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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

There are also WMG plot pages for Books 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The Air Acolytes will eventually give birth to airbenders
Word of God says that the reason all the Air Nomads were airbenders was because their way of life was so spiritual. The acolytes are dedicated to recreating their culture, even if they can't bend the element. So after some generations of reliving the old ways, they will start having airbender children.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. Harmonic Convergence created a whole new generation of Airbenders, so it's likely at least some are going to be Air Acolytes. However, it won't be because of any sort of innate spirituality.

Legend of Korra is only the second series in the Avatar storyline, there will be several more
The "Avatar Saga" will continue as a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-esc Generational Saga. We'll have about 3 more series and it will all conclude with a Massive Multiplayer Crossover with all the Avatars.
  • Furthermore, each new series will move up a level on the punk scale. The series after Korra will be Raygun Gothic/Atom Punk, with a Cold War theme, while the one after that will have a futuristic Cyber Punk theme, and so on.
    • This, oh god THIS.
      • If there is three more series, it will go; Steam/Cattle Punk, a modern-day one and then Cyber Punk. Don't tell me that wouldn't be awesome.
        • Isn't Korra already Steam Punk? Or am I getting my tropes mixed up? A theoretical next series would probably go straight to modern-day, otherwise we'd be subjecting Korra to dying really young, considering how long Avatars typically live. After that would be Cyber Punk, and then there would be a Bio Punk one.
Korra and her Krew will spend a day in High School.
Just so that the show can poke fun at all the fanfiction out there that transplant the Gaang into school. The school play will also resemble the Ember Island Players.
  • Alternatively, either Mako or Bolin will be students at United Republic High School (or something along those lines) — Korra is sixteen, school-aged, and the brothers don't seem too much older than her. While she's training with Tenzin, they will be in class anxiously watching the clock and tearing out to meet Korra as soon as the bell rings. Also, Mako will constantly complain that fighting the Equalists takes away from his study time and Bolin will have groupies.
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  • Not so sure about this. Bolin is 19, and Mako is older. They could probably be in University though.
  • Wait, where did you get this? I never heard Mako and Bolin's ages confirmed...
  • Confirmed as of yesterday on Nick's website, Mako is 18 while Bolin is 16.
The Infant Immortality with the Airbending Kids isn't guaranteed
Right now, we assume Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo would be safe because of the trope, but Amon has shown he is willing to going to more pragmatic means to achieve his goal to end bending.
  • TLoK is still a kids' show, no way are they gonna have the villain to kill innocent kids. Amon didn't even kill Tarrlok, another villain, even though he had the opportunity and reason to do it.
  • The Infant Immortality was to the fact we doubt they'll get de-bended by Amon rather than die.
    • Then it's the wrong term to use. Change the words from "infant immortality" to something more accurate and clean up these comments, and this WMG will look nicer.
      • I think you missed what this WMG is trying to say. Immortality doesn't only refer to "life" it refers to power and more. The Infant Immortality definitely works here and nothing needs to change, even though the WMG is jossed in Season 1. The kids were pretty badass though.
        • As far as all 4 books are concerned, there were a few instances where the kids' lives were put in danger, Jinora more so than Ikki or Meelo because she becomes a more important character to the whole story, but after 52 episodes, the WMG is officially Jossed. All the kids are alive and doing fine at the end of TLOK, as are the other main characters. So Infant Immortality is played straight.
The new Team Avatar will watch a black-and-white silent film adaptation of "The Boy in the Iceberg."
It will be the perfect way for the creators to ridicule the live-action movie.
Bolin: Why are they dancing? Real bending doesn't look like that! And how do you keep Earthbenders prisoner with all that earth under them? Why is..
Mako: Bolin. Shut up.

