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Why Korra cannot connect with Raava
Raava was damaged in the fight against the Red Lotus, therefore Raava is trying to reconnect with the past Avatars to heal her(it?)self. The hallucinations are Raava "buffering" and/or glitching (as so to speak) whenever Korra tries to enter or connect with the Avatar State.
  • This theory is based on the assumption that the Past Avatars had a rejuvenating affect on Raava. After Unavaatu removed Raava from Korra he had to "beat" the past lives out of her. Also when Aang reconnected to the Avatar state in his fight against Ozai, we briefly saw an animation sequence of all the past Avatars being re-illuminated.
    • Confirmed in one way. Some of the poison that Zaheer used on Korra is still inside of her, apparently interfering with her ability to connect to Raava.
    • As of episode six, the metal is gone but something is still causing her to hallucinate.
  • Jossed: Episode 9 shows that she wasn't able to because she was holding herself back to to her traumatic experiences with Zaheer.

Korra's hallucination... Vaatu inside her. He's slowly being reborn inside her/Ravaa and represent Korra's inner darkness and insecurities. The book is called Balance because Korra need to find balance inside herself.
  • Jossed by Word of God. Vaatu is too weak to have any effect on the Avatar for a long time.

Book 4 will be called Balance.
Following from a WMG about how the Red Lotus will plunge the world into chaos, this Book will deal with Korra restoring balance to the world. The entire world would be at war, either between man or between Spirits, upsetting the balance.
  • There will be many elements of balance at hand. One theory is that the Red Lotus fuses together Vaatu and Raava inside Korra so the balance of the light and dark sides of Korra is a huge element because if she gives in too much to both sides, bad things will happen. Another theory is that due to the fall of the Earth Queen that pieces of the Earth Kingdom will be broken off and given to one of the other 3 nations (like, for example, the Water Tribe may take hold of the Foggy Swamp area). And also the theory that perhaps it's also balancing the past and the future within the present so it could also be about Korra trying to restore her connection to her past lives.
  • Confirmed.

Book 4's final scene will be a Distant Finale, featuring an adult Krew and their young children
...who, naturally, are developing into prodigious little benders in their own right. It would make fine Book Ends with Book One's first scene.
  • Jossed.

Book 4 will introduce a female villain.
This is just to balance out the gender ratio, as the previous arch-enemies were all male.
  • Confirmed. Kuvira, the metalbending captain from Zaofu, seems to be the main villain of Book 4.

Book 4's villain will be able to bend all 4 elements.
This would continue the trend of having Korra's prime foes essentially be anti Avatars. Amon was a villainous waterbender would could take people's bending away, and looked like Korra in his youth, Unalaq fused with the Avatar Spirit's dark counterpart, Vaatu, to become a real Dark Avatar, and Zaheer and his friends all had unique bending abilities and functioned as an anti TEAM Avatar, with Zaheer being the anti Aang. After them, it would be appropriate to have a villain who would be just as close, if not even closer, to the title of Anti Avatar by being an omnibender.
  • A very interesting twist could be that during the Harmonic Convergance of Book 2, Vaatu was reincarnated into an Earthbender; although rather than going into a newborn, he chose a strong teenage Earthbender. As the Dark Avatar, they have access to all the elements, and would present the final challenge in restoring balance. And if the rumors are true, Kuvira is looking to be the Prime Suspect...
    • I do not know that's going to happen that way. Unalaq was killed in a One-Winged Angel form of the Avatar State, meaning he took Vaatu, the dark Avatar Spirit, with him, ending that cycle prematurely. Vaatu is most likely now trapped within Raava, who resides in Korra. We'll see.
  • Something to think about: we all know Kuvira is the Big Bad villain of the season, and she is clearly an earthbender, with no other elements to her name. But do you know who else is a villain? Dark Korra. She has appeared at every critical moment for Korra, and she possesses all four elements. Maybe Korra will need to defeat her to finally achieve balance.
    • Minus the Korra apparition, this is jossed. Kuvira was just an earthbender/metalbender, albeit a good one.

Korra will have post-traumatic stress disorder, and question her role as the Avatar.

After the excruciating aftermath of the events dealing with the Red Lotus, the theme of the world no longer needing an Avatar was so forced into face more ever than before. Her character development will dive towards a dark direction where she will have to go through a period of intense fear, self-loathing, doubt, and guilt over her identity as the Avatar in a modernizing world, and whether she will recover from her psychological scars and identity crisis will be uncertain.

  • Very harshly confirmed, as she is stalked by an apparition of the Avatar State (that looks like Venom!Korra) everywhere she goes; but it is only in her head, as onlookers think she is going mad.
    • Not only in her head, as spirits seem to be able to react to it; so there's definitely more there than simple post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stuff will happen.
There will be stuff, and it will happen.
  • How very astute.
  • Well, it's not wrong...
  •, I think things are more likely to happen than stuff. God help us all if occurrences happen, though.
  • My money is on events happening.
  • I on the other hand am betting on scenes
    • Confirmed. Stuff definitely happened.

Book 4 will be called Driving
It would be for the best if Korra learned to drive properly
  • She'll need to learn to walk again first.
    • It might actually be easier than walking.

Book 4 will be called Meaning
It would be about Korra trying to explore the meaning of the Avatar in the post Book 3 world after almost dying in the Avatar State and being confined to a wheelchair broken emotionally and physically at the end of that Book.
  • Jossed. It's Balance.

Since Book 2 focused more on the Water Tribes, and Book 3 focused more on the Earth Kingdom...
We'll finally get to see more of the Fire Nation (Zuko's daughter who is the current Fire Lord, how the capital looks, etc.) in Book 4.
  • Seconded. I wager it will deal, for at least one episode if not the whole season, with protecting the Fire Lord from the Red Lotus now that they've put their plan to assassinate world leaders into motion
    • Jossed. The pattern has been broken. Book 4, like Book 3, keeps the focus on the Earth Kingdom. We do meet the Fire Lord, but we never even SEE the Fire Nation.

Book 4 will be called Loss/Life
After his coping with Book 2's plot development Korra's father will die establishing the final hurdle the Avatar has to face in her journey while advancing Zahir's plans of eliminating rulers in the world. The will to hold back against Zahir after he survives Book 3 to spread his ideas of "freedom" worldwide will provide the plot for the Avatar after successfully dealing with the change that happened in the world. This idea also is supported with the series' plan to be electronically published so a bit of violence(as seen in Chapter 10's 17 minute mark) would be allowed to be seen as opposed to displayed on TV airwaves.
  • Jossed. Book 4 will be called "Balance."

Asami will be a villain in Book 4
She might be even the Big Bad.
  • I highly doubt that, we've had not one, not two but THREE seasons showing that Asami is on the side of the heroes. Making her a villain at this point just wouldn't work, it would be like Starfire in Teen Titans betraying her friends because she was secretly in league with Slade since the first season.
  • Asami will be blackmailed/brainwashed/manipulated into being an unwilling villain, and Korra will have to deal with having to fight one of her friends.
    • Highly unlikely, but Bolin seems like a decent contender for at least mid-season blackmailed/brainwashed/manipulated hero antagonist.
      • Jossed. Asami's a hero once more, and is never blackmailed. The Big Bad is metalbender turned dictator Kuvira.

Katara, Toph, and Zuko will all appear together in book 4
If Book 4 is going to be final arc of the Korra saga the writers will be unable to resist bringing back all the remaining living members of the previous Team Avatar back together at least once. I see two possible scenarios where they would come together.

1) An episode will deal with the anniversary of the end of Hundred Year War or Aang's death that will have Katara, Zuko, and surprisingly Toph come together to remember old times. The episode will focus on flashbacks of 70s years in between A: TLA and LoK to give us more glimpse of the original Gaang's lives during the 70 years. It will give us answers still left up in the air, such as what happened to Azula, how Sokka died, and what Katara did besides being a mom during that period when they were adults.

2) The antagonists in the book 4 will pose a threat in multiple places at once to mirror the Fire Nation's invasion plan in the original series. The Krew and other characters will have to split up to deal with different threats. Katara, Toph, and Zuko will help out just like the Grandmasters of the White Lotus did in Last Airbender finale. They will kick a lot of ass to show us that the Gaang still has it. They may even help the Krew for a bit, giving us a scene where they back up Korra to give us fans a somewhat of a reunion of the original Team Avatar with Korra in Aang's place of course.

3) We will find out more about the lives (and deaths) of the Gaang. Maybe one of the villains was involved in killing one of them. The implications that Toph will return could also be read as finding Toph's body.

  • Katara and Zuko are both confirmed to appear, and Toph appears alive in the second episode.
    • Ultimately, this is jossed, I'm afraid. None of them share a scene together.

