includes raising Lin to hate the Avatar and other benders.
  • If Toph's parents were highly restrictive, it's likely that she tried to give her own daughter more freedom. Perhaps too much freedom. Thus, while Toph is a Wild Child in reaction to her parents being overbearing, Lin craves the order and rules she never had as a child...thus why she became the Chief of Police.

Chief Lin Beifong is actually Toph's adopted daughter
This troper can't really picture Toph settling down with anyone for long enough to have a daughter. Plus, it could help make a point about non-bender oppression: Toph could have specifically sought out a baby who showed strong earthbending potential, so she could raise another metalbender. It seems like something that could become a common trend - if you bend an element, wouldn't you want a kid with potential to bend the same thing?
  • Even though this is a kid's show, thus one-night-stands are usually frowned upon as a method of producing children, I'd have to point out that it's kinda silly to say that in the 20-30 years between ATLA's end and when Lin would have been born, it would be impossible for Toph to marry someone. Most of the most badass people in history still had families at home.
  • Jossed. "The Metal Clan" made it clear that Lin and Suyin were Toph's biological daughters.

Lin Beifong's FATHER died during childbirth
It makes it a moot point as to who he was. It says enough on its own

Lin's "Father" is Azula!
  • Con...firmed?
    • You realize this indirectly supports 4chan's theory that Azula has a penis, right?

Lin arrested Aang at least once while he was still alive.
Avatars don't seem to impress her much. And besides, breaking all those cabbage carts had to catch up with Aang at some point.
  • Unlikely. Aang founded the Republic.
  • I support this. More than once Aang has let himself be arrested to prove he respects justice. I could see him doing property damage and going to court like any other citizen to pay his fines.
  • Unlikely. According to Tenzin, Lin and Aang got along really well.
    • That might be why they got along. If Aang was willing to abide by the law and expect no special treatment when he broke it because he was the Avatar, Lin probably would have liked that.

Wei Beifong is Chief Beifong's daughter and a non-bender.
Aang and Katara have grandchildren in LoK, why couldn't Toph? And as for the non-bender part, consider this theory. Imagine you're the heir to a famous line of powerful earthbenders, your grandmother was a war hero and your mother is a decorated police officer, only you can't bend. Lots of angsty possibilities there, especially if she fell in with a bad crowd. And it be something of a deconstruction of the fanbase's idolization of Toph, by showing what it's like to live in the shadow of such badassness.
  • Jossed. Wei is Lin's nephew, and a metalbender.

Lin Beifong doesn't like Korra because she blames the Avatar for her mother's death
  • We know there was some unpleasantness involving someone named Yukon. Maybe Toph died and Lin believes Aang could have saved her.
    • Possibly jossed. According to Tenzin, Lin has issues with Korra because he used to be in a relationship with Lin and things went sour.

We will meet Firelord Zutara
Zuko and Mai wanted to name their daughter after the woman who saved Zuko's life and kicked Azula's ass, but, since 'Katara' was too Water Tribe-y for the heir to the throne, they gave the name a Fire Nation twist. Incidentally, this now means Kataang, Maiko, and Zutara are all canon.
  • too awesome to happen. Sadly. And it has been jossed. Word of God confirmed her name as Izumi in October 2014.

Zuko's Great-grandson will be the Blue Spirit
He will be a sort of robin hood figure and Korra will meet him while he's stealing from her. He's either been disowned or sent by his Grandfather on a journey like he was. May or may not be a fire bender.
  • Alternatively, KORRA will be the new Blue Spirit.

There will be a circus troupe ran by Ty Lee's daughter.
Because of course.

We will meet either Teo or one of his descendants...
And he will be a knock-off of Dr. Weird. Why? ...Why not?
  • Teo: Gentlemen (Beat) and female Avatar, BEHOLD!
    • Teo's descendants will build the world's first air plane. Somehow, Korra will end up hijacking it to save the day... and crash it into a cabbage stand. The combination of cabbage and propellers will lead to the invention of coleslaw.

At least one of the Gaang's descendants is on the United Republic Council alongside Tenzin.
Sokka, being the next Water Chief, probably has a son on the council. What I am wondering the most about is who is representing the Northern Water Tribe. Yue was an only child. Who did the icy crown succeed to?
  • Apparently it's Korra's uncle, Unalaq.

Aang's elder children, Bumi and Kya, are Equalists
Of Aang's three children, only Tenzin was an airbender. Therefor Aang might have favored him more and caused the other two to become jealous and hate all bending.
  • Possibly Jossed. Aang and Katara's daughter, Kya, is a waterbender. Bumi, the oldest child, is the only non-bender however.
  • Definitely Jossed.
  • Confirmed in The Legend of Korra, Anng did favour Tenzin over his other children (probably on accident). Anng took Tenzin all over the world, majority of the times Bumi and Kya did not come.

One of Aang's non-bending children will turn out to be Amon.
So far, we only know that of Aang's children, Tenzin is the airbender. What better cause for a slow build of rage and resentment towards benders than a child of the Avatar who saved the world, who is ignored by the world JUST because he doesn't have the same magical powers as his parents and younger brother? It would be another very interesting angle on Aang's family and would make for a fun dynamic between Amon and Tenzin.
  • Not to mention Amon and Korra.
    • Aang and Katara's daughter, Kya, has been confirmed to be a waterbender. This leaves Bumi as the only non-bender of the family...
    • Supported by the fact that Amon is a Energybender. Perhaps Bumi inherited the most powerful skill of all.
      • Might be jossed, Bumi has dark skin, whereas Amon has light skin, judging by what we see of his hands.
      • Definitely Jossed. Bumi's a commander in the United Forces, and he doesn't appear until after Korra has already chased Amon/Noatak out of Republic City.