One of the main characters will die.
The series is said to be Darker and Edgier after all, and while the Last Airbender killed off recurring characters they never axed a lead. My money's one of the Bending Brothers. Killing either Bolin or Mako would send the remaining brother into either a Heroic BSoD or a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, shake up the status quo with characters like Tenzin and Asami, and could be a serious Kick the Dog moment for the anti-benders in terms of their popularity within the Republic. Besides, what better way to send Korra into her Avatar State than killing her best friend/boyfriend in front of her eyes?
  • The Welcome to Republic City game had this rather...ominous thing to say for the Mako/Bolin description: "either would willingly sacrifice their live for the other". So that's more evidence for this theory.
  • My guess is that Bolin is going to die. Mako's death, while sad, would not have the Emotional Torque Bolin's death would. Allow me to present a scenario that will give him a Heroic Sacrifice even as they Kill the Cutie: The Krew is running away from the bad guys and all but Bolin make it through the Slow Doors. Mako and Korra try to find a way to get him out but Bolin insists that they run away while they still can. Mako will reply with a Big "NO!". Bolin will calmly thank Mako for always looking out for him and say that it's time to return the favor. Rocks fall from the ceiling, cueing Korra to pull a BSOD Mako away to safety. Bolin's last request will be that look after Pabu as he gives them a thumb's up and Go Out with a Smile. Once Mako and Korra are gone, he'll go back into Game Face mode when the bad guys finally catch up and kill him off-screen (because it's still a kid show). If he doesn't die, at the very least he'll become Brainwashed and Crazy. If anyone can think of a more heartbreaking plausible death scene for Mako, I'm all ears.
  • I doubt they would go that dark. Despite all of the things they've done (terrorist attacks, scenes that have rape undertones), this is still a kids show. Killing off a main character like Bolin wouldn't sit well with a lot of people.
  • I think killing off Bolin would be too easy for the series, like killing the human torch in the fantastic four. The in universe consequences seem to be easily avoided, not to mention it would make room for the Makorra shippers, practically confirming it. Mako dying on the other hand could be character development for Bolin, who would become more serious, as well as reducing the tensions between Asami and Korra.
    • Jossed. All of the main characters are still alive at series' end.
There will be a Five-Man Band by the end
The first series started off with Aang, Katara and Sokka; Toph was added in the second season, and Zuko/Suki popped in by the third season. Since Korra is a Composite Character of Toph, Suki and Katara, Mako is a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for Zuko, and Bolin is a more Aang-like Toph, there's some added credence in assuming that they'll get at least two more members.
  • It's possible at least one of those two will be a Badass Normal who either knows chi-blocking either from being an ex-Equalist or through other means. Sokka was an amazing non-bender in the previous series, so why not have someone who can give Equalists and other enemies a run for their money in the Krew?
  • I think we're going to have a Sixth Ranger who has had/will have their bending removed. Personal headcanon is that s/he was a waterbender, preferably not Southern Tribe because we have Korra representing that, maybe Swampbender? Reasoning behind this is that if many benders lose their powers, at least some will want to get back at Amon. Hopefully s/he learns to be Badass Normal, maybe wih the help of the above non-bender.
  • Bolin struck me more as a Earthbending Sokka.
The Final Battle will be an apocalyptic battle against an Eldritch Abomination...and it will be awesome!
Because the Final Battle in TLA was an apocalyptic battle against an Evil Overlord. Only one way to go from there.
  • Working with the chi-powered mech theory below, it could be a giant war machine instead that rampages through Republic City like a Kaiju and is driven by Amon.
  • Alternatively, Amon's Energy Bending will backfire somehow, just as it almost did with Aang and the fire lord, resulting in him becoming this Eldritch Abomination.
    • Is it really a backfire ... or completely intentional from the very beginning?
  • This is actually what Korra will prepare for in Book 2. There is an episode called "Harmonic Convergence", an event where the ultimate battle between good and evil will occur. This is where an Eldritch Abomination, Vaatu, does indeed threaten the world.
    • Giant war machine, you said? That is indeed the case for the Book 4/series finale, but it's driven by metalbender Kuvira, who is the final antagonist of the series. And it's powered by the spirit vines of the Banyan Grove, which are similar to the Republic City vines Vaatu left behind at the end of Book 2, where the WMG's scenario pans out.

