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Credits will roll when you finally hit Tuesday.
The game lasts through Monday. When you realized this and fix this, you will finally begin the game on Tuesday.
  • Jossed. No credits after the final ending. Tuesday is also a fake-out ending.

The 25 Cards unlock the underground monster boss.
In Nugget's cave, there is a sign instructing you to gather 25 talismans, which most likely refers to the Monstermon Cards. Collect them all, and the monster will be summoned when you visit Nugget's Cave again.
  • Jossed. It summoned Armageddon from above.

The 25 cards will allow Monday to finally end and Tuesday to start.
They possibly have something to do with the whole groundhog day scenario in the first place.
  • Close enough. Tuesday is a fake-out ending.

The full game will have missions for the janitor and principal.
Possibly the lunch lady and hall monitor as well if they are more prominent in the final version.
  • Jossed. There are no additional routes for these characters.

Nugget's family is part of an Apocalypse Cult
Major Spoilers for the Talisman Ending

At one point, Ms. Applegate says something along the lines of "I swear to whatever weird God your family believes in" to Nugget which is never elaborated on. Unless you consider that the Secret Ending involves you using Cindy's Flower and all the Monstermon cards on Nugget's route and showing the Talismans (aka Monstermon cards) to a sign with an ominous prophecy will kickstart the Apocalypse (or at least destroy the school). He'll deny he did it so it's unlikely he's an Apocalypse....Boy(?) ,but he still provides a Sequel Hook and once the Kid leaves he'll jump into the Nugget Cave and say that his work here is done (and it's a hard fall as well). So it's likely the God he worships wants the Apocalypse to happen and as a result, smites everyone except him and the Kid.


Lily survives the Talisman Ending.
To access the Nugget Cave to get to the final ending, you end up getting Lily in trouble. We see from the Applegate route that the Principal has no qualms with "expelling" her, so it's easy to assume that's what happens on Nugget's route. However, you can decend into the cave and activate the final ending without using any apples. By the time you get back out to the surface, the Principal is in the schoolyard with his gun drawn, and, notably, no blood on him. There is no way that Lily could get to the Principal's office, get shot by him, and for the Principal to clean himself off in that short space of time. So it stands to reason that Lily hides in the school (Potentially using the time to snoop through the Principal's office), and stay out of the blast radius of the seemingly localized effects of the ending going on outside.

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