Ghazan survived the caving-in, and will return

Unlike P'Li and Ming-Hua, whose deaths made it very explicit that they were Killed Off for Real, he was presumed dead because of a No One Could Survive That! scenario. He could've seen Mako and Bolin escape after his failed attempt on their lives, and used his mastery of lavabending to stop the cave from caving in and escape. He will either re-join Zaheer, or make a Heel–Face Turn and become Vitriolic Best Buds with Bolin.

Book 4 will deal with an Earth Kingdom civil war

Given the parallels between the revolution in Ba Sing Se and the French Revolution in real life, we'll likely see several factions arising in the wake of the Earth Queen's death. Conservatives who want to maintain the status quo and restore the monarchy, radicals who want to abolish the aristocracy altogether, and moderates pushing for a constitutional monarchy. Naturally, all three factions will be manipulated by the remnants of the Red Lotus to pursue their own goals, leading to civil war.

  • the factions could each be a different representation of Earthbending. earth, sand, metal.
  • The main villain of Book 4 is Kuvira, one of Zaofu's metalbenders, and she seems to have amassed an actual army in the three years since the end of Book 3. This theory is gaining credibility.
  • Bumi was king of Omashu, so there's more than one Earth King. We'll meet his successor, possibly.
    • No, there is only one Earth King, who reigns at Ba Sing Se. Apart from him there are lesser kings, such as Bumi, who nominally owe allegiance to the Earth King, but in practice have been independent in all but name for centuries.

Korra will be given a steampunk exoskeleton to help her walk again via metalbending

The final scene of Book 4 will be of a young Earthbender finding out they are the new avatar
  • Jossed.

Korra will die in book 4
This is far out theory, but at the end of book 3 Korra's friends and family insisted that Korra would get better, but it sounded more like wishful thinking. The way everyone is acted and the new air benders are stepping up to do Korra's job seemed like it was foreshadowing. The poison did more damage than everyone realizes. Korra might still be dying. Perhaps book 4 will be about Korra's last adventures as the Avatar and the series finale will have her pass away. The book will be about Korra coming to terms with her condition and making peace with her death. It is far fetched for Nick to let the writers end the series on such a sad note, but I think the writers will get around this by playing up how Korra won't really die, but be reborn. The ending will focus Korra joins her fellow Avatars inside of Raava, make her fix and reconnect the rest of past lives for the next Avatar. Aang will be there telling her he's so proud of her. The ending will shift to Korra's reincarnation training with older Bolin with Mako and Asami watching them. The series ends on happy note with Korra being remembered as a great Avatar and her reincarnation training hard to show the future is bright.

  • Alternatively, she may have a death scene similar to Wan's, where she reflects on her life while Raava comforts her, ending with her breathing her final breath, releasing Raava to find an Earthbender to inhabit as the screen fades to white.
    • I loved this theory, but it's jossed. Korra finishes the book alive and well, and more powerful than ever.

Korra and Asami will hook up in book 4.
With all the Les Yay between them in book 3, it's certainly a possibility.
  • On a related note: Bolin and Opal will hook up for real, and Mako will finally find someone new, probably from the Fire Nation.
  • If they want to downplay it one will have to give the other CPR, or Korra will ask Asami to help with some nightmares.
    • Another thing they could do to show the two in a relationship would be to pretty much just keep doing what they've been doing since Book 3. Have them set together during big dinners, work together on missions and then have it be taken Up to Eleven by showing the two holding hands when walking/setting together.
    • Add in all the shipping that appears to be going on between Asami and Korra - Korra only writing to Asami, Korra blushing about Asami's compliment - as well as flatlining Wu's attempts to court her, and this is a very likely outcome.
  • They are the Official Couple!!!

Despite all claims, the bad guys will NOT win in the long run.
The Earth Kingdom will wind up with a new ruler, one chosen by the people: Toph Bei Fong, who returns at long last, and leads the Earth Kingdom into a new era.
  • Alternatively Suyin could become the next ruler of the Earth Kingdom given that she was the one who said that the monarch's rule was outdated. Given that she is already she is the most logical choice which would mean that Ba Sing Sa walls will come down and become more like Zaofu or Zaofu will become the new capital of the Earth Kingdom.

The Fire Nation will play a larger role in season 4.
Season 1 dealt heavily with Republic City (and the remaining Air Nomads); season 2 was based around the Water Tribes, and season 3 brought the Earth Kingdom into focus. It's only fair that season 4 be centered around the Fire Nation. And we'll finally get to meet Zuko's daughter.
  • Zuko is indeed in Book 4, and the trailer shows him sitting with Tenzin, President Raiko, and a new Fire Nation woman who looks to be somewhere around Raiko and Tenzin's age; certainly younger than Zuko. This might actually be the Fire Lord!
    • She is indeed the Fire Lord. She is wearing the crown and robes (which apparently haven't changed in 200 years).
      • We do indeed meet Zuko's daughter, but this theory is jossed. The action remains in the Earth Kingdom.

Jinora won't be bald for long.
She'll let some of her hair grow back, but keep it the traditional style of female Air Nomads, like Avatar Yangchen (meaning she still has a shaved forehead).
  • Confirmed.

The Fire Lord is Mai's Daughter.

Korra will be able to enter the Spirit World by just falling asleep and dreaming.
She is at her lowest point yet, so she may be open to this soul change that makes it easier for her to access the Spirit World. Also, Rule of Spooky. See the nightmare WMG below.

Season 4 will reveal the fates of Sokka and Suki.
We know Sokka is dead, but how did it happen? Season 4 will reveal the answer. Also, other past characters, such as Suki, Mai and Ty Lee.
  • Jossed. They are not even mentioned in Book 4.

Toph knows exactly who the fathers of Lin and Suyin are.
And will tell them in season 4.
  • Or while she does know, she knows her daughters don't particularly care by this point. Lin brings up the 'half-sister' relationship almost as though she's using it as an excuse to distance herself from Suyin, and the fact neither of them know their fathers is mentioned only briefly. They have their own lives, they're grown women (with adult children of her own, in Su's case) and there's enough bad blood between them already, why bring up something both of them appear to consider ancient history?
  • One of the girls' fathers will appear as a villain in this season.
    • Jossed.

Kuvira will play a bigger role in book 4.
And probably cement herself as an antagonist of some sorts.
  • Agreed she's going to be relevant. Not necessarily as an antagonist - we've barely seen the woman - but there was something off about how she was introduced that rang alarm bells.
    • There's also the fact that her face appeared in the newspaper in the first episode she appeared in. That was how Tahno was established, and the writers used that knowledge to make us think she was the mole instead of Aiwei.
  • There had to have been a point to one of the random guards introducing herself to Tonraq and never speaking of it again for the rest of the episode. Not to mention she is voiced by Zelda Williams, a moderate celebrity. Why would they pay her for a few lines?
  • She could be a major player of the Red Lotus put in place to keep an eye on Suyin as Zaofu is modernizing at such a quick rate, it wouldn't be long before it would become a major power in the world's politics and economy. Or, being the Trolls that they are, Mike and Bryan will make her look like a villain but instead have her be a good guy. Or something else entirely, or not at all. This time the writers have enough of a head start to really play with viewer expectations, potentially fooling us for once considering the show's high success rate in I Knew Its.
  • Confirmed. She's Book 4's main villain.

Book Four will be titled "Avatar".
  • Since the central question of the season (which may or may not be its last, I've heard rumours a fifth season is in negotiation) will be whether or not the Avatar is still necessary and/or relevant.
    • Jossed. It will be called "Balance."

Book 4's main antagonists will still be the Red Lotus
  • Since the Red Lotus is still a threat, maybe their leader, perhaps Xai Bau will take center stage. He will go out and continue his agenda while avenging the defeat of his most powerful members
    • Possibly jossed. Word of God stated that the villain won't be Red Lotus, but you never know.
    • There are still the four unnamed extras present who appear to have escaped.
      • This will be confirmed if Kuvira or another hidden villain is stated to be Red Lotus, but I sincerely doubt that. The White Lotus and the Air Nomads had 3 years to sniff out any other Red Lotus members.
      • Jossed. Kuvira leads a united metalbender army called the Earth Empire, and her goals are the opposite of the Red Lotus's. Zaheer even helps Korra in her quest to defeat her.

A lot of the action in Book 4 will be about Korra traveling through the Spirit World.
It appears that at the end of Book 3, Korra is in no condition to do much action... At least in the physical world. However, now she has the time to meditate and travel to the Spirit World, where you may physically change due to emotional state (this may be a good or bad thing, depending on what Korra might be feeling). She might be able to overcome her afflictions, find out more about The Red Lotus, and maybe even solve the spirit issue in Republic City.
  • Korra is confirmed to go into the Spirit World in Book 4, but to what extent has yet to be seen.