Aang's son Bumi will be introduced as a slimpy antagonist.
Look at the guy. He looks pretty shifty and untrustworthy. He'll probably appear like an Equalist sympathizer who doesn't get along with his siblings, and Korra will catch him doing some shady deals with them, but no-one will believe her. In the end she'll confront him personally...and find out that he belongs to Chief Beifong's secret police and has been trying to catch Amon for months when she blows his cover. Seriously, remember who this guy is named after, and what first impression he gave??
  • That scenario is now too similar to what 'The Aftermath' revealed about Hiroshi Sato, the difference being that what Korra overheard was not only backed up by Lin and Tenzin (who knew that Sato had motive for being an Equalist) but, sadly, was entirely accurate. But no arguments against the idea of Bumi being as...eccentric and initially off-putting as his namesake.
  • Jossed. Bumi's a commander in the United Forces who retires after Book 1 and becomes an airbender through Harmonic Convergence in Book 3.

Amon is Lin's father.
With all the wild speculation as to each of their would be bizarrely appropriate.
  • That would make her being de-bending by him even worse than before.
  • Jossed. Lin is at least eight years older than Noatak.

  • He would admit that he was jealous that his siblings can bend but he can't at first and/or feared of being rejected by his parents. But a revealed that his family accepted and still loved him the way he is. It can be an Expy for a child who's coming out of the closet.
    • Jossed. Bumi's a commander in the United Forces who appears AFTER Korra's final encounter with Amon, and Amon's identity has been confirmed as Noatak, Yakone's son and Tarrlok's brother.

Lin Beifong's scars
  • Lin got them from the same incident that killed Toph.
  • Jossed, Lin got them while trying to restrain her sister in an arrest. And Toph is alive, she appears in Book 4.

Lin Beifong will frequently suffer The Worf Effect several more times in the future
She fails to avert the terrorist attack on the Probending Arena in Episode 6 and is devastated when she fails to arrest Hiroshi Sato and can't save her men, so it seems she is being built up to this in the series. Given it is only seven episodes in, she will likely get defeated or outsmarted several more times in the future of the series.

Kya lives in the South Pole.
She is a waterbender, and it's only logical for her to live there so that her mother wouldn't be alone in her old age.
  • Kya trained Korra in the more physical aspects of Waterbending that Katara would have trouble with in her old age.

Either Bumi or Kya have an airbender child.
Hey, they both have the potential. When the child gets older, s/he will be sent to live with Tenzin for a while so they could master their airbending abilities.
  • Depending on how far along she is in her own training, Korra may teach the kid the basics. Hilarity Ensues.
    • It's jossed on Kya. Background info stated she never married or had children.

Lin will teach Bolin classical earthbending and metalbending
She certainly has the time to do so now that she resigned and Bolin's earthbending could do some work so who better than learn it from the one who was taught by the best?
  • Adding to that, it'll be part of his Character Development into maturity where the mindset of sensing and bending the impurities reflects him being more Let's Get Dangerous! like his match against the Boarcupines only applied to real life.

Kya lives in the North Pole training a CIA/Navy SEAL (pun not intended) Amazon Brigade
To show progress from the NP's old mindset, Kya trains the women from merely healers to Combat Medics, namely in Bloodbending to do the "less-popular" jobs (yeah, yeah "wet work") that initially are thought of only as a myth/joke by the ladies being ridiculously girly only to don camo at night and "get results." Kya will only be really involved when the Equalists become seen as global threats about to spill out into the rest of the world where is guarding the coast as an admiral waiting for the signal from the Krew.

Bumi is not an antagonist, but merely a Brilliant, but Lazy party boy
Instead of all the theories of him being Amon/An Equalist where he has "Bender Envy" ("I'm the son of the Avatar/greatest heroes of our generation and my siblings are powerful benders!") he's thinks not being a bender frees him of responsibilities ("I'm not a bender? PARTY TIME!) like being a Jackson not named Janet or Michael or a Kennedy not involved in politics, but liking the name recognition anyway. He's intro'd with a ''lot'' of women on his big arms, calling Tenzin "Tenz/Tenzy," Beifong "Rock Queen," etc., and basically being Big Fun that Bolin is/wants to be when he's that age with a talent for machines instead like Uncle Sokka, but a Cowardly Lion/ Lazy Bum that wants to avoid conflict as much as possible. Asami calls him out on that as a fellow non-bender that he's just as valuable/responsible as her in fighting the Equalists, proving it against them like Katara inspired the earthbenders to rebel on that ship. He pulls a Big Damn Heroes to assist and becomes her sensei like Piandao to Sokka, provides vehicles to anti-Equalist non-benders and especially a (marketable) tricked-out Cool Car and/or motorcycle for Asami to replace the read roadster Korra got that's more combat-orient for epic vehicle battles.
  • I just pictured Kamina, but with the laziness. He likely looked up to Sokka and the Kyoshi warriors, likely learning numerous things to craft himself into a unique person. Given the spirituality of the family, he likely knows Energybending and ways to reverse it.
    • Honestly, I don't think he needs to know it and be more of a fun cross between Uncle Sokka in effectiveness and namesake!Bumi in non-linear thinking. The key here is that he doesn't need to be the cure/mentor on Energybending like what's been floated around before and effectively be a good counterpart to Hiroshi Sato like he long could've been their world's equivalent of Edison/Da Vinci/Steve Jobs decades ago, but was more focused on partying and picking up chicks. Additionally, This Troper pictures Kevin Michael Richardson (again) as his voice, but with a different tone like The Boogeyman.