Something about the series will go unanswered by the end.
Hey, at the end of the day Mike and Brian are sitting on one Hell of a cash cow, and if they can keep it going through suspense and a rabid fanbase more power to them. Besides, we all want to see that Mad-Max style earthbender series, right? They have plenty of unanswered questions aren't necessary to the plot to choose from already:
  • 1. Who's Lin's Daddy?
  • 2. Who killed Mako & Bolin's parents?
  • 3. What happened to Hasook?
  • 4. How did Korra tame Naga?
  • 5. Who gave Sato his once-in-a-lifetime loan?
  • 6. Who the Hell is Yakone?
  • 7. How is Amon taking away people's ability to bend?
  • Well, two of the last three have been answered as of the Book 1 finale. The last, Zuko's Mom, was answered in the second trilogy of graphic novels.
    • Confirmed. Questions 2, 4, and 5 were never answered in The Legend of Korra. The answer to Question 1 was some guy called Kanto, and it was answered in the Book 4 episode "Operation Beifong." And Hasook reappears as part of a wedding band in the final minutes of the series finale.

The show will run four seasons
The book names will be Air, Metal, Blood, and Spirit, each chronicling a style of bending Korra has yet to learn.
  • Jossed since Mike & Bryan made it clear they're only doing two seasons.
    • Not just yet...there's that option to renew.
    • They said they're discussing plans past the second season if they get renewed again.
  • Metal and blood are specific forms of earth and water bending respectively. They don't count as separate styles. This leaves Air and Spirit, which is exactly as long as the show has been confirmed to continue.
    • Sort of confirmed as of San Diego Comic Con 2012: Book 2 is "Spirits". Book 3 was eventually called "Change", and Book 4 has been named "Balance".

The mayor (or president) of Republic city will be a main character.
Only instead of being predictably evil or corrupt he'll be on Korra's side in wanting the anti-bending revolt to die down. He'll either be comically ineffective at all but passing laws or a tough military man who deeply cares about his city, or maybe both. Is it too late to guess Meelo will be his son?
  • Meelo has already been confirmed to be Tenzin's son.
  • Considering 1920s China really did have a president who was so corrupt and incompetent he triggered a Communist revolution, it's not really farfetched at all to have Republic City's leader (or her) turn out to be a President Evil. It's too early to tell, but Lin Beifong's metalbending force could easily be far more dictatorial and oppressive than it appears. Clearly, the city isn't doing so well, what with all the homelessness.
    • If the requirement for employment as an officer of the law is that you must be a metalbender, that's an institutionalized Fantastic Caste System right there, unintended consequence or not.
    • We've seen plenty of policemen who aren't the metalbending cops. Those appear do the the equivalent of a SWAT team.
  • Confirmed. President Raiko of Republic City is introduced in Book 2 episode "Peacekeepers."
The Equalists will return in the next season, under the Lieutenant's rule and far more ruthless.
As it's been stated in other WMG sections (even by myself), the Lieutenant still believes in the cause in spite of Amon's treachery, and he wasn't killed or captured. He may gather up the remaining Equalists and move their operations underground so they can have time to recover. Since he, unlike Amon, has no reason to keep benders alive, he'll shift their goal from de-powering benders to eradicating them entirely. And, with their numbers and strength drastically reduced, his plan for vengeance will be one of secrecy and subterfuge, rather than open war— they'll infiltrate every branch of the United Republic's government, aiming to destroy their enemy from within.
  • Bonus points if he takes several levels in badass between seasons (no more getting launched skyward in every encounter!) and, to denote both the severance of his ties to Amon and his new status as leader, he changes his title from "the Lieutenant" to "the Captain".