The main villain in book 4 will be a fascist earthbender
  • A member of the Dai Li who will turn the discordant Ba Sing Se into a military dictatorship and plots to create a fascist monoculture uniting all four nationss under their banner, who will seek out the lion turtles to find a way to establish a monopoly on bending as well as extract Raava form Korra and Vaatu from wherever Unalaq got reincarnated into and try to absorb them both to create a super avatar.
    • The bit about Unalaq is unlikely, since it has been explicitly stated that dying in the Avatar State breaks the cycle, and Unalaq probably couldn't get much more Avatar State equivalent than what he was.
  • The earthbender part is confirmed—the main villain is Kuvira. And she has indeed amassed an army first to unite the Earth Kingdom, then to go the extra mile by forcefully annexing Zaofu (successful) and then Republic City in the series finale.

The first scene of Book 4 will show a fit, robust Korra with the same athletic and bending abilities as she has always been known to have...
  • ...when, unexpectedly, monstrous versions of all the major villains she had faced before appear, and she relives all of her past failures and fears in one quick recap of the previous three seasons. At the end of the scene, she will regress back into the poisoned, crippled, confined-to-a-wheelchair state we saw her in at the end of Book 3. She will feel utterly broken and alone. Then Korra will wake up.
    • It's not the first scene, but it would be a good mindscrew if it does play out. Time will tell.
      • Jossed in a way. This exact scene does not play out.

Zuko will meet up with Toph in Book 4 and go on a life changing field trip
Because, dammit, he owns her one. In all seriousness, they may team up to fight against the antagonist force of the season and Toph will reconcile with her family, her legacy and the paths her children took after their adventure.
  • Possibly confirmed. The Book 4 trailer ends with Korra looking at the camera, fire-light in hand, and saying "I don't believe it... Toph?"
    • Confirmed.
      • Where did you confirm this? They never share a scene together. Jossed.

Varrick will use technology to deal with Republic City's spirit problem
Who needs the Avatar when you have proton packs, spirit traps, and a spirit containment unit?

Korra will let go of her earthly tether, enter the void, and become wind.
Because why walk when you can fly?

There are other Red Lotus members in Zaofu because Suyin used to be Red Lotus.
The circus photo seems to be evidence that she knew Zaheer, and perhaps upon meeting him, she joined the Red Lotus. She left because she disagreed with the idea of killing world leaders. Instead, she created her own vision of utopia in Zaofu. Other defectors, particularly metalbenders, came with her. However, some of these defectors did not actually defect at all and were simply hiding out in Zaofu. Aiwei was one of these fake defectors, which would explain why Su got all shifty-eyed. She blamed herself for the attempted kidnapping of Korra, but said nothing because she didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Lin again. However, she will eventually tell everything in a flashback episode and this will launch a witch hunt in Zaofu.
  • One problem with the theory that the guy in the circus photo is Zaheer, that guy was a bloody giant while Zaheer is barely taller than Korra who's the shortest of the main characters excluding Tenzen's kids.

Druk (Zuko's Dragon), Naga, and Pabu will have a scene together.
  • The dragon, polar bear-dog, and fire ferret will be playing with each other. And it will be the most adorable scene of the season.
    • Might also include Oogi, Tenzin's flying bison.

Korra will try to find the rightful heir to the Earth Kingdom throne
  • Korra obviously needs to find a way to fix the Earth Kingdom, so maybe she might discover that there is another relative of Kuei and Hou-Ting. She and Asami will set out on a journey to find him/her, and convince that person to restore order. Later on, the Rightful King Returns to undo all the wrongs that the Earth Queen brought upon her people.
    • So, the same plot as Shrek 3?
      • Well, yeah.

Raava will be destroyed along with Vaatu to end the Avatar Cycle.
  • Raava cannot live without Vaatu, and vice-versa. However, if both are destroyed at the same time, neither would be able to exist. The world would be free of both.
    • The franchise would not be able to extend past Korra, however. Unless both spirits are able to regrow in 10,000 years.
      • Jossed.

Book 4's main antagonist will try to take over the Earth Kingdom
  • Surely, the Earth Kingdom is suffering a power vacuum now. There is the chance that someone will take advantage of that power vacuum, unite the Earth Kingdom, and become a way worse tyrant (much like Doctor Doom) than the Earth Queen. In most stories, every time a tyrant's death leaves a power vacuum, a new tyrant us going to take his or her place.
  • Confirmed. However, Kuvira doesn't just try: she outright succeeds, declaring the Earth Empire.

The spiritual techniques of earthbending and firebending will be revealed.
The corrupting/purifying spirit technique is clearly a part of waterbending. Jinora explictly states that projecting her spirit in the physical world (not the spirit world, which could be done by anyone) is an advanced airbending technique. It also fits the element. Water is the element of change. Air is the element of freedom. What also caught my attention is in the Metal Clan episode where they said Toph is wandering the earth seeking enlightenment.

Kuvira will be a relative (sister or daughter) of Zaheer

Korra will die in the intervening time before Book Four
With the Earth Queen's death, and the chaos that followed it, there is a huge power vacuum in the Earth Kingdom. Most likely this will lead into some form of civil war.

Also, the element that follows water in the cycle is also Earth.

Korra didn't look like she was actually getting better, so she'll die. However, the chaos will make it incredibly difficult to identify the new Avatar. Add in a villain who is also searching for the new Avatar (probably remnants of the Red Lotus), and the season will be a race to find him / her first.

  • Jossed.

There will be a Episode where Bolin Tries to teach Lava Bending

  • And it will be hilarious
    • He tries to teach it to Lin/Suyin and they completely flop.

The Earth Kingdom Will Elect it's next King.

  • ....Who in turn be Bolin.

A timeskip will happen.

After the plot for Book 4 is solved, there will be a preview of the future avatars to convey the idea that the avatar cycle will continue, similar to how Wan's soul evaporating to the sound of a newborn crying. However, the future avatars will be deliberately silhouetted and ambiguous, since the creators want to bring closure to the Avatar universe.

  • Confirmed. Book 4 takes place three years after the end of Book 3.
    • Unconfirmed. Read carefully, troper, "after the plot for Book 4".

Book 4 will not have a main antagonist, but a Big Bad Ensemble consisting of enemies from the past three seasons

  • The Red Lotus will be spreading chaos and discord throughout the world. Because the Red Lotus employs the use of skilled benders, people will begin to think that benders are rising up and intending to take over the world. This will lead to a revival of the Equalists, especially if the Red Lotus busts open a few Equalist prisons in their reign of terror. The revival of the Equalists would also bring the Lieutenant and Hiroshi Sato back into the show. Conflicts between the four nations, Republic City, the Red Lotus, the Equalists and any other groups will damage the environment and bring unmitigated chaos to the world, angering the spirits who now live here. This will spur the spirits to fight against what they consider to be stupid human aggressors. And Varrick will sell weapons to anyone who is willing to buy from him. Korra, broken in body and spirit, will have to put herself together and find balance in herself before she can do the same to the world.
  • Hiroshi Sato will be back at some point in Book 4, so this is possible.
  • Or maybe Toph will be the Big Bad this season.
  • Jossed on all this. A brand-new faction called the Earth Empire, led by Kuvira, acts as the antagonistic force for Book Four.

Book Four will not have a villain at all.
Korra's physical and psychological recovery will prove quite antagonist enough.

Korra and Asami will have a girl's night out.
It will provide a great opportunity for them to connect further. It would also give the proper fuel necessary for all the fanfics.

Hiroshi Sato will be the Big Bad of Book 4
If the main villain won't be the Red Lotus, then Hiroshi Sato is a likely candidate for the Big Bad of Book 4. He will go the Dragon Ascendant route and get revenge on her for the defeat of the Equalists and cause some kind of trouble in the Fire Nation.
  • Again, Hiroshi is coming back in Book 4. Possible. Although it is extremely likely this is Kuvira's position.
    • Ultimately, this is Jossed. Kuvira was the Big Bad. Hiroshi helps the Krew at the cost of his own life.

Book 4 will involve the Earth Kingdom attempting to conquer the URN.
  • Book 3 made sure to remind us that the URN was originally Earth Kingdom land.
  • The recent trailer focuses heavily on Kuvira, Suyin's captain of the guard, leading an army. It could be that during the 3 year time skip, Kuvira rose in power and formed a fascist government in response to the chaos left by the Red Lotus. With power consolidated under her, she sets her sights on conquering the URN.
  • It's been revealed that the spirit vines are a powerful energy source and a potential Fantastic Nuke. And where are all the spirit vines? Republic City.