Bumi is a multi-skilled Badass Normal and currently owns Sokka's Space Sword

Doubling as a Call-Back, Bumi likely learned a variety of skills to make up for a lack of bending, and probably spent the time traversing the world to learn, discovering the Sword covered in vines and plants. To add more, he learned the normal Water Tribe skills of tracking, weapons, and sarcasm. If he spent time with Sokka especially, he likely learned chi-blocking from the Kyoshi warriors. Since he was named after the Trickster Mentor himself, he likely took the time to be the type who would think outside the box and resort to using wits and creativity. In general, he's a Memetic Badass waiting to appear in Republic City.

  • For added emphasis, Tenzin will feel worried when he hears of him showing up, given he and Kya were the wild ones.
  • Bumi is a ninja! Crazy Uncles Sokka and Zuko taught him a few things. Zuko taught him "sneak", Sokka taught him "ATTACK!" SNEAK ATTACK SLICE!!

Lin will die
Does no one else feel that she's being set up for this?
  • Not quite, but she did get "equalized" in a scene set up to look and feel very much like an execution.

The thing that put strain on Tenzin and Lin's relationship was
He wanted children. She didn't. Tenzin, as the last airbender would have felt a responsibility to have children and keep airbending alive. But Lin wasn't sure she wanted to start a family. This gradually put a strain, and a wedge in their relationship.
  • She may have come to understand this. But it still upset by their breakup, and probably wished things were different.

Lin's father will never be revealed
Bryke are magnificent trolls, and therefore they shall either wait until the series is almost over or leave the fandom clueless forever.
  • And then create a Sequel Series set about seventy years after this one and have someone ask Old!Korra who Lin's father was, only to be interrupted by an important plot twist/sneak attack/Old!Ikki. Because they're shameless.

Sokka taught Bumi how to use a boomerang
He also taught him that you don't have to be a bender to be a badass. In the event that Sokka didn't have any kids of his own (or his kids simply weren't interested), he left his boomerang to Bumi when he passed away.
  • Or maybe he got him a new one as a birthday present or something.

Zuko's daughter's name is
  • They wouldn't... oh wait, this is Bryke we're talking about. They could even pass it off as an In-Universe tribute to Katara.
    • I think it will be Ursa, after his mother. Katara and Aang did that with Kya.
      • Jossed on all of this. It's Izumi.

The next Earthbending Avatar...
Will be Lin's great-great-grandson, and be a Handsome Lech who tries to slack off from his duties as Avatar. He'll be accompanied by a young Firebending man with a hot-headed personality and a young Waterbending girl with an icy personality. His Airbending teacher will be Meelo, who's become quite the Cool Old Guy.
  • Make that a Firebending girl and a Waterbending guy and it would be even more awesome. Note that we've already had two male Firebender friends (Zuko and Mako) and two female Waterbenders (Katara and Korra). Also, I love the idea of Meelo being the next Avatar's mentor. Maybe have Jinora show up at some point, who's become quite the Badass Bookworm but thinks that Meelo is going about teaching all wrong.

Lin's scars came from her mother.
Toph is a firm believer in the school of hard knocks, and wouldn't hold back even in a sparring match. Especially if Lin was a recruit to the Metalbending Police, and she had to show both her and other recruits that her daughter would get no special treatment from her. Those twin scars definately look like they came from a metalbender's double whip.
  • Jossed. The scars actually came from her sister Suyin, and it was an accident. (Suyin cut the metal cable, but she had no idea the cable would've recoiled back to Lin's face.)

Zuko's son is the firebender who killed Amon's family, possibly the same one who killed Mako and Bolin's parents as well as Asami's mother.
Dante Basco said that he would do the voice for a character related to Zuko whom we would not expect. His voice is going to be in an episode entitled "Skeletons in the Closet". I think this episode will be about Amon's past. Dante Basco will voice Zuko's son. This also explains why Zuko's daughter is Fire Lord and not his son as is tradition. His son was an extorting, parent murdering, and child's face-burning monster.
  • If Bryke really wanted to troll the fans, they could make this character the offspring of a Zutara affair...
  • Most likely Jossed since Dante Basco does the voice for General Iroh II. It is very unlikely that he killed Amon's parents. Also, if he is Zuko's son (he could be a grandson, but the name "Iroh" implies that Zuko named him, though he is quite young to be a son...), it appears that the reason for him not being Fire Lord is probably that he chose to become a general instead.
    • Definitely Jossed. Amon was lying about a Firebender killing his parents and scarring him. The firebender who killed Mako and Bolin's parents, and possibly Asami's mother, never appears in the show.

Zuko's daughter
Dante Basco said that he would do the voice for a character related to Zuko whom we would not expect, and would you really expect Basco to voice the daughter of Zuko?
  • Jossed. It's General Iroh II.

Zuko's daughter is named Ursa.
  • Naming children after an ancestor is fairly common in the Fire Nation Royalty. Azula was named after her grandfather Azulon. Iroh had a name similar to his mother, Fire Lady Ilah. With how much Zuko loved his mother, giving his daughter the name would be a logical way to honor someone who has not been seen for years.
    • Agreed. It would fit for heartwarming and possible badassery reasons given she is a Firelord/Firelady.
    • Not to mention Katara and Aang named their daughter after Katara's mother, making this common for the show in general.
  • I don't know, given the family history I can see Zuko being gun-shy about naming kids after either parent.
    • Jossed. Word of God has confirmed her name to be Izumi.

