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Pepper is an expy for Anna Devely
  • Pepper is clearly lying about her rich family and growing up in wealth while mooching off of others and outright con games. It resembles the story of Anna Delvey who likewise skipped out on hotel bills and bragged about opening a trendy club when she didn't have a penny to her name. While she didn't mean to hurt others, Pepper likewise has been putting on this act to make herself look like a bigger deal.

Archie Andrews will make a cameo
He has been name dropped so many times, including an admission that he and Josie are still in touch, that he almost has to make an appearance.

Katy is also an illegitimate daughter of Hiram Lodge
In season four of Riverdale, we are introduced to Hermosa who is Hiram Lodge's daughter from a previous relationship he had in New York. Even though he claims Veronica and Hermosa are his only daughters, he could easily be lying. Veronica and Katy look and sound alike so it could very well be that they are half siblings.
  • Hermosa is from Miami and it’s more likely that Katy’s father is Leo Lacey. The son of Loretta Lacey founder of Lacey’s Department store.

Kevin Keller will join the cast in season 2
It’s hinted in his cameo that he wants to move to New York to get his semi-autobiographical play, La Bonne Nuit, produced. The character will be written out of the next season of Riverdale as having left for college, allowing Casey Cott to appear full time on Katy Keene.
  • Jossed because the show was canceled after Season 1 and Casey is still involved with Riverdale.

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