Related to the above: Bolin will betray Kuvira when he realizes that she wants to invade the Republic.
  • Bolin grew up in the Republic will will probably be loyal to it.
    • He does defect halfway through the season, but it's because he discovered Kuvira was fibbing about having trade schools, which are in fact "Reeducation Camps" (a.k.a. , concentration camps) and because she forced Varrick to work on a dangerous spirit vine weapon when he did not want to.

An important heroic character will die this Book.
  • Naga. She's been strangely absent from Book Four's trailer, and she's been Korra's closest companion for years. Few things could say "It's serious now," more than her death.
  • Katara or Zuko will peacefully pass away in their sleep. Or the hints that Toph will appear only refer to discovering her corpse.
    • Jossed. None of the main characters die in Book 4. And neither do Katara, Zuko, or Toph.

Korra will run away and disappear for the duration of the timeskip.
  • Convinced that "the era of the Avatar is over" - after all, the Air Nation and the White Lotus are carrying out her task now - she will leave the Southern Water Tribe and start wandering the world. Her absence would also help set the scene for Kuvira's grand coup.
  • Semi-confirmed. Korra DID leave the Southern Water Tribe, but she's only been gone for six months by the time of the premiere.

Book 4 will cut back and forth between the Present day and the missing 3 years
The First episode will start with the Asami and Mako transferring Prince Wu on the train and will be attacked by Kuvira forces and this is where Korra will show up. Then in the following episodes will show what Korra has been up to while also show what the characters are up to in the present day.
  • Played with: Korra Alone shows us what happened to Korra during her three years away.

Korra vs. Dark Avatar Korra
Korra will go to the swap and fight a vision of herself in the Avatar State, reminiscent to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. This will be the swap forcing Korra to confront her demons and help to prove to her that being the Avatar is not what makes her special.
  • And in relation to the whole The Swamp is Dagobah theme, Toph will play the role of Yoda, helping to teach Korra not only learn the best forms of Earth Bending, (because that's just how Toph roles), but she will also help find a way for Korra to reconnect with her past lives.

Toph is dead.
The scene in the trailer where Korra says "Toph?" happens when Korra comes across Toph's skeleton.
  • Jossed. Korra finds Toph alive.

The trailer scene where Toph is mentioned is in the spirit world.
  • Jossed. It's in a swamp in the physical world (possibly the same swamp where Aang first saw Toph).

In the trailer scene where Korra says "Toph?", she's seeing Koh the face-stealer with Toph's face.
The background looks like Koh's lair, after all.
  • Probably not. The spirit vines that grew over Republic City are still there, and have now become a tourist attraction. Korra will probably run into Toph in the spirit wilds somewhere in the city, hopefully in episode 2 judging by Korra's appearance in the trailer and at the end of episode 1.
  • Similarly, since Korra has been consistently darker, maybe she's only seeing Toph's last remains...
    • Jossed. Not only is Toph alive, well, and with a nice aged face, she turns out to be in a swamp, possibly the same swamp Aang had a vision of her in the original. That's far from Republic City.

Korra will have spent the entire 3 years of the timeskip between Book 3 and Book 4 hiding in the Spirit World
Where else for the Avatar is disappear besides being trapped in an iceberg?
  • Jossed. She spent the first two and a half years rehabilitating back at the South Pole, before leaving on a soul-searching voyage, although she DOES revisit the Tree of Time in the Spirit World.

Kuvira used the bandits to hijack the food crates, leaving the town no choice but to swear loyalty to her.
The man on the lower right in the first picture looks similar to the one who attacked Opal and Kai. He might appear a bit different, but remember Bolin's line about how she makes them change their hairstyles? The food crates he stole were probably the same ones Kuvira's troops later delivered to the citizens.
  • I concur. How would bandits get their hands on a fighter plane unless they had an army backing them up?
    • Agreed, because what are the chances that bandits would have the training to track and fight experienced air benders otherwise?

Korra will try to take on Kuvira, but ends up getting defeated with the metal blinding band. Toph will teach her how to fight blind.
The first episode made a big deal about how Kuvira takes down the bandits by removing their ability to see. And the trailer did reveal Toph's return.
  • Maybe Korra will actually side with Kuvira at first, and then fight her when she decides that Kuvira is going too far.
    • She does lose to Kuvira, but the metal blinding band did not affect her too much (She simply took it off and threw it away). She loses thanks to a Dark Korra vision appearing over Kuvira's face, and only escaped getting captured or killed when Opal, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo intervened.

Korra lost the club fight on purpose.
Korra is suffering from self-defeating personality disorder, being torn over her desire to be the avatar. To overcome the pain of this, she forces physical pain upon herself through club fights. She provoked her opponent to do more damage, and did not evade as well as she could had.
  • In other words, Korra isn't rusty...she just enjoys the pain.
  • Jossed. Korra has been haunted by a hallucination of her Avatar spirit, and her attempts to confront it led her to participate in the one match. Between this hallucination and genuine lack of practice (she is unable to stop a couple of thieves in an earlier scene), Korra loses.

The entire Bei Fong family is split over the matter of Kuvira.
It's not just Baatar Jr. who's siding with Kuvira; it's also Baatar Sr. and at least one of the twins.
  • Jossed. Baatar Jr.'s the only one in Kuvira's corner.

Kai, Daw and Ikki will become Master Airbenders during Book 4.
Demonstrating how they Took a Level in Badass.

Kuvira will be the first and only Big Bad of the franchise to be redeemed.
Given that she started out as an ally and, for her part, considers herself a friend of the heroes, it's likely Kuvira will get the chance to make a Heel–Face Turn by the end of the series when shown how her actions are harming those she cares about.
  • Maybe, Kuvira will actually, win, and then turn around, look at what she had to do to get hear, and suffer a My God, What Have I Done?.
    • Partially confirmed for the latter, she overloads her cannon using the spirit wilds, and Korra saves her, creating a new spirit portal in the process. This leads to Kuvira's Heel Realization.

Korra won't defeat the "big bad", instead she'll find a way to reconcile the many different forces fighting for control of the Earth Kingdom
This would allow her to help redefine what being the Avatar is. Instead of just a "superhero" type figure who resolves conflict through bending, as has mostly been portrayed throughout the series and its prequel, she can now redefine the role of the Avatar as someone who brings balance through reconciliation.

Because enough with the sacrifices, depressing endings, and general melancholy. Korra will pull herself back together, solidify her relationships with Team Avatar, take life by the reins, and end the series in a better state than she had been in before.
  • After everything she's been through and overcome (including a history of severe depression and PTSD), I personally don't see any way that the death of an inspiring young woman with her whole life ahead of her could really be seen as anything but a grossly unfair, unsatisfying, miserable and frankly insulting end to her story.
  • Confirmed.

Asami will fight, and be forced to kill, her father.
Jossed. Hiroshi does die, but it's SAVING Asami's life while he's cutting a hole into Kuvira's Colossus Mech.

Korra will die, but the Avatar spirit won't reincarnate.
  • Jossed. Korra's alive after Book 4.

When Team Avatar fights Zhu Li in the mecha suit...
She'll say something along the lines "Looks like it's time for do the thing!" *cue The Stains of Time!*

There will be a Teen Pregnancy.
Because Bryke have already blasted through pretty much every taboo there is for a Nickelodian series, the only way for them to get even edgier would be for Jinora to get pregnant.

The series will end with a montage of Korra's later life
It will go through her life decades after the resolution of this season's conflict, showing her keeping balance in the world, seeing major events (like the next pass of Sozin's comet), perhaps starting a family.

Toph will teach Korra how to fight without her eyesight.
This will come in handy when fighting Kuvira, who we've seen blindfolding her enemies with metalbending.

The season will end with Korra's death.
Korra will die in the big final battle. Bittersweet ending, heroic sacrifice, we all feel bad. There will be a stinger that takes place a few years later (let's say about seven for lack of a better estemate) in the Earth Kingdom. A cute little Earth bender kid is playing with his/her friends and discovers his/her ability to fire/water/airbend...Jossed.

Mako and Bolin will fight at some point
Bolin is with Kuvira, Mako is with Prince Wu. Those two are going to have to come to blows for the Earth kingdom at some point. This will also be in keeping with the seeming theme of this season dealing with personal and heart wrenching conflicts, i.e. neither wants to fight, but Mako's sense of duty and Bolin's idealism will drive them to it.

Korra will have a magnificent She's Back moment...
...complete with a Call-Back to the beginning of the series. "I'm the Avatar. You've got to deal with it!" Cue asskicking.