Iroh II is a badass nonbender.
He'd be the perfect opponent for Amon.
  • I'm actually ok with this.
  • This is why he's a general in the United Forces, he's not in line for the throne because he can't fight an Agni Kai that's issued to him, which would lead to him losing the the throne if it ever happened.
  • We already have umpteen firebending masters, it would be nice to see a male badass Fire Nation nonbender.
  • Jossed, Jossed, and Jossed. Not only is Iroh II a firebender, but he is also by far the best firebender we have ever seen. Ever. Hell, he's possible even better than comet-enhanced Ozai. He could FLY. Not just launch himself like Azula, I mean, he could SOAR.

Bumi is also a general for the United Forces.
Look at this image. They seem to be wearing the same clothes.
  • Agreed. It would be a meta Call-Back to Sozin's Comet where Iroh and Bumi were leading figures in reclaiming an important city in the Avaverse. They wouldn't send just one general given the situation.
  • Confirmed!...kind of. He's a commander, not a general.
  • Going off of that...

Bumi is Iroh II's father.
His clothes actually look like they're Fire Nation. Bumi was not born into the Fire Nation, being the son of an airbender and a warterbender. This implies that he married into the Fire Nation. Also, his clothes are probably pretty high ranking. Like the other WMG says, possible general status. It's possible that Bumi married Zuko's daughter and then had Iroh as a son. This wouldn't be the first time the Avatar and the Fire Lord would have mixed bloodlines. This also points towards the direction of Iroh II being a badass nonbender if his father is a nonbender as well. This is just too awesome to pass up.
  • This one is in all likelihood going to end up in the Jossed pile. Dante Basco states he is going to voice a character related to Zuko, Iroh II has fire nation royal-gold eyes and has a family resemblance to Zuko/Ozai, appears to be in the same age range as Tenzin and Lin (other Original Team Avatar descendants), is named after the first Iroh... and is voiced by Dante Basco.
    • How does that Joss anything? Iroh II would be Zuko's grandson, therefore related to Zuko. And he doesn't look like he's 51. He looks like he's about 30 at most, which points more towards grandson than son (since Zuko would have to be 57 to have a 30 year old son).
    • Does Lin look like she's 50ish? Pema's in her 30s and has a skunk stripe already. And there is a historical precedent for members of the Fire Nation royal family to have kids late in life; Sozin and Azulon both. Azulon sired his two sons quite a few years apart even. And Tenzin certainly was late into fatherhood too.
    • Yeah, Lin looks like she's 51. She may be attractive, but she's still got the gray hair and the weathered face to prove her age. That is a good point about Fire Nation families having kids late in life, though.
    • Iroh II has been confirmed to be Zuko's grandson. Additionally, the one image we have of Bumi depicts him wearing a collar only seen on the Fire Nation's Royal Family, and Iroh's eyebrows are identical to the eyebrows of Bumi, Tenzin, and Adult!Aang. That is some fairly strong evidence to support him being Bumi's son.
    • Tenzin is 51, and he's the youngest of his siblings. The oldest, Kya, already has all-gray hair. So Bumi would easily be in his late 50's/early 60's, well old enough to be Iroh's father.
    • Update: Bumi's the oldest. Kya is the middle child.
  • Not supported by the fact that Iroh appears to outrank Bumi. It's doubtful that Iroh would be able to climb the ranks quickly enough to pass his father.
    • Well, fatherhood has nothing to do with outranking. It's perfectly plausible that Iroh could outrank his father (though it would make for a slightly awkward situation, albeit daddy would be proud). What seems to possibly Joss this is the dialogue. The way Iroh talked about Bumi implied that he was someone he met and really respected. People generally don't say "a bit of a wild man" when describing their fathers.
      • Unless Iroh doesn't know Bumi is his father.
    • To be fair, Bumi is navy while Iroh is army. Therefore it doesn't matter who outranks whom since they're from two different branches of the military. If they were both army or both navy AND father and son, it would be unlikely that Iroh would outrank Bumi.

Iroh II is a childhood friend of Korra's and yet another segment of the Love Dodecahedron.
  • They met when Zuko brought his grandson/son to visit Katara at the south pole and immediately hit it off. Okay, no, Korra probably hit him instead, but eventually became best friends before parting. Iroh even helped her save Naga from being killed in a Noodle Incident and is the bear dog's second favorite person. He looks forward to fighting at her side because he considers her a younger sibling; he will not be prepared for how grown up she is. Korra is thrilled to see him and notices that he's even better looking than she remembers. After the war is over Iroh and his fleet will remain to help clean up Republic City and he will spend what little free time he has with Korra. Speculation will abound with other characters having differing opinions on the relationship. Pema, Asami and Ikki will be all for it while Bolin and Mako will not, Bolin insanely jealous of the suave royal and Mako torn between his jealousy and the idea that Korra's affection may be because of his similarity to Iroh. Tenzin will be trying to enforce curfew and chaperoning like mad and Lin will give discreet warnings that involve bent metal pipes.
    • How will she do that without her bending?

