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Mrs. Dora never leaves that room
She's there at Kiki's house when the film begins. She's also there when the film ends, some weeks later. She never leaves! She's just stuck to that chair!
  • We see her outside (albeit still in the chair) the night Kiki departs, and, at least in the English dub, she mentions her rheumatism. The most likely explanation is that she comes by Kiki's family home for treatment on a regular basis for said condition.

All mammals and birds in Kiki's world are sentient
Kiki talks to Jiji. Jiji talks to other cats, and also birds. Kiki even apologizes to some cows, though presumably they can't understand her. Nobody is ever seen eating chicken or beef. The only non-vegetarian dish we see is "Herring Pot Pie". Therefore, all the animals (except fish) are sentient, and everybody knows it. They just don't speak the same language.
  • One of the powers of a witch (besides flying and raising the cute-o-meter to Over Nine Thousand) is therefore to be able to communicate with sentient animals.
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  • Or some animals are, or can become so by bonding with humans.
  • They're probably just of Disney-levels of animal sentience.

Ursa is descended from witches
Jiji remarks that "crows used to serve witches and do what you told them". We later find that crows are quite tame when Ursa is nearby. Maybe there's a bit of magic in her blood? Maybe she's made her own deal with the crows.
  • Perhaps she is a witch herself (one old enough that she still has the respect of the crows), and didn't tell Kiki on account of being a very private person. Instead, she just mentors her through a rough patch and gets her on her feet again.
  • Hilarious once you realize the birds in question are actually magpies, and therefore have no such affiliation.
  • Actually they are Hooded Crows (Corvus cornix)common to Northern Europe. So they are appropriately classified in the movie.

Kiki's parents relationship was similar to hers and Tombo.
Tombo and Kiki's dad are glasses-wearing nerds. And Kiki's falls in love with Tombo because he reminds her of her dad.

The Witch Species in this universe is descended from the Witch Species in Lyra's world, and the cats are their dæmons.

Kiki's universe is the same as Little Witch Academia
  • Kiki takes place in the early 1960s, when magic, while fading, was still available in enough ambience for minor magics to work away from a stone - potion making, flight. Kiki herself becomes skilled enough at flying to become the Flying coach at Luna Nova (Kiki and Prof. Nelson have the same voice actress).

A potential American adaptation of the film will require some changes
  • With budgeting and cultural realities of Hollywood, the producers could choose the following changes:
    • Kiki could go to an American city one could see accepting a young witch living there. San Francisco can certainly qualify with its known early acceptance of the gay population with beautifully distinctive urban architecture of a city by the sea. Furthermore, if the suggestion of another world is needed, there could be limited CGI imagery such as more blimps around to emphasise the point. Furthermore, the airship climax can be placed at the Golden Gate Bridge as a landmark that can be easy to have CGI imagery without the complications of shooting on an urban street.
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    • To avoid the idea of Kiki living on her own, Osono or her husband could be distant relatives who agree to take Kiki for that year and offer to help with her education. Also, Kiki's period of independent living could be confined to the summer vacation months to avoid the idea that she is missing school.
    • In addition to getting the idea to do deliveries, Kiki could arrange to have a sideline with Uber Eats or a similar service.
    • At Tombo's suggestion, Kiki establishes an online presence on Facebook or a similar service to promote her business while her parents check often to make sure she's alright.
    • If a antagonist is deemed necessary, there could be a intolerant fundamentalist Christian crank haranguing Kiki at least until a positive example like a pastor of the Metropolitan Church (Perhaps modelled after M*A*S*H's Father Mulcahy) tells her to leave Kiki alone.
    • In a more charming element, the grumpy girl receiving her grandmother's baked pie could realize that Kiki flew there in the rain and now there's lightning. After a moment of hesitation, she calls one of her parents over and expresses her concern that Kiki will not be safe flying home in the dark. After a lighting flash to make the point, the parent would agree and insist on driving Kiki home with a cheerful quip, "Young lady, you're grounded for the night!"
    • Tombo's big dream is slightly modified to being the youngest pilot of a human-powered aircraft like the Gossamer Albatross.
    • If the company is willing to be depicted as such, Goodyear or some other company with a blimp could be the focus of the climatic accident. In addition, there could be the comical image of the full deflated blimp flopped over several buildings like a limp party balloon.
    • In the epilogue, Kiki is doing well as a franchisee of Federal Express or some other courier service with the company logo prominently displayed.
    • In addition, Jiji will be clearly shown to have regained his speech at the end.


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