Korra will not defeat her Avatar Spirit apparition
Instead of winning over it in a fight, she somehow will come to terms and accept that it is a part of her. She will reintegrate with it and, as a nod to the season's title, restore balance to herself.

Korra will end up using Avatar State metalbending on Kuvira's army
As in, pinning the troops to the ground with their own armor and tearing an airship in two.
  • The latter might be her response to an outmatched Kuvira attempting a Villain: Exit, Stage Left
    Krew member: She's getting away!
    Korra: No, she's not.

The finale episode will be titled "Legend of Korra"
  • To parallel with A:TLA's last episode being titled "Avatar Aang".
    • Jossed, the last two episodes (which will form an hour-long series finale) are titled "Day of the Colossus" and "The Last Stand".

Kuvira is Lin or Suyin's half-sister from father's side.
She gives a vibe of being more than just "another" villain and is a powerful metalbender in her own right, so far we've seen that bending prowess seems to run in one's blood, so whoever are her parents, at least one of them is very powerful...powerful enough to woo Toph.
  • Although, if this were true, that would mean she would be marrying her half-sister's son.

Korra and her dark side will have a Split Personality Merger
She will realize this is something that can't be fought physically and has to make peace with herself.

The Blue spirit will make a reappearance...
...and be revealed to be none other than Zuko's daughter, the Fire Lord.

Spirit vines can be refined into a very powerful energy source.
And Kuvira's about to cement her power base by building a Fantastic Nuke.
  • Confirmed.

Following the above, Varrick is only interested in using them as an energy source.
It's Bataar Jr. who will weaponize spirit vine extract.
  • Both confirmed, though it's Kuvira who states she wants Varrick to weaponize the vines.

Prince Wu will refuse the crown after Kuvira's overthrow.
Wu's desire to let ministers run everything, and his legitimately thankful reaction to Mako's Brutal Honesty, suggest he's devoid of any ambition for power. As his Character Development continues, he might realize he doesn't want to actually be king. and merely went along with it because everyone was pushing him that way. Thus, after dissolving his kingdom into a federation or republic, he'll use the goodwill gained to catapult into a new career that better fits his temperament.
  • Confirmed! Wu abdicates the throne, and splits the Earth Kingdom up.

Kuvira is going to try using the Spirit Vines to empower nonbenders in her army with bending.

Asami is going to visit her father in prison
When Hiroshi first sees her, he'll briefly mistake her for his wife.
  • Confirmed, but not the wife issue. He clearly knows who she is.

Kuvira will inflict The Worf Effect on Suyin.
Kuvira had made it clear that Zaofu will be her next target location for domination, and Suyin of course will not allow this. However, Toph had also stated that neither of her daughters have picked up metalbending that well, and that may show up in a possible upcoming fight between Suyin and Kuvira.

Dark Korra is actually Raava scolding Korra for her subconscious aversion to returning to Avatar duty.
Though she had only one hallucination of actual Raava, it is still in there.

President Raiko will try to appease Kuvira a la Neville Chamberlain, only to have it backfire on him.
What British PM Chamberlain is remembered for was attempting to appease Hitler with a few concessions, but Hitler marched on, and after losing the French in WWII, Chamberlain was forced to resign. It is possible Raiko will try to appease the Earth Empire, which is shaping up to be similar to Hitler's SS, in much the same way, but Kuvira will attempt to invade Republic City anyway, and whether or not she succeeds, Raiko will be forced out of the president's office for this moment of incompetency.
  • Surprisingly, no. Raiko is actually the one who suggests making a pre-emptive strike against Kuvira. Tenzin and Fire Lord Izumi have to talk him out of it.
    • And ultimately, this is jossed. He does try to appease Kuvira with Republic City, but it's only after she backed him, his army, and Korra into a corner with her Colossus mech and the spirit vine superweapon. He did not do it willingly.

Toph lied about there still being metal in Korra's body
She gave Korra a Hope Spot to crush in order to make her humble and more receptive to the idea that she's going to have to work through her fear of becoming the Avatar again instead of expecting some simple solution. When Korra kept fighting Toph, she realized that admitting her lie wasn't going to help anything, so she set up a "fix yourself emotionally first, then you will be able to fix your body" situation...which still happens to be true, except there's no metal involved.
  • One problem with that: Toph did something that made Korra reel in pain when Toph tried to remove the claimed residual metallic poison. Toph is not a waterbender, so it's not bloodbending.
  • Jossed. Korra bends the remains of the metal out of her body in the following episode.

Prince/King Wu is going to establish a constitutional monarchy
He realizes he's not up to snuff, but there are traditions that are going to be hard to let go of. Once Kuvira's power grab is over, they're going to need to figure things out. Her methods were brutal, but she did get things done and the infrastructure she will have built up can't just be removed. Wu's probably going to go through some Character Development, and he already knows he's not really fit to run the country, rather than let a cadre of foreign advisers run things, he's going to set things up so he officially rules in name only, and hands off power to the people.
  • Jossed. He disbands the monarchy altogether.

The Series Finale of Legend of Korra will be similar to the Series Finale of The Last Airbender.
At the end of The Last Airbender, he had an Avatar who could not connect to his Avatar State a key part of his spiritual side, a power-mad dictator empowered by otherworldy forces leading a technologically advanced army to completely and utterly crush his enemies, and a powerful city under siege by those same forces, only to be freed by a cabal of Cool Old Men. While this is happening, the still underpowered Avatar goes to fight the overpowered villain, only for him to overcome the mental and physical blocks keeping him from reaching the Avatar State.

Now, we again have an Avatar that cannot connect to her Avatar State a key part of her spiritual side. We also have a power-mad dictator leading a technologically advanced army, who is threatening to completely and utterly crush her enemies, and if she gets her wish, she will lay siege to a powerful city. (And who knows what Varrick's doing with that Spirit Vine, but it looks pretty otherworldly.) When Zhaofu is conquered, another cabal of Cool Old Men (Zuko, Toph, Tenzin, Suyin, possibly Katara) will lead the charge to take it back, while the still-underpowered Avatar leads her friends to take on the overpowered Kuvira, finally overcoming the mental and physical blocks keeping her from reaching the Avatar State.

  • Jossed: Korra is finally able to get back into the Avatar State by the end of episode 4.
  • Okay, she got the Avatar state back, but she still can't contact her past lives. Maybe, Ravaa will find some way to bring them back during the finale.

Korra will use bloodbending.
It would be a particularly desperate situation, enough to cross the Godzilla Threshold. Just when all looks lost, the full moon will come into focus, and...
  • Considering Kuvira's reliance on remaining untouchable by avoiding her opponent's attacks, bloodbending would be one of the few techniques that could reliably take her down a peg.
    • If this happens, and Korra uses Avatar State Bloodbending to control Kuvira, knowing its illegality, she could take the proverbial bullet and go into exile for eliminating Kuvira...
    • Jossed.

Kuvira will be forced into a situation that gives her a Heel Realization.
"The Calling" made a point of having Toph explain how the past Big Bads of this series were Well Intentioned Extremists and each in their own ways. Kuvira herself has the good intentions of bringing the chaotic Earth Kingdom under control but—like Amon, Unalaq, and Zaheer before her—is going too far with it. Perhaps Toph's speech is not only meant to help Korra deal with her inner demons but also to be foreshadowing...
  • Confirmed thanks to a post-battle chat with Korra.

Meelo didn't draw that portrait of Korra.
Asami did. And she's going to be more than a little annoyed when she finds out it was "borrowed".
  • The portrait goes down to Korra's shoulders and doesn't display any clothing. It seems reasonable to assume that Meelo would simply have drawn her face and been done with it.
    • It does feature Korra's usual tank top.
  • Almost certainly Jossed as of The Battle Of Zaofu. Meelo really is that good an artist.

Toph will fight against Kuvira's army.
Because those young whipper-snappers need to learn a lesson.
  • Looks like you'll be getting your wish. The Earth Empire has moved on to the swamp to replace the spirit vines that Varrick blew up.
    • Confirmed, in a sense; the 'fight' is Toph sandbending around the Beifongs and deflecting every Imperial soldier away. And that's it. One move...

The final episode will feature a dance party after the main conflict is resolved.
Highlights will include Bolin performing the Carlton, and everyone participating in the Harlem Shake.
  • Not so much a party as a freaking wedding!