Iron II is the reincarnation of Uncle Iroh
  • Normally it's only the Avatar that can reincarnate but Iroh is THAT awesome.
    • I second that.
      • Jossed We see Uncle Iroh in the spirit world in Book 2

Bumi is a master of all 4 elemental bending forms
It started when Bumi was a kid before Tenzin was born, Aang was worried that he really would be the last Air bender, so little Bumi asked his daddy to teach him some moves which he picked up on quickly. Bumi and Aang bonded over this and after a while he had the idea to ask his mom the same thing. By the time he was a young man he was as skilled in 2 elements as any bender and profichient in the other 2 thanks to Aunt Greatest Earthbender EVER Uncle Firelord. He took the time to master the other 2 and on weekends he would train with his father.Plus the bending arts are based on martial arts and even without the ability to move elements they are handy in a fight.
  • Plausible, especially considering that Azula's firebending masters, Loh and Li, were not firebenders themselves.

Iroh II is Azula's son
We know he's related to Zuko but we don't know how. Maybe Azula did get redemption at some point, settled down and had a family. It's extremely unlikely, but look where we are

Lin wasn't Toph's only child
Lin is about the same age as Tenzin, and he was the youngest child three; it's not too much of a stretch to think Lin has some older siblings - more badass metalbending Beifongs. Though I hope this doesn't lead to a suspiciously similar substitute...
  • Confirmed, except it's one younger sibling.

General Iroh is not Iroh 2
He's Iroh 3rd, Zuko named his son Iroh and he named his son Iroh.

Lin will not get her bending back, but will continue to fight regardless.
In this recent interview, Bryke make a very big deal of Lin's sacrifice in "Turning the Tides", and how it serves as the climactic moment of her character arc and her ultimate act of loyalty to Tenzin and the others— it would be rather poor form for them to just hit the Reset Button and give her and everyone else who lost it their bending back. However, given her personality, there's also no way that she'd be willing to just lay down, even after losing her powers; she'd continue training and become a Badass Normal, and keep on fighting for Republic City.
  • Jossed. Korra uses energybending to restore Lin's bending at the end of Book 1.

At one point, Lin was offered a position to be a high-ranking leader in the United Forces.
But she denied it in preference to her position as a police chief to honor her mother.
  • And also things become good between her, Tenzin, and Korra.

Gommu is Sokka's son.
We haven't seen his descendents yet (as far as we know) and that's a pretty obvious gap. Until someone else comes along, this troper says the hobo makes perfect sense.
  • Especially considering he lives that way by choice.
  • Alternativly Gommu is Sokka's pupil and a master of Sokka Style

Iroh II will be Adorkable
He would be following in his grandpa's footsteps with this. It also makes sense considering that a general wouldn't have a lot of time for social interaction.

Zuko had only daughters
We know for a fact that his one confirmed child is his daughter the current Fire Lord, who's either Iroh II's mother ot aunt. She was either Zuko's only child or his other children were also women because surely he would have named his son Iroh II rather letting it wait a generation. And no, the fact that the current Fire Lord is a woman does not in itself prove this since surely Zuko is cool enough to be gender-blind when he chooses his successor, rather than using the arcanic "Only a female heir if their is no other male heir available"-rule.
  • Or it could be like a WMG farther up says and Iroh II is actualy Iroh III

Aang is Lin's father
When Toph was in her 30's and going nowhere she asked Aang to be the father but Toph raised Lin solo and with neither ever telling the kids, until the parents got word their kids were dating.
  • This show got away with a lot for being Y-7 but half-sibling incest was probably a bridge too far even before it got jossed

Zuko's daughter is named Zuzu
As a callback to the series Zuko will name his daughter Zuzu
  • Jossed. She is known as Fire Lord Izumi, according to Bryke. But it does carry on the tradition of the Fire Lords having a Z in their names, much like how Organization XIII members have Xs in their names in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Bumi was supposed to be named after Monk Gyatso
However, King Bumi died shortly before Bumi was born (and since this is King Bumi, the way he died would have been completely insane but awesome, as he laughed and enjoyed himself all the way until his final breath). Once Aang got over the mourning period for the loss of his friend, he felt he needed to honour his old friend and when his next son was born, Aang thought what was a better a way to honour his friend than to name his kid after him?
  • This makes a lot of sense. Obviously, Tenzin is the Gyatso Dead Guy Junior (probably in-universe as well as out), but as Gyasto was dead for longer AND was a more prominent figure in Aang's life than Bumi (father-figure vs. old friend), the only reason I can think to honor Bumi first is because his death was a recent loss. Also makes sense with the timeframe of when Bumi was likely born.

Gommu (the hobo) is descended from Dock/Xu/Bushi (the multiple personality guy from the Painted Lady episode)

Wei Bei-fong is Lin's father
a random character who's name was mentioned but he never showed up, who happens to share the families last name? Yeah, that's my only evidence, but this is a WMG
  • Jossed, Wei is one of Lin's nephews.

Kya can bloodbend, but no one in her family knows it.
Suppose Kya asked her mother to teach her at least something of bloodbending after hearing stories about Hama and Yakone. Naturally her mother would refuse. But Kya has inherited all of Katara's talent and prowess, so she's more than capable of figuring it out on her own, even if she never advances beyond using it during the moon's extreme phases. Kya may even find a way to incorporate bloodbending into healing, and subsequently use it to save someone's life. This would result in mixed feelings all around, especially on Katara's part.

Lin doesn't have a father.
Toph somehow managed to magically get a child on her own because why not.
  • Nice try, but Jossed. They mention her as having a father she never met in Book 3.