The unbalance between benders and non-benders is not over and it will still be a major problem.
Amon is defeated. Yay. But the benders really got lucky with the fact that he was a bender to demoralize the revolution. And some equalists can point that as a reason to keep fighting: ("Even a bender said that your powers are evil, and his story proves it!"). And many of them can become even more resentfull for being manipulated by a bender (see above guess). The theme will be the discussion of the place of nonbenders in the world since a bender can do everything they can and more. Korra will have to search the answer for this and it is possible that the equalists try to search for a power accessible only to non-benders, maybe if a Deal with the Devil in the worst scenario.
Korra cannot bend elements other than air outside the Avatar State.
  • Considering that she is fully capable of restoring other people's bending without hitch, it seems really unlikely that she couldn't restore her own.
    • But she was in the Avatar State when she restored Beifong's bending, so that says nothing about whether she can bend water, earth, fire or energy outside the Avatar State.
      • Why wouldn't she then go into the Avatar State, which she can apparently consciously control now, and restore her own bending?
There is a group of airbenders who got away from the Fire Nation extermination and they've turned into assassins.
Basically, they're ninjas. Really fast and mastered in the art of lethal airbending (which includes sucking air out of lungs, bending the pressure around someone to crush them, etc.) Almost no one knows about them. The people who do are usually killed immediately. They're cold and ruthless people. At first they were fueled by revenge and targeted firebenders, but then they just got used to the act of murder. Korra will eventually meet them in season 2 and have to find a way to escape them and possibly take them down.
  • I like this idea, except... who do they assassinate? And if they can crush someone with pressure, wouldn't that leave some pretty weird evidence?
    • There are probably a very select few trusted clients who know about them. They're paid to assassinate certain targets. And the pressure would probably be used only in certain situations where there is no choice. Lungs would be a better alternative because that way, there's almost no evidence of a struggle.
      • Why would the Clients know that their Airbenders? They would just need to know that these assasians are very good at their job, not all the details of how they kill.
Pema will go Mama Bear in the next season.

Korra will wow her friends with her unexpected baby-handling skills.

Common sense says that Tenzin and Pema went to the South Pole to visit his mother and Korra several times over the years. It is not far off to think that Korra would have developed skills in dealing with babies and children seeing as she is a full seven years older than the oldest child and probably helped Pema with the first three. Mako, Bolin and Asami, not expecting someone like Korra to be so skilled with kids, will be very surprised when they see how expertly she handles baby Rohan.

Alternately to an above theory, the Equalists will rise again, more ruthless and dark than ever, under a new leader: Hiroshi Sato.
Alright, during the fight with Asami, Hiroshi seriously reminded me of Azula. As Asami correctly states, his hatred for benders has overshadowed his love for his late wife and their daughter. He also seemed to have a high rank within with Equalists. From how he tried to murder Asami, he might start lumping in non-benders with any kind of affliction with benders into the mesh of enemies, sort of a 'a blood-traitor is just as bad as a mudblood' type mentality. He would probably take the reigns of the Equalists because his hatred runs so deep and because he's insane, so he wouldn't let go so easily. He will grow further disgusted with Asami upon leaning of her break-up with Mako and Mako and Korra's relationship, that she stays by will because not only did her boyfriend 'dump' her (for a bender, not less), he 'dumped' her for the Avatar.
  • Wouldn't he have been arrested by now?
    • One properly executed jailbreak would take care of that.
    • Alternate Theory: An Enemy Civil War between hardline pro-Sato Equalists that see anyone bender or not (especially not) with less than a feverish hatred of benders as fair game and pro-Lieutenent Equalists that are relatively more moderate and targeting only benders while using similar politicking as Amon to separate themselves from the "barbarians" as the "true friends/champions of non-benders seeking freedom from oppression." Just imagine The Lieutenant giving a Rousing Speech about he and his fellow true Equalists being bamboozled and hoodwinked by a traitorous bender and he being the true leader of the people, hearing the spirits on a sabbatical, etc.
    • Going off the above, one faction would be the "true" Equalists who actually are about equal treatment and stopping oppression, and the other would be the "Satoists" who are more concerned with the genocide of benders and anyone who supports them. At some point, someone on the "equality" side would have the thought of equalizing society not by removing bending, but by spreading it. Knowing of Korra's ability to restore bending, the equalists would approach her to see if it would be possible. Without knowing enough to say it isn't, she would be inspired to try, setting up her efforts to be the first true spiritbending master.
      • Whether or not the Equalists ever present a threat to the world again, Hiroshi Sato won't be leading them. He remained in prison from the end of Book One all the way to the series finale, and he was killed while cutting a hole in Kuvira's mech for New Team Avatar to get in and defeat her.