Zhu Li is a Fake Defector
Honestly, not sure this has to be stated. If she followed Varrick this far, stopping when he's actually making a Heel–Face Turn is kinda silly. Also, she clearly lied since she said she knew she wanted to follow Kuvira since she met her. Eventually she'll free Varrick and Bolin and from then on be on much more equal grounds with him.
  • Also keep in mind that she stopped fighting the moment that Varrick was threatened & that she glared at Kuvira after she had threatened to throw him off the tracks. Still while she may be a Fake Defector she might have meant some of what she said to him as he has been underappreciating her. I mean he blamed her for the fact that they lost the fight so she's well within her rights to call him out on it.
  • Since Varrick and Bolin have already freed themselves, Zhu Li will probably instead covertly sabotage Baatar Jr.'s work on the spirit vine weapon. The lingering shot of her face when Kuvira orders her to work with him on finishing the weapon seems suggestive of her trying to maintain her cover.
  • Zhu Li is totally a Fake Defector. She shops at the Fake Defector shoe store and wears Fake Defector lipstick, and someday she's going to marry ... well, Varrick, but you get the point.
  • Zhu Li could be a Fake Defector. However she is still legitimately pissed at Varrick for his Bad Boss tendancies. Granted if you had to work for the Avatar equivalent of Cave Johnson, one can easily sympathizes with her. If she is really a Fake Defector, she would probably demand alot more respect out of him.
  • Holy crap! Confirmed!! And you called them getting married as well!

Spirit vines are still a viable power source.
Varrick may have done this universe's equivalent of splitting the atom with all the power generating and weapon applications of such a thing.
  • During the first critical pile reactor experiment, Enrico Fermi nearly succeeded in blowing up Chicago. That wasn't because nuclear power couldn't be handled safely, but because Fermi and his team had no idea what they were doing when they did it.

By the end of the season Zaofu will be its own nation.
It was already stable before the Earth Queen was killed and seems to be independent of the rest of the Earth Kingdom in every way but by law.

Kuvira's draggin' out the old Dai Li brainwashing methods.
They aren't called re-education camps for nothing.

Suyin & the twins will get caught by Kuvira.
Kuvira's aware that any act of aggression on her side will lead to the other nations retaliating. She will use Suyin's rash act as the perfect opportunity to make Zaofu surrender to her without any bloodshed by holding the city's leader & the twins hostage.
  • Confirmed. Kuvira was anticipating Su to try to blindside her, so she set up a ruse that leads to Su & the twins getting captured. The terms of surrender change when Korra comes into the picture, but she is able to defeat Korra, which results in Zaofu surrendering, and all the members of its resident Beifong family minus Opal being imprisoned.

He knows they are extremely dangerous and that Kuvira would be a threat to the whole world if she got her hands on weaponized spirit vines, so he'll arrange for a lab accident to destroy them.
  • Half-confirmed, but Bolin managed to prevent the Heroic Sacrifice part of this.

Bataar Jr. brainwashed Kuvira into becoming a conqueror, not the other way around
Alternately there was no brainwashing, they just bonded over their shared "Screw you, parents!" feelings that warped into power-hunger. Bataar Jr. may have always felt like he was under his father's shadow and Kuvira definitely felt betrayed when she thought Suyin didn't want to step up and lead the Earth Kingdom.
  • Alternately Bataar Jr.'s gonna betray Kuvira — he was quite eager to take his mother's city by force while she still respected Suyin enough to use diplomacy — either because he was using her the whole time or because he felt she going too easy on Suyin.
    • Jossed in the finale.

Kuvira's spirit vine experiments will end up angering the spirits.
Because Kuvira is dabbling in powers she doesn't understand, and most of the series' aesops focus around the fact that you can't force spirits to do what you want, it's likely that Kuvira will either cause the spirits to unite against her, or cause them to go on a rampage.
  • I can see Kuvira being disposed of her Big Bad status and replaced with a more terrifying enemy if this is the case. Vaatu is pretty substantially the single mightiest enemy ever introduced in Avatar, and other spirits probably won't prove slouches either.
    • Confirmed. Her harvest of the spirit vines in the Banyan Grove swamp causes the vines in Republic City to react negatively, capturing an entire tour group that sets off the events of "Beyond the Wilds."

Related to above, Kuvira is planning a war with the spirits, and may well be way in over her head
With Zaofu being the last major earth city to not surrender, Kuvira surely does not need to perfect her spirit weapon in order to wage war and probably win. And, having already seen how powerful spirits can be, she may have decided to fight fire with fire.

There will be an aerial battle between Kuvira's airships and United Forces/Team Avatar's airplanes.
Asami, naturally, will be a pilot, as will General Iroh.

Kuvira's tyranny is merely a scheme to force Suyin to step up and lead the Earth Empire.
Kuvira genuinely respects Suyin and believes that she is the leader the Earth Kingdom/Empire needs. She's upset that Suyin chose to stay in Zaofu instead. Kuvira's acting like Firelord Ozai 2.0 in the hopes that Suyin will overthrow her and take command. If she acted any nicer, Suyin might have actually agreed to submit — the last thing Kuvira really wants. Kuvira may not even mind if Suyin kills her in the process. This is why she and Bataar Jr. get along so well — they are both frustrated and disappointed with Suyin, if not for the same reasons.
  • Jossed in "Battle of Zaofu". It's pretty clear that Kuvira has no intention of helping Suyin at all.
    • If "The Reason You Suck" Speech Kuvira gave Suyin is any indication, she and Bataar Jr. may have felt this way at first, but with Suyin repeatedly refusing to take power and both of them increasingly Jumping Off the Slippery Slope in carrying out their cause like every other top villain in this series, they've since given up on any notion of Suyin ever joining them.
      "You were afraid to step up and lead the Earth Kingdom when you had the chance; you were afraid to join me when I became leader; and now, you are afraid of a fair fight."

Everything will change when the Earth Empire attacks.
They haven't yet, but soon... And then everything will change. Maybe because of the spirit vine.
  • Confirmed. Kuvira's invasion of Republic City results in the destruction of downtown and ultimately a new spirit portal opening in the middle of it.

We're going to get a scene of Katara, Zuko, and Toph fighting Kuvira's army during the final battle.
Because seriously it would be awesome to see the three surviving members of the Gaang getting to kick ass and take names one last time alongside the new generation, in a scene analagous to Iroh, Bumi, Pakku, Jeong Jeong, and Piandao, retaking Ba Sing Se during the finale of Last Airbender. This will also likely happen during this series finale too.
  • Jossed.

The Earth Empire will occupy the Republic, forcing the Krew to flee to the Fire Nation.
There is a conspicuously empty slot on Kuvira's map corresponding to the Republic, after all, and the Fire Nation is the only one of the four nations that The Legend of Korra hasn't explored yet. Using the Fire Nation as sanctuary, rather than enemy territory, would make for a good counterpoint with ATLA.
  • After the destruction of the vine supply in Varrick's lab, some kind of move on the Republic has become a great deal more plausible. If she's going to get more spirit vines, she'll need to find them in Republic City.
    • This particular motivation has been Jossed with the reveal of Kuvira's spirit vine harvest in the Foggy Swamp. Unless Toph actually manages to ruin that attempt on her own.
  • Also, the Republic was once part of the old Earth Kingdom before the Fire Nation established colonies there. Kuvira could see it as finally bringing the land that rightfully belonged to the Earth Kingdom back into the fold.
    • This is actually the plot point for the Book 4 finale. The entire final battle takes place in Republic City. And the theory is Jossed. Kuvira ultimately fails to take over the city.

Kuvira will kill Suyin
Right now we know that Su is planning a sneak attack on Kuvira's forces. Considering Korra's reaction and that Kuvira has very powerful Elite Mooks on her side. It seems unlikely that Suyin will be treated like the dissidents. Especially given the It's Personal factor that would ensue.
  • If she does, she will Jump Off The Slippery Slope and redouble her efforts at world domination.
    • Su's attempt at a sneak attack fails, and gets her captured. However, Kuvira informed Zaofu's citizens that Suyin and the twins were to be imprisoned. Jossed overall, as Su is still alive after the final episode.

Bolin and Opal will break up
  • Appears Jossed, as they made up their fighting in Chapter 10.

When Team Avatar reunites, things will be more then a little awkward
Asami will slap Korra across the Face for making her worry while Mako & Bolin won't talk to one another because of Bolin working with Kuvira.
  • Partially confirmed. There's some tension among Korra, Mako, and Asami when they reunite, but Mako and Bolin immediately make up upon Bolin's return.

Kuvira's plans for Zaofu's domes:
  • Building some sort of huge mobile fortress, to be equipped with the finished Spirit energy weapon.
    • Seconded. It will be probably somewhat reminiscent of the Death Star. Fans are already noting how much this season is like "Star Wars" and now she has a super-laser and a few sphere halves, so...yeah.
  • Not a Death Star, but a Walking Humanoid Mecha... The Colossus.

