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When their plans failed to oust the Critic, why didn't anyone consider using a legion of spiiiiiiiiiiiders?
At the very least, it would have made a nice distraction.
  • No, seriously, who keeps letting him in here?
    • Everyone hates the plan about the spiders. Why does everyone hate the plan about the spiders?!

JewWario was the one who kept letting Dr. Smith into the hotel room.
JewWario is the clueless innocent kid of the group (in the universe of "Kickassia"). If anyone was nice and clueless enough to keep letting Smith into the room it was certainly him. Perhaps Smith promised him pudding.
  • He did say that he liked his plan.

The "Spoony=Dr. Insano" thing works out with The Spoony Experiment if Spoony touched the dewitchery diamond.
Think about it.
Spoony is cursed to become Dr. Insano, but hears about a diamond in Morperville that can "separate" him from the curse. He touches it, and Dr. Insano becomes a separate person and goes on to mess with Spoony and Linkara in their reviews. The original Spoony, meanwhile, is left with a nice new power.
  • Possibly Jossed. In "To Boldy Flee" it's stated that the Spoony=Dr. Insano thing was a result of the Plot Hole.

Film Brain is the Nostalgia Critic's son.
This is why he continues to follow the Critic even when he becomes mad with power. During Kickassia, the Critic revealed his true lineage, that he and Film Brain's mother dated once and he was conceived from that. When Santa Christ dies, he loses his respect for the Critic

ElectricalBeast gave Kevin Baugh the toy katana by mail
Any other reason why the toy katana gave Kevin Baugh the ability to teleport?

Nostalgia Chick is responsible for That Chick with the Goggles not appearing
After last year's catfight, she wanted revenge. Plus, the goggles she is wearing during the storm of part 2 look quite similar.
  • We saw the Chick with the goggles during the Santa Christ bit and she looked fine.

Dr. Insano's appearance as Spoony's alter-ego can be reconciled with his other appearances
Kickassia-Spoony isn't the real Spoony, as the real Spoony is still a black lantern somewhere. Linkara created several clones of Spoony once upon a time, and it's implied that one or more of them had the potential to become Dr. Insano.
  • Alternately, it's the Skrull Spoony from the Make My Video review.
  • There is no continuity. There is only Insano.
    • True. But so long as WMG exists, we'll try to puzzle it out anyway. ^_^
      • Okay, let's try this explanation: Given that BL Spoony can be changed back to normal fairly easily... he was, at some point, changed back to regular, original Spoony. Maybe by the clone Insano, figuring that since original Spoony is less dangerous when not a Black Lantern, and/or wanting to get rid of the last of Mechakara's handiwork, and/or just liking the idea of possibly unleashing his "original" self upon the world. Then Kickassia happened, with Original Spoony being the version present. Assuming that the next time we see Original Spoony in one of Noah's own videos, he'll probably be back in Black Lantern form again, we can just assume that the abnormal amount of angst he experienced over the course of Kickassia overwhelmed him and he tried to kill himself, turning into a Black Lantern once again. Yeah, I thought about that way too hard.

The Critic knows that the Chick is trying to murder him
He just pretends not to so he can torment her (like he did with the tea, which he knew was poisoned).

The whole Kickassia saga takes place in an Alternate Universe than the one from the Channel Awesome website
It explains why Spoony and JewWario both are capable of turning into their enemies and explains any discrepancies with their personalities.
  • Except that in his Jaws 3D review a week after Kickassia came out, the NC explains his absence from the previous week by saying he was in Nevada and can never go back there again.
    • Unless the incident mentioned in the review was something else.

Kevin Baugh never really left, because he is Molossia personified.
And it's also the reason why the Critic never really got to actually defeat him. The fact that he seems utterly deadpan to the invasion, as though he knew it's going to fail, helps. He's just waiting for the dust to settle. Also, he could teleport.
  • Jossed with the introduction of the Hetalia character Molossia.

Spoony isn't really Dr. Insano
He was just bitten by him, transforming into a weredoctor. (Or were-Insano.)

Kevin Baugh has Bankai.
He has already show his shikai in that he can teleport who knows what his bankai could be

Santa Christ is actually Optimus Prime
Perhaps... since he would die for the Critic's sins (or so the theme song goes I think)

Santa Christ in part six was Kevin Baugh in disguise.
  • It was shown that he can make his Fritz disguise convincing so why not Santa Christ.

Santa Christ was Kevin Baugh in disguise FROM HIS FIRST APPEARANCE ONLINE!

Spoony's recovery from being Insano wasn't an Ass Pull.
  • Insano was so traumatized by the events of his defeat that he withdrew willingly. He did seem pretty shook up.
    • An ending they considered was Insano pretending to be Spoony during that, so he could steal the crown during the end, while saying "What part of Insano don't you people understand?"

Spoony didn't turn back from being Doctor Insano.
He revealed in the commentary that, in the original script, he would have taken N. Bison's hat in an attempt to reconcile everyone. Then, when they stopped fighting, he would have revealed that he was still Insano, tried to run away, and get beat down by the rest of the crew.