The Earthbending Avatar won't have a series but rather a TV Movie
It would be an easier way to wrap things up.
  • If they want do shows with all four types of Avatar, it would wrap up with a firebending Avatar, not an earthbender.

The Earthbending-centric triad is the Dai Li.
We've heard of the Agni Kais (Firebender triad, obviously), the Red Monsoons (Waterbenders), and the Triple-Threat (multicultural)... but what's the Earthbending triad? The Dai Li. After the Hundred Year War ended, Earth King Kuei declared that the Dai Li is to be disbanded and its members are declared traitors to the kingdom. Many manage to escape and regroup in the newly formed Republic, and turned to a life of organized crime.
  • Jossed. They were able to remain together in Ba Sing Se, and had returned to power by Book 3, where they were allied with Earth Queen Hou-Ting, Kuei's ruthless daughter.

Lightningbenders aren't the only source of electricity.
Handling the power load of the entire city would in all likelihood be a great strain on the lightning benders hired by the power company. A conventional steam turbine-driven dynamo system is used to handle the city's base power load, while the lightningbenders handle spikes and peak time.
  • In ATLA the Earthbenders had to move the mail and packages all day and night(I'm pretty sure mail doesn't stop) and they handled the front gates. If they could handle that I'm sure the Lightening benders can handle their responsibilities.
    • Well then the citizenry will not be happy at all with the Equalists causing a complete blackout during their short period of control of the city.
Korra and Mako are the reincarnation of the Zutara fans wanted, and this trend will continue...
Thus, the next avatar, a male genderbend of Toph, will get with a female genderbend of Aang, thus Taang realised, and finally, another Zukoesque clone, will of course, get with Sokka, cos that will be awesome!
We'll get to see the Avaverse version of the Afterlife.
This may or may not involve cast teaming up with an army of the dead to beat down the villains. Bonus points if Dead characters from the previous series make prominent appearances.
The third and fourth seasons will have an inter-connected story.
Both were ordered at the same time, unlike the previous two seasons. As such, the the main Story Arc will be plotted to cover both seasons, similar to what the previous series did.
  • Somewhat confirmed. The fallout of the Red Lotus's antics in Book 3 leave the Earth Kingdom in chaos, and Korra crippled. The quelling of the Earth Kingdom's chaos is done by the villain of Book 4, which also largely takes place in the Earth Kingdom. Korra's recovery is also a theme in Book 4.
Korra will join the Metalbending Academy with Bolin
Given that Korra has all of her bending back, she would probably take up subsets like Metalbending under Lin. But not just her. After getting stuck in that cell with Iroh II and Asami, Bolin takes up learning it too. This would gel with the idea that the next season's villain will be a Metalbender, maybe the new leader of the Triple Threat Triad since Zolt lost his bending. He would probably be a Yakone-esqe villain. It would also be a good opportunity to focus on the underbelly of Republic City that oppress non-benders, as well as elaborate on Bolin and Mako's past in the Triple Threats. And we would have Cadet!Korra and Cadet!Bolin. It could also give Bolin some character development, making him more responsible.
  • Probably jossed. Bolin is a lavabender rather than a metalbender by the end of Book 3, and Korra gets good enough at metalbending to take down a a master metalbender in the Book 4/series finale by herself.
Bolin will NOT learn Metal Bending
His role is more of being intentionally "underpowered" in comparison to Korra (freaking Avatar) and Mako (exceedingly skilled Firebender). Bolin is more of the "master of basics" type, especially as the primary non-Metal Earthbender. It wouldn't make sense for him to gain Metalbending when there are other ways to show that he is an effective team member.
  • Confirmed! He learns LAVABENDING instead, which is much more unique, and is the sole practitioner by the end of Book 3.
The next season, book 2: Spirits, will negate the happy ending of book 1: Air
  • Confirmed. Korra loses the link with the previous Avatars that she had gained at the end of Book 1.
Tahno is descended from the Foggy Swamp waterbenders
And it's something of which he is deeply ashamed. It would explain his lighter complextion