Kuvira's ambitions will expand to world domination.
She's walking the slippery slope already, as she was prepared to kill the Avatar. The spirit vine technology will become an explicit metaphor for nuclear weapons, and she will use them to threaten Republic City.

Kuvira willl use a Spirit Vine Bomb in the final battle
In the final battle Korra will defeat Kuvira but Kuvira, refusing to accept defeat, activates the spirit vine bomb, in attempt to kill Korra & all those who defy her.This will likely result in the death of one of the main characters, maybe even Korra herself, to save the lives of those they have sworn to protect. This is The Grand Finale after all, and what better way to close out the show then with a literal bang.
  • This is essentially rail cannon + spirit wilds = nuke; resulting in a crater and a new spirit portal... so Confirmed.

Kuvira's metal strips will be used against her.
As she herself already demonstrated, it's quite possible to lift somebody up by the metal adorning their uniform. Kuvira, thanks to those useful strips of hers, has metal on her back, shoulders and all four limbs. A sufficiently powerful metalbender - say, a fully-recovered Avatar - would be able to immobilize her in a fashion much akin to bloodbending. Even Kuvira's impressive dodging skills would be next to useless against restraints that she's already wearing.

Kuvira and Baatar Jr will wind up in the Fog of Lost Souls when they fall.
Seeing as how Kuvira took a spirit vine from Republic City to forge as a weapon, she's already got something big planned with it. Varrick may have blown up the samples she took, but she's assigned Baatar Jr and Zhu Li to pick up where he left off. And on top of that, they are now razing the swamp, which is full of spirit vines and the spiritual connections that go with them. That will not only anger Toph Beifong, but the spirits as well. The last time someone pissed off the spirits on a Dragged Off to Hell level, a big Fire Nation commander killed the Moon Spirit, and the Book 2 episode Darkness Falls showed what happened to him. Seeing what Kuvira and Baatar Jr are doing now, if that is a severe enough offense, then they may very well be joining Zhao in the Fog Of Lost Souls at the end of The Legend Of Korra.
  • Jossed. Baatar Jr is thrown under the bus when he gets captured by the Krew, and turns on Kuvira. After a lengthy battle and a brief trip into the Spirit World, Kuvira is arrested.

Either Mako, Fire Lord Izumi or Lord Zuko himself will teach Korra lightningbending.
Apart from it being a seriously cool and useful skill, there's another bonus. Lightningbending requires quite a bit of inner peace/balance in order to be performed, something Korra needs rather desperately.

Like in Sozin's Comet, The Legend Of Korra's Grand Finale will feature two or three separate battles.
One will be the Krew taking on the Earth Empire's elite. On another location, the Gaang and/or their children will be fighting the army, perhaps even liberating Ba Sing Se (again). And then, of course, Korra versus Kuvira and whatever superweapon she's made herself.
  • If some of the WMGs above are true, we could end up with the following: The Gaang (Tenzin, Katara, Toph, Zuko and Iroh I) unites to defend the world from the Empire while the Krew (Asami, Bolin, Mako, Iroh II, the Fire Lord and Varrick) face off against Kuvira's Command Ship. The Krew is attempting to sabotage the ship's superweapon before Kuvira lets it loose on the planet. Korra in the meantime is facing off against Kuvira and Bataar Jr on the bridge, and Kuvira suddenly realizes she has gone too far. Bataar tries to go through with the weapon, causing Kuvira to pull a Redemption Equals Death and take her beloved out. Korra then has to bring down the ship, maybe even plunging it into the ocean, where she will survive by forming an Iceberg, forming the ultimate Book Ends moment with ATLA.

Hiroshi Sato is going to go free.
It probably won't take long for Baatar Jr. to rebuild Varrick's superweapon. And when that thing gets deployed for real, it's going to make a real big impression on the rest of the world — the Avatar equivalent of Hiroshima. Everybody's going to be scrambling to build an equivalent or a counter to it.

Meanwhile, Asami's shown that she might be willing to forgive her father for his actions. Hiroshi, incidentally, is a mechanical genius who invented airplanes, cars, mecha suits, and who knows what else. And what better way would the man who almost destroyed Republic City with his creations make up for his crimes than to build a machine that can save it?

In a way, he is free.

Korra - or another member of the main cast - will use a bending version of Varrick's EMP emitter.
Say, Korra metalbends a large cable around a central rod, and Mako or another lightningbender provide the necessary power.

Kuvira doesn't actually believe that Fire- and Waterbenders are inferior to Earthbenders.
Up to now, Kuvira has frequently been compared to Hitler. And this is where the analogy to Hitler and Nazi Germany begins to fall apart. While Social Darwinism isn't a new concept, it's very hard to argue that any single element is superior to the other three (or even that benders themselves are inferior to benders of other elements). Even in ATLA, the Fire Nation didn't try to take over the world because Sozin thought that Firebending was better than any other type of bending, Sozin thought that the other three nations were backward and wanted to "share" the Fire Nation's wealth. No, Kuvira isn't quite taking a leaf out of Hitler's book here... she's taking a leaf out of Franklin D. Roosevelt's. She doesn't trust the waterbenders or firebenders in the Earth Empire/Kingdom because they may have connections to the Water Tribes or Fire Nation, the leaders of which are very pissed off at her and could go to war. In the USA during World War II, Japanese-Americans were sent to special camps far away from home because the racist government believed that they all could be spies passing on sensitive information to Japan. While of course we know *now* that it's utter bullshit with roots in racism, this seems perfectly logical to a warlord who's obsessed with power and control in a world where Fantastic Racism hasn't quite gone away (especially against people of the Fire Nation).

Korra will go on a second pilgrimage into the Spirit World in order to restore her connection to her past lives.
What better way to enter the finale than with the renewed power of all the Avatars?
  • It's unlikely that the Krew will have the time for another trip to one of the Spirit Portals, so it will be through meditation. And, likelier than not, another fight in the material world in order to protect the Avatar's helpless body.
  • When she does restore her connection, at least some of the previous Avatars will briefly manifest themselves, the way Kyoshi and Roku did with Aang. That scene will have a particular impact if Katara and/or the Cloudbabies happen to be present.

Korra's power over spirit vines will continue to develop.
By the time of the finale, she could even be manipulating them as Vaatu once did.

Kuvira will not underestimate Toph as she did Korra
.It's reasonable to assume that Kuvira underestimated Korra, believing her incapable of using the Avatar State. Toph, however, is the mother of Kuvira's mentor, the "greatest earthbender in the world" and the original metalbender. Little old lady or no, she has seventy years' worth of bending reputation, and any prudent antagonist would treat her as extremely dangerous. Should it come to a confrontation, there will be no dramatic one-on-one duels or other forms of chivalry. Just an all-out attack - or perhaps even a tactical aerial retreat.
  • Alternatively, Toph will honor the earthbending principle of Neutral Jing, acknowledging that not even she could take on an entire army by herself. She'll withdraw towards Republic City (probably not before committing some choice acts of sabotage/harassment/whatever towards the Imperial army), meet up with the remainder of the Gaang and/or their children, and prepare to kick ass.

The Spirit Vines will be turned into a Big Brother-style surveillance system.
Sounds like the kind of thing Kuvira would do.

Vaatu is using Kuvira to start a Human Spirit war.
Vaatu knows that Kuvira will create powerful weapons that will be created from spiritual grounds that in turn, will upset the spirits enough so to start a major war with them. He acted to save Kuvira during her fight with Korra via Dark Avatar Korra, which he is apart of since he is being reformed from inside Raava.

Kuvira will be defeated at the Great Divide.
Because she's the "Great Uniter" where better to end her?
  • Jossed, because the final episodes take place in Republic City.

Mako will sacrifice his Life to save the day.
Towards the end of the final battle, Kuvira will activate her ultimate weapon & Mako will choose to give up his live so the many might live. He succeeds & is able to say goodbye to his friends & loved ones & is given a proper funeral.

The final scene of Book Four - and of The Legend Of Korra as a whole - will be in Ba Sing Se.
The Last Airbender started at the South Pole, and ended in Ba Sing Se. Korra, too, started at the South Pole. For it to end in Ba Sing Se as well would complete a beautiful parallel.
  • Alternatively, the final scene will be in the capital of the Fire Nation, which would also complete the parallel: both beginning in the rural South Pole, and both ending in an ancient royal city.
    • Jossed. The final scenes are on Air Temple Island.

Korra will be exposed to Kuvira's spirit vine weapon, which will accelerate Vaatu's rebirth.
The weapon releases an energy that is identical to Vaatu's energy blast. As Vaatu is being reborn in Raava, the weapon will feed him his own energy. This will result on Vaatu being reborn early.

The Zhu Li, Varrick's warship, will make a reappearance.