Su Yin is the daughter of Sokka and Toph never told anyone.
Think about it, dark skin a very good fighter. A great affinity for inventing things...
  • Su doesn't like inventing things. Her husband, Baatar, on the other hand, is talented at inventing.

One of Su Yin's kids will be evil
Because why not?
  • Looking likely with her oldest son, Bataar Jr. He is engaged to Kuvira, who is shaping up to be the main antagonist of the final season.

Toph had an Air Bender Relative
How do you explain that she had an Air Bender Granddaughter
  • The reason all these airbenders are popping up is because of the Harmonic Convergence. The villain airbender could not bend until recently.
  • Furthermore, it could have been the husband/baby daddy who had the airbending relative.

P'Li is Azula's (grand)daughter

She certainly has many of the mannerisms.

Lin is barren
The reason that Tenzin chose Pema over her is that he felt that as the only Airbender left in the world, he had no choice but to be with a woman who could produce more Airbenders. This theory is supported by Lin's antagonistic attitude toward her sister and her family. Since they grew up competing with each other, she takes Su's attempts to have her live with her as a way to rub in the fact that she can have kids and Lin can't.
  • This could be especially powerful since her unwillingness (covering for inability?) to have children has been implied or stated as the main reason why Tenzin broke up with her. He needed to have children to provide the world with more airbenders. Now think how she must feel when Harmonic Convergence gives airbending to many people. The reason for her heartbreak is shown to be a moot point: airbenders were going to return whether Tenzin had children or not, but she is left alone and Tenzin marries someone else.

Going off the above, Lin was rendered infertile in the line of duty.
Some raid on the Traids went down wrong, and Lin wound up hospitalized with severe lacerations in her face and torso. She still has the scars on her face, but she keeps the scars on her torso concealed at all times because they were more than disfiguring- some of her internal organs, including her uterus, were severely damaged, and some had to be removed to prevent her from bleeding to death.

Opal is actually Lin's daughter.
Lin had to give her up for whatever reason. Meeting her opened some deep wounds.
  • I support this, and the father is Tenzin. Them getting together could have happened right before/after (but before Tenzin got with Penma) their break up. [[unfortunateimplications Or maybe during Teznin's relationship with Penma]]. And that's why Opal has airbending powers.-sillyfudgemonkeys
    • Opal is Su's daughter. Su explicitly states that Lin is Opal's aunt.

Lin's issues with Su Yin are nothing, or not only, to do with not having a family of her own

It looks like it is; her half-sister has a big family, Lin dismisses the idea of having five kids, and we know she harbours resentment for Tenzin after he left her in the way he did. But there's something unpleasant about 'not having a husband and kids' being Lin's defining feature for this Book. So, yes, while there are clearly unresolved issues between her and her sister (and their mother Toph, for that matter), I'm willing to bet Lin has something more in mind during 'The Metal Clan'.

  • Going by the events of 'Old Wounds', Lin resents Su for not taking responsibility for her past crimes, and their decades-long estangement from her prevented Lin from seeing that her one-time rebellious sister had changed. The only time Lin's relationships are brought up is in a comment by Su (blaming Lin's attitude on not getting over Tenzin) within a fight about the real issues between the two sisters.

In relation to the above, Lin's issue with Su Yin and Toph stem from what happened during Su Yin's delinquency when she was younger
In the aftermath of Su Yin and Lin's confrontation and the subsequent arrest, Lin later finds out that Toph arranged for Su Yin to be released into her custody, while the other criminals got steep sentences. Enraged, Lin confronted Toph, calling her out on subverting the legal system she herself had built up. Toph, meanwhile, confronts Lin over her willingness to throw her own sister in maximum security and implies that her resentment of Su Yin may be clouding her judgement. Old wounds are opened and the fight is so vicious that Lin leaves home and moves to another part of Republic City. Toph meanwhile encourages Su Yin to explore the world, partly so she and her sister can have some space.
  • OP of above theory: Yes. That sounds just right. As Lin chose the strict, law-abiding path of the police officer she would naturally take issue with her delinquent/criminal sister. While Suyin has evidently achieved a lot since then, if she was never - in Lin's eyes, or even in reality - truly punished for her actions then her half-sister was bound to take issue with it. The ease with which Su admits to her past wrongdoing, and that of her staff/business partners (Varrick's a fun, amusing guy who has done ''terrible'' things) could be seen by Lin as a careless reaction to said behaviour. And if Toph interpreted Lin's reaction to Suyin as family issues, then Lin must have been left feelings entirely isolated, knowing she was upholding the law, not some petty sibling fued.
  • Semi-confirmed. Toph smuggles Su Yin out of Republic City, which Lin takes umbrage at.

Opal doesn't have airbending powers because of Harmonic Convergence
She got it because her grandmother or mother hooked up with an airbender. Theory 1: Toph got with Aang at some point (with consent of Katara) because Aang showed he was concerned for the fate of airbenders. Katara was only able to produce one so far, and Aang didn't want her to go through childbirth anymore. Toph stated she wouldn't mind helping her friend out. And that's how Suyin was born. But Suyin showed that she didn't have the airbending powers Aang needed, and Toph told him not to worry about taking care of her. But, years later Suyin has a daughter named Opal, who showed the ability to airbend. The thing is, she showed the ability BEFORE Harmonic Convergence. Suyin was very confused as she had no idea how her daughter could airbend, and began to wonder if she got it from her (Suyin's) father's side. Then Harmonic Convergence comes along, and Suyin hears how airbenders are popping up everywhere and realizes she can now bring her daughter's powers to light without people giving them weird looks. This shows how Opal is already pretty good at airbending and why Suyin wants her to train at home and not at the air temple. Because she's worried people will find out she's been airbending for years. -sillyfudgemonkeys
  • Theory 2: Going with a theory above about Lin being Opals mother. Lin hooked up with Tenzin at some time, but because of her breakup she didn't want him to know she was pregnant. She contacted her sister and asked her to take care of Opal. It explains why she's harsh to her (she's trying not to show her maternal instincts to her in fear that she'll realize she's her real mom), and why she's extra sour with Tenzin in the beginning. The end result is similar to my 1st theory, and Opal was able to airbend before and Suyin and Lin don't want people to know that she's Lin and Tenzin's daughter.