If we ever get a third series, the Official Couple will be a lesbian relationship between Korra's successor/reincarnation and a badass non-bending girl.
Some fans believe that Korra/Mako is the Official Couple because it superficially resembles Zutara, and therefore draws in the Zutara fangirls. As of this writing, the Fan-Preferred Couple for Legend of Korra is Korra/Asami. If we assume that these fans are correct, that we will see a third Avatar series and that Korra/Asami will remain the most popular ship for the rest of the series, then the logical conclusion is that the next Official Couple will superficially resemble Korra/Asami.
  • We won't have to wait that long. Korra's series finale already gave us Korrasami.

A future main villain will be a ridiculously powerful self-trained Airbender who hates the fire nation for the genocide of the air nomads.
  • Come on, there had to be more survivors than just Aang. The new villain could be descended from them. He might want to cause a mass genocide of the fire nation. For added interest, he might just be a teenager like the main cast.
    • Confirmed, somewhat. Zaheer, the main antagonist of Book 3, is an airbending villain who hates Fire Lord Sozin he abused his power as a leader, becoming a tyrant who called for the genocide of the Air Nomads. However, Zaheer is not a teenager, instead he looks to be in his 30s at least.

At some point Korra will be in a 3 on 1 exhibition match
Korra can bend all 4 elements and it would make a good charity event

One of the main or supporting characters will die by the series' end
Place your bets people, your guess is as good as mine.

  • Korra: Likely a Heroic Sacrifice to protect her loved ones. This could also play into a new series in the franchise with another timeskip (possibly a 1940s setting or even a 1990s setting for second 70 year Time Skip).
  • Tenzin: Very poetically sad as he and his father won't have a chance to see their children grow up. Likely a heroic sacrifice like Korra above.
  • Katara: Is pretty old, will be the biggest Tear Jerker in the show.
    • If anyone remembers The Fortune Teller, she stated that Katara will pass away quietly in her sleep after seeing the birth of her third great-grandchild. Given that all of Aunt Wu's predictions are true, that's why Katara is still alive in the present. Plus, the part about her third great-grandchild is many years away and won't happen any time soon.
  • Mako: Another heroic sacrifice, he will die trying to protect Bolin (or possibly Asami). This would bring sad, but much needed Character Development for Bolin. Could be Inverted...
    • Jossed on the main characters, including the ones above this sentence; they all survive the series. For supporting characters, Hiroshi Sato DOES die in the series finale helping the team against Kuvira, the Big Bad of Book 4.

The series will end with the Avatar Cycle being broken forever
Because Korra will succeed where the other Avatars failed and bring true lasting balance to the world, to the point that the world won't need the Avatar to maintain balance anymore. Wan and Raava will finally be able to rest, having atoned for their past mistakes.
  • Jossed by both Word of God and that despite two brushes with this in Books 2 & 3, the Avatar is still alive, albeit minus the link to the prior Avatars starting with Aang.

The topic of dragons is going to come up.
In the first show, there were only two dragons left. Even if they're still alive in Korra's time, the species would probably be functionally extinct anyway. The topic will be brought up, perhaps with Korra going to the spirit world to see if there's a way to bring the dragons back.
  • Remember that egg-shaped stone from The Firebending Masters? The one Aang picked up and said it was really warm, almost as if it's alive? It's likely hatched by Korra's time. And who knows? Like how Appa was assumed to be the last Sky Bison but was later proven otherwise, maybe Ran and Shaw aren't The Last of Their Kind.
  • Kinda confirmed. Zuko has a dragon named Druk in Book 3.

