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Since the whole story will not be finished for a long time, we have plenty of room to speculate about future games! Let's go!That said though, Beware of spoilers!If you want to see more theories or post one of your own aside from here, you can go to Kirsten Miller's Kiseki Crack site. Some of the theories there will be posted here too.

Hypothetical party members at Cold Steel III
Since Erebonia and Crossbell Arcs are correlated due to Phantasmal Blaze plan, is it right to assume Class VII and SSS will be available? Hypothetical members (characters in bold are confirmed):
  • Class VII; Rean, Alisa, Elliot, Laura, Jusis, Machias, Emma, Fie, Gaius, Millium, Sara.
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  • Additional members from Cold Steel II; Toval, Claire, Sharon, Towa, Alfin, Angelica, Elise. Elise, Angelica, Towa and/or Sharon may become NPC.
  • Crossbell party members; Lloyd, Elie, Tio, Randy, Noel, Wazy/Lazy, Rixia, Dudley. Dudley and/or Wazy may not become party member.
  • Liberl casts; Estelle, Joshua, Schera, Renne, Olivier/Olivert, Kloe, Tita, Agate, Mueller, Zin, Richard, Julia, Anelace, Kevin, Ries.

Whereabout of Water Sept-Terrion
A post in Kiseki Crack. One speculates that North Ambrian Disaster has something to do with Water Sept-Terrion. To elaborate, North Ambrian Disaster is a three-day incident happening 28 years prior to Sky FC timeline where a giant Pillar of Salt hundreds of argenote  in height surrounded by ever-expanding hurricane of salt appeared in one city of North Ambria, salinifying both living beings and inanimate objects alike and destroying the environment. Gralsritter secured the remaining 2,5 arge pillar and kept in in the Holy City of Arteria.Due to water's relationship with salt in maintaining body homeostasis, it's heavily speculated that Pillar of Salt's sudden appearance is a response to Water Sept-Terrion's overwhelming water power. With this in mind, A conclusion can be drawn; Water Sept-Terrion is currently located in Holy City of Arteria, inside the remains of Pillar of Salt.
  • It's revealed in Cold Steel IV that the Salt Pale itself may have come from "outside of Zemuria", just like McBurn and maybe Ouroboros, judging from his comments about the fact that Ouroboros changed their names from what he knew of them before when he was still king.

New Playable Main Characters from Gralsritter
One common theme in Kiseki Series for playable main characters are for them to do sidequests to increase their ranks among the organization they affiliate with. Case in point Estelle and Joshua (Bracer, bracer rank), Lloyd (SSS, police rank) and Rean (Thors Military Academy, student rank) with Kevin and Ries being aversion since it's a dungeon-crawling game. Making playable main characters from Gralsritter allows easier flow to explain th church in-depth and the twists it take whether the church being bad or not. Better yer...

Said Playable Main Character Becomes Member of Dominion
As cliché as it sounds, it's viable. If Falcom is shaping one Dominion member to actually be a double agent, they can make our main character to develop a Stigma and replaces the traitor when they are exposed.

When all Sept-Terrion are gathered by Ouroboros, the Grandmaster will have a gauntlet to equip all of them just like the The Infinity Gauntlet.
Then all the heroes will gather to fight against them, Avengers-style.
  • Jossed. Earth, Fire, and Mirage Sept-Terrion are gone for good according to the Grandmaster and the Phantasmal Blaze Plan is a success.

There is a St Stregas in the history of the Septian Church
The Stregas athletic shoe company is based in the Leman State, home of the Septian Church. It would make sense that a major business in the equivalent of the Vatican would be named after a religious figure. It would also mean that Estelle and Kevin's (the latter being a priest) frequent exclamation of "Holy Stregas" isn't blasphemous (even if Estelle probably is worshiping her sneakers).

After the Erebonia arc, the main subject for the next arc will be all about Time Travel.
Given how Cold Steel IV ended the first time with The Hero Dies ending yet made players replay through the entire sequence to obtain the Golden Ending with Rean noting that he heard a nostalgic voice after doing the sidequest which changed his fate, the Time Sept-Terrion will play a big role in Ouroboros' third phase of the plan, the Eternal Regression Plan, by the next arc

The Calvard games will reveal the nation's Bracers are in the midst of an internal conflict with each other.
The Crossbell games revealed that several Calvardian politicians were blackmailed by the D∴G Cult, who were clients to brothels run by the cult, brothels that specialized in child prostitution. The Bracer guild ended up intervening in secret to make sure those politicians weren't exposed for having sex with children. However, there had to have been some conflict among the bracers during the operation, those who wanted to protect the political status quo versus those who wanted to bring the politicians to justice. The Bracers have a policy that they can't directly intervene in matters of the government, which may a big point of debate among the two factions, especially considering what happened with the D∴G Cult. The side that wants the politicians brought to justice will ignore this policy, while the side that's protecting the status quo will support it.

There is an even bigger threat than Ouroboros.
At the end of Cold Steel IV, the Grandmaster says the world is three years away from something called the "Nothingness of All", which could very well set the stage for an Evil Versus Oblivion conflict occurring behind the scenes. The heroes of the next few arcs will gradually discover the greater threat, potentially leading to an Enemy Mine situation with Ouroboros.
  • Possibly connected with the fact that in Cold Steel III, there is mention of something going wrong with the Spirit Veins in the Eastern half of the continent, which is causing massive environmental collapse, which is causing Calvard to be swarmed with immigrants fleeing their failing countries. The three year deadline could be when the phenomena accelerates to a point of no return.

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