Linkara has a split personality after Kickassia note 
In the form of Link!Patton. Where as Dr. Insano is a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, however, Link!Patton is a Knight Templar. When Dr. Insano and Nostalgia Critic are fighting, and Nostalgia Critic is about to shoot Dr. Insano, that's why Linkara switches between "don't shoot him (Spoony's still in there)" and "go ahead and shoot him" that's his Link!Patton persona showing through. However, Linkara is better at repressing his alternate persona than Spoony, so it doesn't show up too often.

Then all the crazy shit goes down, and Link!Patton is necessary. Link!Patton takes control when Linkara switches hats (and shirts...?) After that, Linkara manages to repress Link!Patton but we don't know how long that will last...

The Ma-Ti scene was all just a dream.
N. Bison says "it's my room, but not." In real life, whenever people are explaining their dreams, they often say something along the lines of "then I was in my house, except it wasn't actually my house...". It also explains why we never see Ma-Ti again afterwards.

This Spoony is neither Black Lantern Spoony nor Clone Spoony
Its a third Spoony, produced by the Final Fantasy Insano-producing Time Loop; he coexists with the other two Spoonies. NC presumably simply figured Insano!Spoony was more useful than the clone or the zombie, and called him instead of either of the usual ones.
  • As Explained by CR there is a Black Lantern Insano running around,so there is a probabillity of this Spoony being the original Spencer D.Bum revived and brainwashed by Insano for his mad purposes.

All of this was a stealth advertisement for Molossia.
  • Step One: Allow a popular review site to film in Molossia.
  • Step Two: Allow the story to involve the take over of Molossia.
  • Step Three: ???
  • Step Four: Increased awareness of Molossia's existence, and the possibility of increased tourism by TGWTG geeks wanting to see where it all happened.
    • To really take advantage of that, they could have had the Critic build a statue to himself in Molassia, put the statue there for real and charge TGWTG fans to have their picture taken with it.
      • And now Molassio does have a monument of a boot, the "Kick" in Kickassia, sort to speak.

Spoony's transformation scene was intended as a parody of Dr. Horrible, but they changed it to make it more copyright friendly.

Everyone's relative discontinuous behavior is easily explained with Discord.
There is only a certain amount of inherent insanity allowed in reality. Until recently, a good chunk was being used by Dr. Insano. However, as he was sealed away, his insanity leaked back into the general area. Being surrounded by the background levels of insanity being spewed by Spoony, everyone absorbed some and started losing their minds. With the reemergence of Dr. Insano, the insanity began to flow back to its original master. This also explain why Insano lost: he wasn't at full power, being just recently reawakened. By the end, everyone has returned to normal to prove that the Status Quo Is God. The entire movie was one giant battle between Order vs Chaos, subverted that chaos has its own order in the universe, as it were.

The only reason for N. Bison's Hogan's Heroes time was to pass the time until he got his rocket chair
Once it was in, he would finally put his plan for world domination into action.

The Critic wanted Spoony to become Insano because he gains power with Insano's presence
The only time N. Bison showed any combat prowess was against Insano. In the other two big battles (The invasion of Molossia and the Kickassia revolt), the only thing he did other than run or duck behind someone was punt Beary and kick 3D Lee in the junk.
  • Alternatively, Insano's the only one weak enough that he could beat up.

If Roger Ebert ever saw Kickassia, he would utterly hate it.
  • He made it very clear in Nostalgia Critic's Ebert and Siskel review that he thought the Critic's movie sucked. Do the math.
    • So would he think the same of Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee?
    • Roger Ebert can predict the future? IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

Kevin Baugh is Molossia.
A la Hetalia: Axis Powers or Scandinavia and the World. And this is why his "Fritz von Baugh" identity exists; in the event of an invasion, he uses the Fritz identity to stay in Molossia and maneuver events to take-more or less-himself back. Yes, Kevin/Molossia is Crazy-Prepared. (Which wouldn't be too out of character, since there's a cannon, minefield, and sword at his disposal)
  • Jossed in Hetalia, still undetermined in SatW.

Kickassia is True End of a Higurashi-style "Groundhog Day" Loop. Phelous is Rika.
Well, he already resurrects all the time anyways. Also notice that he doesn't die the entire series despite the frequency of his deaths towards the ends of his reviews (as well as some other people's reviews). He comes of as uncaring and desensitized, but some of this is actually a bit of a front because he also wants to break the monotonous loop of death he's been trapped in for ages. Since he's lived through the same weeks enough times, he'd probably get an idea of how to rig these events such that he'll finally survive.

This is where it comes in handy to be the "idea-guy-but-not-idea-guy". Why else would the Critic, who seems to be a pretty Genre Savvy guy, end up holding the Villain Ball in the end? Sure he's lazy, but he doesn't seem stupid, unless...

If this had happened a couple years later...
The Stinger would have been everyone dressed as minions of Diamanda Hagan invading and annexing Molossia to make it part of Haganistan.