Katara will die in a future season of The Legend of Korra.

We haven't seen the last of Amon or Tarrlok.
Yes, they're confirmed to be dead, but it can't be a coincidence that they're from the Northern Water Tribe, Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe, and there's tension between the two tribes.

The North is more spiritual and traditional than the South. More Waterbenders are Northern than Southern, so perhaps that's where Tarrlok got his anti-non-bender attitudes from (and didn't really show them until he went all fascist on the non-benders in Republic City). The Air Nomads, after all, were all Airbenders because they were the most spiritual; it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the North had loads of waterbenders because of their spirituality. On the other hand, the South lost almost all of its waterbenders in the Hundred Years War, and an otherwise powerful tribe was reduced to a tiny village led by the teenage children of the chief who had left the tribe to fight in the war. That's not very conducive to spirituality. And well, look at the attitude toward bending and spirituality Sokka had early on in ATLA. It's probably still present in the South.

Mako will die in a later season
Korra will hold herself responsible and it'll inform the rest of the season's plot. She may take to wearing his scarf in memory. Bolin will get lots of Character Development, too.
  • If he is thrown off a bridge, take a sip of your drink.
  • If his neck is snapped by the whiplash of Korra using a metalbent cable to catch him, down your drink.
    • Jossed. He comes close to death in the series finale, but Bolin saves him in time.

If Mako survives, Tenzin will die in a later season
Korra will let out a Big "NO!".
  • But...but so will I!
    • Two words: Disney Death
      • Jossed. He's alive and well at series' end.

The fire bender who killed Bolin and Mako's parents Asami's mother and burnt Amon's face will be revealed as Azula
Who is still crazy as ever.

Air Temple Island is actually a lion turtle
Because, hey, the creators love to throw in giant lion turtles out of nowhere!

Koh The Face-Stealer will return in some capacity.
Because he's just that damn memorable whether he really has something to do with Amon (this troper likes the theories of Amon being his Dragon ala Slade) or Korra comes across him in the Spirit World unintentionally or otherwise. The creators are pretty good at listening to the fans (Jun's return in season 3 of the original series, skipping "The Great Divide," etc.) just as this troper expects at least a nod to Tahno and HOWL as Ensemble Darkhorses (not even counting a return of "Schooltime Shipping.")

We'll get a "Tales of Ba Sing Se" episode.
Just an episode of stand-alone stories featuring the cast going through their everyday lives and doing stuff.

Eventually, Korra's going to get called out on her conduct in book 2.
She opened the portal, unleashing a horror that threatened to destroy the world. Why? Because Unalaaq threatened to kill (or something) Jinora. Hey Avatar! It's great that you're protecting one of the last airbenders, but is one human life really worth risking the safety of the entire world? It may sound cynical, but realistically someone should make this point.

Airbenders will return.
At some point before the series is over they will find the air lion turtle and it will give the air acolytes the power to air bend.
  • Confirmed, but not in this manner. Harmonic Convergence gave Airbending to random people at the start of Book 3, including Bumi and Zaheer.

Pema will airbend.

We know that bending has a spiritual component. We know that Pema left her family to become an Air Acolyte, and has been living the highly spiritual Air Nomad lifestyle for at least 16 years (Jinora's age plus nine months of pregnancy). Also her husband and at least three (likely all four) of her children are airbenders. So in short, she's pretty darn spiritual. And if someone as unspiritual as Ryu can get airbending from Harmonic Convergence...

Katara, Zuko, and Toph will reunite.

Most likely during the Earth Empire's inevitable attack on Republic City. The three will fight off a massive Earth Empire assault, and when thousands of corpses lie at their feet, one (likely Toph) will declare "Don't mess with the original Team Avatar".

  • Maybe in any future comics, but not in the show proper. No two of them ever share a scene together, much less all three.

There will be a TV movie or miniseries involving time travel.

So that Korra can team up with Aang.


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