30 Years ago Lin and Suy had a fight.
Not like just a verbal fight, but a actual physical fight, and during it. Both of them were severely harmed, and when they awoke, blamed the other. Thus they split. Lin continued to obey the law, Suyin continued to be a criminal.

But eventually, Suyin forgave Lin, and has tried to make contact to reestablish the family. Lin however still holds the grudge. Her tears are because she wants to let go, the rational part of her says that it's been 30 years, she can't still hold that anger over a fight, no matter how bad, but she just can't let go, which causes her to be uneasy around her family. Suyin is ready to forgive and forget, but Lin, Lin is not.

  • Confirmed Suyin was involved in a triad and gave Lin her scars when Lin arrested her.

The Beifong family will suffer a tragedy in the next episode
Zaheer has found out where Korra is...and just as Lin has finally started to make her peace with her sister. My guess is that during the attack on Zaofu, one of the Beifongs will get seriously hurt trying to stop Zaheer from killing Korra. My money is on Opal, who is sweetness personified and very cute with Bolin. Plus there's the fact that the eighth/ninth episodes of each season has always been the most upsetting.
  • They do suffer a tragedy of sorts, but it's not of the " someone dies or gets seriously injured" variety. They find out that Aiwei, who is one of Su's closest friends is a traitor and is in league with the Red Lotus.
Zuko is Lin's father
Lin resembles Zuko and Azula somewhat and has the same kind of uptight, no-nonsense, fiery-tempered, socially awkward personality that he at least had in his youth. Lin probably doesn't know about it or she does know about it and has been estranged from Zuko since the revelation. Either way, we might get this reveal either in the latter half of Book 3 or in Book 4.

Suyin had already punished the guard involved in the Frame-Up
After she learns Aiwei was the real mole she has a horrified expression. While obviously some of that comes from being betrayed by someone so close to her, her earlier fury towards the guard makes it unlikely she was willing to wait all that long to enact retribution.

Suyin's dad is Sokka
Suyin and Lin are confirmed to have different fathers, and neither know who their fathers are. Suyin has significantly darker skin than either Lin or Toph, and Toph was known to have had a crush on Sokka. Suki's status hasn't been confirmed past the time of the comics, so it's entirely possible that they broke up at some point and Sokka and Toph had a thing (or Sokka had an affair, though that seems less likely). Not unlikely considering their chemistry and the fact they both worked in high-profile public jobs. Either way, the union begat Suyin, and for whatever reason Toph didn't stay with Sokka, and didn't tell her daughters about him, possibly out of shame.

Suyin is involved with the Rebellion against the Earth Queen. Part of the reason she sent Korra after Aiwei is because Aiwei has sensitive information about the rebels that she doesn't want in the wrong hands.
Since Lin is a Chief of Police and their history isn't the best, Suyin isn't sure she can trust her sister with that knowledge.

Suyin is NOT Red Lotus.
Three points to this argument:
  • Su genuinely loves her family and wants to provide a safe haven for them, and that requires structure and leadership—an idea that is the antithesis of what the Red Lotus stands for. She does not advocate freedom to do whatever you want even to the detriment of others, as she has a clear system of rules for her city, and sentries to help maintain order and guarantee security (she is effectively the richest non-royal in the world, after all). She also tends to shelter her children, being reluctant to let Opal go to the Northern Air Temple to train as an airbender. Further, she is a friend of Korra's, does not wish to see her harmed, and actually trains her in metalbending—something that could come in handy in beating Zaheer.
  • Su does not condone anarchy, and has no desire to outright kill the Earth Queen or see her dead. Rather, she wants the queen to get with the times. The idea of a monarchy may seem old fashioned to Su, but she doesn't want to just depose the queen. She simply wants to see the queen institute a more democratic form of government. Perhaps a parliament system such as Britain's. Zaheer just wants to institute mob rule, and will kill anyone—and I do mean anyone—who gets in his way (I'm still betting that the Red Lotus killed Sokka in their first attempt to kidnap Korra).
  • That is not Zaheer in that circus picture. For one thing, he's taller than P'li (which is saying something, because P'li apparently has Marfan's syndrome and is thus over six and a half feet tall). And he has a different build, a slightly different shape to his face, and distinctly different eyebrows. For another, he and Su gave absolutely no signs whatsoever of recognizing one another. Either Mako or Lin certainly would have noticed if they had regarded one another with any sort of familiarity. Su is also the one who sent Zaheer into a crash when he went after Lin and Korra on his glider. On that note, if Zaheer worked with Su in the circus, he would have been familiar with her acrobatics and would have adjusted for them, but she caught him by surprise. Nor did Zaheer say anything in his conversation with Aiwei about Su being involved in the Red Lotus. Surely he would have brought her up as a second "loose end" after his group's failure in Zaofu. Especially as her actions in Zaofu would be regarded by Zaheer as a betrayal.
    • Unsurprisingly confirmed. Not only did Zaheer take Su's daughter, among other airbenders, hostage, but Su also fought against the Red Lotus, and not once did any of them ever mention a connection.

