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That cat is cursed!
The movie's actually an unrealized Magical Realism piece as Keanu brings supernatural doom on just about everyone around him.
The cat is an Eldritch Abomination... and he's not the only one.
He hides his true form and his true power, projecting only an aura of cuteness that so enchants those around him, even milquetoast suburban dudes are willing to go to any lengths to keep him. Blood sustains him. Death follows in his wobbly, beany-toed wake. He is a fluffy avatar of evil, so powerful he can affect even other demonic entities, like the (clearly supernatural) Allentown brothers.
The cat will be kidnapped, by John Wick.
Rell and Clarence will accidentally leave the cat by himself and John Wick believing it to be a stray cat to take him with him. Rell and Clarence finds the cat has gone missing only to learn from a witness that some white guy just took the cat with him. They find John Wick's address but John Wick isn't home but the cat is so Rell and Clarence break in to his home and take the cat with them. John Wick arrives home and finds his home ransacked with the cat missing only to learn from his neighbor that two black guys broke into his house and kidnapped the cat. John Wick then goes into a state of Tranquil Fury desiring to kill Rell and Clarance and bring back the cat while, Rell and Clarence runs away from John Wick's murderous rampage screaming like little girls along the way.
  • Given John can be a very nice guy in any other situration, couldn't Rell and Clearence explain it was their cat. John only got so angry because they killed his dog.

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