Korra will confront Zaheer in prison.
While it has been confirmed Zaheer would not be returning as an antagonist, Henry Rollins has already recorded new footage for the show. Spurred by Asami's decision to confront Hiroshi, Korra will seek Zaheer in his prision in the hopes facing her fears will help her overcome them.
  • Confirmed as of episode 9.

Asami will be bruised up by an opponent.
  • Despite getting scrapes through plane crashes and mecha fights, Asami has yet to be hit when in fisticuffs. This streak will end when she gets beaten up by a villain before the series ends. Kuvira might be a prime candidate, using her metal strips to toss her around, or to use Asami's shock glove against her, in some manner.
    • Despite this, she will probably be able to get back up and kick some ass soon afterwards, possibly in the finale battle scenes.
    • Upon rewatching the first book, Asami did yelp after having her arm twisted behind her back by an equalist during a battle when rescuing Tenzin. She quickly got out of it and took the character down, but she was partially hurt in fisticuffs. Not bruised, though. Soooo.....this WMG still stands. For now.
    • Jossed. Unless Hiroshi's death is counted as a bruised soul. She definitely needs that vacation with Korra.

Fire Lord Izumi bends blue fire.
And the fandom is absolutely going to freak when they see it for the first time.

Korra herself will be involved in Varrick and Asami's counter-superweapon project.
Varrick may be the inventor of the vine technology, but Korra has a fundamental connection to the vines.

Before the end of the series, we'll get an up-close-and-personal look at one of Kuvira's concentra— er, "re-education" camps.
Up to this point, most of Kuvira's evil— aside from "conventional" stuff like military conquest and diplomatic strong-arming— has been completely implied. She's good at keeping it hidden, which is why the other nations all refuse Raiko's suggestion of a pre-emptive strike. Since the series is ending soon, though, you can bet we'll see a more explicit view of Kuvira and the Earth Empire's kitten-eating credentials within the next few episodes. It could be a plot point, too— Bolin and Opal, while on their rescue mission, could try to acquire photographic or physical evidence of horrific torture being inflicted upon the inmates. Subsequently, Varrick's mass-media machine will spread news of it to the world, turning the other nations against Kuvira and forming a united front against the Earth Empire.
  • Sorry. Aside from the wood prison in "Operation Beifong," we never visit a Reeducation camp, possibly because of the lack of time for extra world-building in Book 4 (12 chapters plus a recap episode don't leave a lot of room for exploration.)

The budget cuts will prevent us from seeing the final battle.

Episode 13 is about to reach its climax as Korra and the new Team Avatar, coupled with a united army is prepared to battle Kuvira and her Earth Empire forces. Kuvira is confident that her new spirit vine usage can defeat even the Avatar, while Korra is promising to finish what she couldn't earlier in the season...and the episode stops, then fades to white.

What follows is a chibi (and therefore cheap to animate) Varrick appearing akin to an old Bugs Bunny cartoon (in which Bugs would break the fourth wall and announce there was No Ending) explaining that due to the massive budget cuts that the series had been hit with (with some not-so-subtle potshots at Nick, toy companies that refused to make toys for a series with a female lead, those blue alien elves, and Spongebob) that they don't have the budget to show the end of the battle, and that the Avatar franchise is for all intents and purposes, dead. And it's not like he can just TELL you what happened, because 1. There's no way him describing it could properly do the battle justice, and 2. Varrick wasn't given the script, so even he doesn't know! Varrick then shows a few stills from what may have been a sequel series, namely a still of an Earth Kingdom man walking through what appears to be modern-day Times Square (and said man appears 30 and is carrying a sword, a Take That! at what Nick, according to TLA DVD commentary, wanted Aang to be) before declaring Korra over and "The End" appearing in the background, saying he doesn't know how it all ended, so don't bother asking him. To finish rubbing salt in the wound, he does say if they only had some money, they could show the final battle and what happens to everyone (perhaps in an OVA of some sort) but for now, No Ending is in full effect. He then asks Zhu Li to do the thing one more time. Roll credits.

It takes Trolling Creator to a whole new level, but it would be the final middle finger to Nick over how Korra was treated (whether justified or not).

  • Hah toi. No. The battle plays out in full. Jossed.

Kuvira will attack Republic City in "Day of the Colossus."
It is said in "Operation Beifong" that it would happen in two weeks, and "Day of the Colossus airs two weeks after that.
  • Kuvira anticipated this thought, and attacked in Kuvira's Gambit instead...

Asami will personally take one of her and Varrick's dragonfly mechs into battle.
Seeing as they are two-person devices, this does the question of who will be her co-pilot.
  • One possibility is for Asami to fly with Korra in order to drop her off at the location of the final battle.
  • Alternatively, she will fight side-by-side with her father.
    • If so, then there's a very good chance of the mech being downed in the heat of the battle. Asami will survive with minor injuries. Hiroshi... will not.
      • Confirmed! Hiroshi does sacrifice his life to punch a hole in the mech.
  • Varrick and Zhu Li, naturally, will be flying another one together.

Asami will have a Mecha fight with Baatar Jr.
For the fight Asami will use one of the new Dragonfly Mechs while Baatar Jr. will use one of the Earth Empire Mechs.
  • Jossed. Kuvira had already betrayed Baatar Jr. by firing on the mech factory with him in it, and although he survives, he's out of action for the rest of the finale. He helps Team Avatar at that point, and the hummingbird mechs are used against Kuvira's Colossus itself.

Jinora will visit the spirit world to attempt to convince the spirits to help.
Jinora may be better able to persuade the spirits to provide assistance than Korra.
  • Jossed.

The finale of Korra will Torch the Franchise and Run
After the way Korra as a series was treated, Trolling Creator 's Mike and Bryan will write the finale in such a way that no continuation of Avatar can be made without them (and contradict their vision for the universe) either by ending the Avatar cycle, removing bending from society, or simply providing No Ending.
  • Jossed. It's none of these.

Kuvira will be pregnant with her and Baatar Jr.'s child.
In the final fight, Korra will intend to kill Kuvira, but will use her connection with the spirits to discover that she is pregnant with her and Baatar Jr.'s child. She cannot bring herself to kill her, so instead she'll depower Kuvira like Aang did to Ozai. (And yes, depowering individuals will be something Korra learns at the last minute, just like Aang. Although in Korra's case, slightly more justified since she already knows how to restore bending powers since Season 1.)
  • My personal little headcanon is that the Krew and whatever other nations will be preparing to attack and kill Kuvira and either she or Baatar will announce to the world that Kuvira's expecting, which will derail all plans attack-and-kill plans because no one wants to kill a pregnant woman, regardless of how bad she is, which will lead to the debending thing.
  • Jossed for the most part - it's never revealed if Kuvira was pregnant or not (and probably unlikely). But, Korra did spare Kuvira's life, and she did end up using "energy-bending" ... just not in the way this WMG predicted

The spirits will be convinced to join the Republic's side - with the aid of the Aye-Aye Spirit.
Wan's old friend has some position of influence over many spirits, and he knows from experience that humans and spirits can work together for the good of both. And of course, he'd be happy to help an old friend.
  • Jossed as far as the series finale is concerned. A new spirit portal in the ruins of downtown might change things, though.

Forget lightning redirection - Korra will use energybending to Catch and Return spirit energy.
Like Zuko and Aang before her, she won't send the blast directly back at the cannon, despite it being the opportunity to take down Kuvira once and for all. She will bring it down close enough to make a serious warning.

The Spirit Cannon doesn't destroy things; instead, it sends them into the Spirit World, effectively working as a teleporting device.
  • Astonishingly close to the finale's events. While the cannon itself is simply a destructive device, when combined with the power of Republic City's vines and Korra's guidance, it actually creates a third Spirit Portal.

Just ONE of the dragonfly mechs managed to survive the cannon blast at the end of "Kuvira's Gambit".
And in keeping with the writers' fondness for leaving the main heroes and ONLY the main heroes to take on the enemy hordes, this one remaining mech will be piloted by either Varrick and Zhu Li or Varrick and Asami, acting as a diversion while Korra and the rest of the Krew work to take down the Colossus from within.
  • Sort of confirmed. All the mechs in the factory were destroyed but there are still prototypes at Asami's office.

Whatever happens, Korra will not be using her giant spirit form against the Colossus.
This for the simple reason that it was a one-time deal, owed to the spiritual amplification of Harmonic Convergence. Even if that weren't the case, Korra does not have the luxury of traveling all the way to the North or South Pole to travel through one of the portals.
  • Confirmed.

A Lion Turtle is going to fight The Colossus (idea pilfered from spacebattles).
Because kaiju. And Lion Turtles are bros.
  • Jossed.


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