Ghazan's father is Haru
  • They have similar appearances, including badass mustaches. Lavabending is heavily implied to have some roots in compressing earth into lava, and in the ATLA Season One episode "Imprisoned," Haru is seen compressing coal with his father. Haru must have taught the technique to him, and kind of like Noatak with bloodbending, he mastered the art, was able to do it without assistance, and created lavabending.

Korra is descended from Sokka
  • It's a little late in the game to still be thinking about this, but here's a WMG that remembers what the W stands for.
    • Imagine Sokka in his 30s of 40s. He's an accomplished politician and basically water tribe royalty. He's fighting the good fight in Republic City's legislature when, without warning, he gets a mysterious message from the Northern chief, Princess Yue's father. "We need you, Sokka."
    • At the north pole, the chief tells a sad story. "My wife and I, we tried to have another child after Yue left us, but it didn't take. Now I'm an old man, Sokka. And old chief with no heir. Will you stay here, Sokka? Will you be my heir?"
    • This is a pretty big commitment, so Sokka decides to sleep on it. That night, in the darkness of Sokka's ice-walled quarters, a light floats in through the window. The light blossoms into a human figure, familiar to us, but slightly older. Sokka's eyes open, and fill with tears.
    • Strange noises are heard throughout the palace that night. And all over the world, waterbenders find that their bending is weak, as if the moon, source of power, is gone from her post.
    • The body of a spirit can process things much faster than that of a mortal human. Conception and birth might come to pass in a single night.
    • In the morning, Sokka's chambermaid found two little baby boys crawling around the room. He carried them to the chief and said, "Here is your heir. His name is Tonraq."
    • Also, maybe Unalaq found out that his mom is a spirit. That's why he's so up on all the spirit world stuff.

All three of Aang's children were told I Want Grandkids
Kya and Bumi may not have been airbenders themselves, but they are ethnically half Air Nomad. Which means there is a chance their hypothetical children could be airbenders. Being the only airbender among the three of them at the time, Tenzin was the only one who agreed, while Bumi and Kya, already feeling like The Unfavorite, rebelled. Why else would Kya's greatest fear as seen in the Fog of Lost Souls being tied down?

Suyin is a powerful crime lord who went legit.
  • It makes sense. She was a criminal during her teenage years. Because she was never punished, her being sent away doesn't suddenly reform her behavior. It does however, allow her to travel, make even more criminal friends and start a criminal empire. In Zoafu, Suyin admits that she hires ex-criminals to run her city, and even hired Varrick. And if you think about Book 4's Big Bad, Kuvira, and how she does her dirt with Villain with Good Publicity tactics, it makes even more sense. After all, Kuvira was Suyin's apprentice who was going to take over. She would have learned the strategy of using acceptable cover, like a prosperous city, and a family to hide what's really going on behind the scenes. And finally, Suyin doesn't hesitate to kill people when she feels wronged, unlike all the other allies of Korra. And Suyin prefers to strike when her victims least suspects it, like an assassin. And again, in Book 4, Kuvira was able to predict when Suyin would try to sneak into her camp and kill her.

Teo is the father of Lin AND Suyin.
For all the Toph&Teo people out there like myself...Teo and Toph fell in love and were married, but had a difficult time having children because of Teo's... issues. Eventually, they were able to get pregnant, but after Lin was born and Toph was pregnant with Su, complications arose with Teo's legs. Maybe it was caused by something with Toph's metal bending or maybe it was from the sex. Either way, Toph feels responsible, and Teo quickly succumbs to the infection and dies. Toph is permanently scarred by this, Lin is too young to remember, Su is born shortly after her father's death, Aang is deeply hurt by the loss of his spiritual brother (who might have even been an air acolyte), and for all these reasons, no one talks about him. Toph never discusses their father with them and makes up the thing about them having different fathers to keep them from asking questions. When Toph says Lin's father name is Kanto, she is still making things up. She has never, EVER gotten over Teo.
  • Alternatively, Teo's real name is Kanto or Kanteo (Teo is short for Kanteo, and the e is silent when the whole name is said, but when shortened to Teo, the e is pronounced.) The part about them breaking up is still a lie.

Baatar Sr.
It might be hard to believe, but instead of being the father of Suyin, Sokka might be the father of Baatar Sr. instead. They have a lot in common in appearance, passion for architecture/engineering, and nonbenders. I bet the mother of Baatar is Suki, since she’s from the earth kingdom/Kyoshi Island, and also a nonbender. It might seem impossible since both Sokka and Suki have blue eyes, but there’s a 1% chance of two blue eyed parents having a green eyed child. And the green eye might have skipped a generation on Suki’s side of the family. With the theory of Suki dying young, one possibility of that Suki died from childbirth and could have been either in Kyoshi Island or somewhere in the earth kingdom, and as a result, Baatar might have been an orphan. And Sokka never knew possibly because he was busy with his work or he wasn’t with Suki at the time (remember: Suki was leading the Kyoshi warriors outside of Kyoshi Island, helping with protecting parts of the earth kingdom and being Zuko’s bodyguard.) As mentioned, there’s so many possibilities, it’s a lot easier to map out than type it out.

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